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Law of Attraction: Manifesting Reality by Asking for More

bowl of strawberry ice cream

Enjoying something consciously, and asking “more please”, is a powerful way to manifest the things you like in your reality.

If you’re not familiar with the subject, co-creation means your energy generates/manifests/dictates what happens in your life. Another common name for this mechanism is “Law of Attraction”. It can be as simple as thinking about ice cream and then eating one the next day, to being in an annoyed mood and attracting annoying people to you.

It’s “co-creation” because it assumes that you, the human, are the source of your own reality, together with the help and guidance of your spiritual team and Higher-Self. This manifestation happens automatically, whether the human is aware of it or not, whether he/she believes in it or not. However, the term does imply that the human can be aware of this, and play to it, in a conscious manner. This is the concept of co-creation in a nutshell.

It’s important to acknowledge and appreciate the blessings in your life – as opposed to taking things for granted. However, much of this would take the form of me thanking my guidance team, such as “Thank you for this X, thank you.” While this is perfectly fine, I’ve recently discovered that this attitude can often have imbued in it – or rather, be contaminated by – the energy of fear of losing the blessing. Your blessings can be anything that’s valuable to you: your health, the health of your loved ones, money and abundance, comfort, shelter, a chocolate cake, and so on.

As I went about thanking Spirit for the various blessings I had, this faint energy of fear of losing them went unchecked, and began to accumulate. And, over time, it would start to co-create exactly what I was afraid of. As I tasted a certain kind of food, that food type would sooner or later threaten to run out; as I cherished having my pets with me, one of them would soon appear to look sickly; and once I noticed I was perfectly healthy and thanking Spirit for that, soon after I could start anticipating flue-like symptoms.

Strange as it may seem, when I gave thanks for having something, I started creating the lack of it.

I noticed the energy of fear within my way of being appreciative. And as I did, I also realized there was another way to do this, that would come much more natural to me. It was a way without any major fuss or embellishment: appreciating things by living them fully. Let’s say I was eating an absolutely delicious ice cream. I’d be in that moment, the ice cream touching the taste buds in my tongue, shivers-down-the-spine thing, because of how good it tastes. And then, I would ask for more!

Asking for more is one of the most powerful things you can do to generate more of something, if you put your emotional self behind the request. You can so often block manifestation of things when you don’t accept a particularly unpleasant experience, but asking for more is precisely the opposite of that. You’re inviting more and more of the events you love, to your life.

Sometimes, out of sight of everyone, I still hold a little personal ceremony, to honor something specific that was given to me, or to acknowledge a particular piece of information, or healing, that I received. It’s very important, you know, to just stop a second and just be with them. It honors their effort in assisting you, your own history and lessons learned in the past, and your own efforts as a spiritual being living a physical existence.

But I learned that it’s not necessary to be overly zealous, apologetic, or tense, about Spirit. After all, life is ultimately meant to be lived and enjoyed, rather than being taken too seriously. All lessons lead into that.

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