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What Happens After Death

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Death is a primary topic in any spiritual and metaphysical circle, because it’s what’s at the end of the line for any human here on Earth. It’s one of those subjects that most intrigues humans and prompts them to search for meaning. Death is the big void, the unknown, the end of all things – including yourself.

Talking about death can be a gloomy experience, as it awakens the doom and gloom about it in everyone’s minds. As we identified with our bodies rather than our Souls, we’ve gained the unconscious habit to fear death. All of us are programmed at our core to survive. This is deeply ingrained in our memories and in our DNA, even for the spiritually aware.

Happy Birth, Sad Passing

I tend to feel slightly nostalgic, maybe compassionate, wherever I see a baby. Unlike most other humans, I’m never happy or excited for a new birth. I feel about that Soul something along the lines of “oh no… another one on the treadmill“. That’s because I know what kinds of things are in store for that Soul, here in duality. On the other hand, when someone passes away, I get happy for the person. This is because, regardless of what happened exactly (I’ll explain in a minute), he/she is far better than how she was when living. Most humans tend to look at this the other way around.

Loss is a sensitive subject. I won’t speak lightheartedly about it. But let’s call things by what they are.

When you feel pain for someone else’s passing, it’s not really about the person: it’s about your loss. And it’s appropriate that way. It’s a profound experience for the one who stays.

It’s just that, there’s no need for drama. You don’t have to worry about the person: believe me, he/she’s far better where he/she’s at right now, than however he/she was when living.

The real hard part of incarnation is birth, not death. Because birth is the only time when you actually lose awareness. It’s when you forget. It is, on a smaller scale, as if recreating the experience of leaving The Creator as a Soul. It’s a shock, a traumatic experience of loss in itself. One moment you’re floating in Spirit, in the midst of a state of Love, the other you’re here, a much harsher reality, without much perception or awareness. Why do you think babies cry?

When you’re born (when you incarnate) you temporarily, but almost completely, forget your past and who you are. That’s the truly traumatic event. Part of the fear of death comes from that experience. On the other hand, when you die, you only gain awareness back, or better said, your awareness expands again. There’s no void at all. Also, there’s no loss of identity. At no point you stop being who you are. If anything, you become aware of much more.

Humans fear the wrong event of life.

So if you’re reading these words, guess what: the hardest part is gone. There’s no ending in your future. It can only get better from now on.

Biased in Ascension

I’m biased in this matter of birth and death. Personally, I’m not terribly excited with the process of parenting. My spiritual interest and intent involved Ascending, which among other things implies foregoing the need to incarnate. So I have no need at all to further participate in the process of incarnation in any way.

If you are here, incarnated, unless you’re Ascended, most likely means that you have lessons to learn, you’re involved with dealings with matter, and you have unresolved issues in your energy. It’s not a rule set in stone, and it’s not a simple subject, but nonetheless that’s an adequate generalization for most humans incarnated right now. Regardless of how passionate you are about life, if you’ve come here, it most likely means you needed to, not so much that you loved to.

My interest in Ascension reflects my deep spiritual desire to cease incarnation, heal everything, and go back Home, whatever / whoever that state is.

Incarnating is a grand experience, yes, but the scientist won’t stay inside the laboratory forever. It comes a time when you simply want to stop with all the playing, the exploring, and the suffering, and just go. In the meantime, I’m just happy to be of service.


Fear of death can be a great burden, even for people with spiritual notions and awareness of Spirit, reincarnation, etc. Because you can’t really know for sure until you go through it, right? It’s one big unknown you can’t escape. Plus, there’s always that fear of any situation of illness and suffering that might lead to it.

Your whole life, even if subconsciously, is considered and planned based on your ageing and how much time you last: when to get educated, things to do and people to date while you’re young, timespan to have children, money to save for when you get old and retired, and so on. Because there’s an end of the cycle. The railroad at some point stops, and all things end. Time is ticking.

Even if you free yourself from some things in your life, there’s always that ultimate delimitation: the time you last.

Think about it: how many of your thought processes are based on, or biased by, your chronological age and how much time you have left? Related to the human aging process, typical age-related diseases, work and career progression, expectations from family and peers, or even, dare I say it, age and timing to mate and get married…

Legal or religious marriage may not have the same importance to everyone. But finding sex, acceptance, and love in a romantic partner certainly is a common, deep desire. And beliefs about youthful appearance and appropriate age to have children play a big part in it. So even if you don’t think about death itself everyday, the passing of your time greatly conditions your thought process and decision making, even if on a subconscious level.

The Ultimate Liberation

You don’t actually “die”. There’s no death. Or rather, death is the opposite of what humans think of it: it’s the ultimate liberation.

When you die, a number of things happen. First and foremost, you detach and get free from the dense physical body (see density chart for the human subtle bodies). This alone means you’re unbound to physical locomotion, sleep, eating, needing to work, etc.

