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Remembering Past-Lives

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I perform readings of the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records store the memory of your Soul’s past, including past-lives, and respective life lessons. The thing that I’ve learned from past-lives, is, first, the subject is often a catalyst for people to peek into how things work in a spiritual sense. Past-lives are addressed by some religions, but they are not religious or cultural themselves: it’s how the “system” works. People incarnate repeatedly for the purpose of their Soul lessons.

The second thing that I’ve learned, in an overall sense, is that past-lives can teach youif you give them the chance.

In one person’s life in particular, she was a wife in a harem in North Africa, and she wanted the love of her husband all for herself. However, no matter how much she fought for it, she never could quite reach it — because the husband had an harem. In this life, she is meant to learn to only accept a Love that loves her back the way she wants to.

Finally, your past-lives are not meant to influence how you run your life today, or dictate your mood.

If you have “hot buttons” – something you are sensitive to, and when someone else pushes them, you flip out and react very emotionally — then you may have an unresolved issue with a past-life.

When someone pushes your buttons, the memory is activated, and at that moment, it’s as if it’s your past-life character, and not you, reacting to the situation. You are “out of yourself”.

It also usually means that such an issue can be tackled by recovering the past-live, understanding how it relates to who, and what can you learn from it.

If you are like the vast majority of people, you had hundreds of past-lives, or maybe more. Some of them maybe more active than others, depending on what you chose to experience in this life.

Past-lives is not the only subject that can be read in the Akashic Records (at least the way I read them) but it’s certainly something that most people have a relatively easier time relating to.

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