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The Seven Densities of Consciousness

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The following is an extract of the published reading Akashic Records Reading: Raul

1D is the ‘consciousness’ of simple existence. If your consciousness were to be at the 1D level, your point of focus would be the electron, the proton, the molecule, and the energies between them. In physical terms 1D corresponds to physical matter, its states – solid, liquid, gas, etc – the archetypical elements – air, water, soil, fire – and the chemical substances matter is composed of – Oxygen, Hydrogen, etc.

2D is the level of “animated” consciousness. It composes everything we call Life, vegetable and animal, starting at the single-cell level. Whenever you have two entities that need to engage and interact with the environment, and with each other (to eat, to procreate), they are in the 2nd level of consciousness.

3D is the consciousness where human beings live now. It is the Density of free-will: making choices and decisions regarding dualistic beliefs that are held within.

Animals may learn, like, and dislike things; but they do not hold inner concepts with which they classify reality. They may perceive things as “good” or “bad”, but not as wrong or right. This dualistic judgement of value – something is either entirely bad/wrong/incorrect, or entirely good/right/correct – is a 3D trait. It may be simplistic, but constitutes the basis for making choices, because a choice determines what you think is appropriate, or not, for yourself. At the 3D level, the entity has the ability to create a conceptualization of the world around it, and make decisions based upon this conceptualization.

At the 3D level, entities/people are not perceived as being ultimately connected in a spiritual sense, Therefore, this often gives rise the the perception of “every man for himself”, which in turn, is a catalyst for the possibility of choices which are profoundly negative and cause much separation and pain.

4D is the consciousness of Love and empathy. On a spiritual level graduation from 3D – both in an individual and in a collective sense – occurs when it is acquired within the necessity to not cause harm on others. On some level it was realized all are connected – that is how the sensitivity towards another is any relevant in the first place. 4D is the Density level of Love, compassion, and harmony. Emotions and experiences, as well as living with others in a non-conflicting way, are valued above things, goals, and objectives.

4D realms are still physical just as in 3D, but the spiritual, metaphysical, ‘esoteric’, ‘subtle’, energy side of reality no longer is doubted or questioned, rather it is accepted as true and valid, and as an intrinsic part of existence, regardless if it’s perfectly understood or not.

5D is the consciousness of uniqueness and individuality. Graduation from 4D to 5D happens when the individual realizes that being kind to others must not compromise his identity and integrity. In 4D the individual was always kind no matter the cost to oneself, and this would often incur in a penalty if others did not hold the best of intentions; but in 5D the individual has decided to protect, defend, safeguard himself, above the principle of existing at peace with others. This is made not as a way to offensively project his desires towards others, but with the intention of preserving his own truth and essence. As such, 5D is the consciousness of uniqueness, individuality, and self-expression. In physical terms, a 5D realm is equal parts solid matter and subtle energy. Physical bodies become malleable, and entities can more easily transverse, and mold, time and space through thought and energy.

In 5D the focus becomes less on the relationship and interactions with others, and exploring the senses and the external reality, and more about the inner connection to Intelligent infinity, and one’s own intrinsic nature and Essence. 5D is the “last” realm where physical matter exists. It marks the “boundary” between the realms of solid matter, or “outer realms”, and those of pure subtle energy, or “inner realms”, which are used by Souls for the exploration of consciousness.

6D is the consciousness of overarching insight. It is the awareness that perceives all sides to a any circumstances or question, beyond dualistic beliefs and perspectives. Graduation from 5D occurs when the entity decides to confront what remains of negativity and separation within. As it does so, it is recognized that all external, manifested negativity/separation is a ultimately reflection of inner negativity/separation.

A being in 6D no longer needs to draws unto itself and its own reality any negative, opposing, or adversarial circumstances, since these are all integrated within, and as such bear no need to manifest outside for the purposes of its lessons.

A 6D realm/place still exists in terms of shapes and forms. Entities may hold what could be considered a “body”, and be based in and around a planetary/celestial bodies. But they are ultimately “made of” Light, and are unbounded from solid physical matter (unless they choose so otherwise). At 6D entities are simultaneously individuals and part of whatever larger consciousness they belong to /are inserted in, as there are no definite boundaries between the external/others and the internal/me. Entities are often part of – and see themselves as – larger collectives, whose consciousness evolved through the course of eons of time. 6D entities are solely focused on their spiritual tasks and focus of interest. Their challenge is often to discern between what is outer and collective, and what is mine/inner, for it is only the inner which is, ultimately, true. At 6D level there is no negative polarity, but there are different, multiple gradations of Light, which is what at that level can be considered to be the choice for what is “appropriate”, or “inappropriate”, for the self.

7D is pure consciousness, without and beyond, any and all shapes, forms, or boundaries. At 7D level there is a connection with the Infinite Void from where all Densities, concepts, distortions, and perceptions, stem from. While “above” what exists is “pure” Infinity and infinite consciousness, in 7D one can still think in terms of “me” – it’s where the concepts of “one” or “me” can even exist.

Graduation into 7D happens when/if the 6D entity/consciousness detaches from the necessity to evolve, learn, and teach, and from every seeking and obligation it can conceive of. At 7D level, all just is. If a 6D entity is aware, and is able, to detach from the missions, seeking, and obligations it has chose to itself, then it bears the ability to smoothly transition at will between 6D (focus on mission) and 7D (detaching and just be). However, for as long as a 6th Density entity holds to tasks and objectives with attachment, as a necessity, it is bound to the concept of “going somewhere”, and thus, to the 6th level of awareness.

Finally, there is the pure Infinite Void, Source, All That Exists, all and none, and within which all concepts, perceptions, and Densities – including the concept of Densities – can be considered as inserted in, part of, ultimately transient distortions temporarily manufactured within It.

For more information about the seven Densities please see: Densities Chart.

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