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How To Have Your Spirit Guides Communicate With You

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Do you want your Spirit Guides to communicate with you on a daily basis, but don’t know how?

Here is a very simple, “beginner’s” tip.

Think in a number from 11 to 59. It could be any number or symbol, really, but this way it can appear on common mediums such as digital clocks, addresses, page numbers, car license plates, and so forth – without it being too common. For example: 28, 39, 41, or 56.

Got it? Good. That’s “your” number now.

Now, proceed with your normal everyday life, just as you would otherwise. But stay attentive.

If you happen to look at that number more often than usual, it will be your guides saying “hello” to you. That’s synchronicity. But don’t cheat: it has to be spontaneous. It doesn’t count waiting for the number to appear on the clock, or expecting the bus to arrive, for example.

The number may appear by other means, such as other people saying it out loud around you. Simply be sure to remember your number.

No need to thank me later.

(for a more elaborate text please read: How to Experience More Synchronicity in Your Life)

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