What happens next depends on your awareness. But first:

Don’t Ever Take Your Own Life. Here’s Why:

A Human life, no matter how seemingly unimportant or full of suffering it may be, it’s a big deal. It’s full of preparation, planning, details, and great consequence. As I’ve explained in the Article Free Will vs Destiny: Which is It?, what happens in your life is always a mix of your conscious choices and Spirit’s.

Your “exit” from life is a co-creation that is carefully planned by Spirit, for many reasons.  Although you could make the choice to leave when you’re ready, if your consciousness level is high enough, this would always be a spiritual choice. But it’s never up to you alone to decide when it happens exactly.

In this sense, if you take your life by your human option alone, you’re making that choice without support from Spirit. Therefore, it’s outside Spirit’s Light. Therefore, it becomes karmic.

Now, not only do you have to deal in further lives with whatever situation led you to want to kill yourself, but you’re also going to have to deal with the karma of “wanting to kill yourself”. So in order to deal with it, you have obviously to go and live that situation – until you make the choice not to kill yourself. Understand that it’s perfectly possible that, given that you have precedents, you’ll kill yourself again and again. So each time you’ll face a “kill or not kill myself” event in the next life, it can actually become harder.

Living this out doesn’t sound very fun, does it?

There were times in my pre-awakening life that there was only one thing that kept me going (even before any spiritual concepts). I always sensed that if I took my life, I had to repeat everything again. And no sir, that wasn’t happening. I was going through with it, whatever it was.

So my advice is, as long as you possibly can, suck it up and endure it. Spirit always has answers – your answers. Just ask.

The Tunnel and The Light

The second thing that happens is that you are instantly permeated by the Love of God/Source, which is one of the main differences between the ‘God’ state and the incarnated one. You experience something along the lines of feeling perfectly good, all loving, in a all-is-perfect state, or, at least, with no suffering, pain, or fear at all.

Your awareness might then expand beyond the usual human mental state and encompass the greater understanding of Spirit. You get why some things happened the way they did, all worries and concerns simply aren’t there anymore, and everything is now obvious and simple, like a permanent state of epiphany.

Notice that you never stop being yourself, the person/being who you know and Who You Are. This is the one who you call “I”. Your consciousness, your state, simply expands, as you re-immerse yourself in the love from the Creator.

You usually see the typical tunnel with the Light at the end, and possibly with familiar or angelic figures on the other side inviting you, much like it’s described in most near-death experiences. If you’re reading this, this is the time for me to tell you: when your time comes, go into the Light.

The “Tunnel” and the “Light” represent you going back to the higher Light realms, where you’ll shed away your human lower emotional and mental bodies in-between lifes. Or perhaps a better way to put it would be, you’re healing these lower bodies, which are always a part of you. These Light realms are were you’re supposed to be in-between lives, and it’s where you’ll experience the expanded awareness of Spirit. It’s how the system is set-up.

Staying Around

Some humans don’t actually go to the Light at this point, which is what’s supposed to happen. This may happen for a variety of reasons.

1. Trauma

If the person has been deeply traumatized by life events, or died in a traumatic way, the shock may keep her in a semi-unconscious slumbering state, almost like if you’re permanently trapped in a vague dream or nightmare. One may go to what’s generally called the “lower astral plane” (see density chart), continuously living out life fears and trauma. This is the state that closest resembles what you might call “Hell”. In this state, the spirit may simply not be able to go to the Light, and other methods of caring for it may be necessary. Recovery and healing may often require this person’s spirit to reincarnate back again, after some healing and love bathing from its spiritual team.

2. Not Enough Consciousness

Some humans whose consciousness simply is not evolved enough yet, may not even see, or acknowledge, the fact that the light is even there. At this point, the person is either gently “coaxed” or “tricked” by their spiritual team into going into the Light to heal, or, if the person is traumatized or actively avoiding the Light, such as in the case before, it might need to be conducted into another lifetime directly, without any “downtime” in the Light realms.

3. Belief Systems

The most frequent reason that comes to mind is simply, fear. Humans often harbor religious beliefs during life about a vindictive and punishing god, that will weight your “good” and “bad” deeds. Imagine this: the average human, with your average quirks and perks, just died. He now realizes he’s absolutely free to roam around and do as it pleases, consequence free: no-one sees him, no-one can judge him. And immediately after realizing  this newfound freedom, he catches a glimpse of the Light out of the corner of his “eye”. He’ll immediately – and naturally – fear that submitting himself to “the judgement” of God will cause him to loose that wonderful freedom to do anything. So what’s his first impulse? He’ll just run away.

Spirit can’t go against your Free Will. You might be somewhat influenced and guided by your Spiritual team if you’re open to them. But if you decide to run away, no-one can force you to go into the Light. If you simply don’t know what’s going on, and fear what might happen, you’ll actively avoid anything clear and shiny – let alone go and meet it! Because no-one is ever perfect, saint and guilt-free. It’s not supposed to be that way anyway, unless you’re already ascended. And if it was the case, you probably wouldn’t be incarnated in the first place.

