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Master Before Earth: Sacred Intermission [2x Quick Readings]

The following is a Quick Reading originally performed for a client. This is a reading of the Akashic Records that takes me a few hours to perform, and is delivered as text by email. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication, some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, but no changes were made to the original meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about Akashic Records Readings in general, please see: Akashic Records Readings. For more information about Quick Readings specifically, please see: Reading Types at a Glance.

Introduction and Backstory

The following equates to two readings which are part of a series of Quick Readings performed for Daisy (not the client’s real name). These are readings number 9 and number 10 in the series, mainly addressing a past-life experience/memory on another planet, which you should be able to read in a standalone manner. Readings #1 to #8 are published in full on my Patreon page, showcasing the information leading up to what’s published here. If you’re interested, you can access readings #1-#8 by subscribing to my Patreon (any value). The complete series is as follows:

Some clients prefer (or organically end up) requesting and receiving a series of Quick Readings, rather than one big reading that is performed and delivered in one go. This is completely fine, as not everyone needs, or is prepared to receive and process, a large influx of information in one sitting – which is absolutely the case with large readings (Standards and Essays). By requesting multiple smaller Quick readings, and doing so over time, the client may often end up receiving an amount of information through the latter method that may end up being equivalent, if not larger, than through the former. For the client, with smaller readings it’s probably easier to manage if and when you receive more information. They’re also more flexible, as you get to steer where the reading “goes” a little better. Because you have the opportunity to place questions and intentions for each new reading, based on what you received in the one(s) before. Cheeky and shameless but necessary self-advertizing, in case you don’t know already you order your reading(s) here: https://www.heartki.com/akashic-records-readings/.

The backstory to the client and the sequence of readings is relatively complex to explain thoroughly, but in brief terms, Daisy had been devoted to family and related matters throughout her life, and was arriving at a junction where the more pressing responsibilities family and career-wise were gradually taking a step back. And as they did so, she was considering pursuits in terms of spiritual activity and therapy business. However, she was greatly troubled by a vague but intense lack of direction and clarity about what path, choices, and steps to take. And yet, the urge to serve wasn’t any less pressing. This context created an intense sense of distress, which generally was one of the main driving factors for the readings throughout.

The readings uncovered an enlightened being who had already achieved their major breakthrough spiritually before coming to reincarnate on Earth. They uncovered that the decision of coming to Earth, and the entire journey of reincarnation on Earth ever since, were not primarily about learning something new or achieving said spiritual milestone (the normal case for most human beings), but instead it had to do with experiencing and enjoying, in practical terms and with others, that which had been discovered and acquired on soul level. And that discovery was about (genuine, spiritual) Love: experiencing, discovering, sharing, and ‘activating’ Love – and, for various reasons, often in the midst of family settings. This was’t just about experiencing romance or parenthood for example, it was about a core spiritual desire to pursue and experience, in the human existence, how the energy of Love on its own could be to the self an instant connection to Source, to themselves, and to Home. However, even spiritual mastery came with its own set of challenges, and difficulties, namely involved in the proposition of coming to the Earth plane. For the sake of simplicity, this baseline spiritual discovery was referred to in readings in “all caps” i.e. DISCOVERY.

The two Quick Readings published here refer to a memory/moment where, on a different planet and in different circumstances, Daisy had connected with this core DISCOVERY while within the material plane, as an incarnated being (thus prior to coming to incarnate on Earth). As a side note, this specific type of moment is relatively archetypical in one’s spiritual path, anywhere in the Cosmos, which is one of the reasons I found it interesting to publish it here. It is the same moment that, for example, is illustrated by The Journey Home – A Kryon Parable (story summary). It is essentially when, through the course of your life, you somehow have an intermission in your current reality and its many obligations, and you’re “taken” through a spiritual journey where you may gain new core insights, take stock of the things in your life and where it’s headed, find new inspiration, or otherwise receive some form of major spiritual clarity, while still incarnated on the physical plane. In reality, these instances represent orchestrated moments where you’re meant to (temporarily) make a full stop, and receive Light from Spirit, which is to be integrated with you on the material plane.

There was a great deal of interaction, feedback, and a back-and-forth of questions and answers in-between readings. However, sharing personal interactions even if anonymously, as well as the effort to do so, probably wouldn’t be justifiable for the purposes this publication. As such, keep in mind the readings contain references to interactions which aren’t published. Still, I’m confident the materials will still be comprehensible regardless.

Start of Reading #9

The reading wastes no time in putting forth information, which flows easily and readily.

On this occasion we’re going far from Earth, into a very different experience [relative to the current moment], on a different planet and in a very different set of time and circumstances.

