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The Souls of Animals and Plants

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My specialty are lessons of Souls incarnated as humans, both on Earth and beyond, and everything related. That’s the theme of my readings and of what I write. Discussing the spiritual qualities of animal and plant life, which I’m about to do in this article, is meandering closer the loose boundaries of what intuitively I have the most affinity with.

A doctor’s task is to heal patients, but he might not be familiar with automobile mechanics. He drives and uses his car for his daily activities. He takes it to the auto shop, and perhaps he had a malfunction or two, so he might have learned a few more things about how cars work. But unless the doc is a gearhead in his spare time, he isn’t knowledgeable in depth about mechanics – nor does he need to be. He focuses on the task he specializes in, while leaving the subject of mechanics mostly to his mechanic.

Still, I know a thing or two about consciousness and the spiritual qualities of animals, enough to feel I can put together an article that is sufficiently comprehensive, while not being too far from the truth (hopefully). I wanted to do so, because this is an extremely interesting subject that tends to spark the attention of people quite a bit.


Animals and plants are spiritual entities and have energy components beyond the physical, similar to us. They are energy in motion, or self-animated spiritual energy – animals. Plants also have a similar type of awareness. They don’t obey the same parameters of scale, time, communication and perception we do; but they are spiritual entities nonetheless. They have an aura and a type of consciousness. Plant and Animal life corresponds to the 2D level of awareness.

All spiritual energy in the Universe is the same. All there is, is Consciousness. The spirits of animals are made of the same “stuff” we are made ourselves. In absolute terms there is no difference between the spiritual energy of an animal and my own. Spirit is all a continuous “soup” of energy, all the way up to Source, which is what we all really are. We Are All One.

But that is nevertheless an absolute, top-level, over-simplified perspective. Once we get into a little more detail, there are of course differences, specifics, between us and animals.

Generally speaking, there are two primary distinctions. First, humans operate in a 3D level of consciousness, while animal and plant life correspond to 2D. Second, even if the two were in the same “D”, there is a difference between the nature of the evolution of the souls inhabiting human bodies, and those of animals.

So for the remainder of this article I’ll address both of these distinctions individually.

Overview of 2D Evolution

Anywhere life exists, there is a naturally occurring, continual process of change and evolution, where spiritual energy slowly but steadily tends to evolve. Spiritual energy manifested in solid matter grows and evolves by gathering different experiences in said matter.

An animal is inhabited by spiritual energy. This spiritual energy belongs to a continuous, non-discrete “soul group”, or Monad, which is specialized in incarnating portions of its own energy in matter, as animals. So this type of group is an “Animal Monad”. Newborn animals are populated by the energy of the group, and the energy of an animal returns to it upon its passing.

The energy of this group evolves through the 2D level of consciousness by the various experiences it gathers through its collective experiences in matter. As it evolves, it becomes more and more able to express increasingly complex attributes of consciousness, thus rising up in the scale of the type of animals it incarnates into.

At one given point in time, one would be able to attribute, more or less clearly, a certain species or type of animal, to a specific Monad. So we have, for example, the “Crow Monad”, or the “Monkey Monad”. There are no strict barriers or boundaries to prevent a part of the energy of the “Crow Monad” to incarnate as a monkey, or as a butterfly, for example. But this is what the energy does in general terms.

Each animal has – to the degree that the species, and that particular individual are able to express – moods, intentions, preferences, feelings, and motivations, and can perform decision-making. As animated manifestations of spiritual energy, animals naturally strive for freedom, joy, well-being, fun, and curiosity, to some capacity. The 2D level of consciousness generally corresponds to this type of energy in motion – or “emotion” – which plants have as well: the impulse to survive, live, thrive and prosper, to feel well and be well, and engage in strategies and behavior, species-wise and individually, to achieve these goals.

2D beings aren’t all equal in expressing these various traits. The cognitive ability of an ant is not comparable to that of a dog, cat, or simian. There is a continuous scale of evolution in this regard. The more evolved the spiritual energy of an animal and its physical body are, the more is it able to express increasingly complex behavior.

Each individual animal has his own unique character traits, which will generally be the more distinct the more sophisticated the species is . This is because, first, each time the energy of the Monad that is pooled will necessarily come out slightly differently, and second, individual portions of the energy within the Monad have begun individualizing enough to gather increasingly 3D-like traits. The more “evolved” a Monad is, the more “unique” will the animals of that species will generally be.

Therefore, all animals are indeed spiritual extensions of Source, like us. Some intuitive communicators can speak with animals and plants, and they will respond and interact intelligently, as the autonomous spiritual entities they are.

Comparison Between 2D And 3D

The difference between 2D and 3D, is that in 3D the individual entity strives for attaining conceptual value for the self, that goes beyond simple joy, curiosity, or survival. The 3D entity holds an inner conceptualization of the world, or “ideology”, about which it can make personal choices about, in regard for its own interests. The ideas of “values”, “conceptualization”, “ideology”, and “interests”, are abstract subjective perspectives that necessitate a specific self to hold, thus implying an individualization of the spiritual energy beyond being just an “indefinite” portion of a larger collective.

