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What is Free Will? An Explanation

artistic rendition of light refracting from a central corePicture a flashlight emitting a beam of white light. This one beam of light represents Source — the Infinity, the Creator, etc — projecting Itself as a specific Soul.

Now picture that you place in the middle of this beam of Light a translucent prism, which causes the beam to refract into separated rays of different colors, each going in a slightly different direction. These rays represent your various past-lives and manifestations across the Cosmos. You as a Soul placed the prism in the path of your own Light, thereby dividing yourself across time. However all beams are in reality the same Light, which remains in its original state (at its source), unaffected.

Next, imagine that in front of the Light, or in front of one of its divided beams, you place an opaque object, for example a piece of cardboard. Now where there should be Light, there is absence of it. You’ve created shadow, or ‘darkness’. Again, the original source of Light remains the same even when you place an obstacle in front of it.

Your Soul remains in its original state of awareness, next to Source, regardless of how, and where, it manifests itself at any point in time, and regardless of whatever darkness it creates by its own choices (or its aspects’). For any darkness to exist, there needs to be an obstacle to the original Light, that is placed by the Soul’s own Free Will. There can be no darkness without Light, and darkness is merely a temporary illusion that serves Light.

Free Will is the ability of any Soul to make choices that may result in blocking a part of its own Light, creating within the self the absence of Light, or ‘darkness’. It does not necessarily imply that the individual is fully aware of the possible outcomes of his choices, or even that he is making choices at all. Free Will does not translate to omniscience. What it simply means is that the choices the individual makes can result in an increase, or decrease, of its own Light and level or awareness.

Free Will is the power of choice from the Soul over its own Light, across space and time. This power is inherited by the Soul from its Source, which also has Free Will over its own Infinite Light. In turn, the Soul’s projections – each individual – also inherit the same trait.

A projection, like the analogy with the flashlight, simultaneously is the Soul, and has a Soul. Picture that you, the person you know today, were born in an indigenous tribe in South America. Your customs, perspectives, and beliefs would be fairly shaped by your surrounding context and experiences where you were born, possibly very different than those you have today.  But that person would still be you. You are you regardless where you manifest in space and time, but each context does have its differences and experiences.

The fact that a Soul has Free Will, or an individual has Free Will, is possibly difficult to explain or understand, but simple to apprehend. You can know this intuitively by asking yourself: do you believe you are a robot? The answer is, no. Intuitively you consider yourself as being able to make choices, rather than being just an automaton – even if your choices may not always be completely informed, or if sometimes things just seem to happen around you regardless of choices you make.

Free Will does not mean you can control reality like a superhero. Free Will is not the same as Control. Free Will simply means you can make choices when dealing with your circumstances, and these choices will shape what you experience.

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