Religious beliefs are a subtly coated layer of spirituality entrapment. [diplomatic statement] Religion is fine and all [diplomatic statement], but not if it traps your awareness in guilt, and keeps you from going back to God. It’s a mirror of humanity’s consciousness, of course, but this is one of those things that it’s just wrong and I have absolutely no respect for.

Some people might also be highly invested in their earthly matters, such as family, traditions, business, pleasures, or the like, and delay – or actually avoid – letting it all go and return to the Light. Or, they might go into the Light in a first moment, and then sneak back in. And yes, it can happen repeatedly.

When you die, you might detach from your physical body immediately, but you don’t loose your emotional and mental bodies, you see. You’re basically the same person you just where a minute ago – just more free. Self-guilt, beliefs, and attachment to matter, have a great influence in what happens in this situation. Your Awareness is everything. If you are by some reason afraid of your image of God, if you think you’ll be judged and punished, or if you’re simply not aware that you are a Spirit and not a human, you’ll stick around instead of releasing it all and just go.

Divine Support vs Negative Attachment

This point is one of my pet peeves.

Physical Earth and its near etheric realms is meant for the living and their ethereal Light support, which stays with each human through its personal Divine Connection to Source. Your personal Divine Connection is a “connection” to what? To the Light realms. Much like the hose of one of those older scuba gears, through which the oxygen comes through, if you will.

When the incarnation is done, you are meant to return to the Light realms. Earth is built and designed that way. Not doing so and hanging around, means you stay out of the Light, which by definition makes you a haunting, regardless of your intent.

It’s the energy solely of the incarnated that commands how circumstance, matter, and reality are. So for spirits to not go into the Light and stick around, they necessarily depend, or feed, on the energy of someone, in some way, who’s living.

This is generally what happens with deceased family members, for example, who haven’t gone into the Light and hang around. If you have a “beloved” uncle, grandfather, etc, who’s “taking care of you”, if he/she’s not communicating from the Light, it’s necessarily a negative attachment, or a haunting, if you will.

How do you suspect? How do you know? Back pains, strange emotions, anxieties, addictions. It will drain your vital energy away, instead of helping you. It will compel you to fulfill some goal, duty, responsibility, tradition, values, that you deep down don’t really want, but you mysteriously feel the need to anyway. You’ll feel in debt of said family member, probably with a pinch of guilt in the mix.

This is feeding and not support, and it generally exists out of human attachment, dependence, and need – none of which are pure Love. And again, it’s entirely your Free Will, your energy, that’s allowing it. Because without it, it wouldn’t be possible for said family member to be there. At all.

When the incarnation ceases, your place isn’t here anymore – you should go into the Light. It’s very much like the ‘Contact’ TV series. Don’t become, and don’t stand for, hauntings and negative attachments. Your true support are your Guides, who are with you in the Light of your aura, or Divine Connection, and the Angels and Ascended Masters that can get through to you, through them. Everything and everyone else that is outside your Divine Connection, is outside of the Light, and therefore in the shade.

Always choose the Light.

If You’re Wondering What Your Choice Would Be…

If you’re worried with that your choice would be if your moment was right now, or if you would be even able to see the Light, then don’t worry. The worry itself means you want to go to the Light. And that is the single only thing that matters, no matter how much darkness or karma you have left.

When the time comes, only your awareness matters in your choice. And that’s the awareness you have right now. You don’t really die at all, you stay exactly who you are now. So the answer to your question is the one you’d give right now: would you choose the Light?

Awareness is all that matters.

And if you’re worrying about traumatic accidents or death that could make you loose awareness, that’s most likely because of past memories, rather than a justified fear of the future. Most humans I’ve ever perceived as having near-death experiences, naturally chose the Light when they weren’t even that much spiritually aware – the experience actually made them more spiritually aware! It’s not a linear thing.

Chances are, if you’re reading this text, you’re in the Awakening path, or at least you’re spiritually aware. And if that’s the case, again, your Awareness is everything. So I would suggest you to state to your guides your desire to not experience painful experience in the future, so always keep your present awareness and state of being, and to heal any hurtful memories you may have about past trauma. And that’s it.

Always Choose The Light

Going into the Light is not about assessment or punishment. This is a matter for another article, perhaps, but there is no judgement from Spirit, and there is no sin. Why?

In this Universe 1) All is allowed, and 2) your Free Will is the Law. All the negativity you experience is within yourself – no more, no less. You can’t experience any negativity that you don’t have within. This is how your Free Will is enforced. Your “Will” is calculated with every inch of energy in your being.

So if you choose darkness, you may explore it, delve in it, and attract it to yourself, as much as you want. And should you choose Light, only Light can come about to your experience, and you have absolutely nothing to fear. It’s that simple.

So my sound advice to you, is: when your time comes, choose the Light.

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