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The Solution to Everything is Breathing

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The act of breathing helps significantly when handling challenging situations and karmic emotions. I’ve come to realize it’s a resource to heal them.

Every karmic emotion can be handled simply by breathing deeply. This does not necessarily imply meditation in a conventional sense. When you’re face to face with someone, it isn’t always feasible to request a timeout to go to the back room and breathe. However, intentively breathing in the midst of the situation, or when remembering past circumstances, by itself helps processing the emotional energy and starts the process of transmuting said memories into their healed and balanced state.

I don’t intent to imply that breathing is always the only thing you need to do. Whatever healing, therapy, and whatever events and life circumstances you need to go through, is open to you and are determined by your own unique and personal path. Nevertheless, in this article I explain a simple way to breathe, and why it works.

What are “Karmic Emotions”?

Have you ever noticed how you seem to experience the same kind of situations over and over?

Let’s say you keep finding yourself “dismissed” and “not taken into account” by others. Have you ever observed how these sensations seem to follow you no matter where you are? It’s like a trauma, some kind of fate that follows you around. And have you ever noticed how your friend or co-worker right next to you seems to constantly find himself his own set of emotions? Say, for example, “inferior” and “fooled”. And even if you travel abroad, even if you age you’re now 50 when you were 20, even if you are promoted and work in different positions – you’re each in the same spots constantly.

Now: have you ever noticed that your friend hardly ever finds himself in your “dismissed” situation? And that you never find yourself feeling “fooled” like your friend?

This is because each one of us attracts his own reality, and nothing else. In that sense, all external reality is an illusion. An hologram that each of us generates at all times.

“Karmic Emotions” are those negative things we feel when by constantly attracting the same kind of situations, that make us feel them, over and over. It’s “karmic” because it’s an energy you’re constantly feeling within yourself. Because it’s inside, it generates reality for you all the time. Feel “naive”? There’s a good situation for you to be feeling “naive”. Feel “rejected”? Here’s a great situation for you to be feeling rejected. Oh, did you feel even more rejected? By all means, here’s another great situation for you to be rejected.

You’re constantly stuck in those situations because you’ve never figured out the true (Spiritual) story behind the (bad) emotions that attract them.

Processing Emotional Karmic Energy By Yourself

My karmic patterns were and are extenuating, and I have a lot of them. Some people experience large karmic losses or events in their lives; some experience karmic emotions sometimes, when they deal with their parents, the neighbor, or the coffee shop employee. I have a bit of all of these, and I tend to experience karmic emotion continuously, multiple times throughout the day. So I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to heal and deal with karma in real-life, or in other words, transmutation, because I tend to be permanently in inner distress to heal something.

I’m not going to meticulously describe all of my karmic aspects, but I will tell you that this took me to a place, where I felt the need to manage and handle all the extenuating energy my healing process takes.

There was a time when I had to receive heavy-duty energy healing and cleansing therapy from my partner, who is a  powerful practitioner, on a day-to-day basis, literally. I felt dependent on therapy just to get by and carry on. And I found out that most of that heavy-duty energetic work can be skipped for the most part, stripped down to the essential, if I don’t accumulate unsolved, unprocessed karmic emotional energy within me, and instead process it myself. How? Breathing.

How to Breathe

The following method is how I learned to do it for myself. Of course, this isn’t just plain breathing, there’s a slight pinch of emotion and energy handling in it.

This is kind of a recipe. Everyone is unique, so recipes tend not to work too well when it comes to spirituality. My main point is showing you an example that you might look at and learn from.

So here we go.

1. Identify the Emotion

This sounds straightforward, but you can’t proceed with the rest if you don’t do this. First, you have to identify the pattern: the repeating situation, and the very distinct emotion that accompanies it.

Second, you have to realize that the situation is an energy you own and you attracted to yourself. And not something that just “happened to you”. Yes, someone may have taken advantage of you, hurt you, not listened to you, or something else. That person’s energy did connect with yours in a bad way. But you’re not responsible for the other person’s energy – only for yours. So you have to take charge of your own energy. Why did you attract it? Not doing it means you’ll keep attracting the situation, because you’re supposed to face it. It’s your lesson.

If you think of the situation as something from the outside, if you blame someone, if you argue or fight with the “culprit”, if you try to “deal” with the emotion, or worse, toughen up and skip it, or avoid it, calling yourself “a survivor”, “a fighter”, “strong”, etc – that’s not going to work.

Laying stones over that emotion, call it “solved and done with”, or pretending it’s not there anymore, !!!IS WHAT CREATES KARMA!!! Big No-No. Don’t do it.

It just doesn’t work that way. The first step is to get that the emotion is karmic and it’s yours. Then, once you identify the situation, it’s time to deal with it.

2. Seclude Yourself if Possible

You can do this in the presence of other people, in the middle of a conversation, while talking on the phone, or while you are doing something else. You may look a bit funky to others, but it’s certainly possible. I frequently do this on the go.

