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You Teach Yourself, You Heal Yourself, Always

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When you are on a spiritual journey, it is truly you who heals yourself, who shows yourself what you need to learn next. You bring to yourself the healers, practitioners, and teachers, to convey to you the information you need to receive, in the way you need to hear it. They are just the channels, vessels, through which the information and energy flow to you.

Let’s say you attracted my work into your perception, you found my website. And you ask for a reading from me. At this point, I will merely be a channel through which information from the Akashic records is made available to you. But it was you who drew the appropriate channel to receive the information you need. I am in service to anyone who needs my work, and you have requested it by determining beforehand what information you needed, and the best service provider from which to receive it.

I cannot ever be in a place where I want to forcefully awaken the rest of humanity. I may indeed have a passion to perform ‘awakening service’, but what this passion really is, is to be who I am, and to perform the gifts I have – but not to be the superhero that will magically rescue everyone. If I were to be in a state of wanting to awaken those that aren’t awakened, at any cost, I would be infringing on the free will of those who are not ready, and of those who do not necessarily find use for my services or perspectives at this time. So I would be placing myself in a weak negotiation position. I would be trying to push something on others. I would be wanting to do something that others might not wish for themselves.

There always needs to be space for the individual being’s free will. When you fail to acknowledge the free will of others, in any circumstance and for whatever reason, you enter a negative, ego-based zone.

The true spiritual journey consists of you having an inner engine that is active. This inner engine propels you along your own path. This path is not necessarily linear, in a straight continuous line; but for the sake of comparison, I often offer the analogy of the railroad track, where you are the locomotive that moves along this track. You have to power your own wheels in order for the locomotive to move forward. Your spiritual journey is the same way. You have to move forward by yourself, from within. When you are truly open, and you want to know, you want to heal, nothing can truly stop you. Nothing will stand in your way. You, completely by yourself, will seek out the healers, you will seek the information, and you will not rest until you can nest somewhere – that is to say, when you’ve found the place where you fit spiritually, where you get the answer that you truly fits your question. And when this happens, you get the spiritual “sight of relief”. More questions may follow, more healing may need to take place. A path is not made by a single step, but by many. But it is by seeking the spiritual answers that fit your spiritual questions, that you tread along your own path. That’s the inner thirst, the inner seeking.

It is you, the “locomotive”, who propels itself forward. No-one can do it for you. No healer can push you along your track, because if you decide to stay in the same place, if you decide to activate your breaks, to close your mind, anyone who tries to do that work for you will only waste his energy, and at that point no one wins. It’s a lose-lose situation. The pusher doesn’t accomplish anything, and the locomotive, which was supposed to be running, is stopped instead. At that point, the student has become unready, and the teacher has demoted itself to a janitor: always scraping the floor for leftovers (no disrespect to real-life janitors intended – but in the sense that the teacher is no longer a teacher).

It is not the teacher’s responsibility to push you from a place you don’t want to move from. The teacher may come halfway. He may put the effort to express himself in a way that he may be better understood by others. But make no mistake. The teacher, the healer, the practitioner, they already put in a monumental, daily effort in their lives, just by being in a place where they are teachers. They are constantly, at all times, undertaking their own internal work, and they -hopefully- strive to be aligned with their own essence and in spiritual integrity. This is an effort that oftentimes you can’t see or gauge, at least until one day you become the teacher yourself. But it is a massive effort in its own right. It is what allows the teacher to be a teacher. It’s his lifelong responsibility.

Show me, prove me, convince me, that is not the teacher’s responsibility. If you aren’t willing to make the connections yourself, then no one else can do it for you. There is no saintly savior that will rescue you from your misery while you stay passive, crouching in your corner, gripping your fears and beliefs. It is you who, truly, will save yourself. It is only by your own energy that the locomotive moves forwards along the rails. And you may actually find a savior, some form of magical solution, at some point in of your quest. But that was made possible exclusively by your own efforts, by your own choice, and by your openness and willingness to see. It is only that energy, which you harness from within, that will fuel spiritual services and requests, and are then able to move you forward along your spiritual path.

Those that insist that they must be spoon-fed with the evidence, with the truth, with the connections, they are just not ready. To know the truth requires you to be willing to lunge forward for it, without guarantees or expectations. You must assume the risk, you must have a stake in it. You must put yourself, you must put everything, on the line. You must be willing to face things as they are, whatever they may be. This is an act of courage. To stand back and demand satisfactions, that is lack thereof. When you are ready, you will be able to see. When you are ready, the teacher appears – because you were able to ask the questions, and listen for the answers.

The healer provides healing, to the degree that you opened your energy and allowed for it. The teacher provides information, but it is you who have to assesses its worth, decide on how to use it, and use it. Spirit provides guidance, and it will hold your hand along the path, unconditionally – but will not drag you across the floor. It will not force you to do anything. You have to take the steps yourself. That’s what you are here for. Only then will those steps be worth something to you.

It is up to the teacher to choose wisely what classes, and what students, is he willing to serve; what kind of service and to whom it is performed, is he up for. This is what the teacher needs to define for himself. And it is up to the student to be willing to move forward, fearlessly and autonomously, along its own path. These are their real, true responsibilities. Without this, there can be no healing, and no true progression.

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