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Quick Reading: Clean Slate

The following is a Quick Reading originally performed for a client. This is a reading of the Akashic Records that takes me a few hours to perform, and is delivered as text by email. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication, some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, but no changes were made to the original meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about Akashic Records Readings in general, please see: Akashic Records Readings. For more information about Quick Readings specifically, please see: Reading Types at a Glance.

Part I – Clean Slate

I’m taken to a moment of the Earth’s time, contemporary to the civilization of Atlantis. I’m shown a past-life in an area of the planet that is not Atlantis itself. The geographical configuration of the planet was not the same as it is today, but some correspondences may be established with modern-day areas of the globe for the sake of understanding. The similarities between the shape of land masses, seas and oceans of today, when compared to those of that time, is neither here nor there, i.e. it’s neither completely different nor exactly the same, rather it’s something in between, which allows this correspondence to be possible.

The area where this past-life lived would be in what today is in the North of the Continent of Africa, roughly in the center of this area. The area would be to the west of today’s Egypt and the Nile basin (although those wouldn’t be referred to as “Egypt” at this time). Inland Africa today is associated with arid, desert landscape, but in contrast this portion of land, at this time, is shown as being green, i.e. fairly fertile, and arable. The area is flat, open, and sizeable too. It refers not just the coastal region, but a considerable, ‘solid block’ of inland area as well. Before being settled, the area was largely unpopulated. People could perhaps, for various reasons, sporadically travel through the land, but there was no significant settling on it, not up until this moment. This past-life takes place is an early period of the settling of this area.

This vast expanse represents new beginnings. The new settling must be considered an ‘offshoot’ of mainland Atlantis itself: a movement described by individuals, who held essential references and ideas – either consciously, and/or unconsciously/spiritually – from Atlantis, who came to settle here. The past-live has background, spiritual connections to Atlantis as well, and also to Lemuria. Spiritually, with these new beginnings there is a desire (again, partially consciously, partially unconsciously, those two ‘layers’ being part of the same whole of the consciousness of the self) to re-experience, go back, to the purity of the land of Lemuria and its intrinsic connection with the land, and in a similar fashion with early Atlantis as well, which as a civilization also had agrarian beginnings.

The opportunity that is being sought with this experience at this time, is to live, or re-live, going back to, an uncomplicated, down-to-Earth type of life, living ‘off-the-land’ and in touch, in close contact, with Nature and its natural rhythms. The vastness and relative emptiness of the land is conductive for this feeling. It transmits hope, an array of opportunities to explore. There’s plenty of open space, clear air to breathe, literally and figuratively, i.e. much open terrain for a relatively small population. The weather is fairly stable and open, ‘clean’ and sunny, and the land is again sufficiently fertile to sustain these purposes. Later on, after Atlantis was gone, the general people inhabiting these regions and their general vicinity would eventually become the basis for the civilization of ancient Egypt.

The energy present in this memory is the affinity with the moment and desire of starting from a clean slate. It represents the desire, and spiritual moment, of de-cluttering, de-complicating, leaving behind what’s accessory and non-essential, and going back to basics, starting anew. Keeping things simple. It also represents the need for clear air to breathe, literally and figuratively: it can represent a desire to live close to Nature, and it may also represent the desire for personal space, lone time, time to think and reconnect within, etc.

There is also an idea that proximity with the rhythms and directives of the laws of Nature (this would include things such as the circadian rhythm, it would also include for instance all knowledge related to crop-growing, weather cycles, etc.) is a good thing. While such rules are limitations are in a sense ‘imposed’ by physical matter, and in a way could be interpreted as bringing one’s vibratory levels ‘down’ (i.e. closer to the vibration of physical matter), on the other hand these can very well help cleanse and sustain the equilibrium of the human body naturally, i.e. maintain one in balance. One further and important aspect in this regard is that a close alignment with the externally imposed rules of Nature, much like what a railway does for a train, lends a sense of structure/discipline to mind, thought, and emotion. This perspective equates to observing how a life that is lived simply and closer to Nature tends to counteract instability, and has an effect of humility and self-discipline, in thought and behavior. In other words, it helps one in sticking close to what is ESSENTIAL. Under this perspective, Nature itself serves almost like a spiritual mechanism.

Part II – Greener Pastures

There was a transition from Atlantis to this new area, but this transition, this ‘movement’, did not occur during in the same lifetime. The new life started there already, in the new land, while a different life had been held in Atlantis. But there was some conscious recollection of the previous context (the vibratory level of Earth at the time facilitated this more than today). This awareness was for the most part held in generic, broad terms, for the most part not recalling minute details. There was an essential memory of the earlier existence in Atlantis, of having ‘come’ from there, and this was known, certainly, within. Any further details about it were kept on a subconscious/spiritual level. This scenario could be accessed to some extent if the self consciously focused in Atlantis, on his general predisposition towards the subject and the land of Atlantis, i.e. what he thought and how he felt about it/them (which was contemporary still). Perhaps there’s some clue/validation here about to how Adam can naturally access his own Akashic Records consciously, i.e. where/how the information “is to be found”, so to speak.