Parts of the imagery and information may be omitted, simplified, or replaced with more familiar elements, to “fill in the gaps” so to speak. This is so that memories may retain their familiarity with the current conscious human mind, and so we can focus on the core set of messages and insights imbued in the memory.

This memory may perhaps feel as far and distant. One of the reasons being, not just the difference in time and physical distance – given how “space geography”, if you will, is here involved – but it also has to do with the spiritual stage of the spiritual self, who is Daisy today, being completely different. This is an aspect we will greatly emphasize: at this stage of spiritual progress, the DISCOVERY [the spiritual breakthrough we have been discussing in these readings] had not been attained yet.

You may consider that, at this time, you were still in a context where your primary, most profound spiritual questions [pertaining to what said DISCOVERY was a breakthrough for] had not been answered, and you were actively seeking the answers and largely moved by them.

It isn’t easy to showcase what the difference between this past spiritual stage and the current one was like, as well as, what type of affectation this would, in practice, have on the conscious self. On the one incarnating in the physical, minding their business, focusing on living their life, their mind mostly concerned about their immediate and ‘local’ reality, surroundings, and future. Still, we’d like to speak about this difference. [The following feels somewhat of a detour, or perhaps a preface/preparation.]

We would tell you that the affectation on the incarnating self, in the spiritual context at this time, was fairly similar to the kind of distress you’re going through today. As we’ve discussed before [in previous readings], the aspects of the current moment resonate with this stage: in emotion, in remembrance. You don’t remember it consciously, but you do spiritually. The form of distress of the present moment isn’t foreign to you, rather it’s a “familiar feeling”, so to speak.

We would tell you that this affectation, at that time, was subtle for the incarnating self, yet also pervasive and ever-present. It ran transversally through all the various layers of the entirety of your beingness: from the lowest ones, those more associated with the awareness and experience of navigating the physical reality, to the higher, soul-level attributes, tenets that for the incarnated self often seem to remain in the background, and only ever show themselves rarely, in blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. So this affectation, you could say, would be subtle, difficult to spot, difficult to know it was there. But we would nonetheless describe this affectation, spiritual in nature, as setting an overall context within which you’d be operating at all times. It was akin to the crib a baby rests in: always embracing, encasing, enveloping oneself, at no point existing outside of it. A similar analogy would be the fish not knowing what water is, given how water is ever-present and thus an absolute in its reality.

One key aspect of this spiritual ‘encasing’ was that from within it, unlike today – and here we begin establishing a contrast between this stage, and the broader spiritual stage to which the current moment belongs – you felt as if you didn’t know yourself. Or, as if you hadn’t truly found yourself yet.

This is, again, an exceptionally subtle and overarching consideration, given how subtle these things can be. But, we’re bringing it forth here to your attention, because we’d like you to “spot the differences”! That is to say, we’d like you to try to establish some contrast between this spiritual stage we’re pointing to, and your current moment.

Even as you navigate a mindset in the present moment that could be regarded as “troubled waters” i.e. of distress, uncertainty, lack of clarity, mixed with a degree of pressure to succeed and an ever-present “itch” to serve – we invite you to notice how despite these, deep down you’re not in a place where you feel (spiritually) lost. We invite you to notice how, rather, you’re in a place where you’ve already found yourself, and you eagerly want to be more of that.

What you want is not to find yourself anew. Instead, what you want is t explore yourself. You want to know what more there is of, and to, and in, you. And then you want to go forth, to put yourself forward, to serve, to be. Which implicitly means you’ve already found who you are.

To put it shortly, we ask you to notice how you’re not actually lost; rather you’re already “found yourself”. And what you want is just to know how to get “there”, as fast as possible.

This is a very subtle and difficult-to-ascertain difference. But it’s nevertheless one very relevant for us. We’re putting this insight for your consideration, in hopes of helping soothe your own sense of aimlessness; maybe the doubting whether things somehow aren’t functioning “right” for you; whether you’re lacking something; the uneasiness as to whether you’re not where you’re supposed to be, or if you’ve missed some invisible train or flight you should have been in by now. The reality is very different from those. The reality is that, in many ways, you’re in fact much further ahead than where you think you are; it’s just that you’re dealing with points that to a large extent are very spiritually new, from within a specific context that is very particular and highly specific [discussed by the readings so far], but that are strongly resonating with ancestral memories of seeking intensely, within a context of being lost.

But you’re not “behind”; you’re not “late”; you’re not “lost”. And you most certainly aren’t “unsupported” or “unguided” throughout the process. No. You’re precisely where you need to be.

But let us return to the akashic memory, from a distant past – again, one that sits on a different, preceding spiritual frame.

The planet was a 3D setting, while also having some 4D characteristics “sprinkled” in.

