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Infants and Newborns

When getting to grips with the spiritual nature of reality, a common point of contention can sometimes be topic of suffering related to pregnancy, and with infants and newborns. The newborn arriving with physical imbalance; the infant developing or going through one soon after being born; the struggle of parents getting pregnant, or experiencing a stillborn; the passing of a young child.

When coming into contact with information that conveys there’s a layer of meaning and spiritual essence behind all things, and that Souls incarnate into the physical for experience and lesson, it is easy, and natural, to contest such notions by asking how would either God/Spirit ever accept or allow such extreme circumstances, inflicted upon an innocent being who’s done nothing to warrant any trauma, while also inflicting extreme distress and discomfort to the parents and all those involved.

This matter is an extension of the question: how can God allow suffering in human life? It can be quite difficult to come to terms with the stark contrast between the unfairness, as well as the innocence of the baby, and the degrees of distress, trauma, and pain in such situations. To even begin entertaining the notion there could be some form of “meaning” behind these situations, will immediately seem like a weak attempt at casually justifying what’s legitimately and viscerally experienced as unfair and traumatic. And so it can be felt as preposterous, and bring a strong emotional reaction of acrimony, disgust, and anger.

This is a critical question because it touches in the core nature of human condition, and the anger at the suffering that is allowed and possible in the human experience. On a deeper note, this is a type of anger directed at the nature of suffering itself involved in ‘spiritual lessons’, as well as the suffering involved in the process of incarnation. These, to an extent, are legitimate.

Suffering and trauma aren’t ‘justifiable’. You won’t read here that since there was some type of reason A or B, then suffering was okay. Suffering and karma are by definition negative, undesired, unpleasant, and are supposed, meant, to be avoided – that’s the aim of all spirituality. Your disgust and discomfort at the levels of suffering that are possible on Earth won’t be greater than mine. The purpose of all teachers, healers, practitioners, is precisely to reduce and/or eliminate the suffering of others, in one way or another, as well as cutting back on the suffering originated by choices from other selves, thereby ‘foolproofing’ them against future potentials of suffering.

Furthermore, in a collective sense how you react to situations of suffering isn’t irrelevant. What you do, how you handle yourself, what you choose when facing it, as well as your emotions and insights, can contribute to raising the standards of what is and isn’t allowed, what is or isn’t accepted, in the Earth’s 3D experience. You’re sending a signal to the Universe that a certain type of negative occurrence is no longer tolerated on the Earth’s plane. Your inner state can contribute to the betterment of the human experience on Earth, if not in a practical sense, then on a spiritual level.

But situations of suffering in the physical plane are possible, insofar as they result from choices of misalignment made by the self. Misalignment is a deviation from the Light; being away from the Light creates suffering. When the self makes choices that result in increased deviation from the Light, an increased degree of suffering can then become a consequence, i.e. an inevitability, in the path of the self, due to those choices. This remains being true across all realms, in any setting where experience and incarnation can take place, be it on the 3D of Earth, or anywhere else.

A spiritually unaware perspective will often look at the newborn, and the young child, and see a pure being, in other words, a being who was ‘made’ or created in the occasion of gestation and birth, and is, therefore, starting anew, from a clean slate.

However, this is not the case.

The Soul who’s coming into the physical did not start, was not created at conception, or at birth. Every Soul who comes into the physical, or is in the process of doing so, already existed prior to birth, even prior to conception. Souls are eternal, infinite. They already existed before coming down to the physical, and will remain existing thereafter.

Each Soul ‘coming in’ will have its own story and spiritual background, comprised of many past-lives taken on Earth. Even for new Souls incarnating on Earth, without any past-lives here, these will still have their own motivations to do so, as well as individual lessons and spiritual background, prior to coming to Earth. The bottom line is that each Soul will have its own stories, choices, and a path to take, a path which is entirely independent of those of the parents, and regardless of any choices and preferences they might have for the child. It is, of course, benevolent and legitimate from the parents to want the best for the child, for them to want to protect her, shield her from harm, and guide her into the world. But it is not in their power to overrule the path the child’s Soul, on a spiritual level, decided to take, whatever that path may be.

One must also consider the spiritual context of all those involved, namely the participation of the parents, in the experiences of conception, birth, and parenting. There’s a process of choice taken in the circumstance of a Soul coming into the physical, which also involves the spiritual attributes of the lessons and necessary experiences of the parents. The spiritual self of the child is making the choice to incarnate, but the spiritual selves of the parents are also involved in the context. It can be said that the Higher Selves of all those involved were chosen in the experience, in the sense all experiences match their emotional states, and the needs of their spiritual progress. Even when they are painful, difficult, karmic.

Even when it ends before it even began.

When you consider having children, the possibility isn’t simply a life experiment, a voyage you’ll soon be returning from. Welcoming a new Soul into the world involves the responsibility of supporting and accompanying their journey, as well as providing the best possible circumstances for them to adjust to this world, and succeed in their own choices, desires, and lessons, as best as possible. In doing so, you must also contemplate the Soul coming in will have its own planned path, one that exists irrespectively of your own, and one you don’t have direct control over – and yet, one you may become involved in. You do have some leeway in making the choice consciously, i.e. in determining what type of energy and experience you desire to have in having a child. In any case, you aren’t trying to have, and/or raising a child: you’re raising an adult, and ultimately, a Soul, with their own path and story. In the process, you’re also going through experiences that match your personal journey, in some way. Welcoming a Soul into the world is a major lifetime advent, shift, and possibly the ultimate responsibility there is.

Incarnation is a clean slate, but not spiritually: it affects only your conscious memories on a conscious level, and somewhat impairs your access to your own spiritual levels (in the 3D of Earth). This is done so you can have a new life without the burdens and accountability of past-choices fully present in the present moment, so that you can fully focus in the immediate lessons. And so, in that sense, it is a ‘hard reset’, if you will. But, strictly spiritually speaking, you are exactly the same being you were before. You carry on with your spiritual background, as well as its tendencies, core attributes, and lessons to undertake.

Children are pure, in the sense all Souls are pure, blameless, beyond human prejudice and judgment. When the human being comes into a new lifetime, and while he’s still young, the human-level constructs of emotion and mind will still take some time to develop and ingrain themselves. So it is natural in young children for the natural innocence of the spiritual self to shine through more easily. And so you may look upon children and perceive innocence, and purity. However, the same innocence and purity are still there in adults, in a spiritual sense. The Soul is pure. It is only the choices we make, and the stories we play out in the physical, that can make it appear less so. If you’re willing to consider children as pure and immaculate, under a more spiritually aware perspective you may extend this perception to adults as well. Even if not as straightforward or easy, you can seek to find the innocence and purity in the heart of adults, even those who have it hidden the most.

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