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Akashic Records Reading [Written]: Daughter of the Archangel

The following is a Akashic Records Reading (Written) originally performed for a client. This is a reading performed over two weeks and delivered to the client in written, essay form. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication, some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, or added to, but no changes were made that would impact the original, intended meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about Akashic Records Readings in general, please see: Akashic Records Readings. For more information about Written Readings specifically, please see: Reading Types at a Glance.

representation of archangel bathed in light
[Myra was in the process of exploring and studying a number of esoteric fields, and she could successfully receive input from Spirit in various ways. Yet despite this she felt some difficulty in truly connecting with Spirit, in a close and clear mannner. She asked about how to see with her third eye, and also wanted to know who was her spiritual kin was.]

Part I. Overview

1.1 Standards

When I connected with Myra’s energy from afar, I felt an energy which was very diligent, meticulous, skilled. Spiritually it held high standards, both on an individual level – engaging and interacting with others, providing and receiving service, for example – and on a collective sense as well, about perspectives regarding society and consciousness in general.

Myra has strong (spiritual) memories of highly advanced societies as over time these evolved and developed into harmonious, peaceful, space-faring, culturally diverse, collaborative and welcoming – sometimes multi-planetary – collectives. She therefore knows, from a “been-there-done-that” standpoint, how high societies can aim for, in a practical sense, in terms of values, beliefs, standards of living, personal worth attributed to individuals, and their overall functioning in general. Myra is in touch with these standards at all times, within her, even if the actual memories might not be known consciously.

The development of societies in the physical, and their corresponding expansion in terms of level of consciousness, is a matter that is close to Myra’s heart. In the past she successfully participated in the development of said societies. She would do so mainly from the energy realms, where as a spiritual/energy entity she’d come forth at a crux junctions in time, when each said societies were ready to make leaps forward in consciousness. And at those points, she would help, potentiate, direct, influence, new significant developments and breakthroughs, that would lead that society in the right direction: of prosperity, integrity, wholeness.

This is Myra’s basic nature as a spiritual entity. To “come in” and give relevance, awaken, in a manner of speaking exciting, potentials that are deemed the best or ideal positive/constructive paths of growth for that society. While from a broad overview it can be observed that Myra works mainly from the spiritual energy realms when performing this work, at the same time part of that work involves incarnating experience in the cycles of said societies, perhaps even outside the timeline of the aforementioned critical junction points where large “chunks” of societal development take place.

The purpose of incarnation experience is twofold. First, it allows the broader spiritual entity to acclimatize itself to the particular physical reality, circumstances, and challenges, individuals in that society face, through experience in said physical reality as incarnating individual(s). It allows her to know how that society works from within. This lends the broader spiritual entity the opportunity to know the subject matter experiencing it firsthand, and therefore be able to empathize with, know in a practical sense, the struggles of individuals of that society (as opposed to have theoretical knowledge but strictly from a ‘distant’, uninvolved perspective).

Secondly, it of course allows the spiritual entity itself to work through its own personal challenges, and achieve advancement in its lessons, through experience in the physical. Furthermore it allows said challenges to be worked through an emotional perspective.

As a spiritual entity Myra bears affinity with the qualities/concepts of ability, technique, skill, correctness, functionality. If she were to not incarnate and go through personal experience herself, her service would not just come from a perspective of distance, non-involvement (i.e. without personal experience of it) but perhaps also overly formal, functional, cold. In other words, with too much of the masculine-energy component of service, and not enough of the feminine-energy one. To convey the idea of excess masculine-energy in any given area, think of beliefs, paradigms, or societies, which are highly pragmatic, functional, but could lack in empathy, compassion, caring, i.e. lacking practical mindfulness towards concerns that are individual, personal, human. As such incarnation complements her spiritual service by satisfying the need for knowledge of challenges from a more personal, emotional or empathetic perspective.

When I perceive Myra’s true spiritual form, I find it difficult even to classify her as a Soul – at least according to my “formal” conception of a Soul, which is a (at least) 6D unitary beingness. Myra’s true spiritual form appears to me as a 7D Consciousness Collective.

1.2 Explanation Regarding Collectives and Aspects of Consciousness

Throughout this reading I utilize concepts and distinctions, such as for example “Soul” and “Collective”. All of the concepts here presented are meant solely to convey a degree of understanding of a thing that Is. However please bear in in mind ultimately all are the same Infinite Consciousness, experiencing Itself through the infinite means at Its disposal.

Nowhere is this disclaimer more true than the circumstance of conveying things of 7D.

At 7D there is only abstract consciousness. Even the very essential constructs of form (here vs there), and me (I vs not I), blur and dissipate, and can easily be dismissed. At the same time, 7D is very vast, very broad. It is the seat upon which all lessons of consciousness come forth, and come to end. For these reasons any human words, ideas, concepts, used in this reading to convey things of 7D, are necessarily and intrinsically going to be limited; a functional method used to achieve a purpose – the explanation – hopefully to a sufficiently acceptable degree.

At 7D level I conceive Consciousness entities more as Collectives (multiple) rather than Souls (singular). This is simply because, from a human individual perspective, 7D Consciousness is so vast in terms of scale, yet so “bonded” and “harmonious” in terms of its core nature and identity, that said Consciousness can easily perceive itself as one single, large being or entity, but at the same time momentarily shift its point of view into any one of its many aspects of itself.

Although in this reading the spiritual level of consciousness being focused if 7D, the trait of consciousness having, and projecting, as various aspects of itself, is not exclusive to that level. In fact this could observed as far, and in such a complex manner, that one would want to. For example, ultimately all entities at all levels of Consciousness are projections of Infinity Itself. However for this reading we will address it only at 7D for the sake of simplicity.

You’ll notice that you act slightly differently depending on the context around you. You may have an aspect to yourself that is the “social self”: the part of you that manifests in a social/leisure setting; then another aspect which is the working or “professional aspect”: the side which manifests in a professional setting. You may also have other aspects, depending on the setting you’re in, the individuals around you, the role you’re playing and what is expected of you, and so forth.

This not unique to you, but to all human beings, and Souled beings in general. It also doesn’t mean these sides of you are “false”, i.e. misaligned with your core truth. This is a natural process. Consciousness is complex, multiple, and has multiple aspects to itself.

Metaphysically speaking, aspects of Consciousness work more or less the same way. Infinite Consciousness has the ability to project itself, at will, as sub-elements or aspects of itself, each of them having an equivalent level of autonomy and free will to the original awareness – as opposed to being constantly in touch with the “rest of them”. This fundamental trait allows Consciousness in all of existence to explore the many multiple parts of its Infinite itself, across space and time, without having all the other infinite traits of its vast beingness “getting in the way”, in a manner of speaking, of said exploration.

This mechanism would be equivalent to the situation of you living the entirety of your life inside your workplace, only ever being the “professional” aspect. Even though you had other facets to yourself, you would only ever “be” in this role at all times.

The “lower” (by relative comparison) aspect can perceive itself to be separated/different from the broader self, to varying degrees of intensity. This happens to sustain in a practical sense the lessons that are desired by/for the aspect, in order to focus and carry out its lessons and journey in a sufficiently adequate manner. The entity which is the aspect to another, even if and when aware of its relationship with the broader identity of which it is a part of, will typically still hold a degree of separation between them in its perception. In other words, it will typically see itself not as being “the same” as the broader entity, but instead related to it, coming from it. It will see it as its source and kin.

Any and all separation is strictly and ultimately illusory; parent and aspect are one and the same, even as the separation takes place. Beyond time and space, this mechanism is simply a shift of the point of focus within, if you will, of the Consciousness of the broader entity, from its “one” perspective, onto the focused perspective of one of its aspects of itself. Both points of view – parent and aspect – can, and do, exist simultaneously. The aspect carries its own “personal” awareness, while the parent entity still bears its own awareness at the same time.

Having said this, the experience by each of them can also be infinitely serious, powerful, intense. For all practical effects and purposes, it is also completely true, valid, legitimate, “the ultimate truth” if you will, to consider parent and aspect as related but separate, i.e. as family. In the human experience, the closest type of relationship that reflects the nature of association the closest, is the one from parent to children.

1.3 Collective

When I’m shown Myra’s spiritual form, I see a 7D Collective. This collective is presented as a spherical or oval-shaped energy, floating in space. The whole of the energy is water-like and translucent, of a very dark blue throughout, with an “ethereal” or “magic” quality to it. To me this represents, not water literally, but the energy of 7D Consciousness. Through it can be seen many indistinguishable dots of light, from stars and cosmic bodies in the background.

Even though this is 7D consciousness, a number of elements are tied to space, time, and form. As I see and describe them, they may be either symbolic – images to transmit an idea – or literal – something to be interpreted exactly as described. Perhaps a combination of both.

