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Why We Get Stuck on the Bad and Easily Forget the Good

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We are spiritual beings and we are used to the perfect and absolute state of Spirit. Matter, however, is transient, temporary. Physical matter goes through cycles and by these cycles things shift, change, degrade, and fall apart. So do circumstances in life. We deal poorly with matter.

We get stuck on the “bad” things because the very event of things ending (or experiencing negative events against our will) is very unnatural. Things that are pleasant on the other hand, are “normal” and thus nothing out of the ordinary, no matter how good they are. But they do stay in our memories as good recollections – we just don’t get stuck in them.

Just because something good ends, it doesn’t mean that something better (or similar) can’t come to occupy its place.

The trick about dealing with matter is to accept as best as you can when something negative happens to you. It’s about facing things that happen to you as fundamentally good, or at least, to be aware that there is a meaning to what happens – even if it can’t be easily discerned right now.

If something ended, it’s because better things await to take its place. If something was refused to you, or you failed, then it’s either because you need to learn further, or better opportunities will follow your way. If you were hurt by someone, it’s because this someone clearly isn’t good for you.

We all know that some events more than others can be severely traumatic and scar you for life. However these too have a context of meaning. Realizing this meaning is often the catalyst for a degree of inner peace and acceptance, the degree that is needed to move past and beyond the experience.

Having a positive outlook in life works both on a purely psychological level, as it makes you have a more positive and “self-uplifting” attitude — and also on a spiritual level. Reality does obey your free will. But this “free will” is not just your conscious choices. It’s also your mood, your generic outlook in life, your doubts, your thoughts, your energy, and everything else.

Therefore, if you believe that everything that happens to you is fundamentally for your greatest good, then that’s the experience you’ll get.

If on the other hand you can’t accept something that happened, in this case you’ll get stuck in that situation. And what happens is, the emotion will occupy your energy, and that kind of situation will start repeating itself — because your spirit stayed stuck in the same spiritual place. Linear time continues ticking, but spiritual time has stopped.

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