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Examples Of Levels Of Awareness: 3D to 7D

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3D is the individual striving to obtain money, acceptance, attention, recognition, and love, from others, often at the expense of someone, at all costs, or not looking at the means to an end. Disregarding what is known as “ethics”, and which results in a “weight in consciousness” or “heavy consciousness”, is 3D.


4D is when you try to do the good thing, but most often at your expense. A caretaker and volunteer, of the elderly, sick, or famished, for example, that gives it all to its cause, because it has gained sensitivity towards the struggle and suffering of others, but that in the process may neglect its own needs, its own well-being, health, and wealth. Someone who chooses harm taken upon itself so as not to cause on others, is also 4D.

4D is not necessarily only about loose boundaries and lack of selfishness, because some people can become quite dogmatic in their classification of what is “right” or “wrong”. Let’s picture an old reverend mother, the head of a religious monastery, which it strongly and unwavering classifies giving to the poor as “right” and having money/possessions as “wrong”. This individual is adamant of its beliefs and the righteousness of them. It is fundamentally convinced that its way is the single best way of being, and it is doing good, its best, in living by these values. Nevertheless, it is only just another dualistic value system, for if you set an absolute rule or judgement in stone, you are automatically placing yourself in duality, for you are bypassing localized judgement of Spirit.


5D is the strong-headed, free-spirited individual who either a) works strongly for a personal cause and passion, as a leader of others or alone, or b) passes by in a professional sense, has minor jobs and venues of sustenance, yet keeps the freedom of its own Spirit either way. The mark of a 5D is the fighting. While it is aligned with its own Self, it’s also a magnet for conflict and negativity around him, often breaking rules, the standards set by others (or self-destructing). There’s always the dualistic presence of freedom vs entrapment, expression vs censorship, expression vs rules, and so on.

A young Indigo who’s serving in a cruise ship, or as a bartender, yet that keeps its own personal freedom (of speech, of expression) regardless of employment, is in 5D. So is the lone scientist working at the margin of mainstream science norms, and the wildlife explorer and survivalist. They are free, they seek freedom, they seek new things, with passion, and they are prone to feel constrained and ill if they are subjected to (or choose) a close-knit and group-accepted system of norms, or with being bound by a responsability, burden, or association, which does not suit them.


6D is the absolute diligence in your service. While a person is a complex being with multiple levels of awareness, the energy of 6D in itself is a trait that is not dependent of spiritual awakening or “new-age” consciousness. An air-traffic controller, diligent, responsible, and determined in doing its job “how it must be done”, is in 6D. A riding instructor, a dog trainer, a medical practitioner, a bartender, if they are diligent in doing their job correctly, they are aligned with 6D. Anyone who is determined with conviction, intensely or not, in doing its duty in the best possible way, in being of service, is aligned with 6D. Notice there’s no “fighting” – just filling your own shoes correctly. For 6D in itself is the level of awareness where there’s a recognition that the only thing to do is to be aligned with your own Essence, and considers nothing else – not even negativity!

The vibration of negativity is almost inevitable in this Earth plane, but you most certainly can avoid it on a karmic level, I mean, on a systematic, heavy, weight-ridden patterns, instead just dealing with it punctually, for the purpose of choosing your co-creations for yourself. This, in fact, is the new energy way. In a sense, no more need for persistent or “inevitable” suffering.


Finally, 7D is the level of consciousness of “no matter”, the real of pure consciousness without bound. Not always possible on the Earh place per se, but if you can put something in perspective, if you can see the big picture, all the while knowing that nothing really matters, this is 7D. If you understand that everything fits, that everything is in perfect order as it is, and if you are aware that everything already has a perfect solution to itself, even and especially in practical terms, then that is 7D. At the same time it’s a very practical level of consciousness. The center of the vortex, as Abraham would say. It is only when we lose sight of our own Essence and we cave in to a moment of panic, stress, anxiety, fear, or insecurity, that we may forget the inevitable existence of that fit, that perfect solution.

Returning to it, though, and staying there, is a 7D ability.

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