The energy seems as if assumed the shape and size of a small cosmic object of a small scale, perhaps like a comet or asteroid, and it travels through physical space in that form. Its dark blue, translucent fluid-looking energy describes shapes, forms on its “surface”, without any true end to an element/object or a beginning to the next. The energy body that travels across space transmits the impression of being of a sufficient size and complexity unto itself, that it is akin, almost, to a city. Within this “city” there appear to be plazas, streets, buildings – once again, any and all elements created out of its water-like energy. I feel as if this city is autonomous, self-sufficient, with a life of its own. It also has inhabitants, citizens.

In terms of Consciousness the inhabitants of the city, traveling in/with it, represent the many aspects of this Consciousness Collective. Once again it is possible to perceive this portion of Consciousness as one single, conscious entity; and it is also, equally, possible to perceive it as a sum of many individual conscious parts, intelligent and aware. The inhabitants within this city – or Consciousness – represent how the various parts within itself engage and interact within each other, hold various forms of wisdom and knowledge, but also very much “are made of”, belong, to the same energy.

In a central part of the city there appears to be a flat, circular area, resembling a fountain or pool. Even as all forms and objects are “made from” the same ethereal dark blue energy, the surface of this pool does transmit the impression of the surface of a liquid more so than other elements. From within the still liquid surface of the pool, a figure rises and starts to form. It begins by being a vague humanoid silhouette, as if covered in a blanket. After a few moments, it gradually transforms, coalesces, into the form of a woman.

She is dressed in a long gown which covers her head and hair, an image quite reminiscent of the typical religious depiction of the Virgin Mary. At the top of the head she has a crown. The crown is circular, with adjacent plates or “scales” adorning its periphery, each having the form of four-sided diamonds or rhombi.

This female figure is much taller and imposing than the figures representing the inhabitants of the city. Together with the crown or royalty element, this to me means that this figure represents the awareness of the Collective itself as one entity rather than multiple, perhaps the “main”, “primary”, or “core” of the Consciousness of the Collective.

I can connect this awareness on a 1-on-1 basis with Myra. Metaphysically speaking, if all barriers of awareness that are standing in place due to the processes of physical incarnation were removed, Myra as a spiritual entity would bear an opened and uninterrupted identification with this identity. In simpler terms, she is this entity.

When I want to know who this entity is, the strongest human-referenced name I can place upon her with a degree of comfort and adequacy, is Minerva. Furthermore as I relate Myra to this entity, I perceive this core consciousness to be the Soul who incarnates, and/or managing the experience of incarnation; while its other various aspects – the inhabitants of the city – will serve more in support as energy beings, working behind the veil of incarnation.

1.4 Infusing

As stated before this entity participates more actively in junctions in time when societies are about to enter phases of accelerated growth, and/or when shifts in Consciousness are about to happen, and support and guidance for said shifts is required.

During these moments, what I’m shown is the energy representing the 7D spiritual entity, as if coming physically close to the planetary society in question, “leaning over” as if touching it. Then, over time, the portion of the blue energy that is in close proximity to the society starts to lit up, glowing, this glow becoming more and more intense with time, as the society or areas of society which are receiving transformation, begin to respond to the influence of the energy, manifesting change.

This image represents the metaphysical process by which the energy of this entity comes in, in support and service, to the development, transformation, or transition, in Consciousness, of a growing society in the physical, and/or specific parts of it. The entity might also remain in proximity with the society for a longer period or in the long term, provided it sustains the conscious/vibratory levels required for the work of the entity to be of practical use.

The entity might have aspects of itself incarnating in human form (or the physical form of the individuals of that society) throughout the incarnation cycles, including in lower 3D consciousness and outside of the periods of more intense transformation. However outside these periods, and/or when the consciousness levels of the society are too low, these aspects will bear minimal recollection about their identity and their spiritual entity.

It is only in the periods of transformation and shift in Consciousness, and throughout time periods and ages where society’s consciousness levels allows for that consciousness to be sustained within and manifested more easily, that the incarnating individuals will be “imbued” with an energy closer to the “pure” state of the entity. At which point they will bear more easily the capacity for a closer connection, and identification, with the identity of the entity. This ‘infusing’ tens to usually happen during the process of personal spiritual awakening in a lifetime, which is what happened to Myra. The individual, now closer within to the awareness of the original identity of the entity’s consciousness, and gradually waking up to the realization of that identity, is now offered the choice to be able to help, support, and provide service, in a manner more conscious and explicit manner, i.e. more closely aligned to the metaphysical service provided by the entity.

1.5 Multidisciplinary

In offering its service, the energy of this entity is known for being able to adjust and adapt to whatever is necessary and needed by a society, or the specific area of a society in question.

The service tends to focus in the systems of society that are in place in a practical sense: the systems of that society by which it functions. These would be systems such as health care, transportation, communication, politics and governance, diplomacy, law, and so on, just to name a few. For when Consciousness changes and shifts, there are also, evidently, practical shifts that need to take place for these systems to accompany, better reflect in a practical, everyday manner, the spiritual shift in inner consciousness that takes place individually.

Each system of society plays a role in the sustaining of a minimum standard of life experience, and in determining if and how much that standard is conductive to the pursuit of inner personal meaning by any given individual. Regarding health care in particular, for example, it would be difficult for individuals to care about inner meaning if their life expectancy is low, or if they need to constantly worry about succumbing to disease. So if in a period of growth in the society the area of medicine and health care need change and “upgrading” – in methods, perspectives, beliefs, protocols, paradigms, or any other aspect to them – to reflect higher standards in perspective that are “brought in“ by raising consciousness, then it’s necessary for changes to occur that lead from their initial, current stage, to the “improved”, or “better” stage.

Regardless of the area of society, more often than not, change is challenging. Yet the more Consciousness shifts, the more there is to be done.

Change may imply reformulation of existing systems. Other times, it may require deconstructing first and building anew. It may involve challenging, going up against, existing hard-fought and hard-won beliefs, values, rights, and perspectives, from the past. It may challenge the values of existing institutions and their status quo. It may involve upheaval and distress.

Change is not just about altering the systems of society under a “mechanical” or functional perspective. It is also about dealing with human uncertainty, fear, resistance, and trauma. Large scale changes need to handle not just with how things work, could work, or “should” work, but also with the natural emotional and “human” side of them.

From a metaphysical perspective, it takes specialized energy service and entities to handle changes that are performed in global social and cultural systems, which will be affecting groups of individuals in the physical.

Change might start off by shifts in inner consciousness and personal transformation – but will eventually need to be reflected and applied in systems working in a practical, pragmatic manner. This is the service this entity specializes in. This entity serves by identifying with those areas of society that are in need of change the most; and then engaging those areas, and in a sense specializing in them, in order to deal with and manage change there.

One vital element to this entity is the ability to adapt to whatever systems exist and require transformation, as any one of them might. This type of flexibility is a more of a feminine-energy quality, represented, in the metaphysical image shown to describe the energy of the entity, as its “water-like” qualities. Water flows, adjusts, to things; it also puts things in motion, with the minimum resistance possible. So too does this entity operate. It is capable of learning, getting the gist of, the reality, context, and characteristics of the realm to change; and then swiftly placing that realm in motion to induce the changes needed.

From her proficiency at adapting to, learning, and mastering any area, objectively seen as needed and required to perform its service – based on what could be observed as a “do what must be done” mentality – Myra bears an affectionate nickname among the spiritual realms: Rhapsody.

Part II. Guidelines

2.1 Reference

Beyond the individual reference point of an individual in incarnation, Minerva has the ability to shift into the broader, wider 7D perspective, and from that vantage point perceive and evaluate how far the society or groups of societies as a whole have evolved, at what stage they are at, how well its efforts have worked, and what is needed next. For that is her purpose. That’s how she evaluates what next steps are needed by the society at any given moment.

In experiences past, societies in the physical would inevitably reach a point where the job could be considered, more or less, achieved. That is not to say consciousness stops evolving when physical societies peak, for there are energy and spiritual levels open for experience beyond the physical; nevertheless physical planetary societies could reach a point where they developed as fully and as far as they could possibly be. In fact reaching that point was precisely the… point. At which stage it could be said Myra’s work had been fulfilled. To her eyes, in terms of functional working, the society and its systems would be optimal.

There is a specific memory of this kind that is held within Myra’s spiritual records/memory, the end result of which stands to her as the epitome of her service, the reference by which all other situations are measured. In this memory, I have a perspective from space – representing which would have been Myra’s perspective. From that perspective I see several small vehicles bustling through the relative darkness of space lightly lit by the residual light of the sun and stars. In terms of scale these ships are small, with slightly elongated shapes and straight edges. These are traveling between planets within the same solar system. They are almost like automobiles, serving an equivalent role (but in space).

This system has at least three planets inhabited by well developed societies. The bulk of these societies are composed of beings who differ slightly in appearance from one planet to the next, sufficiently to be considered distinct and be told apart from each other, but at the same time comfortably belonging to the same root race. Think the difference between dogs and wolves: distinct, but at the same time virtually identical, genetically speaking. In these planets there’s also a comparatively small amount of individuals inhabiting these societies who didn’t genetically originate from this solar system, but instead traveled from other places and settled there.

