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About the Spiritual Desire to Go Home (Excerpt from a Quick Reading)

The following is an excerpt from a Quick Reading performed to a client, addressing the desire to “Go Home” that typically accompanies spiritual awakening, and the spiritual journey thereafter. Among others, this desire may be present in, or manifest by: wanting a collective planetary Ascension; dreaming about portals opening up, angels coming down to Earth, etc.; wishing for aliens in space ships to rescue you; maybe the aspiration to leave Earth and never come back; or, simply, the desire to be free from the suffocating mainstream society and live a free life. While to some extent, some aspects to this desire can assume unrealistic and ungrounded aspects, ultimately these things represent the Soul’s legitimate and deep desire to ascend: to move beyond the need to incarnate on Earth, liberating itself of karma completely and be free to choose its own destiny, including the possibility of not being on Earth. The following is an excerpt from a Quick Reading on this matter.

It is normal and customary for the human being, who’s starting to become ready and mature to eventually spiritually graduate from Earth, to be born predisposed to want to be Free, not feel entirely well on Earth, in short, to want to return Home. And there will always be some form of recollection, feeling, or idealization of what Home is. It might be a cabin in the woods, a place to live by the sea, or a life of non-stop travel in cruise ships. It might be about financial abundance, love, communion, and harmony with family, friends, and society. It might be all of the above or something else entirely. It will usually involve deep down some form of profound spiritual yearning, a subtle yet unsettling feeling of missing something one can’t quite lay a finger on, one can’t quite remember or put it into words, let alone knowing how to get there – yet it lays there quietly, maybe somewhat dormant yet always present, a subtle gust of wind that’s always blowing.

The truth is that when the spiritual human being yearns to go Home, more often than not, it’s because there’s a true and valid spiritual desire to actually return Home – whatever and whenever that Home happens to be. In whichever ways they may conceive it in their minds. That desire equates to the spiritual self’s desire to graduate from the Earth’s experience and become unbounded by it.

It happens that the desire to return Home is unsettling by nature: it’s accompanied by an urge to leave the planet, the desire not to experience suffering, and/or the necessity to be free from all things that bound the self. Because that’s what going Home is: it is the desire to return to the state of complete Freedom the Soul knows. As a rule of thumb, the physical experience is ultimately transient, foreign, and strange for the Soul. It is a setting that, while fun, engaging, and/or intense for a while, is ultimately an unfamiliar one. It’s an existence spiritual entities will never be able to adjust to completely. In holding the desire to “leave”, there may be discomfort, sometimes even suffering; that is to say, wanting to return Home in itself implies a degree of discomfort about being here. So the desire then becomes both the signal the spiritual process is in place and the motivator that will keep you moving forward in it.

All Souls, with zero exception, have the deep desire to return to Home, i.e., the state of complete fusion with the Creator, or Source, or Infinite Intelligence. That desire is always in there, somewhere. Colloquially and loosely speaking, this is what motivates every desire that every human has ever experienced, for happiness, for freedom, for joy, for love. It is even present in the search for the new toy, for that shiny new car, for that fancy promotion, for the possession that is dreamt and fantasized about. These, including the latter, are all aspects of the Soul wanting, desiring, seeking – because that’s what Souls do. It just so happens that the farther away one’s consciousness is from the spiritual, the more distant or unaware of that soft feeling within yourself you’ll be, and the more mundane or normal that core attribute will trickle down in you; conversely, the more spiritually evolved and ready you are to graduate from the Earth’s experience, the closer and more vibrant that feeling will become; the sharper it will appear, be felt, and be conceptualized, in its truest form. You’re ‘touching it’, seeing it for what it really is and what it represents.

Now, going Home doesn’t have to equate to merging all the way back to Source once this graduation completes. Instead, it will take the shape of whatever you as a spiritual entity are ready, willing, and yearning for – depending on many factors, but primarily your preferences, what you conceive, prefer, and like, as well as your overall spiritual development as a Soul. Going Home is, first and foremost, a spiritual journey. It’s not about physically going from point A to point B. It’s a process carefully designed so that the human being can expand in consciousness and “meet up” their awareness with their Soul’s. That process is usually and typically referred to as Ascension – not because you disappear through a portal as if by magic, but because that’s the movement the human self will naturally describe in the process: rising/expanding, i.e., ascending, in consciousness until they are in sync with the vibratory qualities of their Soul.