The physical environment was fairly similar to Earth, as was the spiritual one in various ways. It was a setting the spiritual lessons of which also revolved around Free Will and personal sovereignty. But on occasion this reality and its experience also allowed certain, specific circumstances, namely periods of great communal peace and harmony, as well as – crucially – a certain type of individual solitude, lasting indefinitely and without restraints, where one would go and ‘commune with the stars’.

The latter were states and stages of heightened individual solitude. They would be equivalent to when on Earth the spiritual master of the past seemed to “go off somewhere, do something”. For example, to live in a cave or at the top of a mountain; to study in a grand hall and/or under a great(er) master; to meditate under a tree. Or maybe no one knows where exactly they went: the stories that are kept over time just don’t say. But the master retreated, sometimes never to be seen again, other times to later reappear, maybe after many years and/or in a different state of progress.

On this planet, the advent of such moment was fairly common. But it wasn’t just reserved to the “master”, it was instead acknowledged on a widespread scale, for all individuals in general. In simple terms, individuals in this society would be allowed (manifest/co-create in their realities), at certain points during their lifetime, and for an extended and indefinite period, to leave: to not participate in an outwardly-focused experience, to any capacity, and instead just focus on a moment/stage of their life where they’d be completely alone, left solely to their thoughts, priorities, and introspection.

This type of experience would be loosely akin to a “leave of absence” – of the collective experience as a whole. It was akin to those instances when you’re in a job/career and you’re permitted to take a sanctioned/approved interval and time away from it, no questions asked. Unlike with particular cases on Earth, this leave would be total, that is to say, pertaining to the whole life and societal experience. Further, it wouldn’t have any conditions, it wouln’t be limited in time, and it wouldn’t otherwise be restricted, in any way. No one was counting the time; no one was expecting you to be “back”, at a certain day, at a certain hour. Not even family members and related life responsibilities. While the circumstances for this to happen weren’t necessarily always gathered, when they did, the leave was absolute, total, and unconditional.

How would this take place? Well, it was here that, for the hypothetical outside observer, the particular metaphysical peculiarities of this reality were most visible, as they greatly facilitated the type of moment where life just calls you. In other words, life itself would take care to signal the timing for you, and then proceed to whisk you away, with no one around you having the power, ability, or influence to do anything about it. Life would have a way (whatever that way was) of “taking over” and making things happen, and any and all other circumstances were placed on hold and “somehow” kept at bay.

Further, the moment was acknowledged by the society explicitly. To put it simply, “it was a thing”.

When such a moment in life happened for you, its occurrence would be recognized and validated by others. “It’s that time for him/her”, they would say. And you would be expected by others to be absent and alone for an indefinite period, regardless of obligations or attachments – until you either actively wanted to come back, or some factor or event compelled you to do so.

This concept is, of course, not exclusive to this planet or absent in other places. On Earth, there are certain occasions when life does have a way of taking you on a journey unexpectedly. Or at least has you take a break and step away completely from an experience or circumstances. Sometimes life forces you to take a breath of fresh air and look at things from a more detached angle – or just not think about things at all.

The dream state the human goes to every night is, in fact, one such type of situation, perhaps on a “micro”/daily scale, where you completely take a break from the physical, exiting it alltogether – albeit temporarily – and you go off elsewhere, and do something, important or not, meaningful or not. Generally speaking it doesn’t matter what it is you do, at all, since you’re no longer in the experience. For a little while, you’re outside of it completely.

Collective Consciousness on Earth doesn’t quite “sanction” this type of exit, respite, intermission, absence, leave. Not quite to this extent this planet did, at least. In fact, you’re often not expected or even allowed to detach completely from things, from a given situation, in any given area of life. Sometimes you’re prevented to, or you feel it wouldn’t be legitimate of you to do so. And if and when you want to do so, you’ll usually have to fight others; you’ll have to fight all the bounds and chords you’re surrounded by, if not by those around you then from the system and reality themselves, who are designed to fight against you.

But in contrast, on this planet this type of movement, this type of situation, was not just acknowledged by individuals in general but in fully contemplated and ingrained within the experience, embraced by Collective Consciousness on all levels.

For someone incarnating there, the awareness of this aspect of life was only partial. You wouldn’t be entirely aware of how far or deep this situation was spiritually and metaphysically “infused” in the 3D setting. Still, to a large extent, there was a deep social/cultural openness to it. When life called you to be in this moment, no one would fight, resist, resent, blame, emotionally blackmail, gaslight, or otherwise try to keep you. No one would ever think of standing in your way. Instead, everyone would take a step back, respect you, and permit the moment, no matter who they were to you.