Between the societies of these planets there are strong bonds of trade, exchange of goods between them (represented by the vehicles traveling in space between them). This trade mutually bolsters their economies. It also contributes to strengthen their bonds of peace in a pragmatic way. The prosperity brought by this trade, and by the way the societal system as a whole is assembled, is such that the cost of waging any potential war or armed conflict – or even passive ones – would be far outweighed by the loss or interference with open trade.

There would always be non-negligible differences, disputes, squabbles, and disagreements, between individuals or groups within societies, or between the management of two planets. But the economical and social structures in place were prosperous to a sufficient degree that it made these disputes much likely to be solved in a peaceful manner.

Furthermore inner consciousness was high enough that it also made little sense to belittle or think poorly of those who are different – race, appearance, demeanor, etc – instead difference being celebrated, respected, and perhaps more importantly, put to use by the society where needed. There is ample tolerance and even celebration of individual difference, which was literally seen as a plus, an asset or advantage.

This global society (and each of the three main ones within it) held a high level of inner/personal consciousness, and had a social structuring such that allowed, was support and catalyst for, and helped maintain in a practical, pragmatic sense, that high level of consciousness. The spiritual/inner component had its reflection in the physical/practical one, and vice-versa. This situation became the example, the ideal to achieve for.

2.2 Void

However a problem would arise within Minerva/Myra, specifically when reaching the stage in a society where “all was good”.

Minerva – both as the broader spiritual entity and also participating in the incarnation experience – was very diligent, and would spend much focus and effort in pursuing the objective and optimization of these societies. This was her work, and it drove her forward. But when the society had been developed fully and had finally reached a point of optimization that was feasible and desired, suddenly Myra would instantly lose her sense of purpose completely.

When all it could be achieved had been achieved, Myra would find herself staring at a massive absence, a void, of inner meaning. She had worked hard towards the final objective – but that final objective gave her nothing. She felt no sense of satisfaction, achievement, fulfillment, or glory. Instead, just a big hole. A lack. What once drove her and kept her going, suddenly wasn’t there. It was gone.

This experience, particularly as it would play out repeatedly, at the end of each societal improvement, was to a large extent traumatic.

A 7D spiritual entity doesn’t need to worry about working to earn money, survival. To a spiritual entity all it truly matters, is what it matters to It. Its spiritual service. And while it “worked” (i.e. provided its service trying to achieve the optimization of the society) this sense of meaning and purpose seemed to be there with her. But once she stopped, it was gone.

Furthermore, Myra was used to knowing things. She knew the answers to all the problems; all the witty answer to the smartest riddles; which pieces fit the puzzle, and by what order they must be placed. However she didn’t know this. She didn’t know what to do to fix absence. At this moment it was as if her knowledge failed her completely and couldn’t help her. To her, stopping working meant void, loss, absence of it all.

So what was her best, intuitive – and perhaps in a sense, only – response to this?

To keep working.

To rinse and repeat. To start anew. To choose the new system, the new society, the new civilization, to work upon. And carry on doing what she did best, which was to facilitate improvement. If nothing else, she’d feel on track, fulfilling what was clearly her purpose as a spiritual entity, while doing so. At least there she had some meaning.

But the doubt lingered. How could what was her purpose as a spiritual entity, provide no sense of meaning? Myra had no true answer to this – at least not as surely and clearly as she knew how to improve societies. It was beyond her.

To her, the experience of participating in her service, and completing it, was of being left unsatisfied. Of achieving a long sought-after goal, and then, even if successful, getting nothing out of it in the end. Perhaps that one specific civilization did not contain her meaning; perhaps she did something wrong, or not did good enough, that made her miss that meaning.

So Minerva carried on, providing her true genuine service as a spiritual entity to further societies. But the small sliver of doubt remained throughout, never really answered: what if this too had no meaning? What if I don’t find my meaning? So each time she began anew, she was a little more sad, a little more hurt, a little more lost. In each new project she would try harder, focused more, explored more venues, specialized in more options. Yet, time and time again, as she performed her service and reaching the end of it, inevitably she found the same nothing, dark, sad, meaningless void, that was so well known to her.

During her journey, each early potential, each early society, each situation that was new and possibly a novelty, would lift her spirits, renew her stamina. Likewise, each new situation an incarnating aspect got to finally be imbued with her true Essence, for the first time in a very long time for its existence after a long “walk in the desert”, and got to experience the magic of spiritual awakening, there was a sense of awe, and the injection of a renewal of “motivation”, from that experience as well.

But deep down, with her true energy, with her Essence, also came in this very strong memory of discouragement, of absence of hope, contained within it. A void, desperation, perhaps a form of depression, hidden beneath the magic. One that came from memories past, of knowing who she was and what she had to do, yet at the same time feeling she wouldn’t be able to connect with her meaning.

2.3 Meaning

There are two aspects to meaning. Even on the highest levels of awareness.

One is the meaning that relates more to masculine-energy.

This is about what is done. It relates to the action or choice that is made, the tool that is used, and the external purpose one is attempting to achieve or serve. This aspect to meaning is, also, the alignment of the action I do, with my own true nature and spiritual Essence. It allows the experience of fulfillment, in the sense one is acting according to one’s inner vision of the world/Universe and serving the world/Universe, and doing what’s in one’s inner nature to do. Therefore this interpretation of meaning equates to fulfillment or purpose.

The other side of meaning relates to feminine-energy.

This is about why one is doing what is being done. It is also about the energy of Love. Love might sometimes be reason for action, but it is not action itself. Love doesn’t “do” anything. It is passive, as opposed to active, energy. Love is simply there, cushioning you, making you comfortable, making you feel accepted, embraced, just as you are, just as you exist. One may or not allow, or not Love; one can seek it, explore it, act upon it, and make choices that align with Love. But Love, the energy itself, if you will, is just there. This interpretation of meaning equates to feeling accepted, embraced, loved.

This distinction is quite subtle and may become “murky” depending on the interpretation of it. Certainly one could use different words to describe this to have the two concepts seem identical. However this distinction is vital to the high level 7D entity. One is the more functional, so to speak, fulfillment-related side to “meaning”; the other is a more about the connection the entity feels with the Universe, with All Reality, and the acceptance of the self, perhaps in a more inner or “emotional” sense, if you will.

One of the reasons Minerva found a void of meaning when reaching its external goals, was because of her great affinity, by her own nature, with the masculine-energy side of service, and a relative disconnection with the feminine side.

There was and is a strong sense of purpose about serving the society, in reaching its goal of growth and expansion of Consciousness. That is still an external goal, serving something external to the self. However once this objective had been reached, all it is left is the feminine-aspect of meaning, which was lacking. It was not felt. So upon completing the external goal/service, and suddenly finding oneself in a moment where there wasn’t service to be done, the component of meaning that does not depend on action, on the existence of an external service to be performed, was absent, lacking. And so the experience was one of void.

Not having realized this fully, the 7D entity grew a dependency with the only aspect of meaning it could find: to keep serving. This was the only experience known to provide any kind of meaning at all. And so all Minerva could do, was to serve. Almost no time would pass between one journey and the next. Out of one society to improve, she would immediately want to start seeking to work on the next.

However the growing anxiety and frustration about the lack of meaning, as it was not well understood, made the spiritual entity and its aspects, whenever embarking on the new journey of incarnation and experience, to over-focus on the service provided, in its masculine-energy side. She would work harder. She tried to compensate.

This had the opposite effect. As more effort was made in the action, in serving the external, and the exploration of venues to serve, the less room/space/time it was given to the meaning that is more subtle, feminine-based, not related to action, more subtle, less obvious.

“Feminine-based” does not mean the individual is more “manly”, or wants to be a man. It means the feminine-energy component of spiritual Love was now being given less and less room to manifest, to just be felt. It was being less and less allowed. So this added effort, in practical terms, in trying to serve best, and seeking meaning, resulted in the intensification and worsening, and not the improvement, of the bias of the entity. The more effort it was put in the form of meaning that it was known, the more disconnection it was created with the one that was less understood. It was a negative cycle.

If one was to translate this type of pattern of the 7D level onto the human reality, a number of “typical” examples could be offered. These are not necessarily patterns Myra bears in a literal sense; but first and foremost ways to illustrative the situation. One example would be the stereotypical pattern of the “workaholic”, obsessively seeking to occupy his time with tasks of work to seek fulfillment from there, yet leaving little time for his family and emotional affairs, possibly neglecting over time the connection and relationship with them.

Another example is the person obsessively seeking the stimulus from computer and device screens, to the point it serves to compensate the need and lack of interpersonal contact. In both cases the person’s brain is taking advantage of the oxytocin “hit” whenever minor goals are achieved at work or in the device, thus receiving momentary relief from the perception of absence of connection, love, acceptance, inner meaning. However quite soon the relief turns into a dependency-based habit, as the brain is now hooked on the habit/momentum of receiving biological relief to the situation of lack, which is emotional at its core and hasn’t really been addressed in its core cause. On top of this, the habit that forms has the person make available less and less time to work on and nurture meaningful personal connections, which is what was truly needed and desired.

