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Advice (Including Valid/True) Can Block Your Essence [Quick Reading]

The following is a Quick Reading originally performed for a client. This is a reading of the Akashic Records that takes me a few hours to perform, and is delivered as text by email. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication, some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, but no changes were made to the original meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about Akashic Records Readings in general, please see: Akashic Records Readings. For more information about Quick Readings specifically, please see: Reading Types at a Glance.

I start by being reminded of the core message of the reading that was performed. The core message of that reading boiled down to the 5th Density entity struggling with translating higher level 6th Density information – inspiration, spiritual insight, creativity, theoretical ideas, the abstract, and so on – into the pragmatic physical reality. [This is an extremely succinct summation of a standard reading that had been performed for the person a few years back]. The reading wishes not to delve in the past; only bring to the present moment’s awareness what had been said before.

Concerning this message, I feel there has been some progress in creating a degree of flow between abstract and pragmatic information. The core spiritual challenge that had been addressed might continue to exist in some capacity; but I observe what feels like a level of progress in this regard, likely achieved through life experience. I proceed with the reading by seeking to discern what information it seeks to put forth for me to deliver; however, I find this to be extremely difficult: the information doesn’t seem to be able to flow.

The impression I get from this, is that the spiritual connection (I conduct the reading through the person’s spiritual connection combined with mine) and energy might be too rigidly bound to things of a pragmatic and “real” nature; perhaps a prevalence of ideas and actions that were taken that led to some success, becoming references of “what works” or is supposed to work; but then these ideas aren’t leaving enough space for new, abstract, “free” information to arrive lightly, and in a free manner, from the genuine upper layers of the spiritual self. With this then applying specifically in this reading, at least at first.

It’s not the case it’s going to be outright impossible to perform this reading: it’s more the case that this is part of the reading. And I am choosing to state this observation explicitly, because doing so might be relevant for Mindy [fictional alias]. It’s even possible that in her current moment, Mindy is struggling to experience new things or receive new information – in the shape of inner guidance, new ideas, new inspiration, a clear notion of what steps to take next, solutions for any present issues, handling stagnant/stalling situations, and so on – and wondering why it is so, what’s going on, what she can do, or “has” to do, to fix it. Perhaps this was part of the motivation for having asked this reading: receiving new insights, getting “news”, or, at the very least, experiencing some novelty, in some way, shape, or form.

There seems to be quite a lot of stagnant energy/awareness surrounding Mindy, or so I feel. This isn’t a point of fear, purely an observation. Perhaps in terms of the absence of new things coming her way, as stated; and/or large amounts of energy (circumstances, events, choices, habits, etc.) that while functional and sound in theory, in practice seem largely devoid of meaning, or at least novelty, enthusiasm. More colloquially speaking, things that aren’t dopamine providers, or maybe that aren’t as they used to. I’m compelled to continue to address this matter in the reading. The first input that arrives, comes in the form of short-form suggestions or indications. You are free to interpret and do with them as you wish.

Avoid noise. Even well-meaning intentions, suggestions, and input from others around you, even those who truly care about you, as these try to help, offer solutions, lend a hand, etc. might simply detract from what’s your own best interest. Not to mention any input from those that are not well-meaning – criticism, envy, putting you down, etc.

If you have a plan, a goal, and/or your own way of doing things; if you’ve found a path close to your inner sense of meaning; stick to doing that. And limit the access of others to your energy insofar as doing this can be affected. Stick to your plan, stick to your guns.

Restrict the available energy you have for new suggestions, new ideas, new hypotheses, that either don’t offer a clear answer to an issue, or will require further examination. These tend to occupy your energy. Limit the available energy you have for things that will “stay up in the air”.

Energy occupies space; so does any abstract information, such as ideas. Ideas may be abstract, but that’s misleading. Any formulation of new possibilities, suggestions from others, self-doubts, lack of clarity, advice, and so on, may become overwhelming and clutter your energy, if they accumulate to a sufficient extent, especially if they don’t actually meet your exact needs. So limit the space you grant these.

Try not to get too sidetracked by what others say, suggest, or do themselves. Try to reserve ample time and opportunity for the things you feel you have to do, and devote most of your time to doing them. Have a large barn door for you, only a couple of small windows for other things. Seek to lock on to your own sense of “Me”, and stay there as much as you can.

