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Online Call Guidelines

Whenever scheduling videoconferencing in the context of Online Calls With Nuno or Akashic Records Readings, please consider the following guidelines:

Choose a Private, Comfortable Setting

Please choose a setting for the session that is private, familiar, and feels safe for you. It should be a location where you can sit down comfortably, in a calm and relaxed manner, and feel at ease and relaxed, for the duration of the session. Typically this will likely be your home or otherwise a private space. Ideally, make sure you aren’t going to be interrupted or engaged by others for the duration of the session.

Please avoid locations or circumstances that aren’t comfortable and serene, or are of an impromptu, public, and/or transient nature – such as holding the session in places like public libraries, coffee shops, public wi-fi spots, your car, the street, etc. I understand that sometimes this just can’t be helped; nevertheless, please try to choose the most private and serene location you can for the session.

Use a Suitable Device

If you have the option, please use a desktop computer, laptop, or at most a tablet, to run your videoconferencing software. If you use a tablet, please try to place it in fixed support, or otherwise have it stand in a way that provides a steady image.

I ask you not to use your phone unless you have no other practical choice. You likely wouldn’t use your phone for an important business meeting or a job interview, for example. It’s the same in this situation: a session of this nature warrants something other than a handheld device.

Suitable Wi-Fi Coverage

Within the restraints above, please seek to be a place with an adequate Wi-Fi signal for the duration of the session. Ideally, this would be as close as possible to your Wi-Fi broadcasting device; that not being easy or possible, then a spot where coverage is adequate.