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Below is a selection of answers I've given on Quora. Most links open the respective questions/answers at Quora's website. Answers are grouped by subject, some subjects may overlap. List last updated 21-10-2017.


FAQQ – List of Frequently Asked Questions on Quora, about spirituality, metaphysics, reincarnation, and related topics

Spiritual Awakening

Why does spiritual awakening occur? Does everyone go through spiritual awakening? What is the difference between spiritual awakening and enlightenment? Who awakens us, our self or others? Why is spiritual awakening painful for some people? Why do people lose their friends after spiritual awakening? How do I hold a conversation after spiritual awakening? How does one go about explaining their spiritual awakening to their ultra conservative family? What are the life benefits of awakening? People seem unwilling to suggest that awakening is 'good'.


What do people look for on a spiritual journey? Can a spiritual insight be shared? What is the difference between religion and spirituality? What do people mean when they say "you are god" in a literal sense? Does enlightenment involve inaction and sacrificing worldly desires? Is eating meat negative or affect my spiritual awakening? Is it necessary be free from every relationship, boundary, belief system and authority to successfully proceed on the path of spiritual awakening? How does one acquire a connection to the God of the Universe? What motivates the search for enlightenment, if not desire? Is spirituality boring?


Are our lives predetermined? To what extent do we control our own life, and how much of it is up to fate? What is the difference between the spirit and the soul? What is the dark night of the soul? What is an Indigo Child? If we have eternal life in heaven, why is this life important? Is consciousness God? Why does God allow bad things to happen? What mysteries have intrigued you the most in life? What are examples of a metaphysical paradox? What are the spiritual consequences of suicide?

Afterlife, Reincarnation

Why don't I remember my previous incarnations? How do I know if I have been reincarnated? How can one learn by being reincarnated, if one can't remember their past-lives and mistakes? How long does it take to reincarnate? Does reincarnation happen instantly upon death, or is there a limbo? Do we map our lives before we incarnate? Do we choose our parents when we incarnate? If we are spiritual entities or beings of energy, what is the purpose of having a physical body? Can I reincarnate as an animal? Do we continue our enlightenment journey after death or do we instantaneously "know" everything as soon as we pass? Does a reading of the Akashic Records give reasons or whys for an event, or only historic-type facts? What is the difference in the way we choose when we are beyond the veil versus when we are incarnated? If the human soul is immortal, doesn't confining it in a mortal physical body amount to punishment? Do the souls of the deceased experience linear time, or do they inhabit eternity beyond time? If reincarnation is real, what happens to murderers and bad people?

Densities and Off-World

What are starseeds? Is it possible to reincarnate on another planet? What is the difference between an alternate timeline and an alternate dimension? What do worlds of 4D and 5D aligned with negative polarity look like? What happens with reincarnation or the afterlife if a planet is destroyed? The number of souls should be constant, there cannot be "new souls" being created. How can this be explained?


What is the most useful, short, and generally applicable piece of wisdom? What are some things people pretend to like but don't actually enjoy? Does being myself mean being brutally honest all the time? Why do major purchases make us feel ecstatic yet depressed at the same time? If mankind could work together on one goal, what would it be? Why do sages and spiritually inclined people grow beards? What is the purpose of art?