This was because, unconsciously, everyone on the planet knew the moment was sacred – and, in turn, this was because it was.

As a general rule, Spirit recognizes the necessity for the incarnating self “taking a breather” i.e. a complete break from the experience in the physical (temporarily, as doing so in a definite sense would be equivalent to dying). And spend some time recharging their emotional/spiritual batteries, away, completely detached from the setting. Physical settings of reincarnation tend to be designed contemplating venues to achieve this purpose, in some way, to some degree. This is in part, for example, one of the reasons for the human being’s sleep necessity, and its more or less “mechanical” nature, on Earth. 

In fact, you must be able to take a break from the reality you’re in, in some shape or form, particularly those that are testing and intense. It’s not only “healthy”, it’s a necessity. If you don’t or are unable to do so, critical imbalance will ensue. In the case of the Earth’s reality, look no further than the effect lack of sleep will start creating on the human being.

In any case. The past-life memory taking place on this planet was of one such type of moment: of “sanctioned” retreat. One that on this planet was culturally and spirtually respected on a collective level.

At this point in the reading I receive the instruction that the information is meant to continue in the next one. With your permission and blessing, the next Quick Reading (#10) will therefore be used to continue with this information.

Start of Reading #10

She – the one today known as Daisy, back then, in this memory – is spending her time at a location. This is a location that could be described as idyllic.

This is not a completely isolated island, but one that sits at the edge of a small chain of islands, forming a narrow, straight-ish line in the ocean. Each of the islands is a small, flat portion of dry sand rising just above the ocean, enveloped by water all around. Each has at most a little low-key vegetation, perhaps a few trees sprouting from the center, if there’s room to allow so.

With low tide, these islands, which are arrayed in a sequence, become close enough they can mostly, feasibly, be traveled on foot, back to civilized land – although this would still be quite the trek. But in average and high tides, which is the case for most of the time, the water levels are higher, which makes the way back becomes impassable, each island becoming more isolated and surrounded by a large body of water. On these occasions, the distances between them are now travelable mostly by boat, across the water.

In practice, these circumstances create the effect of this location being very isolated, out of being difficult to reach, and therefore secluded – just not so much to the extent that she would be so far from civilization to become stranded. She’s isolated and by herself, but not lost.

The sand is soft, of a pale white or yellow. The water is of a pure, almost glowing, crystalline blue, calm and calming with its soft, smooth rhythmic motions, in temperature always neutral to the touch. The sky is vivid bright blue, with a few streams of white clouds that seem to constantly want to draw a painting on a canvas but never quite, the sun shining brightly but never harshly, with hardly ever any hint of uneasy weather in the distance.

The imagery of this memory, as mentioned in the previous reading, conveys an energy we on Earth would consider “idyllic”, and we’d associate with the idea of a peaceful, tranquil, inviting Pacific/Polynesian beach. And even if these are Earth elements that are idyillic to our human minds, the reading says that what we – and our Souls – consider peaceful, ideal, and idyllic doesn’t really vary that much from one planetary experience to the next. In other words, even if certain parts of the image are “padded” with elements we can recognize as human beings, it would still not be that far off from reality, from how things were.

She is on the island at the tip of the chain. She’s staying in a house that is built there, on this island, by the sea.

This house is simple and plain, largely made of natural components that blend and associate with the natural landscape around it, yet without looking makeshift or handcraft-y. In other words, it’t not a “shack”. Somewhat deceptively the house is solidly built, with intelligent design and purpose, allowing for a degree of comfort, and even insulation from the weather and the outside environment – isolation within isolation. Not that in theory you’d need this insulation: the environment is safe and quiet at all times. Still, going inside does convey the sense of stepping away from a purely natural, open environment, onto a built and safe indoors, greatly limiting the stimuli of outside ambience for the senses.

The house is built with a column, or support, that stands not at the center of the build but completely to one of the sides, which using a counterweight effect elevates the whole house a good distance clear above the ground of sand beneath it. This also allows the house to stand near the water, a part of it even above the water itself, having it avoid the erosion that would occur from being in proximity or contact with the perpetually moving water otherwise.          

The house is not hers, but it is purpose-built to allow the experience of isolation, an experience in life that was acknowledged, ‘sanctioned’, and planned for, in her society, as stated in the previous reading. The house is communal, in the sense that no single individual owns it and anyone can use it; but still it is built with quality and refinement, for this exact purpose. When you went there, no one else would. And this is why she is here. The house and the location are hers for the duration. She can stay and inhabit it fully as her own, for an indefinite and unbounded period of time, with no catches or limitations, for as long as her period of isolation lasts, whatever long that may be. As we said, the collective looked at this type of experience as sacred, not merely allowing it but actively catering to it.  