The animal – as a spiritual entity individually, but also the biological species and the spiritual Monad as well – begins to approach 3D when it starts having the ability to make assessments about the external world, and juxtapose them with inner interests of its own, thus making conceptual choices. And, it begins seeking intrinsic value for the self, beyond simple joy, curiosity, or instinct.

Some animals might scratch the surface of these concepts by their behavior, either because their species is particularly “advanced”, or because a specific animal is so. At this point, for an external human observer, the distinction between animal instinct and a genuine abstract conceptualization of the world – and of the self – becomes very tenuous. The fact that such range of behavior is in a continuous scale, and that it’s hard for an observer to establish a clear definition between “animal intelligence” and “true sentience”, is part of the process.

The increasingly individualized portion of spiritual energy is less and less able to fully merge, seamlessly, undifferentiated, back into its energy “soup”. It starts retaining its own recognizable traits and attributes within the Monad. And when that energy goes back being an animal again, you could “recognize it” from before (if you were the spiritual observer looking down on the process). So you could say, loosely, that specific spiritual energy is beginning to reincarnate. However, at the same time, those bits and pieces of more refined consciousness may still wonder around seamlessly within the Monad, and be ‘used’ without being considered individual spiritual entities.

When this individualization occurs to a sufficient degree and a portion of energy can no longer be considered an indiscriminate piece of energy from which it’s indifferent to draw from, but instead is now a definite, discrete, non-continuous, entity and it can hold and acquire values, beliefs, perspectives, and traits that may vary even within its own “Monad”, then the entity is now in 3D. This is usually a very, very slow process, and a progressive one. But this is how this graduation happens in a “natural” manner when left to its own devices.

Monads evolve into the third level of Consciousness as portions of its own spiritual energies begin to individualize in this manner, and eventually cross the threshold of 2D to 3D.

The 3D Threshold

In order to explain what the 3D threshold looks like, there is an example that I use frequently.

Adam and Eve took the word of god when they were told to stay in the garden of eden. The entity of the ‘snake’ then came and said that what they were told was not necessarily an absolute, unquestionable truth, nor was it necessarily for their highest good, and they were free to make their own choices. The moment Adam and Eve heard a second opinion and questioned what they were told, and made the decision to leave, they “ate from the tree of knowledge” – they acquired Free Will.

The biblical story of the Garden of Eden represents a moment when (those) humans irrevocably crossed from 2D to 3D in their consciousness. The original written story did classify God as well-meaning, and the behavior of Adam and Eve as reprehensible. In this situation I’m observing the same story while offering a different perspective.

In the minutes before the event, you would classify Adam and Eve as humans – not “animals“. They were intellectually capable, sentient, if you want to use that word. But they were being kept in a secluded garden without being aware or questioning about any other aspects of reality. They were like content animals in a corral or fenced area. Up until that point, they had been unaware that what they were told by god was not necessary an absolute truth.

The moment they became aware of two opposing sides of the story, and they made a choice between them, they made a spiritual leap. They became aware of something they were not aware before, after which they could never “go back”. They were probably ready to realize this, but it was at that moment when 3D was actually, pragmatically, attained.

The difference between this scenario, and, for example, when a person adheres dogmatically to belief system without questioning it, is that in the latter the individual is still making a choice, regardless of how illogical or inflexible he’s being.

Let’s say, for example, you were transmitted a set of religious beliefs from your parents, and you don’t question those beliefs. You’re still making a choice, albeit a “passive” one, because you’re holding a belief that is polarizing. You are aware that perspectives different than your own exist, and the religious beliefs themselves contain some kind of polarity within them. In this case these polarities would be between “believers” and “non-believers” – or other religions – “right” vs “wrong”, “heaven” vs “sin” and “hell”, etc.

Adam and Eve, on the other hand, in that specific situation, weren’t making choices at all. They were completely oblivious to different, opposing perspectives of reality altogether.

The garden of eden story illustrates the nature of “Free Will”: the ability to make a choice between the concept/idea/side A, and the concept/idea/side B. It isn’t merely a reactive choice or an impulse for survival; it’s a choice between two ideologies, or perspectives. It is abstract, and it is internally relevant in a “spiritual” sense. When you realize different conceptual perspectives of reality, and you are able to make a choice between then, that is the threshold between 2D and 3D.

The Evolutionary Paths of Humans and Animals

However, just because the spirits of animals can evolve and cross the threshold from 2D to 3D, that doesn’t mean they will necessarily incarnate as humans.

The human being – and I’m referring to the human template, i.e. the human physical body as well as all of its subtle/esoteric counterparts, see the chart – has 7 energy chakras, each corresponding to the energy of each of the Densities of consciousness. Even if currently living in 3D, humans can express aspects of consciousness of each of the Densities, all the way up to Source level. A human is, therefore, like a “direct” connection, or bridge, between solid physical 1D matter and the most subtle, absolute, formless, Source level. By via of their inner spiritual connection, humans are able to elevate their individual vibration towards the Light, over the course of an intense journey of experiences and incarnations, thus raising the vibration of the planet itself, and all things along with it.

