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Skype Guidelines

skype logoWhenever scheduling Skype sessions in the context of Guidance Sessions or Akashic Records Readings, please consider the following guidelines:

Choose a Private, Comfortable Setting

Please choose a setting for the Skype session that is private, familiar, and safe to you, where you can sit down comfortably in a calm and relaxed manner, and, if possible, where you know you aren’t going to be interrupted for the duration of the session. This will typically be your home, or where you live currently.

Please avoid locations or circumstances that aren’t ideally comfortable, serene, or are of a public/transient nature, such as public libraries, coffee shops, wi-fi spots, your car, the street, etc. Sometimes these things can’t be helped, nevertheless, please try to choose the most private and suitable location for the session if you can.

Use a Proper Device

Use a desktop computer, a laptop, or at most, a tablet to run Skype. If you use a tablet, place it in a fixed support, or otherwise have it in a way that provides for a steady image and we can see each other easily and clearly.

Please avoid using a smartphone (unless you have no choice). Smartphones are convenient tools of our time, but they don’t fit the intended purpose of these sessions. Would you hold an important business meeting, or take an online job interview, on your handheld device? While informal, please honor the service provided by using a suitable device for it.

Be as Close as Possible to your Wi-Fi Source

Try to choose a time and place where you have control of, and clear access to, the wi-fi broadcasting device you will be using. Try to pick the physical spot where you’ll be during the session, so that you’re as physically close to the wi-fi device as you can. I will do the same on my end. This is so we have the best Internet connection we can, and we reduce as much possible the chances for poor connection issues while on Skype.