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Spiritual Awakening is not the same as Enlightenment

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Spiritual Awakening is that moment when you stop living in “auto” mode – sometimes there are events that lead to that – and suddenly your mind is open, and you generally begin to make a shift into living a life of meaning and purpose. You want to tell the world what you’re finding. You first discover the actual magic in life.

But you are not enlightened yet.

Your karma, the things you still need to heal, do not instantly disappear the moment you awaken. After Awakening there’s still some way to go. Awakening is the beginning, Enlightenment is the conclusion.

Enlightenment is when you’ve shed all your karmic attributes, and you can make your decisions based entirely on the present moment, without an inch of fear or bias from the past interfering in your decision. Your ego, negativity, unbalanced patterns, etc, are all completely and utterly in your pocket, under your will, under control – you have integrated them within yourself.

Enlightenment is subjective. Some use the words ‘awakened’ and ‘enlightened’ interchangeably. And to a point that is true, ‘enlightened’ simply means to be ‘with Light’, or to have clarity. So in every action and decision you make, you are aware of the spiritual truth about it, and most importantly, about yourself. Others say the Soul is already enlightened, so there’s no ‘distance’ or path to enlightenment. That’s also true. But the issue is: have you realized it fully yet? There is no path, but at the same time, your distance to the realization is the path. That’s the paradox.

If I’ll have to use the word Enlightenment, I will use if as the graduation of the individual, rather than the initial moment of spiritual awakening. Given that each Soul has its unique specific lessons, the way it reaches its Enlightenment will also unique. You, and only you, know when you’re Enlightened. No-one can bestow that title to you, nor can you objectively give the title to another. You won’t get the diploma on a course or education.

It is possible, therefore, for an individual to be Awakened but not yet Enlightened. You become sensitive and more aware of  the true nature of reality. You may get new spiritual gifts, or improved sensitivities. Doors open to you, and a new life of personal meaning awaits. Yet, regardless of these, there are still things to work out within you, challenges that may still hold you back, or trigger karmic buttons within yourself.

It is only when these things are completely healed, that one is ultimately free.

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