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All of us are, and have been for the longest of times, immersed in an illusion, in a simulation of sorts, both literally and metaphysically. The “literal” simulation consists of the system of regular human consciousness and beliefs, human-built society systems and values, and also, the illusory coating conveyed by today’s mainstream media, news, institutions, corporations, etc, with varying degrees of concerted effort and intent behind them.

The “metaphysical” simulation, however, is the bigger one. It’s where the first one is inserted, and nothing but ourselves individually can affect it. It is benevolent in nature while also allowing free will to all, and provides us humans with a seemingly solid reality with certain metaphysical properties. A reality which manifests circumstances for each person as a reflection of its beingness, and serves us in our various unique spiritual quests.

Some choose to not believe in the spiritual quest itself, or regard it as unimportant, while others resort to science, religion, spirituality, or some other form of understanding, to provide meaning to Life. This choosing and believing is not a genetic feature produced by the laws of evolution: it is a purely Spiritual attribute. And it is precisely the point.

As Souled beings, we wanted to explore the meaning behind it all. We wanted to know who we truly are at a very deep, practical, down-to-earth level. And we wanted to be truly free and sovereign beings. Hence, at least in this part of the universe, we have endeavored to do these things by exploring and integrating all aspects of the positive and of the negative.

Below what I call the 5D level of consciousness (refer to the densities chart), positive and negative are two distinct, separate paths. There is some leeway between the two, many arrangements, combinations, and freedom of choice. But in a sense, there is fundamentally either “good” or “evil” to choose from. These two paths are often known as “Service to Others” and “Service to Self”. The altruistic and loving service to others, or the self-centered, self-serving obtaining what one wants at the expense of others.

At 5D and below, negativity seems to appear outside of you, as an external thing. There may be a complex and profound spiritual understanding that this negativity is, in fact, a reflection of the inside. But there is still a tendency to address it as an external situation. Still, negativity exists and must be dealt with externally, because it it is rejected, not integrated, within the Self. Once you realize it is futile to battle negativity, and you acknowledge it as your own, and you assume self-ownership over it, you are now in the consciousness of Unity, or 6D. You could call this consciousness “Service to Others only”, but that’s perhaps inaccurate. It’s really the positive and negative healed, accepted, and integrated, in a perspective of wholeness.


In a Unity perspective, the greatest possible Service to Others is being your True Self, without attachment or investment on the outcome. Only then can your true Beingness, which is benevolent in nature, shine forth and be of service with its Unique Light and gifts. It could be called “Service to Self IS Service to Others”, or the other way around. And, when you acknowledge all that is outside of you is merely an extension, a form, that serves your conscious spark in its desires, then you are now in 7D, which is the formless, the state of detachment from form itself, and instead, the identification with Infinity. Therefore, the main difference between Unity and Service to Others and Self, is that the latter have a degree of commitment and investment on the outside, while Unity does not. Unity is simply occupied with Being Present.

Being in Unity doesn’t mean slapping the dog with one hand and then pet it with another. It is not a bipolar coexistance of good and evil. It simply means recognizing and owning all polarities within oneself, and accepting them as they are. All is integrated within, and no more discord, suffering, or separation exist. Unity consciousness is where the Ascended Masters and our Higher Selves are. Another word for it is “wholeness”. An Ascended Master has surpassed the need to test one-self by exploring further negativity outside of itself. And he did it by recognizing and learning all lessons within its own reality – until no more lessons remained within. Its evolution, now, follows a different path altogether, one that is strictly benevolent in nature. That is why your path, ultimately, is only individual. Only the inner lesson matters. And while the outside mirrors the lesson, and it can certainly be entertaining, there is really nothing outside of true relevance.

The physical plane where we are currently, the 3D, is where one learns how to choose for itself, and acknowledge the choice of others. In a broad way, 3D is a plateau where, to move forward in consciousness, one chooses its alignment between Service to Others, Service to Self, or Unity. This is a personal choice, one we make personally within our individual lives. As you know, merely doing “the right thing” in practical everyday life (the choice to advance from 3D to 4D in Service to Others) can be a challenge to many. So is taking ownership of your active role in your personal reality. This is the way the choice is made. And it is not possible to move on to other stages of Soul evolution from 3D, without recognizing and making a choice about one’s own reality.

As a human, insofar as my current consciousness permits, I am speaking from a point of Unity. To me, a job with some good things, but also some bad ones, is not appropriate. To me, a relationship with a degree of Love, but also with some things in the mix which are not aligned with Love, is not appropriate. To me, more freedom is not true freedom. To me, true freedom means absolute freedom from anything which means I’m not completely free. In Spiritual Truth, there is no compromise, no negotiation, no caving in, no equilibrium of polar opposites. Only a total, 100% state is valuable to me. Such is the perspective of Unity. To you, the reader, I would say that I am oversimplifying many aspects such as acceptance, fluidity, and compassion. I would also say that I am merely on the path, that is to say, that I don’t know how the whole path will be yet. However, I believe I have sufficiently conveyed to Unity perspective, as far as I can, within my words.


There is no common manual. The path for any to raise its Awareness is always by processing, facing, investigating the lessons you yourself asked, and set out to explore. You determined your own lessons, and finding the answers results in raising your Awareness. Furthermore, it is you who holds the answers in the first place. This is why a great part of my message is to clearly state that only your individual path, as opposed to a group consciousness or externally directed attention, is the way to go forward. That is the only way to go forward, and nothing else. And when one becomes aware that there is such thing as a path to make, Spiritual Awakening occurs. A light lights up the tunnel.

On your path, your Awareness may explore many things. There might be spirituality, metaphysics, meditation, and healing practices. There might be interest in “conspiracy theories”. There might be fascination for UFOs, ghosts, mysteries and paranormal phenomena. It might also be that you, on a personal level, give up your job, or a relationship. Or, being forced out of those things, if you as a being have chosen Enlightenment, yet you’re resisting the changes that go along with it.

Some of the things you constructed in your life become inappropriate and out of alignment with the truer version of yourself, but, you may not know that from where you’re standing in any given moment. Circumstances might look insurmountable, and change may appear hard. Yet, it is a guarantee that your path, and the solutions for your reality, will be perfectly ideal to you. They will fit you like a Cosmic glove. Are you 90 years old? Do you have 20 children who need to be fed? Are you heavily in debt? There is nothing too much for Spirit. Spirit always has a way, and It has an answer, the answer, for you.

The feeling of being in the path of Awakening is often like in the Matrix movie, where Neo is given the choice and the pills. Once you choose truth, there’s no going back. And along the way, you’ll find saying to yourself “Holy shit, this is actually happening!!” relatively often. This is when the magic begins. When the truth is progressively revealed, when the synchronicity is mind-boggling, when the angels appear, when life shifts and never goes back.

If you got this far and are reading these words, and if this rings true to you, then, with all certainty, your Spirit has already offered to you the choice to Awaken in your life. Are you pondering making a major life-altering choice in your life, yet you can’t seem to find a proper solution, or you’re afraid? Do you feel hopeful when before you could only open your eyes and still be in a dark place? Do you seem to be pushed into making a decision or taking a position sometime soon?

This is Awakening knocking on your door, asking and hoping you grab the knob and open it.

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