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Your Very Own Drama Channel

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Be very careful with your criticism. When you develop a “pet peeve”. When you declare that something is “wrong”.

When you reject something, especially when you do so with a passion, that thing will start appearing on the outside to attack you.

Why? So that you may re-integrate it. By forgiving it, by seeing its good aspects, by being at peace about it — or, at the very least, by accepting things just as they are.

Let’s suppose you’ve got a pet peeve with insurance companies. To you, insurance companies suck. They’re wrong, they shouldn’t exist, they’re evil, fraudulent, they take too much money, they rob people.

Now, one day you have a problem in your house, a plumbing issue, a neighbor’s infiltration. Or, you have a car accident. And, it just so happens you’re out of money, and you need your insurance. But, your insurance doesn’t apply to the problem. A policy clause won’t cover your specific problem. Or you’ve exceeded the coverage limit. Or, it’s your fault. Or, the company’s bureaucracy makes things very difficult. Or, someone inside just doesn’t like you, and won’t solve your problem.

You now have “problems with insurance companies”.

Here’s the risk: letting your “problems with insurance companies” feed the beliefs you already had. I told you so, insurance companies suck!

When it was you who started it in the first place.

Things in life should flow — but we must work with what’s in reality right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t change things in your personal life, or in a collective sense; but it does mean you have to accept that which you can’t change all by yourself, right now, instantly, overnight.

Let’s imagine something else. You have a pet peeve against “fake” people. So many of us harbor pet peeves against some kind of flaw or trait. Fake people, cynical people, liars, trash talkers, low-lives, ego-driven, dishonest, manipulative, people who speak in your back, who don’t do as they say, who don’t say what they do, who don’t get it, who are poor, rich, of race X, that live in area Y, in country Z… and so on.

What happens then?

Faster than you can say “I hate fa-”, you’ll be surrounded by fake people. They’re now everywhere. You seem to spot it as if by magic. And the more you complaint, the more you get angry, the more fake people are, and the more falsehood pops up around you. At the bakery, at the grocery store, at work, while driving, with your family, at home. Your cousin is fake, your uncle is fake, your brothers are fake, the coffee employee is fake. Every stray cat and dog on the street will be fake.

You’ll live in your own personal soap opera; your very own Drama Channel.

Without ever realizing that it was all inside you. You started it.

There’s always falseness in the world. There’s always less than perfect things. And sometimes you’ll stumble on it. But don’t let one single mishap turn into a rolling snowball.

It was just an incident. A hiccup. Everything in life are just hiccups, if you let it. When you’re with hiccups, do you star cursing the hiccups? Or you just let go and move on? Does the water in the river curse the pebbles it flows through? As soon as you forget about the hiccups, they’re gone.

You may have been pushing some big snowballs for a very long time. If you’re only realizing it now, make an effort to stop feeding them. This is how acceptance heals. It stops pushing the snowball around.

When you experience a situation that is unpleasant, look at the message. What did it reflect back at you? What did you reject? Try to understand why you attracted it to yourself. What it means. Don’t blame it all on the outside. Try to understand what got to you, what made you angry — so you don’t create a permanent anger within yourself. Or, to begin cleaning an anger that you carry with you for a very long time.

Try to accept people how they are. Try to see them from a different perspective. Everyone was once innocent, until something happened to them and they got hurt. Try to understand, or at least, remember this.

This is what being a “Lightworker” means. You try to shrink snowballs instead of feeding them.

You have the right to your preferences. Are you forced to accept someone in your life that is consistently fake to you? No. You must make choices for yourself, and enforce them. If you don’t want falsehood in your life, then choose so. You don’t have to accept things you don’t want to.But one thing is a personal choice meant to respect yourself; another is an hatred towards something. Do you get the difference? You’re entitled to choose for yourself. You’re entitled to preference. But keeping a grudge that criticizes, judges, condemns, that works differently, because it attacks the outside. It’s offensive in nature. And destructive.There is no outside. It’s all inside you.If by your life purpose you’re able to change something for the better, or if it’s within your reach, then by all means do so. Do your part. Do what you came here to do. Things aren’t all rosy on planet Earth.But if you’re not able to change insurance companies all by yourself, then at least don’t keep the grudge inside you. Don’t carry it around. Make the choices for yourself, including about what role do insurance companies play in your life — but leave unnecessary grudges out the door. You don’t need them. You don’t need the drama.If you keep showing your teeth at the Universe, the Universe shows its teeth back. And the Universe does have some pretty large teeth.Do you really want to live at war all the time? Well, do you?Accept the Universe for what it is right now. So it will accept you back for what you are.

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