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alarm clock in grassIt’s often said time is an illusion.

Linear time is. That’s the time you can’t stop. The time in the clock. The cycles of day and night. The time Earth takes to circle the Sun. Tomorrow the Sun will rise, and the Earth will continue to circle its star, moving along its trajectory. Linear time moves forward no matter what you do. You can’t control it.

However, there’s also another kind of time, and that is spiritual time.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Why is that? This happens because your spirit is in tune with the experience that is pleasant. It’s enjoying it fully, completely immersed in it. It loses track of linear time. And as it goes through it, the energy transforms and shifts. You’re no longer the same than who you were before the experience. Spiritual time – your spiritual time – moved forward.

The same way time seems to crawl to a standstill when you’re going through an experience that is unpleasant, or perhaps, if you’re waiting for an unpleasant experience to come to an end. When this happens, minutes feel like hours, hours like days. Time seems to slow down, and take longer to pass.

This perception is not of linear time, but spiritual time. You are connecting with a more “real” concept of time, and that is the time of your spiritual self.

Sometimes you get stuck in a situation from the past, and you can’t seem to move forward from it. The situation was left unresolved. So what happens is that part of your spiritual self got stuck to that memory, and keeps going back to it.

Your current moment, at least as it concerns the same type of experience, begins to slow down, and stagnate. Things don’t seem to move forward, evolve. Instead, at most, they repeat, over and over. The same type of situation seems to constantly and inevitably repeat itself. Relationships seem to always go down the same path. Jobs seem to lead you the same way.

This happens regardless of the amount of linear time it has gone by. You might be in your later stages in life, and still mull over a situation that happened when you were a small child. For that situation it’s as if time stood perfectly still.

This is, in fact, the basis of karma. Your spiritual memory got stuck in an event or circumstances for some reason – either because it was unpleasant, and/or because the situation was not understood – and now you keep drawing the same type of circumstance into your life, even across multiple lifetimes.

A large amount of linear time may pass, but you can remain stagnated inside, or in other words, always in the same state, emotionally and spiritually. Worrying about the same things, thinking the same thoughts, having the same fears.

Linear time is an illusion in the sense that it is of much lesser relevance to you, compared with spiritual time. If a part of your spiritual self is standing still, it remains so regardless of how much linear time has gone by. It’s (your) spiritual time that matters.

You want to live a life that is your own, and makes sense to your essence. You want to have meaning in your relationships, in your activities, in your situations. You want to align with what your Spirit wants. Otherwise life itself won’t make any sense.

And when parts of you seem to stubbornly be stuck in the past, then those are the moments for your spiritual work. To pay attention to your own self, stay in tune with your own unique reality, and to try to understand the roots of challenges. And do whatever it takes to heal those memories that have you trapped in the past, and prevent you from moving forward into your future.

  • Droopster

    Interesting way to view this much-discussed subject, Nuno. Thanks. One typo you might want to correct: In this sentence you meant to write ‘type’ not ‘time’:

    The same time of situation seems …

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