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How Can Reincarnation Be Real If The World’s Population Keeps Increasing?

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Imagine, for a moment, that you had an ability: you were aware of what happened inside every passenger vehicle on tracks on the planet — trains, trams, subways — but you only knew what happened inside the vehicles themselves, not outside. It‘s as if all passenger trains had security cameras inside, and you had access to the feed.

You could see, in each train’s travels, passengers coming inside the train, and leaving it, at specific points in time. You were aware of the number of trains in existence. You could more or less tell when each train was moving and when it was stopped, because of the vibrations and motions inside. But you wouldn’t know much else about the external environments of each train. Let’s also say, for the sake of the analogy, that you had this ability ever since trains were first invented and implemented.

Now, you were to be asked the following question: how is it that over time, trains have been increasing in numbers and capacity, and in variety of types of trains, yet there’s always passengers to ride them? Where are all the passengers coming from?

Asking the question itself almost doesn’t make sense: of course that, if you consider an imaginary consciousness that for some reason can only see the interior of the collective of trains, you’d generally see (not counting train schedules that were discontinued or re-scheduled) a steady stream of passengers entering and leaving trains, using them, no matter how many new trains were created since their original invention.

The answer must come from an external perspective, because you don’t have enough information to work with from your limited awareness. And the answer is both obvious and complex.

Ever since first invented, passenger trains, tracks, and schedules have been implemented across the world, covering increasing distances and areas. Subways and trams help commuters travel across urban and suburban areas on a daily basis. As new lines were implemented, individuals that already lived in the newly covered regions began using them as a means of transportation; the coverage itself helped those areas grow and bring more people from the outside. As large cities grew, and individuals and businesses moved into them, the number of commuters using trams and subways grew over time. Wealth and economic factors, the modernization of the world, the distribution of population, all of these factors play a part in influencing how are these specific forms of transportation are used as a whole.

But if for some hypothetical reason you were only able to see the total train usage statistics over time, and no other information, you’d wonder where all the people came from.

Our awareness is mostly limited to the physical realms, to our side of the veil. This is what we see, and to us that’s like only knowing the inside of the trains. The answer to the question “How can reincarnation be real if the world’s population keeps increasing”, is both obvious, and more complex than a simple “yes” or “no” answer — much like with the train scenario.

From your side of the veil you cannot tell if at any specific point in time all Souls in existence had been incarnated on Earth. You don’t know how many souls there are in total. Today, there are over 7 billion Souls living on the planet — but what if the Earth has hundreds of billions of Souls, or more? Would this look like a silly number? Do you think Souls occupy space?

And even if you knew the answer, Earth is not isolated from the rest of the Cosmos. Unless you believe that Earth is where all Souls in the Universe exist and were born, you’ll quickly realize that Souls are not ‘from’ any one planet, but from of all of Creation — and thus can be pooled from the entire Universe should the need or circumstance ever arise. Would you now more easily consider the Universe as having enough ‘space’ for all those Souls?

Therefore how many souls there are, is not an issue at all. If anything, a “limit” to incarnation would be if the capacity/need for trains in the world has been exceeded — meaning, if the limit for individuals physically living on Earth been reached or not. This limit is an inherent result of the available physical habitable space, natural resources, food, atmosphere, and so on, available the planet. And also, by the technologies and advancements achieved by humanity to allow it to optimize the usage of those resources.

The available space and resources constitute a ‘soft’ ceiling (as opposed to a rigid rule) to the maximum amount of people that can comfortably inhabit the planet. This would be the maximum number of passengers, and locations, to build trains on, in our metaphor. Any given inhabitable planet, including Earth, will have a rough limit for the number of inhabitants living in it, which is determined by these factors.

But the quantity of Souls isn’t one of them.

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