2.4 Dispersed

The entity no longer was strictly performing its service simply “for the sake of it”, i.e. without an agenda beyond the service itself. Now there was an overlay of added emotional, if you will, charge about it. The external service needed to not only achieve an external purpose determined by external circumstances, but because of the inner lacking of the entity, it now also needed to provide for the inner sense of connection the entity felt.

Already an entity highly focused in versatility and flexibility, the exploration of whatever tools, venues, and field of expertise, service could be provided by, was intensified, as an attempt to find new meaning in new and different things, externally. This sometimes took the entity to explore venues of service that, while still aligned with the self – essentially speaking the entity can virtually do and specialize in anything at all – were now less so. They would be at the “far edges”, if you will, of the realm of things the entity could do an feel affinity for. So even the things by which service was provided externally were now providing less and less fulfillment-based meaning.

This led to the ironic situation of the degradation, to an extent, of the ability to track down where and what exactly is the correct tool for the situation to be addressed. Whenever a topic of interest was found, all things within that realm start being interesting and fresh, yet ultimately but inevitably fall into a “hole” of blandness, pointlessness, lack of strong personal meaning.

This is valid even for more “explicit” spiritual matters, and the esoteric/metaphysical. In other words, just because a metaphysical tool or teaching is perceived by Myra as valid, truthful, genuine, and capable of being put to use for the purposes of benevolent service, that doesn’t mean that venue holds inner connection to her.

There’s a strong affinity with the exploration of new spiritual venues and tools that are perceived as interesting, and genuine excitement when finding them for the first time; but there is also the propensity to become dispersed in that exploration, and for Myra to find herself trapped in a loop of “seeking-discovering-not strongly sticking” in terms of meaning, to any one specific venue. Thus making her feel stuck, or fear getting stuck, and not knowing what to do. At this point Myra feels she can’t find “the one true path” to take in that regard.
In truth she feels a loss of her own ability to pinpoint, identity – through inner connection – “what she is meant to be doing”. Which is one of the reasons why this reading was requested.

Seeking, being able to deal with, and mastering many things, including of the spiritual nature, is and always will be a trait of Myra, something she feels affinity with. However within this situation remains the propensity to overcompensate, and in doing so taking this propensity to such a level the inner connection with those things may be diluted or missed altogether.

The same way she might be at a loss about truly connecting with, valuing, a spiritual venue or tool, Myra also has the intrinsic tendency to devalue her own metaphysical traits, abilities, what she’s learned about herself, and what she can do and achieve. Even if she had the power to literally alter the course of the Universe with the mere snap of her fingers, for her it would be felt as ‘yes but what else?’. It’s as if her abilities are never really good enough.

Also, she will likely feel as if only when she reaches a point when she knows everything, will she be able to find what’s missing, and decide what to do. This is part of the overall scenario of dilution of meaning and connection. It is also a reflection of for eons having repeatedly arrived at the end of a hard-fought goal, having optimized the consciousness of a whole society, yet not finding anything meaningful with it.

Nothing never seems to be good enough.

2.5 Ancestral Karma

Seeking meaning within, as well as balancing it with the acuity for processing knowledge, information, and tools, is an ancestral karma: an issue/subject very closely related to the Soul’s story throughout time, handled, explored extensively, yet without having ever been completely solved. It has been been with Myra beyond even a single incarnational cycle on one planet. It relates with her highest consciousness levels.

Therefore this is not a subject matter that one could expect to be healed, solved, overnight. Rather, it is to be faced as a long-term project. Something likely to be present, and meant to be addressed in some way, throughout Myra’s journey.

To a significant extent, it is something that should be perceived as part of Myra’s spiritual nature, and therefore something to be accepted and worked with – as opposed to trying to fix it.

That is not to say that this aspect of Myra’s nature sits in a state of balance and harmony. The key to heal this situation, in whichever manner it manifests and matters, is to discover, acknowledge, and allow the space for, the more subtle aspects of meaning, as described so far. The various situations in Myra’s practical life that can in some way be related to this situation will be opportunities for her to do so.

One will be the professional or service-to-others realm, in particular the desire to discover and endeavor in an activity that connects with and makes practical use of metaphysical tools and abilities. There will also be opportunities in Myra’s personal areas of life as well. The following are directives to assist in this regard.

2.5.1 Focus on the Why

The affinity and desire for the exploration of multiple venues, practices, and techniques of metaphysical nature, is not to be dismissed. Myra will find personal meaning and motivation in being able to explore and connect with many of them. This exploration is important for her growth.

Having said this, this reading will state very clearly that Myra, at some point, will necessarily have to make up her mind about a more definite commitment, a path, in a more concise manner. This will begin shifting her journey from a phase of a more “wide” exploration of said techniques, into one where she’s taking steps with a specific idea or intention in mind.

It is not needed a “hard”, definitive decision. No one is rushing. There is no one to please. Rather, it is a process by which an inner vision is formed.

What will define most clearly the path, is not what can be done – but why.

The “why” is what you feel should be your task, regardless of any and all techniques or perspectives of metaphysical nature you may ever come across. It’s the why behind the what or how.

It’s what you hold close to her heart; what you’d ideally want to do, for the world or for others, if you were allowed boundless time, abundance, patience, and resources. It’s pursuing the highest, yet feasible, idea you hold about herself. It’s your vision about your service.

This is something you can’t take from anyone. You may get clues, hints, suggestions, even from this reading. But it’s something only you alone, by yourself, can ever come to terms with.

Let’s imagine that a spiritual master “responsible” for your spiritual path on Earth meets you on the spiritual realms. There, momentarily released from immediate concerns of money, time, or skill, he simply asks you. “What would you like to do? Who would you like to be?”

What would your answer be?

Do you have any spiritual “pet peeve”, i.e. something that gets to you regarding how the world works, what people believe in, or how they behave, that you would really like to change, contribute to change, or do differently yourself?

Is there something in your personal life that bothered since you were young; that mattered to you early on; maybe something that ‘normally’ wouldn’t matter to children; or even before you ever came in contact with “spiritual” things, that you’d like to see addressed, in the world, in others, or in society? It could possibly something no one else would want to see addressed like you do, including maybe even in spiritual circles; perhaps something no one else holds any special sensitivity for.

These could be tools; techniques, methods; or, the way one does things; the mindset, attitude, perspective, or manner by which one conducts him/herself, as one goes about using the tools, or performing their tasks/service, or how one interacts with others.

These might even differ from those things that to others would sound the most “right” or “spiritual” on paper, were they to be asked this question. They might differ heavily from what the rest of the world believes to be its own most important priorities or problems. Perhaps this pet peeve might not be the most important or visible aspect the world needs to heal; or how the world thinks it will heal it. But it’s your spiritual peeve. It’s what you want to do.

You might already know exactly the answer. Or, you might ask this now, and over time get a new answer, or a different one.

Doing this exercise, exploring and making up your mind, strictly internally, strictly within the realm of hypothetical possibility, within your inner world, in the confines of your intimacy – just between you and the Universe – achieves two things.

One, it connects you with something the world might need, and you have the potential to provide through service. For everything that was born out of the heart, bears the potential to connect with the hearts of others. It has you discover how can you serve best; what is the best venue to achieve your service. This is what the 7D entity knows how to do.

Two, it has you connect yourself with your own meaning within, “from the heart”, beyond the tools and practices themselves.

All tools, even spiritual ones – channeling, Reiki, visualization, etc – are like vehicles on the road. There are many different vehicles, with many purposes and roles. Some are faster and more powerful, while others are designed to be more practical and efficient. Some are meant to be primarily owned by single individuals or couples, while others are designed with families with children in mind. Some are designed to hauls goods across long distances. Some are designed to better travel outside and in-between cities, others to be driven in the city and within urban environments, others still are designed to be versatile, practical, and go off-road.

But the vehicle itself doesn’t take you anywhere. The vehicle doesn’t determine your destination; it doesn’t make the decision of where it wants to go, why, or to do what. It is you, at the driver’s seat, steering the wheel, making those decisions. You decide the destination, where you want to go. You’re also making the decisions the whole way there – which road to take, which turn to make, the speed at which you travel. And possibly even if some point you decide to turn back and go a different route.

Meaning, you decide what is the service, and its purpose, you want your ability or abilities to be used for – beyond what the ability themselves represent when interpreted on their own. This is the why.

Coming to terms with the why is what will will give meaning in an emotional/sustained manner, and in the long term. Perhaps not always in an “exciting” manner, but in a more subtle, and yet strong, enduring, way. And while this reading may offer hints and provide a background from clues to be drawn for, the why can’t be imposed or even strictly defined here – because coming to terms with it from within is precisely the point.

