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Are You Undergoing Spiritual Awakening?

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Are you avid for new information?

You seem to be searching for something, just not sure exactly what it is, but you feel an overall sense of joy as you do it. You’re happy to learn new things, in a “learning” mode different from school or university.

Did you experience a sudden, crippling surge of despair, sadness, and loss of hope in your life?

It might have been triggered by a certain event, and/or a piling up of circumstances. But even so, how you reacted was unexpected even to you. You got extremely sensitive, emotional, maybe even depressive. And it was so bad you had to temporarily leave your job or occupation while it happened.

Is the person you think you are, suddenly gone?

It feels like a very volatile, insecure situation to you, but you can’t really pinpoint exactly what’s going on. You just feel an indistinct sensation that you changed on the inside and you don’t really know Who You Are anymore. All the things and sensations you knew very well about you suddenly feel strange and foreign, and possibly also your own personal ways of dealing with situations and people.

Did your interest in your work, hobbies, and even family, suddenly shifted or even disappeared completely?

One day you wake up and you’re not the doctor/businessperson/graduate/carpenter anymore. And that’s a daunting feeling to have, as the caring for your family rests on your shoulders. Even if you don’t have a family to support, the prospect of not really wanting to play your usual role in society scares the hell out of you, because you don’t really know how to do anything else.

Do you find yourself reluctant to deal with others, and presenting them your usual social persona?

You’re unwilling to have chit-chat conversation even with your closest family members, or with your friends and co-workers. You have too much to deal with, and don’t have “time to waste” anymore on conversation types that are simply diplomatic or inconsequential. Rather, you feel like either 1) asking what’s going on with you, 2) share with others what you’re learning, or 3) get all emotional and purge out of your system all the things you’re holding on to.

Are you panicking because a lot of responsibilities rest on your shoulders, and no-one can understand or help?

Generally people won’t understand what’s going on with you, and probably are even going to try to shake you up and try to put you back in your place. ‘Get a hold of yourself, Mike! Wake Up!” You boss will try to get its human resource back into place and running at full steam, and your wife/husband will try to get rid of increasing emotional baggage, and decreasing will to support the household and kids. You’re probably scared and want to get back too. But it’s not possible anymore. It’s grander than that.

Do you feel unwilling to fill in your shoes anymore?

Deep down what you want the most is to get free. Free from all the things that seem to trap you. Free to be yourself – whoever that is. And you suddenly start running out of energy to sustain all the little things everyday that suck your energy away. And there are many.

Did your life never really worked out for you?

You never got what you really wanted from life, unlike apparently most of the people around you. Everyone seems more happy, fulfilled, and energized than you ever where. Probably most things in your life, rather than prizes and accomplishments, were more like burdens and precarious constructs. And even if you did achieve some things, these never really made you feel as realized and happy as you expected them to.

Does metaphysical “weird” information sound more plausible?

In your search for new information suddenly you opened up to spiritual therapies, courses, websites, even previously crazy and fringe concepts like reincarnation, channeling, and angels. You find yourself astounded that you should be more skeptical about these things, and wonder if you’re losing it!

What’s going on?

If you’re feeling any of these symptoms, then this is the classic Awakening wake up call. Don’t despair. You are not alone. More people everyday around the world are having their ‘personal 2012’. This means a ‘Shift’ occured inside of them, a shift that’s not rational or of a regular human nature. It’s spiritual, energetic, grander than anything what you might think. It happens before you can think anything about it. Because if you were allowed to think about it, it probably wouldn’t be allowed to happen!

This is Spiritual Awakening.

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