The energy of the input of others can over time pile up forming a “wall” of “grey mass” energy around you, that not only doesn’t convey meaning but can further block new meaning from “entering” i.e. you having new ideas of your own. Or it can keep you from having your own clarity, which you need to shape and adjust your existing ideas into pragmatic and functional measures. Something you might be susceptible to, given how in the spiritual background there’s a degree of stigma of not being able to access clarity (6D) easily.

Not knowing, not having a clear way, the feeling of not having a specific answer, place burdens on you. They create distress, and then have you will “signal” this distress to those around you, who will be compelled to respond, if not help if they care about you. But the energies you’ll receive from them as a response – be it that they try to help if they’re supportive, or try to attack you if they’re hostile – can accumulate and solidify, making you forget yourself and your own way, creating even more distress. This is the cycle that is at stake in this assessment: the inner distress reflected as an external response from others, that then generates more (and propagates) of that same distress, sequestering you from yourself.

For the most part, you have all that you need, both in terms of what you already know and also to in time understand and get responses to what you might not know yet. You are a 5th Density entity and Starseed, you already know what you need, or can know. This is just a reminder, falling into the bracket of “energy management”, that you must reserve time and space for yourself, so that you can properly access and make use of your spiritual tools and methods that are yours inexorably.

Additional input to complement and/or help with this overall indication above: seeking points of inspiration and “pairing” them with tasks and activities that are naturally menial and/or devoid of meaning/excitement; spending time alone on your own, to give time for the energy of others (short of long-term) to clear and give way to yours; clearing uninspiring tasks first before devoting mostly to those that are inspiring and transmit excitement; trying as much as possible to live in your joie de vivre.

There’s one thing Mindy’s spiritual self, above anything else, wants: which is, bringing the full, authentic self down onto the physical and living it fully. There is a desire that is held ardently, to take the genuine essence of the spiritual self, bring it down to Earth, and “make things work”, which is to say, find a formula where there can be success in having the true authentic self on the physical plane, living real life. There could be different ways by which this may manifest in and “translate” to how Mindy feels and wants things in her life. It would be possible she wants to have her own business and have it thrive; it could be that she wants to build the overall life she actually wants to live; it could simply be that she doesn’t want around her anyone who doesn’t give her space and room to be herself. Or she could formulate this desire in a more literal way, “I want to bring my true self to this Earth and make it work”. Any one of these would match and correspond to this desire held spiritually. This desire can be said to represent a way to heal and bring to fruition what had been the challenges of the self, pertaining to the 5D entity inhabiting the physical planes and freely and correctly receiving energy from the abstract 6D. The self ardently holds this desire, as if nothing else matters, or close to it.

But in holding this desire one curious thing happens: this is so ardently held, that the self becomes hard-set in making it happen. And in doing so, it veers very quickly into a very pragmatic, very obstinate energy. In the process, the energy becomes rigid, as if “without time for playing around”: the self isn’t playing around i.e. it doesn’t have time for whimsy, for “fluffy”, for nonsense, for fantasy – and also for what’s vague, abstract, theoretical, up in the air and in the clouds. Because all the self cares is the practical, being in the real. The self becomes very ardently focused on the real (physical plane), and in doing so it dismisses everything that’s not it.

The problem? The self will begin dismissing its own essence – because its own essence is abstract. Made of imagination, fantasy, inspiration, creativity, and freedom. The self becomes rigidly focused on what’s real and “making it work”, but in the process negating anything and everything of its own spiritual essence. This is part of the mechanism by which the self’s spiritual essence is, ironically/paradoxically, blocked: in trying to become itself real in the physical, it blocks its true spiritual nature. Because that nature is naturally abstract. Along with its spiritual nature, it also blocks other things which are also abstract: inspiration; creativity; clarity (knowing the nature of situations and/or what to do next); the ability to be moved by feeling and emotion; the ability to be touched by a magical moment; in simple terms, the magic of life. And as a result, it then becomes devoid of inspiration, clarity, and connection. Or, of things that bring dopamine, if you will.