The why is not about intense visualization, or trying to perform an exercise to achieve an end. The why is a peaceful, solitary response to an answer no one will ever make, without any promises or strings attached. It’s about forming an idea which exists strictly on the level of potentials. Nevertheless, it’s still a decision. Something you define within, for yourself. Once the why is in place, then the steps to begin manifesting it will soon start to follow – for example, what tools to use, when, and how.

Once you an intention behind your motivation, within the confines of the collaboration between your own mind and heart, then the results of your practical real-life efforts resulting from that intention will intrinsically produce effects, across space and time, aligning with that very intention – even if these effects aren’t visible or obvious to you at that moment.

2.5.2 Accept your Nature

When you start setting your mind about what drives you, the pieces of the puzzle will begin falling into place to show you the way, or at least the next step ahead. For example you might come to understand what gift or ability you can use to do what you want to do; how you can combine existing metaphysical techniques, tools and your own knack of doing things; you might even be shown an entirely new gift, or a new understanding, for that purpose.

In this context, it is of grave importance you find within yourself a degree of acceptance about the way you feel things, here specifically in the metaphysical sense.

If the input by which you receive information are physical sensations, then this is to be accepted as so. That is not to say you won’t expand the ways you connect with Spirit, or the manner by which you receive input cannot evolve over time. But, there’s the need to accept how you feel things, the way you feel them. Perhaps you feel the physical input, and/or the manner you receive it, are not particularly conductive of clarity, insight, or meaning. Perhaps you feel there are limitations to this input, or to how you interpret it, and that others channel or receive information in ways that are “better” in some way.

You are free to always strive to improve, and build upon ways to obtain further clarity in your connection. Learning never ceases. All things evolve. But while the desire to improve on one’s connection is legitimate, nevertheless there’s a point past which it becomes the dissatisfaction of someone looking at the neighbor’s grass which appears greener.

The ‘looking to the side’ aspect of the equation is profoundly detrimental to the self. It devalues, disrespects yourself, your gifts, your nature, and what you’ve progressed, learned, and accomplished so far, even if done in a lighthearted manner. Spiritually speaking you will tend to severely limit the amount of acknowledgment Spirit and the Universe may reflect back to you, as you’re limiting your own acknowledgment of yourself.

In every spiritual path, particularly for those with aspirations to heal, teach, act as spiritual practitioners, there’s the need – irrespectively of the “quality” of the inner spiritual connection or the amount of knowledge that has been accumulated – to adopt the perspective of being satisfied with the gift that has been bestowed upon them by Spirit; with the body of spiritual information that one has been subscribed to, or one veers towards; and generally speaking with the ways the person naturally experiences reality and sees the world. If not right away, then at some point down the road.

There will be a tendency to feel one needs to know everything, and develop all known abilities under the sun, before feeling there’s worth in the service to be provided, or useful insight in the guidance/teaching offered. This is a tendency that relates closely with the ancestral memory of things about the self never being sufficient, never being enough, and also the tendency to devalue one’s ability.

The decision for satisfaction is not one that aims at stagnation, inflexibility, arrogance – but one that finally sees what the self as worthy of value, sufficiently good, sufficient. It leaves room for “imperfection”, thus further seeking of improvement and growth; but it withdraws from the equation the part of the self that is “looking to the side”, undermining and undervaluing its own intrinsic worth.

2.5.3 Intertwining of Energies

One of the reasons Myra’s metaphysical abilities feel slightly off, is because the spiritual energy still coming in at the time which is still in the process of intertwining with the Myra’s preexisting energy.

If you were to observe two ropes which are being tightly wrapped around each other to form a stronger rope, the part where the two ropes are already closely intertwined with each other represents where the communication between the two energies is already established and working; the point past this part, where the two ropes are stretched out, still separate from each other, yet to come into contact, represents the work yet to take place in order for that to happen.

This is one of the reasons why there’s a sense of something yet to be complete, which again is perfectly legitimate. This process of intertwining is taking place as Myra endeavors in her exploration of further metaphysical studies and techniques; and it will be perfected and refined as her basic inner intentions for her service form, coalesce, gain detail, and as she take steps for the purposes of, and in alignment, with those intentions.

One exercise she can do to strengthen the connection and communication between the two energies, thereby assisting the process, is whenever she’s performing any kind of channeling or receiving information intuitively, for whatever purpose, and when the channeling ends, to go back to the start and repeat the channeling. In other words going over the exact same channeling.

Channeled information tends to remain in the metaphysical channels close to you (for example with your guides, or the channeled entity still lingering in your proximity). This tends to very with many factors, such as the nature of the entity and the nature of the energy of the channel; nevertheless it generally holds true. This means you can, if you want, “fetch” the channeled information more than once, akin to re-listening to a recording. This process can be called a re-channel, to re-do a channeling, or a two-step channeling.

The process can yield better results if each “pass” of the channeling – same questions, same entity, same subject matter – is made through a different technique. One possible exercise is as follows: first you perform the initial channeling as you would do otherwise. For example, by requesting the presence and information of an entity, and sitting down while receiving the information. When this is done, you then proceed to pick up the pen and paper, and write down the information you received. You’ll “pretend” you’re back to the beginning of the channeling, still in connection with the entity, and you revisit the same information.

As you pick the pen and start to write, you may find the information you previously received, which you’re seemingly holding in memory, is expanded upon, or look clearer to you, for example.

By doing this exercise you can develop a better grasp with the information you received; you may explore nuances or emotional aspects to the information you weren’t aware before; you may detect new ways you feel, experience, or “get” the information; you’re working and expanding the sixth chakra; and you’re strengthening your direct connection with the spiritual realms.

You’re also putting to use multiple techniques within the same situation, to address and perceive it from multiple perspectives, giving it depth, volume, texture. You may use any other techniques as you see fit, when applicable.

2.5.4 Knowing vs Connecting

The other reason the intuitive connection is feeling off, is due to the essential “rift” between knowing (knowledge, information, masculine-energy) and connecting (empathy, love, feminine-energy). While this difference might be extremely subtle and hard to define, nowhere it is clearer than, perhaps, during Myra’s metaphysical work.

Sometimes a quite paradoxical situation happens while applying her metaphysical abilities. When channeling an entity/energy, Myra can feel, exactly, clearly, the characteristics of the energy. And this perception is clear to her. Yet sometimes she may not be able to quite connect with who this entity/energy is. This would be like meeting a person in the street face to face and being capable of instantly knowing everything about the person – personality traits, concerns, worries, mood, energy, health, and so on – yet then not being able to recognize/remember who the person actually is, or if you know her personally. Another example is when she’s able to channel, receive information, but then the information for some reason doesn’t seem to “stick”, or be or any particular relevance to her. She’s able to receive information, but possibly didn’t really connect with it. This happens because of the very subtle but essential difference between knowing something (Myra’s expertise as a spiritual entity) and being able to connect with it.

Once again addressing this is twofold: one part is about simply accepting that this aspect runs through Myra’s spiritual “veins”, and therefore one should not expect it to change overnight. The other part is about working to remove the excess focus on the masculine knowing, and transfer it into the opening of the space for, and acknowledging the value of, the feminine side of the equation. The decisions presented before – (2.5.1) seeking meaning through the “why”, and (2.5.2) acceptance of one’s own qualities – are both part of this. They are both an opening up of, connecting with, the meaning that lies within as opposed to the one one sees outside – in this instance, perhaps, more turned to the professional/service aspect of life.

2.5.4 Personal Life

Regarding your personal life, this reading offers the guideline to make room, make space, make time, for moments that are not related to obligation, responsibility, duty, or service.
If you do tend to place a significant amount of effort in the professional area of your life, or for example to the exploration of the metaphysical, to the point that it becomes all you focus on, and all you draw fulfillment from (including the comparatively “new” spiritual focus) then it is of paramount importance you consciously create time for moments when you aren’t doing those things.

These should be light spontaneous moments, driven solely and strictly by leisure, and don’t even need to ‘spiritual’ at all: going to the theater to see a movie, eating the ice cream, going for a walk, shopping, etc – whatever you feel like doing, that represents to you carefree leisure, and is made for no particularly “important” reason. Within the confines of your personal discernment, these are the moments when you’re meant to do things just because.

Another aspect to this is when you catch yourself never satisfied when you don’t understand something spiritually; when you didn’t get a spiritual insight or piece of knowledge; when you haven’t been able to master a specific technique. Not absolutely everything is of critical importance. Quite often a most useful tool in these circumstances is not to push even further against the wall, and instead interrupt yourself from the pushing, and momentarily forcing yourself to disconnect from the need to know everything; and go off to take a walk, do something else.

As I performed the reading, I perceived very clearly that the guideline about opening up to moments not about expectation/work (masculine-energy) and instead more about the emotional, personal, and connection (feminine-energy), would also involve the opening up to a romantic relationship.

