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How to Rise Above Competition – But Retain Personal Power

clenched fist set on glass surfaceIn the wild, packs of wolves have two distinct roles among their members: there’s the alpha, the strongest wolf, acknowledged by all others as the leader; and then there’s the beta, the weakest one, at the bottom of the hierarchy.

The beta is perceived as a weakling and is permanently beaten, bullied, and reminded of his place through the use of violence and intimidation. The beta is often used by all others as a “punching bag”, a means of venting frustration. The alpha takes precedence over all others; the middle members fight among themselves; and everyone bullies the beta.

The principle of competition in 3D is the same. In 3D, you must be strong at all times. You can’t be ‘weak’ or be perceived as such, because you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the food chain, and suffer accordingly. Bullies stalk the most fearful and timid children in schoolyards; powerful countries rule over the weak; economies themselves always seem to produce the ones who go bankrupt, the ones who lose jobs, their homes, that go or stay in poverty. There isn’t enough money, jobs, resource to everyone.

There is this concept of ‘there isn’t enough for everybody’. There’s also a permanent fear hat somebody stronger, or cunning, is just waiting to pounce on you when you’re vulnerable, or on your weaknesses – in a way that you can never truly just relax, lower your defenses, and just be yourself. Doing so, overcoming this in such a harsh reality, is truly a challenge. This is an overall state of fear and tension that permeates society in its psychological and emotional levels.

Competition is a leftover from the 2D animalistic “survival of the fittest”. As the consciousness of the planet evolves, this core emotional state will need to be changed.

Competition, granted, is a means of learning. It’s a “character builder”, as some would point out, and a powerful facilitator of lessons. It does lower vibration, however, and consciousness. The catalyst for the lesson is only present for as long as the lesson is needed. That means that as soon as consciousness has risen above competition, it will be able to acknowledge its existence, it will grow intolerant of it. It won’t tolerate its existence unchecked, and it will demand its absence.

Here are the steps to rise above, on a personal level, the idea of competition, from a spiritual perspective.

1. Actively Try to Keep your Heart Open

First step: do not attack someone in a vulnerable position. Do not criticize or cast judgement upon some other. Keep your fighting energy to defend from external attacks – or handle them. But make a conscious effort to avoid, and refrain from, mockery, downplaying, invalidation, or otherwise projecting destructive, disruptive, or disrespectful intention towards another. Keep your negative opinions to yourself, unless they are genuinely constructive and helpful.

As a Master once told me, judging is easy. The one with an open heart will always be at ease in a new or neutral interaction, will always attempt effortlessly to get the other person to smile, and feel at ease too. The one with an open heart is the one who makes the life of the stranger on the street a little easier, the one who makes a kind comment that brings a smile. The one with an open heart has decided to avoid causing negative feelings on another by its own action, if he can help it. Negative things and people may still come his way, but that is a question of saying “no” to the situation, and move on to another.

This may be a little difficult in an interaction or relationship with a deep and intense connection, such as with a relative or loved one. But you’re hereby informed that this is a tell-tale sign of karmic bonds. Karmic means there is past memory (past-lives included) of unresolved and intense emotion between two people. And the only way to deal with karma is by solving it. But otherwise, interactions in life deserve an open heart. This alone prevents the “attack” or “preying” factor over another individual, on a personal level.

2. The Heart that is Open Can Still Remain Aware

An open heart should not equate to a “unguarded heart”, or “naive heart”. Individuals who might, for one reason or another, be tempted to take advantage of your open heart for its own egotistical gain, should not be allowed to do so in the first place. A part of keeping an open heart is also loving, honoring, and respecting yourself enough, that you know that it’s perfectly okay, and expected of you, to say NO to situations and people that do not honor or respect your goodwill. The heart is precious, and so is protecting its integrity.

Opening your heart (which is akin to “being a nice person”) is a 4D ability. However, keeping it open even after harmful experiences, or dealing with people that have hurt us, is a real challenge. It is, however, an attribute of spiritual mastery, to recognize that the only way to live joyfully is learning how to maintain an open heart wherever possible – and, that it may not necessarily possible, or feasible, to keep your heart open at all times.

Lastly, the most difficult situations regarding the opening of the heart is dealing with abandonment, betrayal, loss of trust, in close relationships, or otherwise situations where negative intent from one individual towards one another was not clear, or was not intended, yet still happened. The most important thing to retain, is that you are beautiful, and you are deserving of the expectations you seek. These situations follow patterns and happened for the purposes of learning valuable lessons, that will eventually take you where you want to be, should you accept them and have the will to move forward.

3. There is Always Enough

Never has Spirit told me that there was a lack of something. It’s irrelevant (for the purposes of this idea) how much air and water are polluted on Earth; how much jobs and openings are left available; how much national debt or in economic distress a country is in. Once you realize you direct 100% of your personal reality and experiences, all of these worries become obsolete, for the purposes of your own personal choices.

The truth is, and always has been, that there are enough resources for everybody – unless you choose to believe  otherwise. If everyone were aware of this simple Spiritual truth – that you control everything about your life – then that would be the practical day-to-day reality for everyone on the planet. For that is the Truth for Spirit: there is no lack of anything, unless you choose otherwise. This is exactly why the idea of competition is unaligned with Spirit’s Truth: there is absolutely no need to compete with anyone. Every single human has an unique path, that it’s yours alone to take.

Even when we experience an enduring shortage, or lack, of something in our personal life (say, money, love, time, resources, and so on) these is due to blockages in your beliefs, in your energy – even in the most extreme or traumatic situations. This is often a powerful method of healing, because this challenging situation is asking for you to re-evaluate your beliefs, and/or transmute your energy. Because the natural state of consciousness is abundance, and it’s only ourselves who prevent it, for whatever self-damning beliefs we hold.

4. Unconditional Intolerance of the Negative

Also an attribute of spiritual mastery, is growing an intolerance for competition 3D vibrations in the first place. For what often makes people fearful, and keeps them trapped in 4D and below, is that 3D violent people and behavior are often allowed to run amok. There is the need to grow beyond 4D, and not only contain negative energy on an individual level, but also actively not tolerate behavior of dualistic low energy.

Schools must be aware of, and challenge in a swift manner, any bullying from one student to the next. Judging if, and when it happens, is not rocket science. The hurting of sensitive consciousness is easily recognizable by sensitive consciousness. Bullying should, therefore, not be tolerated in school, and anywhere, at all, if the desire is to raise the consciousness and vibration level for more evolved Souls to incarnate and grow in this planet. It’s something that should be shunned upon collectively, in a way that the perpetrators are a minority and are kept in control, not the other way around.

The concept of an economy that  contemplates poverty is artificial, and is kept purposely and artificially. The world has enough resources and money to feed, and keep healthy, everyone in the world. The problem is not lack of resources, it’s how it distributes them. In turn, this is directly related to what the human consciousness does, and does not, tolerate that happens. Therefore, consciousness must become aware of the mechanisms that are in place, that artificially keep people’s beliefs aligned with the lack of resources, or the notion that such a thing is “normal”.

Normal should be abundance, health, wealth, and freedom. Normal should be the expectation of finding an open heart on another,the default, and the exception be, if it’s not the case. Because that would be aligned with Spirit.

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