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The (true) Dark Side

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The Dark Side is not a mysterious, “special” energy, in the sense of few people being able to see or touch it. It is not an exception – it’s not even infrequent.

Everyone has a Dark Side. It is common, widespread.

The Dark Side is a force of separation and unbalance. It is synonym with “ego”. When acted upon, it desires only to take away from others for the gain of the self, without any form of respect or restraint. This lack of observation for restraint/respect towards others is its hallmark.

The Dark Side is not so much about what is being made. It’s not about placing labels on things. Rather, it’s about the intent placed behind them.

Picture two black belt martial artists of, let’s say, karate. They both have generally the same technical skill in karate; roughly the same lifelong experience of practice and learning; and roughly the same ability in facing an adversary in a fight.

The first individual avoids using his karate in his everyday life. He tries to avoid any and all confrontation and physical engagements if possible. He uses the philosophical/spiritual principles of the martial art to balance his personal life, but he restraints himself from using the physical component on others, unless he just has no choice, for example as self-defence.

The second individual considers karate as a viable tool he can use to value himself. He boasts about being very good at karate to cause an impression, to receive value and admiration from others. Sometimes, this goes into the realm of intimidation. He is also tempted, looking forward, in using his physical prowess in karate in certain situations. When this happens, he’s the one who makes the first move.

The first individual holds a behaviour of humility, discipline, and restraint. He carries with him the ability of karate as a tool, of which he is aware and conscious. Yet that ability is used as a last resort, in a defensive stance. The second individual projects his ability outwards, as a form of power over others. He holds, therefore, an offensive stance.

The ability, the technique, are the same. The thing is neither good or bad – it’s just a thing. It is the intention of the one making the motion that determines if it’s in balance or not.

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