It is possible you hold such a desire for companionship, but that a number of elements block the experience. You could, for example, be always dissatisfied in some way with the “quality” of interested parties willing to engage in a relationship with you; or that over time you always find some poor quality or flaw that makes you lose interest in the relationship.

This is not to say you’re meant to be any less discerning, selective, or lower your standards, about companionship. Nevertheless, I clearly felt a potential for a solid romantic relationship that would play a central role in creating in your life a solid emotional base, with acceptance, the freedom and support to be who you are, and also the opportunity to develop, explore, and enjoy, the emotional aspect of life.

As you desire to reconnect with your spiritual kin, one part of that desire is indeed wanting to reconnect, reacquaint yourself, with higher consciousness, and with your higher identity and purpose. But this desire is also being influenced by the desire for human companionship, which might have been somewhat suppressed, yet still holds true. Perhaps you’ve given up pursuing romantic relationships, which seemed to never to be up to your standards, or simply just not work well.

The answer to the desire for companionship on a human level, is the experience of a human relationship – provided it is appropriate, respectful, and aligned with your truthful self.

The desire for human companionship doesn’t exist only because of ‘instinct’, or human biology; it also stems from an awareness on a spiritual level, which knows the “correct” relationship is of core important to the spiritual lessons here addressed, regarding connecting with the feminine-energy side of connection, meaning.

The principles previously explained here coalesce in the realm of romantic relationships as well: the opening up of time, space, and expectations for the romantic/emotional level, just enough so that the appropriate relationship has at least the opportunity to manifest; accepting that on the human reality seldom things will be flawless in a literal sense, but they can be in balance and convey healing; and at the same time, accepting yourself and your unique nature in such a manner that you’re not willing to tolerate anyone with whom you’re incompatible or doesn’t fully accept you.

The reading only very briefly explicitly focused on the topic of romantic relationships, being the strongest main idea, the potential for a solid one-on-one relationship as a vital part of your personal spiritual growth and lessons, as explained.

I received no in-depth information in this reading specifically regarding having children. I will state it’s common and spiritually appropriate for the spiritual human being to make the determination to not have children in his/her lifetime, so that his/her life may be fully devoted, this time around, to one’s spiritual awakening, and to follow one’s inner pursuits that are most meaningful to the internal self. When that’s the case, the spiritual potential for a solid relationship in integrity and alignment with your true true self, will necessarily contemplate this decision, and involve a corresponding choice by, and therefore compatibility with, the potential partner.

2.6 Medicine

Let us assume for a moment your inner determination about what to aim for and why, once you explore it and begins gaining definition, takes you towards the area of medicine. And let us define the term “medicine” broadly, as in the forms and guiding principles by which the societal systems care for the health of individuals in a practical sense.

Bear in mind this reading wishes not to push you specifically in any given subject matter, also because, essentially and virtually speaking, you could do anything – as this is your spiritual nature. Nevertheless the following information is presented as a brief, candid, superficial exploration, a brainstorm if you will, of potentials for the future, should this particular realm be chosen.

Having said that, a focus on medicine would make sense and fit the bill, in a manner of speaking. Feeling intuitive and spiritual input through the body could be used to connect with someone else’s state of health and balance, or lack thereof. In this scenario, through the course of your spiritual and metaphysical exploration of tools and techniques, you would be led to discover how your physical sensations could be used, for example, to connect with, read, the unbalance of the physical, or energy subtle levels, of someone’s health. And it could be that the techniques and tools you learned and will learn would be used not so much as the primary or driving factor in your service, but in a support and complementary role, for an already existing, natural and intuitive predisposition/sensitivity, to in some way connect with the health of another.

Caring for the health of others is not an uni-dimensional proposition. There are many variations, levels, venues, types of service, on many levels, without it being true that you have to master all of them – something you could perhaps be tempted to think. Anything does not mean everything.

Some practitioners have such gifts that they specialize in performing more intervention-based, “serious” modes of interventive measure, a.k.a. surgery, performed on the physical body from the subtle or “etheric” levels. In such cases often the practitioner may truly be acting in support of his ethereal team which are the ones performing the actual intervention, with the practitioner acting as channel and anchor for that work on the physical level.

Other practitioners are able to assess a physical condition or imbalance manifest on the physical body, and be able to ascertain what that imbalance is, where it comes from or why it manifested, and be able to provide without a doubt steps A, B, and C that are necessary to have the body get back into a state of balance, resulting this information from a combination of the perception of their own gifts and techniques, and the receiving of information from their guidance team and/or other specialized entities through channeling/intuition.

Some specialize in work that is more preventive or maintenance-based, in other words maintaining the energy and emotional balance of the body, with the primary aim of reducing the risk of energy imbalance ever manifesting as a physical illness, or for example in assisting the recovery process of the physical body after receiving surgery or when undergoing long-term treatment.

Physical health, and the endeavor of caring for it, are intrinsically tied with the state and dynamics of the emotional; with the state of mind or mood especially the ones that are sustained consistently, over long periods of time; and with the subtle levels of the body. The holistic, metaphysical practitioner knows this. To every state of imbalance on the physical there’s always in some way shape or form a context to it on the more subtle levels; an imbalance which existed in an energy sense, that preceded the manifestation of that imbalance on the physical. When addressing physical imbalance, holistic practitioners will always have to deal closely with these subtle dynamics, and understand the connection between the physical level, and with emotions, belief systems, mood, daily habits and routines, and so on.

One also needs to factor the emotional element surrounding the situation of illness. Out of all the challenges possible to the life of the human being, health issues can impact the deepest. Health is the human being’s anchor in the physical, a 1st chakra matter. The physical is what allows experience, and therefore tends to come before all other considerations. A challenge to one’s state of health is a challenge to everything else; it puts everything else in question, and on hold sometimes.

Health issues, when present and serious enough, can limit and condition one’s life, often in a manner that is perceived or experienced as being against one’s choice. Some health issues may leave behind enduring and limiting consequence that cannot be recovered from no matter what. When issues are life-threatening they cause an immense stress and upheaval, as the person will be “forced” to contemplate one’s own existence – thus confronting all their religious, spiritual, and meaning-based perceptions. Not to mention the distress caused to family members, and their own experience of the situation. Health challenges sometimes result in profound spiritual transformative experience because of this.

Myra also has a natural affinity, regarding any given field or subject, with the broad overview or “meta” perspective of it. This does not necessarily mean Myra must choose or have a role explicitly of a high notoriety, influence. It means both the human being and its broader spiritual consciousness will work with the evolving consciousness of planet Earth in tandem. The human self will be making its own choices in life, threading its own path; and, provided in this path his inner meaning is followed, each step aligned with the heart, then that path will have meaning to, be aid for, be connected with the broader-scale work of the entity, even if repercussions and consequences of choices, on the broader scale, may not be known consciously or right away. The connection will be essentially, mainly, through the heart.

Nevertheless, given the spiritual affinity with said meta perspective, it could be natural and possible for Myra to, at some point along the way, choose or find herself in roles within her field of choice that are more meta, that is to say, have more influence than strictly working on a one-on-one basis with others. In medicine examples of this would be the one participating or coordinating the diagnosis of situations requiring the collaboration and exchange between multiple disciplines – including those that are more scientific/conventional with those that are more alternative/metaphysical; or contributing to the development of such circumstances in the system; or the training of future practitioners in how their gifts work and how multiple holistic and metaphysical techniques can be used to achieve specific goals.

It is of note that the knowledge and practice of the mainstream, conventional, “scientific” medicine is not necessarily to be discarded, put to the side, just because the direction one is taking is “spiritual”. For if you have your leg severed and you need to stitch it back together you’re not calling the Reiki crew to do it. For that you’re likely to require conventional cirurgy and those qualified to perform it.

Our point being, that in the specific case of medicine – but valid for any realm – all things, tools, techniques, knowledge, experience, of any kind, including both the more metaphysical ones as well as the less so, are ultimately tools to achieve an end, which effectively is the curing of the patient. Towards that end many roles are needed and required depending on the situation, from the most invasive procedures to the more subtle or long-term ones. And if currently the best and viable solution is held by the mainstream medicine, then that’s the one to be used.

On the broad overview level, for the purposes of raising the functioning of a society, the guideline in the long run is always to bring the societal system in the physical as close as possible to, reflect as best as possible, the corresponding Truth of Spirit beyond the physical.

The spiritual Truth is that all individuals are equal in worth and equally deserving of Love. With regards to medicine, on the society level that will (ultimately) correspond to providing a benevolent, altruistic – unaffected by the agendas of individuals or groups – comprehensive, integral – with inclusion of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels – analysis and care, of the physical imbalance, as well as providing it to all individuals without practical difference in the access to it. Granted this could be described as “Utopian”, nevertheless it is the end goal, the ultimate standard, closely related also to Myra’s vision of the optimized societies she has participated in.