However, the point here is, just for a moment, to completely detach from the outside scenery and be solely with yourself. In these conditions you can pause and breathe. This means the ideal situation is for you to go somewhere, even temporarily, where you’ll not be disturbed, talked to, when no-one can have any kind of expectation about you, or even exist the possibility of eye-contact, at all. No kids, no wife, no husband, no boss, no cell-phone, nothing. Even if it’s just for a few minutes. Be a little rebellious about this if you need to. It’s not about any other people or any responsibilities. This is about you, and you alone.

You might find yourself in a secluded situation at the end of the day, when everyone else is asleep. You may have to consider grabbing your car and go somewhere alone, without anyone knowing where you’re going or when you’re coming back. Or simply taking a walk outside for a while. It may be preferable if your seclusion is under your control, but actually any situation is suitable if the chance of significantly interacting with other people is low. For example when driving alone from work to home, taking a bath, etc.

Obviously, if a transmutation occurs when you’re in a confined space or bound to a tight schedule, like in the office – or in any situation where you simply can’t leave – it may not be easy to simply run away. Although emotions can get very strong, you obviously can keep them with you  and wait a while, until you find the opportunity to deal with them (provided you don’t try to stuff them away). But of course, you’ll be harboring the emotions with yourself the whole time. If you wait until the end of the day, you’ll be harboring them the whole day. That may not feel nice. So, do it as soon as you can.

Possibly the best makeshift location to temporarily stay secluded in public places is the toilet. Why? Because humans, no matter the situation or how bad they need or feel about each another, usually have this agreement where they will never intrude your space if you’re… you know… in the toilet. Be it your boss, your co-workers, your family, anyone. And that’s a good thing! That means the toilet is truly a safe space – even from other people’s energy. The environment should be reasonably clean, obviously. Also, be sure to stay discrete and don’t abuse this when you do it. Otherwise others may notice you run away to the bathroom, which kind of defeats the purpose of detaching from external expectation.

Secluding yourself is paramount. Why?

Because energetically, it shows you’re treating the outside scenario less seriously, and you’re finally giving priority to yourself first.

That’s a very important, Awakening-type thing. You can’t find your own Spirit on the outside or on other people. It’s only inside of you. And the only way for you to go inside, is to start prioritizing yourself before any other thing.

And now, in your secure location, it’s time to actually do the actual breathing.

3. Breathe

So now you’re alone and in your secluded spot – be it in the woods, in a closed room, in your car on the way home, or in the toilet. Now you should close your eyes if you can (not if you’re driving of course!!, but in any other situation if it’s possible), so you can focus on what you’re feeling inside, and nothing else. You may be standing, sitting, or even lying back. If you happen to fall asleep or doze off, no problem. Just stay with you only.

The following steps may take as long as just 1-2 seconds. But take as much time as you want. So, with your eyes closed:

3.1 Feel the Emotion

You should have some “bad” emotion boiling inside, from something that happened to you. Simply, feel it. If the situation happened during the day and it’s now the end of the day, remember it. Otherwise, your emotion is right there.

No need to anything extravagant. Don’t beat yourself up. Simply come in contact with what made you sit there. Briefly remember the situation if you need to.

3.2 Own the Emotion

This little bit is vitalWhile you’re still feeling the emotionown it. Accept that’s yours. That’s right there inside you. It may just take a split second.

Don’t treat the emotion as something awful and try to shove it away. Don’t attempt to breathe too quickly to get rid of the emotion. Don’t attempt to understand it. Don’t delve in your feeling of desperation about not being free from it. That’s not owning it. Owning it means accepting that you’re feeling it. If you don’t own the emotion, you may breathe a lot, but the emotion may still be there circling you.

That emotion is “bad”. That’s why you’re there. But you need to own it. It’s yours. Even if it’s not actually yours (it may be influenced by others), own it anyway. You’re the one feeling it. No-one else.

When you’re owning it, the emotion is inside the core of your chest.

By doing this, you’re aligning the bullet (the emotion) in the barrel (your inner connection to Spirit) of the gun (you). So to speak. This is important. You’re now going to fire the gun.

3.3 Breathe In the Maximum that You Can

The moment you’re feeling the emotion and you’ve own it, breathe in through your nose as much as you possibly can. Like if you’re inhaling right before diving underwater. The more air you take in, the better. Push yourself as much as it’s feasible and comfortable to you.

(If you’re in the middle of a conversation or in public, or on the phone, probably you don’t want to suddenly start inhaling desperately out of nowhere. Be as discrete and subtle as you want. Any breathing you take with this intention is going to work. But anyway, the more you breathe the better.)

Back to breathing. Your lungs are now completely filled to the top. Hold half a second. Now do the opposite: exhale (nose or mouth), not too fast, as far as you possibly can. Like when you’ve just ran the marathon. All the way to the end. No air left inside.

Notice how the emotion is now. You may still be feeling it, and your heart may be racing. But notice how the intensity of the original emotion may have changed.

Remember the gun analogy from before? What you’re doing here is firing the bullet (the emotion) out of you, up, through your inner connection to Spirit (the barrel), to your guides and to your Light team, so they can handle and heal the emotion for you. So in a paradox way, you’re actually ditching the emotion and the situation for your guidance team to process it, rather than deal with it yourself.

