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A Choice to be Made

bridge over water stream with mountains in the backgroundThe process of awakening typically, often, eventually, leads to a choice to be made. While this choice may take many forms, it is generally between the old world and a new one; between the old views and the new. Between what you did in the past based on what you knew, and what you want to do based on what you know now.

It questions: “how much do you trust this to actually be true?”

The choice is hardly philosophical. Once the spiritual self awakens, it doesn’t want to stay abstract, in the ether. It doesn’t want to live in a world where the spiritual is “nice” but in real life other perspectives take precedence. It wants to come out and live.

So the choice presented is one that is often difficult to make, because it involves very real, very practical, real-life considerations. It involves professions, careers, relationships, hopes, dreams, options, and the nature of certainty. It might touch directly in your deepest and most rooted fears and insecurities. At the same time, it relates to what is actually important to you. It’s about your life.

In my case, I left my job, career, and education behind, without any clue about what I was supposed to be doing. It might sound “crazy” now. I was one of those who only ever moved, acted, only with minimum risk and maximum guarantee. To me, doing anything like this was unthinkable before my awakening. But such was part of my process.

In spiritual circles, when someone’s sitting down observing the choice without knowing what to do, not knowing what is right or wrong, not knowing whether to go forward or backwards, one is said to be “sitting on the fence”. All the while this happens, the old world might seem to be fading on you. The old job looks less certain, more bleak. Old acquaintances seem less connected, turning on you, or leaving you. This is the Universe telling you the old is crumbling, and that there’s a new scenario for you. It is your own spiritual self urging you to move forward. But you must still make the choice.

It is not my place, nor is it anyone’s, to encourage you to take the leap – whatever that leap happens to be. No-one can or should try to ask you, convince you, or push you.

This is strictly between you and the Universe. Between you and Spirit, and your spiritual team.

It is you who must decide if you trust Spirit has a plan for you, and if you trust you’re going to be taken care of by Spirit. Because that choice, should it be accepted, leads to a path, a process, a journey – one you need to be committed to.

Whatever choice you make, Spirit will support you, always.

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