From the close memory of how an advanced society looks like, Myra holds high standards regarding the functioning of the various areas of society. While providing any service and perhaps specifically in the context of health/personal care, she would for example expect a provider while serving her or a patient to immediately and without question devote all of himself, with fully open heart and full dedication, and not give anything less than his utmost best, to the situation, until it is solved. She would expect full, unconditional, 100% commitment and support by anyone placed in a role of service. She would expect to feel well served whenever she needs to i.e. when seeking out a doctor and/or an expert to be left without doubts, without uncertainty of any kind, and be given the ultimate and best possible treatment in any given situation.

This is of course not always, not quite the situation that happens at the moment. Various limitations in belief and rigidity can prevent mainstream medicine to open to the perspective that is less ‘scientific. It is possible to be stricken by a health situation for which one cannot afford. It is on occasion necessary to seek different opinions from various doctors, all with a different take on a situation, offering the difficulty of a) finding it difficult to have a doctor willing to fix the situation, or b) not being able to know for sure who is right, which is the correct diagnosis, or the best option to take.

Possibly also, due to her story as a Soul, Myra may have the experience of providers or practitioners always being reluctant to take her side, to commit fully to the care she asks.

Much like on the individual level, when uplifting an area of society in the long term, one is not only dealing with the tools used, but with the emotional side, or the human-based element to them. When trying to change the way systems work one always has to deal with the interests – some altruistic and others less so – and possible resistance of the various groups, societies, enterprises, and individuals with leverage or influence in that area. One also has to contend with what the consciousness of the society as a whole is capable of accepting and is ready to accept at any given point in time. It took conventional medicine many years and effort to be acknowledged as a reputable, trustworthy institution, and shed away practices unfounded by scientific knowledge that would lead to more harm than good. It is only natural there will be resistance to accept any kind of change that can be perceived to go against that trust.

Changes to society involve a complex tapestry of elements, interests, and participants. They typically do not happen overnight. It takes time for true change to occur and manifest. Sometimes there are steps forward, sometimes there aren’t. The ultimate, ideal goal, while truthful, usually can’t be achieved right away, from how things work right now. The finish line is usually at the end of the marathon, not right after the start; to reach that finish line one must go through all the stages of the course to get there. This is an analogy to the path an evolving society takes.

What is most important is, at any given moment, to seek to achieve a step in the right direction. To get an improvement over the previous situation. To attempt to match the long-term perception of what is truly the ideal, ultimate goal, with what can feasibly be achieved right now from where one stands. This play at achieving improvement is Myra’s, and her spiritual self’s, form of art.

Medicine was presented here as a potential, but above all else as a schematic, a case study, its guidelines applicable to any realm, idea, or activity Myra chooses to focus upon.

Part III. Connection

3.1 Remember

Seeking to know more about the 7D Collective, the next logical step was to assume this Collective was in itself a projection or aspect of a larger consciousness.

However the fact that the Collective is presented as traveling through space in isolation, lends the idea that it is, or itself feels, isolated, alone. Initially it was extremely difficulty to access any information about the roots, the family, or “ancestry” if you will, of this Collective.

The Collective is, feels, entirely cut off from its origins or ancestry – a broader consciousness it would hypothetically stem from. The Collective itself has aspects, and is aware of how Consciousness works in this regard; so it is also aware, it would assume, it has an ancestry, there would be a broader consciousness of which it is itself a projection from. But this is totally unknown to It. It does not know, and it is not in contact, with any ‘superior’ or ‘ulterior’ Collective preceding it.

This could be analyzed with a more ‘technical’ or strictly metaphysical interpretation: aspect begets aspect; aspect is a projection of another consciousness; etc. However this can also be analyzed under a more subtle or emotional perspective, in other words, explaining how the Collective feels, what is its own “personal” experience.

From this emotional perspective, not knowing or being able to feel her own origin is felt as if her parent is not known. The aspect feels as if she has been forsaken by her parent. This is the origin of the lack of connection on an emotional level. It’s as if she’s alone in the Universe, isolated, left to wander the depths of space, on her own, without family or support.

No matter how much she tries, she can’t connect, from within, with any inner perception about who her parent is; she feels she can’t “remember”. An equivalent experience on the human level would be, for example, when one can’t recall, visualize, the facial features of someone known a long time ago, even if it was someone profoundly loved, meaningful, important.

3.2 Parent

There is a point in the reading when I’m given access to the energy of which Minerva is an aspect of. Up until that point I had been kept entirely in the dark about it, as if it didn’t exist. I can only assume Minerva’s awareness feels this way, has this very perception, on the 7D level. And if I’m being given the information, then a re-connection is surely happening, or it is at least possible, at that level, that will translate, trickle down, to Myra’s lessons and path.

In the context of the image of the 7D Collective, I’m now shown another energy, larger, in the background. This energy is Minerva’s parent entity.

This energy is shown much, much larger. One is not simply bigger than the other, it’s many times larger, by a much bigger scale. This difference in scale is akin to the difference between a small rowboat and an oil tanker ship at sea. This difference in size, metaphysically speaking, represents the projection of a spiritual entity as an aspect of itself. An aspect is always the same entity as its parent, but at the same time is also a subset, a portion, “smaller” than the originating entity as a whole.

The depiction of Minerva as a spiritual entity had been shown almost as city floating in space, its elements and inhabitants representing the complexity, intricacy, of the Collective Consciousness. This conceptualization is also present in the parent entity.

The parent entity appears as an enormous city in the background, in the distance. Its looks roughly flat, yet from the perspective presented I can’t pick up on all of the edges due to the sheer size of it (they are “off screen”). Meaning the parent entity appears so large I can’t even get a notion of its overall shape, it simply appears flat. It is partially translucent as well. With the darkness of deep space behind it, it resembles a vast city seen at the night, with a plethora of small dots of light, not from space but from the entity itself. They represent its vast complexity.

I also know, clearly, the traits of this “bigger” Collective in terms of Consciousness – now interpreting the entity more as an “individual”.

In terms of traits this entity is solemn, magnanimous, serious, knowledgeable. If Minerva was depicted as more of a female energy – Souls don’t have a physical gender, but their identities may nevertheless be presented in a more masculine or feminine tone – this entity is now clearly, at least by comparison, a masculine one.

If I were to attempt to classify this entity in a “pantheon” of sorts, I would place it close to the Central Sun (the gateway to Infinite Consciousness). I would be comfortable in labeling this entity as an Archangel, or an entity/group/Collective of a similar nature and/or order.

The entity (He) has the gift of being able to precisely, accurately, instantly know, determine, the appropriate situation that is required for any lesson to be learned, by any. He will know, to every choice that has been made in any given path, what situation must come to the individual or entity that matches exactly that choice, in terms of, among others, providing opportunity for karmic lesson and if possible closure of the karmic attribute, if one has been created or is being propagated by the choice.

This prediction is not about specific details – names, dates, individuals, etc – but a high-level, “meta”, archetypal knowledge. It is known what energy fits best a situation; what is the next step needed in that situation; and/or what energy/event will be needed to be brought upon by the entity to its own experience, that will match the choice made, as well as the belief systems, memories, and emotional state, that led to it. This is known first beyond the physical, as energy, as potential only, beyond form; only ‘later’ the energy residing strictly as potential will manifest, take shape, take form, and bear detail.

This entity is as such a master of karma, and manifestation, the Laws of Cause and Effect. He does not “control” these laws but He bears instant knowledge of what choice leads to what consequence, consequently dealing also with those choices that lead to experiences that can be classified as unpleasant, of separation, of suffering, and of absence of Light. His symbol is a scale of weights, the instrument used to measure weight, with one dish on each side, to me presented two-dimensionally, in tones of dark blue against a mostly white background.

The property of being able to instantly tell which choice leads to which consequence lends the entity an ability that is akin to being able to ‘see the future’.

7D Consciousness as a principle exists largely beyond the concepts of time and space, or at least with independence from those concepts – thus the concept of “future” is relative and may not apply as we would expect. Still, these observations remain valid as A) abstract, intrinsic properties of the Consciousness Itself regardless of any actions or circumstances, “It is as it Is”; and B) in all the dealings of the entity with form and time; whenever entities undertake lesson and require its service; and whenever the entity itself undergoes experience of its own when in service to other entities in form, and/or projecting itself or its aspects into the realms of form. It is in this context and under this interpretation we refer to these traits.

Instantly and accurately knowing every single consequence to every single choice, act, belief, or motion of Consciousness if you will, naturally – and severely – hampers the Free Will aspect of Itself. The entity is by nature circumspect, reserved, highly careful, reluctant to take action. For if you instantly and exactly know every single consequence to any and all possible actions or choices, you’ll naturally and immediately have the tendency to be reluctant in any actions and choices you make, to control very tightly what you do, in order to be selective about what happens to you, and avoid any situations which are unwanted. Ironically the Archangel of Karma is weary of performing choices that in some way create undesired consequence for the self.

