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On the Biological Race to Have Children, Part III: Cultural Worth

Posted by Nuno on 21.08.18 under Life and Society.

At various points during his/her lifetime, the human being will be assessing potential romantic partners. He/she will do so as he/she seeks the experiences of love, protection, belonging, well-being, and the sharing of positive experience with another, as well as, potentially, eventually, having children together. This assessment takes place under a strong influence of the biological overlay.

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On the Biological Race to Have Children, Part I: the Biology Overlay

Posted by Nuno on 30.09.17 under Life and Society.

The following text is the first of a series of three. It may be revised further. One of the major types of spiritual plan made by those incarnating on Earth involves the goal, or mission if you will, of having children during their lifetimes. The life choice, or even spiritual intention, of having children, is by no means a “higher” (…)

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Allowing the Good Seed to Thrive

Posted by Nuno on 14.04.14 under Life and Society.

There is a common, core hurt about living in society. And that is, when one individual chooses to do something “bad”, negative, unscrupulous, not only does he gain a competitive edge other other individuals — one that may be considered unethical and unfair — but also, there may not be anyone or anything willing, or able, to effectively prevent him from engaging in that (…)

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4 Things That are Pointless in Life

Posted by Nuno on 06.01.14 under Life and Society.

A list of things that we may indulge in, and to which we may react emotionally, but that actually serve little purpose and just occupy energy, time and space of our short lifetimes. 1. Drama A problem either has a solution, and you can do something about it, or you have to accept it as it is and move on. Sometimes it (…)

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How to Rise Above Competition – But Retain Personal Power

Posted by Nuno on 26.09.13 under Life and Society.

In the wild, packs of wolves have two distinct roles among their members: there’s the alpha, the strongest wolf, acknowledged by all others as the leader; and then there’s the beta, the weakest one, at the bottom of the hierarchy. The beta is perceived as a weakling and is permanently beaten, bullied, and reminded of his place through the use of (…)

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Masterchef U.S.A. vs Masterchef Australia

Posted by Nuno on 21.09.13 under Life and Society.

Masterchef is a cooking competition where the contestants – generally amateur home cooks with some other professional background – compete against each other in various cooking challenges over several episodes. The focus of the cooking is generally high-end “refined” cuisine, and the standards for such are relatively high, although any kind of basic or elementary test can take place. In each episode (…)

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The Ways Watching TV Can Be Bad for You

Posted by Nuno on 25.01.13 under Life and Society.

First and foremost, I’m not here to suggest anyone to abandon watching TV. Some people have indeed done that choice, and it’s up to them how it works in their lives. In my case, there are a few television programs I do watch and enjoy, and I find that if I give up entirely on certain things, I’m starving my (…)

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