She is here because she had reached a stage on her own life where, evaluating her personal progress, she had assessed she had reached the bulk, the majority, of the main tasks and responsibilities an individual in her society would normally be expected to achieve. In Earth years she’d be slightly over 40, and she had worked (in Earth terms, participated in “jobs”) to a sufficient degree i.e. enough. She felt she had given her fair share; she felt that she had contributed in this regard, playing her due part for the functioning, embetterment, and advancement of her society.

In addition, she had also accomplished her goals family-wise. Although in this memory there wasn’t as much of a focus on family-related experiences compared to the experience on Earth today, she nonetheless felt accomplished in this regard: she had successfully raised a daughter mostly on her own. Her daughter was now an adult herself, emotionally mature and of ‘solid character’ if you will. Someone you can regard as having grown and matured “right”, now leading an independent life of their own designation. Despite this mother and daughter are still close and supportive of each other, without toxicicy, encroaching attachment or co-dependency; they were simply closely bonded and in supportive terms, independently of distance and circumstances, no matter where they were and where life would take them.

Here we will observe from our spiritual vantage point, that she had succeeded at raising another individual leading them safely onto adulthood, and in doing so immaculately passing all the trials and tests such a process entails. It was for this reason she felt she had successfully passed that “test”: because spiritually it was so. This aspect greatly contributed to her feeling that there was little left on the horizon for her to accomplish. And this sensation was one of the main reasons for her being there.

She had reached a moment in life where she having felt she had largely fulfilled all of her goals and obligations, and there was little left, not just to accomplish, but also to give meaning to her life and existence. She was without a partner or relationship, and all of her “tasks” and goals in her life were complete. This resulted in a moment of deep and powerful introspection if not angst – which, ultimately, led her to stay at that house.

Once again, we observe this society acknowledged the moment of spiritual intermission, often involving a clean detachment/break from reality and a process of deep inner introspection, that could on a moment’s notice be presented to the individual, in a spontaneous fashion, by life itself. This type of moment was part of her and her society’s conceptualization. They had words for it, ideas about how to proceed, places to go to, contingency plans to place in motion, arrangements to make. And so it was the conceptualization of this type of situation that allowed her to recognize it as it appeared to her. As she felt the emptiness approaching and closing in, she knew it was her time. Her daughter, now grown and independent, was instantly supportive, permitting and facilitating the detachment.

This was what she was doing at this location, at this time: she was experiencing her moment in life of detachment and deep introspection.

I feel fairly certain the spiritual being who was the daughter in this memory is the (current) partner in this lifetime on Earth. The time and energy limitations of the reading does not offer me the opportunity for a more well-rounded assurance about this, but does offer a hint that is strong enough for me to I feel the need to put this forth. Please face this as an impression/hypothesis, and I’d invite you to henceforth look for further hints and clues in syncrhonicity to validate or disprove it. This is a connection/relationship that should (spiritually) be characterized by not having too much of a factor of attachment/dependency, yet still being of very close companionship, camaraderie, and support, regardless of physical distance.

Humans. You can get used to anything – you’re designed that way. To not be able to know everything, yet at the same time being able to have such deep and complex spiritual connections (sometimes without knowing it).

In life humans live through things they’re going to regard as normal, without realizing how far, and how deep, things really go metaphysically. On Earth you displace every night to other realms and states, without which your awareness deteriorates, slipping into nothingness. Yet you operate as if nothing’s happening, some of you so adamant you’re just biological and physical. The ‘thing’ is right in front of you, and you don’t even blink in reaction to it. Certain things become so normalized you never stop to really question them. We don’t criticize. As in many regards you’re meant to operate this way, and without it much of your experience wouldn’t be the same.

We bring up this “normalization” effect, because on this planet individuals had a similar type of relationship with their cultural ‘formalization’ of this moment of intermission.

They were in a 3D setting, yet it wouldn’t register to them that, when the time came for a person to go into their personal retreat, it was Spirit who took over. It didn’t occur to them how somehow, magically, all the person’s needs and requirements, which they’d otherwise have in life, would somehow be ‘magically’ taken care of. All needs of food met; all needs of safety met; all needs of hygiene met; all needs of privacy met. How? How were these things accomplished? It doesn’t matter, they somehow were. The fish would just jump onto shore. The water would somehow cleanse the body, despite being sea. Somehow clothes never needed washing! Somehow the sky was completely devoid of storms and bad weather – despite these things being possible and normal otherwise. So what happend? How was it done? The answer is, it was done by Spirit. Spirit took over the personal reality of the individual, “somehow” making all of this happen – as it always does, whenever this type of process happens anywhere.

