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The Progression of Awareness in Personal Growth

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Densities are levels of consciousness. Please Note:

  1. A person is not one level of consciousness. Each individual has multiple aspects to himself/herself, each with their own complex attributes and traits.
  2. You can go through stages in life where you go back and forth between two perspectives. This is a natural part of your personal growth.


I usually refer to the first three levels (1-3) as “3D”, which is basically the survival of the fittest perspective. Negative action towards others may be considered if it means an external gain for oneself.

4D is when you’re always a little too dependent of, attached to, and limited by, relationship and family-related emotions and drama. The expectations of others around you have a big influence in your decisions — big and small — and personal mood. You are seldom your true, genuine Self, and instead you compromise on most of your choices. Also valid for professional endeavors.

4D is the Love-based consciousness, that on Earth manifests as you trying to be a good person and doing the right thing, but without having well-defined and assertively enforced personal boundaries. You are often the victim, the martyr, and/or become easily nullified in your expression. Others can just waltz into your energy and affect your state of mind, seemingly at will.

At the core of this perspective is sensitivity. At some point of your evolutionary journey you became sensitive towards the experience of hurt and suffering, and decided to actively avoid inflicting it on others. This is the lesson from transitioning from 3D to 4D. The fundamental truths of 4D are the values of kindness, compassion, sharing, cooperation, empathy, and doing the right thing. However, these efforts are often made at your expense.

The lesson to 4D consciousness is to recognize that it’s okay to be assertive up to the point that your energy is being compromised by the trespassing on others without your consent. This assertiveness is often mistaken with the sheer gratuitous violence of 3D, thus there’s a deep fear of engaging in aggression and violence that causes suffering needlessly, thus falling back to 3D. However when this defensive and unyielding posture is not applied, the suffering is still being allowed — upon the self.

When you shun the idea of voicing your opinions and displaying intense emotion even in the presence of injustice towards yourself, pay attention if you’re coming from 6D (if you’re genuinely past this lesson and above negativity), or from 4D. If the case is the latter, you’re simply assuming the role of a powerless victim or a bland consciousness, rather than that of a sovereign being. You can’t skip 5D when going from 4D to 6D. There is no mastery without rebellion.


5D is the consciousness that does not compromise when it comes to being true to oneself and one’s own genuine expression. It’s the first consciousness that actively seeks liberation from the beliefs, values, and standpoints that were absorbed from parents, tutors, and cultural and societal references.

At the core of this perspective is sensitivity towards the self. 5D consciousness has clearly realized that there is no point in being kind to others if with implies not being kind to the self. So it prefers to simply leave the situation when these conditions are not possible, or to stand and fight for the right to self-expression. If such is not possible, the energy becomes highly unstable and may turn inwards to self-destruct.

The energy commonly known as “Indigo” is a 5D consciousness aspect that is solidly anchored in one’s inner spiritual connection, in a way that cannot be forgotten or dismissed even if one tries to. It is an energy that is built-in and can’t be put down or turned off. When dismissed and invalidated, it will give rise to uncontrolled emotional explosions – or a complete shutdown of the self — regardless if the individual himself is consciously aware of this or not.

5D is an energy with a degree of rebelliousness and dissent. In seeking liberation from all that is 4D — mellow, subservient, vulnerable — there is a degree of spunk, of a rancorous dissent, that is fundamentally defensive in nature. It was originally meant as a wake-up tool from 4D. Deep down it does not intent to go on the offensive, to attack others and cause harm for selfish gain. However, it is weary of going back to the nullifying, suffering, and martyrdom of 4D, if the attitude of fighting, which is felt as a defense, is ever to be disengaged.

It is the lesson for the 5D consciousness to realize that, past a certain point, the attitude of fighting the external becomes caustic and destructive. In its own way it leaves the self frail and unstable, always attracting and being surrounded by external elements that give him a reason so be angry about and in conflict with. An appropriate degree of strength may be necessary to release oneself from shackles and limitations; but a permanent attitude of dissent prevents true stability and solidity of the self. The energy of assertiveness must become a tool to be used selectively, when/if necessary, rather than being adopted as permanent state.

When fighting is no longer a default mode of awareness, the self is now free to become constructive and creative, and allow in its reality elements that are not in conflict with itself, thus elevating it to 6D consciousness on a personal level.


6D is the consciousness that is fully devoted to one’s inner guidance and essence — not just in theory but in a practical sense. It is the consciousness of putting the inner self in practical motion in the outer world. It is recognized that the inner calling is the only truth to be followed. If there’s an ideal to do so, but fear in taking the actual steps forward, then it’s a “theoretical” or “inner” 6D, but that hasn’t been fulfilled yet.

A fully-fledged, spiritually aware ‘6D person’, in all aspects of its life, is still relatively uncommon in the Earth plane, since at this point pursuing one’s calling, in a sustained and practical sense, is heavily restricted by the socio-economic systems, cultural beliefs, and above all else, each individual’s emotional burdens of karmic nature.

The passionate desire to “change the world”, or living in seclusion from the socio-economic systems of Earth, is a sign of an awakened consciousness, but still 5D, not 6D. It can only be called 6D when you are able to walk the Earth unhindered by the energy pressures of the surrounding conceptual systems. External events and persons can still affect and disturb you; but they don’t impede you from sticking to your choice of following your life path, regardless of what it is.

For someone to reach a solid state of 6D in a certain aspect of one’s life, it is necessary to have liberated oneself from the beliefs of surrounding family and societal values, and then pursue and live by its own beliefs, enduring through the initial stages of turmoil and difficulty, without fundamentally giving up. This process usually involves a very heavy and intense process of karmic clearing and personal healing, since one is going against its deepest and practical fears in life. It’s more often than not what is usually called a “spiritual journey” in an explicit sense (meaning it consciously involves spiritual concepts and ideas to some degree).

Expressed 6D consciousness can also be called “Christ energy”, since it’s the meld between Heaven and Earth; it’s the ability to put forth genuine Spiritual Truth, and carry it into completion, in the dense realms of matter that is the Earth plane.

However it’s not necessary an explicit ‘spiritual journey’, or a even to be a ‘spiritual person’, to express 6D attributes. An individual who is diligently committed to its professional work without being overly affected any emotional drama or struggles of power surrounding him (to the point these affect its decision-making) and working to ultimately provide a service to the benefit of others, is displaying a 6D attribute in his field.


7D in the Earth plane corresponds to the energy of the self that is unbounded by form or negative memory from the past. It’s the realization of the “formless”, the Eternal One. You can also consider that this energy has “been there all along”, simply it was the weight of the Earth’s veil, as well as the bounds of karmic nature, that prevented yourself from realizing it. This is also true.

7D is the consciousness that is completely free from karmic limitation and conditioning. It’s the Enlightenment. When an individual is 100% released from karma and is able to access 7D unhindered, you could say he has “Ascended”.

Many use the terms ‘Awakening’ and ‘Enlightenment’ interchangeably. While there’s no harm in it, in truth, Awakening is the beginning of the journey; Enlightenment the final destination.


3D: survival of the fittest, considering harmful action towards others if there’s gain for the self, mental focus without inner spiritual connection;

4D: making the right choice, love, empathy, drama, emotional attachment, family conditioning, selflessness, charity, suffering, sacrifice, submission;

5D: expression, rebelliousness, assertiveness, independence, own beliefs, seclusion, individualism, anger against the “system”, activism;

6D: seeing the big picture, full focus on the task at hand, doing things right, doing a good job, service, over-focus on outcomes and quality of work, perfectionism;

7D: pure connection, formless, beingness.

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