The paradox part is that you had to accept and own the fact that you were feeling it in the first place. That’s actually the only thing you need to do. You don’t have to deal with things all by yourself, at all. You should rely on Spirit to assist you. That’s how incarnation is built anyway.

3.4 Repeat as Needed

Repeat 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 until 1) you’re tired, 2) the “bad” emotion is completely gone, or 3) the emotion is still there but you feel you’ve done enough. At the end of this, a variety of things may happen, from you not feeling anything bad anymore, to you still feeling agitated, but with a sensation of the emotion being faded.

Feeling “not quite healed yet” is normal. At the end of breathing, you may still feel your heart racing, and feel agitated about the situation. Don’t feel the need to heal everything at once. The point was to throw the karmic emotion upwards to your guidance team, and show your willingness to detach from the situation.

The key, fundamental aspect is point 3.2: owning. You may feel just a portion of the situation, and you may breathe just a little, too fast, etc. But how efficiently this works depends on how much you accept the emotion within you. 3.2 is the “bottleneck”, so to speak.

4. Optional: Receive Insights

When you start clearing emotional energy, it’s very likely that you’ll suddenly start receiving clearer insights about your situation. It happens a lot to me. Lower energy is being cleared, so there’s room for newer energy to come in. And guess who’s throwing down those insights at you? Your Spirit, your guidance team, your Higher-Self, etc. You know better, and this is your “better knowing” that you’re getting.

You know they’re higher insights because they make you feel lighter and more free, than the beliefs you had before about the situation. They’re the actual Truth from the eyes of Spirit, not human truth. If you receive them, they’re your deserved healing, as Spirit’s Truth truly liberates you.

Just don’t stress yourself having expectations of receiving information, because that might actually be blocking it. It’s just a matter of intuition. If you don’t get anything, that’s fine anyway. The important part is the breathing.

And that’s it. This was your breathing program.

What You’ll be Doing: Owning Your Emotions

What you’ll be doing with “breathing” is actually owning your emotions, instead of ignoring them or blaming anyone else.

  • Not Owning Emotions ACCUMULATES Karma
  • Owning your Emotions CLEARS Karma.
  • Trying to Deal with Emotions on a human level ACCUMULATES Karma
  • Relying on Spirit to handle Emotions CLEARS Karma


The building blocks of karma are emotions. Karma are accumulated emotional energy that’s stuck, because it remained unprocessed (by Spirit). You always have to feel (not deal with) your emotions to heal and clear your karma.

If you’re not willing to face your emotions, you can’t heal karma.

When you experience a situation with the sole purpose of dealing with karma, it’s called transmutation.

Of course you might then say that everything in life is therefore “karmic”. And it’s very true – in the sense you’re attracting mostly emotional memories from your past, and nothing is really new to you. Welcome to Incarnation Science!

All life is experience and lesson. Even if it some of your experience isn’t karmic (i.e. the bad way), all experience is about emotion, which is the nature of life and lesson.

But in a Spiritual life, and in particular in the Awakening process, everything you live is exclusively handpicked by your guides for the express purpose of healing bits and pieces of karma.

The difference between regular-life events and Awakening events, is that regular-life karma stays indefinitely, while Awakening-ones never “gain roots”, so to speak: they appear, you clear energy, you might realize something, and then they go away. Instantly.

That’s the neat thing about the Awakening process.

Washing the Dishes

You probably need to vacuum clean and mop your entire house every other week or so. You probably don’t need to do it every day, but there’s a certain frequency to clean your house. If you don’t do it, your house will slowly get dirty, infested with bugs, smelling, etc. It won’t happen overnight, but it will accumulate, and eventually will be unbearable.

You also might need to do more more serious repairs and maintenance in your house or apartment, say, once every two to four years or so. You might do them in a proactive mode, or when something breaks down. Either way, there’s no need to do it often, but not repairing a structural component when it fails, your house will make it simply not work at its most fundamental components. You won’t have heating, plumbing, gas, roof, and so on.

Now, if you don’t take out the trash and wash the dishes right after your meals, over a day or two your kitchen and your house will become filthy and smelling, very rapidly. Breathing deeply is like washing the dishes part of energy handling. It’s something you can do to keep your energy balanced, especially in a context where you’re healing karmic attributes, and you don’t necessarily feel adept or comfortable at doing therapy, meditation, or energy work yourself.

You might be a little out of energy, or even bummed out about vacuum-cleaning your house, so you might ask for help or postpone the major cleaning duties a day or two. And you might simply not know anything about plumbing or carpentry, so to perform maintenance on your house you may hire professional services to do it for you.

But washing the dishes, a.k.a. breathing, is something you can and should easily do yourself. It’s a simple way for you to take charge of your own energy, and stay stable and afloat, as you deal with your karmic proceedings and hardships. And, you just might learn a thing or two about your connection with Source.

I hope you liked it, and I wish you happy breathing!

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