It happens that, even if there may be help, guidance, and protection, there aren’t really true shortcuts to the process. For example, it very rarely involves an outside entity/power/authority extracting the human being from Earth, i.e., having them be “saved” (at least, not without contemplation for the self’s accountability)… even if the human being often will conjure this type of imagery in their sometimes extreme struggle and discomfort. Some of those who first approach spiritual awakening, and start being acquainted with some of its more esoteric concepts, may conceptualize being whisked away by angels or spaceships, and become enamored by, and invested in, that image. But other examples of this may be the male seeking the love of the idealized princess that offers perfect love, or the female wishing to be taken away by the prince and live happily ever after – again, all forms of the self wishing to be rescued and taken Home, and conceptualizing what Home looks and feels like.

Do mind, the spiritual process at hand is a rescue – that’s why such feelings are felt and are powerful; that’s why the human wishes to be saved – because that is what’s actually taking place: the process as a whole is an actual rapture! But, it must still be traveled by the human self’s choices while still on Earth. Why? Because even if the spiritual self decided it’s time to ascend, i.e., to return Home, the human being is still technically part of the Earth’s process and will still be bound to its laws of Free Will, down to the very end, until he/she isn’t. This is why we said the process of “returning Home” is spiritual, first and foremost. The rescue is achieved through the human being’s spiritual work and processing during his/her ‘regular’ human life, and occurs with their active participation and conscious awareness, while they are incarnated, in their seemingly mundane everyday life.

With this being said, while we’re careful in describing a process that’s spiritual/inner, organic, and happens in ‘normal everyday life’, at the same time, that doesn’t mean those things that are desired and idealized, perhaps even fantasized with, aren’t true, or at least don’t have some kernel of truth to them.

As the self successfully moves towards Home within, his/her outside reality is expected to shift and change, and reflect more and more those increasing aspects of Home that are being realized in an inner sense. Consequently, the self will gradually be able to manifest external circumstances that reflect more and more this inner state of Home. If the human aspires to a house by a lagoon, this may not be some unrealistic, unattainable idea, but rather, an actual prediction of what the manifestation in the physical of the spiritual Home would look like. And it might just be that the spiritual path will very well envision, and be reflected, by an actual home by the lagoon; in which case, that desire within would not only be achievable, but necessary, and maybe even inevitable, because it was a part of the spiritual process to take place. So how to know truth from fiction, how to tell imagined, ungrounded fantasy from real, legitimate goals on the path?

Well, there’s a path ahead of you, is there not? So time to start traveling, and find out for yourself.

The human is a highly sensitive being, continually connected to their own spiritual layers. And his/her innermost desires may result from tapping those layers (increasing proximity to the spiritual self is a part of the graduation process). While desires should be tempered with the insight their current idealization at any time may not correspond exactly to their true shape, they may still, nevertheless, be perfectly valid and worthy at their core. For example: while in the arena of love one can’t place on the other person the onus of ‘rescuing’ the self, seeking a spiritually significant relationship may nonetheless be an important, and even necessary, part of the experience of finding one’s way Home, spiritually, if that relationship equates to the state of Home. Likewise, aspiring to be rescued by spaceships may not be the most realistic and grounded desire. Yet, once graduation is achieved, and the original level of awareness is reached, it may very well be that traveling elsewhere may involve doing so in a spaceship upon the lifetime being complete. There may always be truths in desires, but they must always be tempered with a ‘grain of salt’, as they say.

While returning Home is a spiritual and inner road first and foremost, seeking and desiring is still an aspect of the Soul and an expected part of the process. Provided there’s awareness of the spiritual accountability involved, inner desires are neither be ignored nor dismissed.

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