At this moment, the individual is temporarily lifted, suspended, out of 3D, onto 4D – this being achieved without them leaving their physical reality. After a while they’ll go back to their more familiar circumstances, eventually, when, and only when, the process is over. But for as long as the process lasts, Spirit Themvelves are continually taking care of them, with their two spiritual “hands” deeply immersed in the physical plane, cradling the individual. Shielding them, protecting them, and suspending all circumstances around them, on their behalf. So that the process may occur and won’t be interrupted.

In part knowing about and catering for this process, but in part also without realizing the full metaphysical ramifications of it, one could say this society sanctioned the experience of entering the gateways of Spirit in ways that were rarely implemented elsewhere in the Cosmos. The closest Earth circumstances this experience could be equated to – other than the aforementioned dream state visited daily – would be, for example, when an individual willingly goes on a spiritual retreat or journey; Sometimes, it is when they go through what they call the dark night of the soul. Sometimes, it is when they go through a near-death experience. This type of moment, a disconnection from the outside world and going deep within, may be sought by the mystic or initiate as part of their spiritual advancement. Sometimes it is formalized by the spiritual discipline they adhere to, and they’ll pursue it on purpose.

If we want to be realistic, we also have to regard the type of situation where the person finds themselves in extreme circumstances, like an emergency, where their senses and focus are forced onto a heightened state, and where, despite the danger, the person later says the situation was somehow “spiritual”, cathartic, healing, or otherwise necessary or useful for them, in some way. In these circumstances, the human self was suddenly yanked from the reality they were in, and from the more common expectations of their surroundings, for a while. We do not say so lightly; these moments are not designed for the sake of the peril. On Earth, the human reality and condition can be so difficult and “hardened” in consciousness, that in some of these examples the process can, and will, arrive at a cost.

Not so for this planet in this memory. Here, the moment of sacred spiritual intermission, was not just acknowledged and ‘sanctioned’ by this society, but seen as sacred, above above all other things.

The elements of the beach, where she was in now, they all represent, are a metaphor, a manifestation, a symbolic counterpart, in the external/physical, of the spiritual/metaphysical characteristics of this sacred moment she was going through.

The isolation, the secluded setting and the absence of other selves, represented a temporary but complete break from the common reality and collective consciousness, these taking a step back, withdrawing, like the wave pulling back to reveal the sand beneath it. On the horizon, in the distance, nothing in sight but sea and sky, represented an absence/completion of all external goals and objectives imposed or suggested by life i.e. nothing on the horizon. The blue sky also represented a clear, unimpeded connection with Source i.e. with the sky/heavens.

The house being suspended, ‘floating’ above the water, represented symbolically one’s consciousness temporarily being suspended, lifted above the matters on the ground i.e. the matters of the physical plane; and being spared from the continuous erosion of the elements, themselves representing the toll the experience in the physical intrinsically and inevitably has on the incarnating self. The insulation within the house itself, the isolation within isolation, represented, of course, the essence of the moment itself: isolating oneself from the outside world.

Within the house there was an effect that could, loosely speaking, be seen as in the same vein of what on Earth you’d call “sensory deprivation”: the senses were deprived of the natural ambience of the outside. Even as the outside had relatively few sounds to speak of, there would still be the background noise of the waves, the wind, perhaps of any fauna that could be present at points. But even if there was little to no sound to speak of, if nothing else you’d have the “sound” of being outside. But stepping inside the house would cutt off even that sound, the outside ambience, almost completely. And you’d find yourself sensing you were now “inside”. This effect further invited the self to disengage from the outside world, and connect with the realms within, and above.

The reading carries on, and now focuses on what is, at the end of the day, the main subject matter to the memory: what she experienced during this time.

We won’t have the opportunity to go through her “day-by-day”, or describe at length what happened during the totality of her time there [the reading is entering its final stages, there’s little opportunity/energy/time left]. But we can abstract the main sensations of the experience and a few of its more important pointers.

A spiritual moment like this will always be intense. And what is intense and spiritually relevant can always become daunting, depending on what goes within, and the purpose of the moment.

Sometimes, you’ll go through an important spiritual experience where you’re whisked away to Heaven, and there you’ll simply rest, frolick, perhaps meet loved ones and throw a party, or otherwise just have fun. And you come back with a wondrous story to tell and remember.

Other times though, you may instead find yourself face-to-face with your daemons, with nowhere to hide.

In this specific instance, she had a lot of trouble.

Prior to arriving at the location and settling down there, the calling she had felt was about experiencing a void within. This void had scared her. It was a void of commitments, of goals, of objectives. It was a feeling of distress, out of a sense of having nothing left to give meaning and purpose to her existence. It was a big nothingness. These were the inner feelings that for her had accompanied the calling for this moment, and had brought her there.