The majority of Souls incarnating as humans are very specific, very specialized, in doing this, in undergoing such a task. Many have done it across multiple planets within the context of similar experiences like Earth, in beings of similar templates and capabilities. This is why many people have memories in their Akashic Records of being in/from other planets. Their attributes of consciousness that they manifest today carry on between where they undergo their lesson, much like your Soul-self carries on between lifetimes.

Not all Soul/energy s in the Universe incarnate as humans or beings with a similar connection to Source. In fact, a very minor portion does. This is very intensive, specialized work. Whenever humans with similar esoteric attributes exist in the planet, they are tasked with, over time, raising the vibration of physical matter closer to Source by their lessons.

While they exist within their “default” evolution paths, animals don’t have the same role as humans do. The vast majority of animals living on the planet exist as if part of the ecosystem, as part of the context where humans carry out their tasks – therefore, as “support”. They are autonomous, individual spiritual beings in their own right, but they are less “main characters”, less involved in the specialized task of increasing vibration through lesson, and more as part of the planet itself, part of the energy of nature.

Humans do have the ability to potentiate and speed up the growth of individual animals and plants from 2D to 3D, when we, in some way, are in sustained contact with them – for example when we have pets. We do so because for all effects and purposes, we are “direct” projections of Source, which is infinitely creative, and our energy can influence and “infuse” other energies with its properties.

When animals graduate into 3D, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will start incarnating as humans. I don’t know what classifies, if anything, a spiritual entity as “human material” – and at this point I’m stepping beyond the boundary of what I’m comfortable not knowing. I do believe that the animals that are the most in touch with us, namely our pets, may indeed, slowly, develop spiritual traits and Soul attributes like ours, by our influence. Otherwise, for the most part (if you consider the ratio of animals that are pets vs the total animals in the planet) human Souls have their scale of progression, while the energies of animals have theirs.

If by means of regression, Akashic Records readings, or any other method, you discover the memory of having been an animal at some point, this doesn’t necessarily mean you evolved directly from animal to human. More complex metaphysical processes might have taken place. You could have been a “high-level” human-like Soul that at one point started incarnating into existing animals, and by downgrading its own consciousness became lost in the sensorial experience. Another option is if you went through a “controlled immersion among the general energy of animals” for some time, for the purposes of experiencing something other than always being human. You still “had” memories of being an animal, but at the same time you were never part to the standard animal evolutionary path.

These are complex and foreign mechanisms to us, but that nevertheless are possible. There’s lots going on between Heaven and the Earth.

Bottom line, you can both consider animals as equals, you can see God in their eyes, also. But, at the same time, they have spiritual roles and traits that in many ways differ from our own.

All of these considerations are simply an attempt to divide infinite energy in finite conceptual drawers, and create mental labels with human words in them. At any point I could easily revert back to the simpler explanation of all of our energy being the same. We do these conceptualizations for the sake of our understanding and explanation.

Speeding Up The Individualization Process of Animals

As I said before, we have the ability to speed up the process of individualization of animals/plants, to the degree that they start being able to sustain the Soul-based properties we have ourselves. We do so, mostly by having pets. By giving attention and love to an animal, by attributing human traits to animals, or by talking to plants, for example. We also do so by giving a name to an animal.

Regardless of your position in the spectrum of veganism or vegetarianism, I would like to point out that consuming the meat from a “unknown” cow or chicken feels very different from eating Betsy, a cow/chicken you had as pet when you were young in your farm, and that you and the whole family called by name and cared for. Consuming the meat of an animal we regard as a pet – or very intelligent, or a species we feel affinity with – is nearly as foul as the very thought of consuming an human being like us; while somehow it feels less “wrong” to eat a generic, unnamed animal.

The subject of being vegetarian is a very sensitive one, and it’s up to each person to honor its own spiritual connection for choices regarding this. However I hope I conveyed the idea how our consciousness can perceive and affect this process of individualization of the spiritual energy of certain animals.

When we name an animal, we are accelerating its own process of individualization. When you have a specific species in high regard, you are offering your conscious energy to the energy of the whole species, in the same manner. The animal or species becomes very different to our consideration than an otherwise generic animal. We attach to it, and our perspective of it shifts.

When we have a pet, we are treating and addressing the animal as an individual, with individual qualities and traits, rather than a generic, non-differentiated energy. With our consciousness, the 2D spiritual energy that is that animal is now locked and isolated from the remainder energy of its Monad (picture a transparent soap-like “bubble” around the animal’s spirit), and thus it’s being shaped and formed as a definite entity. The animal is now enveloped in a loving energy, projected by our human consciousness, that continually “lifts” it beyond its native level of awareness. The animal may also begin reincarnating as an entity, in the most common sense of the word. Our perspectives and love heavily influence its spiritual growth, until eventually becomes capable of 3D consciousness.

We are influenced by those (humans) around us in the same way. We have the personal responsibility to surround ourselves by those who support and nurture us, and who validate the sides of us we hold to be the highest.

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