The movement to achieve the objective of bringing the true self to the practical, is precisely counter-intuitive: to being the abstract self to the real physical you need to remind yourself of who you are spiritually; you need to reconnect and become re-acquainted with your inner truth. This is simple as opposed to complicated, and close and familiar as opposed to unknown and inscrutable. It isn’t about magic: it’s simply reminding yourself of your higher feelings; of what you feel when you come close to your truth; of what you feel when you do things your way; what you feel when you are in touch with your inner world, and what comes out of it. You need to allow that remembrance. You need to allow yourself to remember who you are, how you are, what you are, the ways you are, that you are, and what that feels like. Without it, all you’ll end up surrounded with is gray energy, accumulated from others, without meaning i.e. without the shine of your essence.

To conclude, the reading brings forth an experience that took place on another planet, a long time ago. This is by no means the only experience you ever had in the Cosmos, but it’s one that the reading chooses to bring forth, covering it briefly.

There was an experience of incarnation taking place on the planet in the Fifth Density [looks like a moon-sized planet, possibly a smaller planet orbiting a larger one]. On this planet, you generally did not incarnate; instead, you worked as an entity purely in a subtle state, helping oversee the experience from that state, as well as providing guidance and direction to those incarnating. It happened that because you didn’t incarnate yourself, there was always a degree of disconnect and “unreliability” between the guidance you could give (which was legitimate) and the practical experience of those incarnating. When receiving spiritual guidance from their overseeing entity, those who were incarnated would often feel, to varying degrees but something more or less always present, the spiritual guidance could be hit-and-miss in terms of how it connected with their personal experiences and challenges. Sometimes it was very accurate and helped greatly; other times it sounded good in theory but did not relate or did not offer a viable answer to the particular challenge of the person; most times it would fall somewhere in-between.

As the experience progressed, this created some distance between those in the physical and the spiritual entity who oversaw them. The former acquired the habit of having to do some work by their own hands despite what they received, while the latter in turn also “pulled back” and placed more distance, to not further give away that they didn’t understand completely what was missing from their guidance, which was nevertheless always given under the light of Creation. Both sides, especially the entity (who today is Mindy) resented this distance. From her perspective, she felt she wasn’t being able, being fully successful, in properly fulfilling her role. This memory and experience belong to a collection of experiences that today resulted in, and contribute to, a strong desire to establish an “actual” translation between the etheric/subtle/abstract, and the practical/tangible/”real” in the physical.

What wasn’t as clear then as it is better now, is that the physical plane always incurs in an inevitable process of “translation” whenever communicating with the abstract layers. This “translation” incurs a level of entropy between the two sides, that among others leads to not all ideas/energies/insights coming from Light/Source being immediately valid or feasible in the physical plane, in the real world. Some ideas have an almost direct expression; some need to be worked, tested, and adjusted, before their validity in the real world can be verified and made to function; and a few are outright invalid, not being directly translatable at all, or at least not right away, in the current circumstances. This is valid not just for “high” spiritual information, but also whenever working with forms of inspiration and creativity – art, music, fashion, writing, and so on – as well as any other ways by which human beings create and manifest.

In simple terms, not all ideas are valid ideas – even if in theory, on paper, they might sound brilliantly and carry inspiration. This applies even to ideas that are received from Source through inspiration, and are spiritually valid! Some ideas are legitimately spiritual and valid in essence, yet upon closer analysis they can be deemed maladjusted or even non-functional, by the circumstances surrounding the person. It is the Soul bearer who has to go and check every new idea they receive, through their inner inspiration or otherwise, to confer if an idea is feasible, or if it isn’t. It just so happens that for everyone else, namely the friends surrounding the Soul bearer (i.e. the self), it’s far easier to put forth any ideas for the Soul bearer that they come up with, because they don’t have to make that analysis.

This means they may often spout ideas that might not be feasible, or are otherwise non-viable and would otherwise be vetoed upon closer inspection. Why? Because their stakes are lower; because it’s not their responsibility to keep track of all conditions and the vetoing process for the Soul Bearer. The Soul Bearer herself is. This is the reason why it is necessary to uphold a level of restriction to the access of others to oneself’s energy, even and especially from friends and family, even and especially from those who are trying to help when they see the self in distress.