Once there, as the location naturally insulated her from the outside world, and invited her to go within – instead of clearing the void rapidly grew larger, until it was all there was!

In the loneliness and isolation, this void was all the could ever hear.

When she was contemplating the moment she’d have prior to arriving, she had assumed, she had hoped, that this void she was feeling would dissipate, to then reveal some hidden truth or mystery. This was what some of those who went through their own moments of isolation/retreat would always tell. When you’re there you’ll be shown your truths, they said. You’ll be given insights, messages. You’ll be placed face to face with Spirit. You’ll receive. Those who had gone through their own similar moments would always convey something along these lines, in one way or another. They would tend to speak upliftingly and in joy of their experience and what they got from it. One might have assumed the experience could be as idyllic and heavenly as the location it was taking place in.

And yet, the more she was in this “Heaven”, and the more she was retreating to this “herself only” – the louder this void became.

On top of this feeling of emptiness, she also felt deeply guilty. She felt guilty, on one hand, due to her own feeling that she didn’t want to do anything more “productive” for her society. Was she lazy? Was she no longer capable of empathy or service to others? Had she lost track of her own sense of duty, of giving, of serving? She felt guilt out of what she felt in this regard.

In addition, and crucially, she also felt guilty because of the connection with her daughter. Is my daughter not enough? she asked. Why would I ever feel such an absence and aimlessness inside of me, if I have my daughter? She was afraid and guilty for fearing she didn’t love her daughter enough; that the love for her daughter wasn’t big enough, wasn’t meaningful enough, to plug in the gaping hole in… somewhere, somewhere deep within.

She expected the relationship with her daughter to be “enough” to provide meaning. But that relatiosnhip, no matter how meaningful, successful, fulfilling, didn’t cover that hole. And that also made her feel guilty. Perhaps more so than anything else.

And yet, these feelings, this void, were the first aspects of the experience. These were the initial things she had brough over from her life onto this moment. What happened next, over time, was that the isolation itself seemed to do nothing else but to enhance and echo them, until they were loud and inescapable. The isolation started making these feelings, this void, so loud, that eventually they seemed to rumble through the air in a literal sense.

In time, her void and guilt were no longer a vague unease, but an inescapable torment.

It was from this growing affliction that she turned to the skies.

One of the things she had been told by others was that this moment was one of having or receiving clarity. It was of communicating with the beyond in order to receive insights from it.

So she looked upward. She looked at the empty blue sky. And she looked at the starry, black night sky. But neither of these skies said anything to her. It was all quiet. There was still only the same gaping hole that was there before with her. The big void. And nothing else.

In her distress, she felt she couldn’t see or receive anything from Spirit. She felt she was unable to – thus somehow making her inferior to others by failing at something everyone else seemed to have achieved. She felt as if she was incapable of receiving or seeing anything spiritually, and that all others who had gone through the same experiences could. And matter how much she insisted, no matter how much the looked and asked and tried, nothing was ever said.

She was in distress, and by this point, in pure despair. By this point, the blue sky, the heaven, the clouds and the stars, all seemed to be a big blanket, a cover, or maybe a cork, that was preventing her from seeing or receiving anything from the beyond.

Also, by this point, every little natural ambience and critter sound was deafening.

Waves no longer smoothly swept across the floor, they scraped harshly against the sand and crashed against pebbles and rocks, continuously making inescapable sounds of thunderous volume, over and over, never coming to a stop. Every beep and squeak and scream and sound made by unseen creatures, close or far, in the sky, land, or underwater, seemed neverending strident screeches that sounded as if they could rupture the fabric of reality itself, made unpredictably and insistently. The effect of sensory and emotional deprivation were creating a heightened sensitivity to the stimulus of the outside world, with her inner distress heightening it all.

So her tendency was to go inside the house and its insulation to escape it all.

But inside wasn’t any less quiet. Inside the sounds were far more softened, in fact nearly inexistent – but on the interior her senses were deprived of external input, and this where the emotional distress was highest. Inside, the void was the loudest. And so, after a while, the void too became unbearable, and she would inevitably have to go outside to escape this as well.

Both inside and outside, seemingly for different reasons but all coming down to the same inner distress, were unbearably loud. Outside was painfully loud physically, audibly, making her go inside to obtain relief. But then on the inside it was painfully loud emotionally, making her step outside to obtain relief from that. And so, chased by her phantoms and with nowhere to turn to, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. This cycle went on and on, for a while, with her spending some time, and spending herself, this way.

This effort [reading] goes long. In this sense we’ll spare you from further details of this process, while arriving at the conclusion of our message.