Concerning Atlantis, there is some deflation, perhaps even disappointment, about it/them, how it had turned out as a society. The society itself started as a land of possibilities, opportunities, something rich and wondrous to tap in and explore. But over time it had grown to become overly saturated – with ideas, with people, with energy. With stale, less ‘light’ or ‘bright’ ideas. The energy felt grey and dull, and it seemed that the more people clumped together, the more the initial bright/colorful/vivid energy dropped, giving way to a more static, heavy ‘vibe’. It was this disappointment that eventually led to the shift to the new land.

There was disappointment towards the type of mentality that appeared in groups of people, how the dynamics of this worked. This wasn’t known prior to witnessing it, it was only realized in the context of Atlantis. There was a realization and decision (consciously/spiritually) that less people, less cluttered, with more space between them, was better. There was also disappointment about how easy it was for individuals to lose track of the core reasons for coming into the physical – which was the wondrous joy of spiritual exploration, the journey, the related excitement – and become stuck in static, pragmatic, conservative/dogmatic, and earth-bound priorities. Albeit logical in a way, granted, these things usually also meant the loss of the core connection with the primary spiritual goal of the experience.

Moving out of Atlantis was the seeking of ‘fresh air’. It was a step ‘into’ the manifestation in the physical of what had been formulated within, and co-created (manifested), which had in turn been derived from the experience in Atlantis. In fact, on a subtle level, you were the initial, primary co-creator of the settling of that specific spot – not of the whole of the continent in general, but of that area of the land specifically. In other words, you were the one who had the very first idea of doing so, and that idea then gained ‘steam’ on the subtle/spiritual levels, leading to eventually being carried out and implemented by those in the physical – upon which you then ventured to incarnate in. So even if you weren’t the one carrying out the plan initially, with your hands, you were nevertheless the one who originally had devised it, and you were able to participate in it yourself.

This is perhaps a clue to your co-creative abilities, i.e. how you can co-create your reality in the physical, not necessarily for others i.e. for the masses, but on the very least on a personal level. This is valid in general, for any individual, but is also, nevertheless, an illustrative example of something you created in the past. There’s a process of undertaking experience, drawing conclusions about it, and then formulating within one’s mind-space something that is seen as an improvement, and is desired to be experienced next. Finally, eventually, there’s a manifestation of that desire, enabling its experience in the physical, provided the co-creative process is able to accrue ‘critical mass’ so to speak so that it is able to manifest.

This would constitute a pointer/clue to how you co-create your reality, and the scale that your co-creations may achieve (i.e. the message in spiritual terms equating to something along the lines of “what you think matters”; “you are listened to”). This situation is also a reference for the concept of FERTILITY, perhaps in the sense of a desire and action of moving on to greener pastures, which you are entirely free to want and pursue.

Part III – Spiritual Meaning

Planetary origin (the spiritual context prior to arriving to Earth) is presented in a tonality of blue which I personally and in my readings associate to SIRIUS, or similar/related energy. This is not the primary, sole subject matter of this reading, yet it is presented in a sufficiently clear fashion, and therefore leads me to state it so.

The interest in the Earth experience is light in tone. The inner priority was/is in the lightness and joy of spiritual exploration itself, the exploration that is devoid of problems, concerns, complications. The primary joy of the self is in the easiness of spiritual insight, the spiritual within, connecting with it, and ‘working’ it. This is the nucleus of importance, in and of itself, for the sake of itself. Spiritually the self says “what else is there to do?”. It’s possible there’s some difficulty in dealing with the stale, the mundane, the meaningless – but then again, there’s also some possibility that the material/repetitive may prove to be a way to simplify, to de-clutter, to keep the mind clean and centered, facilitating a ‘zen state’ so to speak, as mentioned in Part I.

A core spiritual trait – and possibly a goal, and possibly related to challenges as well – is the Blend between the spiritual (inner, abstract, open) and the technical (rational, logical, and technological also). In true Sirius form, there would be a combination of affinities with i) joy/excitement/fun/’happiness’ in what is spiritual and what is simple, and ii) a wealth of ‘technical’ knowledge, spanning technology as we know today but also the metaphysical in depth. Those from Sirius usually have appreciation for, and may hold aspiration to, merging technology with Nature, i.e. keeping things simple and effective; highly advanced yet formed from, and in symbiosis with, natural elements and the rules of Nature – as a way to keep the technology, and the guiding principles behind it, natural i.e. in balance, intrinsically. In other words, by observing the rules and limitations of Nature, one is making sure one is on track to not make the technology devoid of meaning, or comes out of integrity, for example.

While undergoing experience in the physical, the ideal spiritual mindset would be one that’s exploratory in tone. This represents a full and ‘light’ freedom to explore one’s inner designations. There’s aversion to big burdens, obligations, restrictive imposition of rules, particularly those designed externally for the maintenance of constructs and groups. What is important is in the spiritual; what is to be decided, must be decided on the level of the spiritual – and not for the effects of maintaining the structures and constructs built on the physical. Systems, groups, constructs, that were assembled in the physical realm, can be important, critical even – yet are ultimately secondary to the spiritual. The moment constructs of the physical are placed ahead of the spiritual, the moment the priority becomes sustaining the constructs/groups in detriment of the spiritual, is the moment those constructs cease to make sense.