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Spiritual is the Desire to be You

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When you want to live a meaningful life, when you want to quit your job to follow a calling, when you wish to follow your dreams – that’s a spiritual thing.

When you perceive people being too attached to social media, missing true relationships, true conversation, true living – that’s a spiritual thing.

When you believe we can handle the resources of the planet in a better way, and human condition could be improved — that’s a spiritual thing.


When you have a desire for truth in your life, when you want to be more true to yourself, what exactly is that desire? Is your “true self” a bag of flesh and bones? When you want to be free from the expectations of others, from emotions and relationships that don’t serve you, from limitations and boundaries, what is that? Is it your brain releasing the “be true to yourself” hormone?

The desire to be accepted, to feel loved, to have beauty in your life, to build progress and fulfillment, to feel goodis not biological programming. If it was, you’d be satisfied when you reached one such objective. You don’t. Every time you reach a goal you get a temporary rush — but then you want the next thing.

That’s not biological. Animals don’t have that. Animals are always satisfied, provided they have what they need. They only risk themselves when they don’t. We aren’t like that. We crave.We want love, acceptance, empathy. And more. We want that something. We seek freedom, liberation, salvation, and ultimately, the actual answers. We seek.

And we don’t really settle until we truly connect, and properly satisfy, that inner craving. And apart from basic survival, everything else human beings chose in life is always an attempt to explore and satiate this craving.

The desire for truth, for authenticity, and to be your true self, is spiritual.

You are a spirit. Everything you do is a manifestation of that spirit — even if it has nothing to do with what you’d call “spirituality”. Even if it’s washing the dishes or listening to heavy metal in your car. Everything you are and want comes from spirit, filtered down by your mind and emotions.

Spirituality is when your spirit is calling you, and you choose to actually listen and act upon it.

If you want to meditate, that’s your spiritual. If you want to pray in the temple, that’s your spiritual. If you want to hike in the wilderness, that’s your spiritual. If you want to climb the Everest, that’s your spiritual. If you want to assemble a personal business, that’s also spiritual, if it comes from the heart.

Spiritual is the inner seeking for truth, meaning, experience, and love. It’s the inner desire to connect. And there isn’t a single, one true way to do that, that applies for everyone, because no one is a copy of anyone else at spiritual level. Everyone is unique, with a unique path. So there’s simply the one unique way that works for you at this moment.

There’s a unique calling that is active at this moment, right now, that represents your spiritual focus or desire.

“So how do I distinguish what comes from my spirit, from what comes from my mind, my biology, or whatever else?” You see, now you’re thinking “spiritual”. That’s a spiritual question. And answering it, a spiritual task. One that starts, and ends, within.

Answers To Spiritual Questions

A common stigma is that questions that are purely metaphysical or spiritual in nature never actually lead anywhere. That they are ultimately an interesting subject, a mental exercise – but no one can actually know for sure the true, actual answers.

But that’s a fallacy.

The mind can only provide temporary, guess or faith-based answers to spiritual questions. Answers that fluctuate, that depend on debate, philosophy or reasoning. Or, that are born from dogma, inflexible perspectives, and excluding beliefs. Ultimately, the mind by itself can ever only go back and forth, or around in circles, within the same issue.

But the actual answers can be perceived. They come from beyond the mind: your spirit. These will be answers to the questions that you asked from within, and they will be inclusive, and make sense. That connect. This is what you seek.

But in order to do that, you need to connect to a level above reasoning and logic. And that’s your inner spiritual impulse, your inner spiritual reality. Only that way can you actually perceive the answers you seek.

Cater to your Spirit. That’s what you are here do do.

Spiritual is being touched, being called. Not to harm others, not to judge, but to satisfy that inner thirst you have. To satiate the soul. Your inner thirst for information, for answers, for experiences, for travel and adventure, or for whatever else you want.

The dream you have of climbing the mountain, or exploring the Amazon, that’s probably spiritual. It’s something that you really should do, and that if you don’t, you’re simply wasting time, because that is what you should be doing. The same with a profession. The same with a Love. The same with a passion.

It doesn’t mean the definite answer is just around the corner. It means it’s your next step. It means it’s what you really want to do.

When you want to be your true self, that’s your spirit asking. To answer it, is the only thing worth living for. There’s no greater truth than that.

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