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The Meaning of Carpe Diem

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“You Only Live Once” is an incorrect premise. You have many manifestations across space and time. You live many times. Life itself is eternal. But the meaning of “seize the day”, “live like there’s no tomorrow”, etc, is correct, in the following way.

Imagine you’d die tomorrow. What would you do today?

Would you go to your job? Would you do stuff you normally have to do as an obligation or duty? Would you say goodbye to your parents? Would you tell someone you loved him/her? Would you go visit a place?

The answer to this question is a direct indicator of what’s truly important to your Soul, of what your priorities and fundamental interests are. It can also tell you what it is your Essence really wants to do on a daily basis. It’s what it’s truly important to you. Everything else is accessory, if not even a waste of energy and time.

Carpe Diem asks of you, not to live in a careless or reckless way, but to bring to your life solely that which is truly important to you. That is, that you live by your Essence.

Living in the moment, not with mindless abandon, not anarchically, but without worrying about the future.

Carpe Diem is more than just a hippie cliche, or a nice phrase to hang in your fridge or to boast to your teen friends. It actually holds profound Spiritual Wisdom, because it’s extremely hard for a human to let go of worrying about the future and the uncertain. However, that which worries is the ego, not the Spirit. Spirit does not worry, at all. Worrying is a cancerous, malignant, toxic energy, and potentially very difficult to eradicate from a belief system. It is either there, or it’s not.

At some point in a Spiritual journey, it is asked of the human to detach from worrying, to forfeit endeavoring in worrisome thought. Getting there can be… tricky. Yet, when you manage to do it, all concerns and issues become, at most, strictly brief, limited to the moment, and never gain roots in conscious or subconscious mind. That means “peace of mind”. The human is now living in the moment.

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