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Q&A Volume III: Mysteries and Metaphysics

Cover image for Q&A Volume 3 Mysteries and MetaphysicsThis is a compilation of questions and answers, given by me over time, addressing the general theme of spirituality and related topics. The vast majority of answers were given at Quora, an online Q&A platform. Some questions asked in other venues, such as by email and/or at this website, were included as well. This specific volume addresses the overall theme of life’s mysteries, such as life after death, free will vs predetermination, and so on.

This volume belongs to a larger set comprising the entirety of the compilation. All existing questions and respective answers were loosely grouped by major topics, each of those topics making up each volume of the compilation. Much like this one, all of the volumes of this set are available for free download here. The complete set is:

Vol. I – Spirituality
Vol. II – Spiritual Awakening
Vol. III – Mysteries and Metaphysics (this one)
Vol. IV – Reincarnation and Akashic Records
Vol. V – Life, Social, World