We will say that, in all spiritual processes of similar context and purpose, the human/incarnated self may need to be brought to exhaustion first, they may need to be “broken down” first, before they are finally able to receive the insight they was desperately looking for – or relief from the affliction they were ardently trying to escape.

The purpose of the situation in this memory, was not for her to be perpetually in distress. Of course. It was always for her to receive the clarity she needed and asked for, and that belonged to her from the start.

Eventually, ultimately [in a nondescript time, virtually outside of time – or so it felt to her] she was able to give up, and calm down. Just enough, just long enough, that the insight could finally reach her.

Lying motionless on the sand, eyes barely open, mind half-awake, coming back and forth from the the brink, under an exhaustion that couldn’t be measured, one night, a little while before the aurora, she received the insight she was meant to integrate.

It was not something that came down and descended from the sky, as she may perhaps have imagined to be. It was not a spreading of white clouds, revealing behind them some unseen mystery, for her to peer at. It wasn’t “magic”.

It was just, her realizing something. Just that. A thought that “pops up”. And the words we’ll use won’t do the value of the insight justice. They cannot. The words may not even make that much sense now.

For multiple reasons. Because spiritually, today, you already know the insight. Linear time is a construct from the physical thus an illusion – but spiritual time is another matter. And in your spiritual time, there was a… time when you didn’t know it, and now you do. So you’ve received this “way back”, it was integrated then, and so now it’s “obvious” for you. It will sound overly simplistic, barely worth mentioning even. Because it’s not your point of doubt now. But it was back then. In a process of receiving insights, you’re not going through rational logic; you’re integrating spiritual insight, that the mind will have to translate for you. But with spiritual insight, logic is secondary. What’s on the paper is secondary. With spiritual insight, it’s about something somehow clicking into place. And so we’ll proceed to describe, using words, what clicled into place back then.

On the beach, lying on the sand, she realized it was her daughter’s life that made her life make sense.

She realized she didn’t need an external stimulus to dictate her life’s direction. Her sense of direction came from sharing and partaking in her daughter’s life experience. Not with attachment, proximity, or even direct engagement in the other person’s life necessarily; but it was her existence itself. The fact she is and was able to be, because of the investment, the commitment, and the creative effort, she had put into it. Or you had put into it. If that makes sense.

These words, again, may come across as underwhelming. If they do, it’s mainly because this is not new now –  nor is this the message/insight the one to clear your distress today. Not necessarily. The main relevance of this memory for the current moment is the resonance with the distress that took place at that time – an important crux of your journey in the Cosmos – with a process of similar contours taking place today. The point of this message, as it’s transmitted in this reading, is that all concerted spiritual processes have a purpose to them. And that, at this time and in its context, it was at this moment you integrated how the meaning and importance of each other’s lives lies in the sharing and commitments we make with each other, towards each other, on behalf of each other. In other words: it was the Love that was shared that mattered – and could fill the hole. If that makes sense.   

If we want to translate this insight to its corresponding, “purely spiritual” tenet, we’d say this moment correlated with connecting with one of the ultimate truths of the Universe: that all that ultimately matters in all of Creation, is sharing, teaching, and learning, with each other.

This was a moment in your journey by which you integrated your spiritual wisdom as a physical being. In other words, by which you made the DISCOVERY and brought it over to the physical plane. 

Upon receiving her insight, relief was instant. All distress was cleared. And soon she was ready to step outside her isolation, and return to her world. Her process was over.

Some processes by which the incarnated self is to receive breakthrough spiritual insight, similar in nature to this one, won’t occur in the middle of an incarnation. Some might happen only after it, outside of it. Some can only happen outside of incarnation, which means they may involve departing from the physical in a definite manner – and so with these, you won’t see them when it happens to others. You’ll never know they happened. But in other occasions, it is relevant and necessary that the process takes place during the incarnation, and that the person carries on afterward. Usually, because there’s something still to be lived, still to be witnessed. Usually, associated with the insight itself; or otherwise, because the person had chosen to.

In this instance, she still had her daughter’s amazing live to witness! She wanted to be there, present, not necessarily to “do” anything, but if nothing else, to be present for her daughter, to witness her achievements, her successes, her own path. She did not have to be a part of them, but there would be so much enjoyment and meaning from her accomplishments. For that was the insight that had been received.

She would go on to cherish the moments that would be shared with her daughter. She would be cheering her on, celebrating her achievements, even if just from distance.

Later, on a broader spiritual level, you also made a decision: you wanted to multiply this experience. So you would go on to seek and choose situations where you’d have the opportunity to go through similar types of experiences. Such has, for example, lives where you could have multiple children. A rationale that was involved, for example, with the decision to come to Earth [previous readings].