This entity is also, in a manner of speaking, secretive, distant, in a sense “colder”, in terms of interacting/engaging with others – as opposed to be warm, nurturing, loving. The entity has much care engaging with others regardless of nature or level of Consciousness – even other Archangels! – who inevitably will have less understanding He has of these Laws of Cause and Effect (for He is the master of them). This is because choices while dealing with others, in interaction with others, also involve the same laws of cause and effect.

In his mind He always perceives others as having much less care than He in choice of ‘words’, in choice of action; He feels others always as less Responsible than Him. That is not to say he blames them, or thinks any less of other Archangels or entities; this is simply a natural perception to Him because of His own nature. However his aspects when incarnating may find uncomfortable dealing with other individuals, and may tend to see them in general of less consciousness, and appear careless, clumsy, and troublesome.

He tends to be less open, less expansive, in interaction with another, to avoid getting ‘sucked into’ situations that he would otherwise be unwilling to choose, or want to avoid. But also, and perhaps more importantly, to avoid having His knowledge spoil the choices and intentions other entities might have in their path and would otherwise take on their own. Being able to see the future is a gift not without consequence; not to be taken lightly.

He’s also much less responsive to motivation or experience that is driven by excitement, passion, or emotion. The entity is most comfortable, almost prefers, to keep itself in anonymity, in secrecy. “Ideally no-one would know his name”. He would much rather work in the background while others take the spotlight; he will always be the one staying to the side or towards the back of the family picture, by His own choice.

Cold as opposed to warm, distant as opposed to engaging, calculating as opposed to expansive, knowledgeable as opposed to sensitive, these are all attributes that are more masculine-energy in type. This is one of the reasons the energy is depicted as male, as a “He”.

3.3 Anonymity

Throughout the reading I kept accessing information about how this entity is, but at the same time I could never easily connect with who the entity is. I could not recognize It/Him. I received it was an entity of Conscious Collective equivalent or similar to an Archangel. I also received it would be likely to be a familiar energy; one known to humans, under a name or another – as opposed to an entity which is largely unknown to the collective consciousness of Earth.

This reflects the very rift between knowing/what vs connecting/emotion addressed in the reading. I know the entity it’s difficult to recognize It. This is also, in part, and related, a direct result of the nature of the parent energy. It/He is far more focused in knowledge than the ability to connect with others. Its/His willingness to remain “concealed”, if it were, may also be playing a part. Perhaps I am not allowed to access or share the information; or I’m not able to.

Another way of putting this, was that when connecting to the entity/Archangel, I did not feel comfortable with “pushing forward” into placing It/Him under specific label, in other words, calling It/Him by a name. As Myra has requested to know her Kin, I would have ideally wished to provide an answer in the reading.

However, out of respect of the energy, I chose to not do so.

I hope to have nonetheless provided enough clues and hints that may assist Myra in making this recognition on her own, not just with the logical mind but, at least eventually, with the heart, with Him. Her ability to do so will surely be tied with her progress regarding opening up to the inner connection that is based in meaning, emotion, as described so far in the reading.

3.4 Rift

Minerva, aspect of the parent energy of which it is a projection of, inherits the ability to pinpoint opportunities for growth in Consciousness of societies in the physical, and the responses to any and all situations that would serve that purpose. This ability and versatility are a reflection of the parent’s energy in ascertaining the response to any situation, the consequence to any choice.

The projection of the parent entity as Minerva naturally creates within her a rift: between knowing something and acknowledging something (masculine vs feminine, knowledge vs emotional). This rift is, in part, because of the very cautious, reclusive, distant, almost “anonymous” nature of the entity/Archangel. This is felt my Minerva because she inherits this trait from her father. This rift manifests also, as Minerva finds it extremely hard to even recall her own parent entity, from within. Even if knowing of its existence in a cognitive sense, it is difficult for Minerva to connect “emotionally” with who the father is, even on the 7th Density spiritual level.

This rift occurs, also, due to the very process of projection of the parent entity into its own aspect. In order for Consciousness to be able to perform this metaphysical projection into its aspect, usually the aspect entity experiences in some way separation from the parent, in a more “permanent” manner, so that It can proceed with its journey focusing completely on its own choices, thinking as an individual – as opposed to constantly being aware of its own awareness as the broader entity.

This separation is usually not pleasant. Separation is an unnatural state for all Consciousness, anywhere, in any form. All separation is painful, and is associated with a painful experience of event. It also creates the desire to go back Home.

It happens that this specific separation, by which Minerva comes into existence, due to the specific circumstances and traits of the parent entity, has the “daughter” entity experience the separation so deeply that it experiences this situation as if the parent had forsaken her to the point it didn’t even exist; thus giving birth to extreme trauma and feelings of loneliness, separation, abandonment, and being left unsupported, to one’s own devices, at the core of the Soul.

3.5 Separation

The parent entity, while still whole, had acknowledged its own reclusiveness, its own difficulty in dealing with the external, with another. He knew this was something to improve.

Within him there was this one aspect. While He had a predominantly masculine energy, colder, this one aspect was more feminine, warmer. It/she was more driven by passion, by warmth, than He cared to admit.

He was comfortable with staying back; calculating every move. He was careful to such a degree that limited his movement. But most importantly limited His ability to empathize. He was distant, cold.

But this feminine aspect of himself did not fear. She bounced around, up and down, always wanting to move forward, do things out of passion. She always wanted to risk. To him, too much. To Him this was very uncomfortable. He was uncomfortable with this feminine aspect of Himself.

There came a point where there was a decision to make. He had to let her go. Let her explore.

He knew deep down He needed to come out of his protective enclosure. Eventually. He knew his energy of fear was limiting him. He wanted to feel also. He wanted to be free from the fear.

When this decision was made, the Archangel projected downwards as the feminine aspect, the part of Him who wanted to travel, explore, “go abroad”. He only had to open the door, and allow Her to do it. And this is what she did. She pushed to venture forth; and He let Her.

As she did so, the two broke apart, violently. The projection too place still within 7D. The event was particularly traumatic to Her.

He retained his awareness. He knew what would happen. But from her point of view, she barely could recall who/what her origin was. It was as if she had some kind of “amnesia”.

She could only felt this big void. A void that nothing seemed to be able to fill.

Minerva was “born”, in a manner of speaking, but she still held some remnants, some memory, of her reality Home. She inherited the feeling of inadequacy, of not being accepted by her father, and of being cast out as a result. She associated the fact that she made others feel uncomfortable around her presence, with the fact of having been rejected, abandoned – rejected to such a point that it seemed the father never again wanted to hear from her, talk to her. It was as if the father had never existed.

The void within Minerva was the only tangible, residual memory of her father.

In truth the father had never forgotten about her. In fact He and was a much more sad, gloomy entity because of her absence, while she was gone. But she didn’t know that. The rift, created and set in place by the trauma, prevented them of talking openly. It had severed the chord between them. The severing was ultimately an illusion, of course, as they had never stopped being connected; but it was also so real that it counted as such. Father and daughter were now separate, two entities apart.

But albeit causing suffering, pain, it also became a core element for her path. It was what would have her go forth and seek out a way to reconnect, and go back Home.

Minerva’s and Myra’s purpose is one that matches a lesson of her parent Archangel as well. It is an integration of masculine and the feminine. An attempt at releasing the grip of masculine-energy just enough that space is left in for the feminine-energy to come in; and thus a more emotional, warmer, connection.

In a sense, Minerva and Myra are already made of this very energy, which is being attempted to integrate within. She is already “feminine”. She is already made of love, excitement, energy, passion. This her true nature, also. It’s only that the natural context of the parent energy historically had made it difficult for this energy to come through. Up until now only the knowledge-based energy had been allowed to manifest freely. There was only comfort with the masculine-energy. But this is intended to change.

3.6 Home

Myra’s current trajectory in life was meant to replicate her broader spiritual story as a spiritual entity, and help her remember.

She had traveled to, found herself in, abroad, in a new country, a new place. There would be a degree of loneliness, of feeling ungrounded, isolated, living in this new place. The awareness, customs, perspectives of the society there could perhaps be described as being a tad behind in terms of social values, personal standards for freedom and expression, etc. But it was also a society buzzing with activity, new beginnings, undergoing a period of fast growth, developing at a rapid pace.

It was also opening up to the perspectives and beliefs of the more “modern” world – a process of expansion of awareness. It was becoming more and more a multicultural society, providing ample opportunities for those with useful service to provide. And so Myra went there answering opportunities to participate in that growth, in that expansion. Teaching English, which allows better connection of that society with the rest of the cultures of the world, was one way of doing so.

As 7D Minerva approaches a new planetary society to develop, and wishes to expand it, work upon it, the desire to “bring up” its consciousness and have it become a dynamic, buzzing hub of interchange, prosperity, ultimately with have the space ships fly through the night sky, she’s not just fulfilling her purpose.
She’s also, unconsciously, trying to recreate the perception of her parent entity, her origin, looking like a massive city under the night sky.

She is trying to get back Home.

Home is connecting through the heart. By opening up space for the connection that is empathetic, emotional, love-based. And for the meaning that stems from within.