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The Energy of Whole(some)

The title could be “The Energy of Wholesomeness”, but it felt more convoluted.

Wholesome. A ubiquitous term referring to kind gestures and “feel good” energy, more specifically acts of a benevolent nature enacted altruistically, spontaneously, and without an agenda. They may sometimes be called “acts of random kindness”. When you witness something that is “wholesome”, you can get this fuzzy feeling in your stomach. It’s a type of kindness that is captivating, inspiring, perhaps even contagious. It tends to raise your levels of “faith in humanity” when you see it.

The people at the swimming pool collectively cheering and rooting for the boy who’s standing at the edge of the board, fearful and hesitant to jump. Even with a waiting line behind him of others waiting for their turn. The boy who befriended and guided the wild blind deer onto grass and water every day, until a wildlife center was able to take it in. The people saving, caring, and tending to wounded animals during catastrophes and emergencies, even strays and/or without an owner. The kids at a game halting competitive play for an instant to have the impaired child take the ball and score. Firefighters coming to the outside of families’ houses during lockdown, with cake and sirens on, for a child’s birthday. These are real-life accounts, that you may be able to find yourself online.

At first glance, the term “Wholesome” might look commonplace and innocuous. But in reality, it hides certain aspects of collective consciousness that are slowly emerging and becoming more prevalent on an evolving planet. In other words, the term is an acknowledgment of a certain kind of energy – which happens to be an energy of kindness.

Kindness. An important term in the spiritual field, if one that’s seen its fair share of use. So what is kindness? The thing is, you can really assess what kindness is, and how it feels like, in everything you may consider “wholesome”.

“Wholesome” is a modality of kindness that is extremely light, spontaneous, almost contagious. It’s not kindness that is enacted out of abiding by dogma or maxim, or to gain something in return. There’s no sense of responsibility in it. You don’t really go out of your way to achieve it, or rather, you’re not really making an effort or sacrifice – other than perhaps your time and attention. It may be an intense situation involving a judgment call, and on some occasions it may involve prolonged labor and effort. But it seldom involves a “sacrifice” per se, rather, it’s something often born out of inspiration and/or creativity. You’re engaging the situation from an open heart, responding to whatever is needed by it, at that moment.

Additionally, it is an energy closely related to the awareness of the collective. Wholesome gestures often involve kindness shared between family members. Other times, it’s about groups of strangers who didn’t know each other but who come together spontaneously, in sync, to create the moment. It’s almost always something that reverberates and inspires others, even if they’re not participating directly, only witnessing it. Wholesome energy may “pop up” spontaneously, it is unspecific, light, easy. It is unworried about agendas, power play, or success. It’s not about promises or guarantees, and it doesn’t ask for burdens or weights, nor does it result in them. It’s purely about being in sync with what’s around you, and raising the vibration of the moment. Notice you’re not thinking about “raising vibration” or anything like that, you’re just moved, and inspired, by the “feel good” factor.

Something is wholesome because it comes from a place that is whole. And when you witness it, you feel (more) whole inside.

For the sake of contrast, do this exercise: for each situation referenced at the beginning of the text, or any wholesome situation you may think of, imagine its precise opposite. That is to say, imagine if the reactions of those involved in the situation, rather than being whole, benevolent, caring, inclusive, were instead of exclusion. Of criticism. Of discomfort. For example, at the pool, instead of jumping to his support, the crowd and those standing in line start jeering and criticizing the boy for not jumping, pressuring him. The boy, already in an anxious, hesitant state, will feel worse as opposed to better. He’ll likely either recoil and turn back; freeze in place; or he’ll jump unprepared. Regardless, he’ll take away from the situation awkwardness and discomfort, as opposed to encouragement. It will be a negative memory, as opposed to a good one.

The opposite of wholesome is separation. In this hypothetical (but very real) scenario, the crowd jeering at the pool is rejecting the boy, “we’re not liking you”, “you’re standing in the way”, “you’re not doing/acting/feeling/behaving what we approve”. This is what they’re saying, in energy. The crowd is glancing at the boy and making him feel rejected, separated, not part from the whole. This is the difference between wholesomeness and the energies on Earth preceding it – such as the energy saying that difficulty “builds character”. Difficulty may indeed build character, but the difficulty that’s been imposed/inflicted on you, the one you didn’t choose, or was made worse than it needed to be, comes at the cost of scarring and trauma. Did you learn something? Maybe. Was it necessary for you to learn that way? No.

Whereas in the original scenario, while the boy was facing a standstill, technically he was indeed halting the line for the board, sure. But the crowd recognized the potentially sensitive moment, and precisely because it did, they react with encouragement, in an intervention that is compassionate and empathetic: “we can see you’re struggling, but you can do it, it’s not about us, it’s about you, let’s go”. That reaction is making him feel loved and supported, rather than rejected and criticized. It is making him feel part of the whole, in a way, loved. And with him being part of the whole, we all feel more whole. We haven’t separated a part of us; we integrated it instead.

The Earth always harbored a lot of separation, in hearts and minds. Still does. The energy that tells you to make it on your own or leave. The energy that rushes forward criticizing, rejecting, threatening, menacing. And God knows how this energy has been coming forth in a, shall we say, unrestrained fashion as of late. It’s a surfacing of something that’s always been there. Something that’s always been somewhat prevalent, normalized, commonplace, and pervasive. Hopefully, something that’s becoming more intense and agitated, because it’s seeing its last days.

Wholesome is a “feel good” energy, because it is made of Light. And your reaction in witnessing a situation that is wholesome, is in fact Light resonating with Light: your Light resonating with Light in another, both becoming brighter, resonating with, reflecting, and expanding each other. It is a win-win interchange, where all participants – the doer, the receiver, and all those who witness the gesture – come away from the situation better and brighter than they were before. This is what’s meant with kindness being contagious.

And that is why this new energy is quite significant. It’s not just a fad. It’s the collective’s awareness, or at least a portion of it, saying: “I recognize what’s it like being whole”. “And I want more”. And it is the Earth’s collective awareness finding ways to nurture, rather than chastise; to support, rather than expose and traumatize; and to integrate, rather than to separate. In other words, it is the collective finding ways to become Whole.

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