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The Nature of True Love

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Within Love, there is no problem. There is no challenge. There is no thing to do to or be, better.

If you can see a problem, you aren’t within Love.

Within love, there is truly nothing to improve. There is nothing, even, to heal. All that was wounded now it’s gone. All that was not, now is good. All is, well, now. This is the purest form of Love I know.

This is, to my perception, Absolute Love, or Cosmic Love. Maybe the Love from Creator. I do not know. It’s a 100% Love, if you want to call it that. Humans normally can experience Love, and subsets of Love. Being In Love, the Love a mother for a child, the esteem for a revered figure, a leader, a master. The awe for a great work or a great accomplishment. These, like the colors in the rainbow, are forms of Love. The kind of love that forgives everything and looks from above.

This is why you see no flaws about the person you are in Love with, even if you are rationally aware of them. This is why a mother will always Love her child no matter what he or she will ever do. It’s because Love sees no flaws. At all.

Yet, there is so much lack of Love within everyone. Within humans. Whenever I get in touch with Love I also see so much lack, such a tremendous lack. It’s so big. We live by, we try our best, and we do things, great and small – but from a place with such an absence of actual, true Love. I guess it’s the nature of this existence. But it’s just so much. It’s like drawing with a white pencil in a black canvas, and the pencil is running thin.

If you have been truly loved by your parents, that invisible anchor that keeps pulling you up every time you went down, is it.

Your Spirit Guides are made of Love, and they are always with you, next to you, being part of your aura. They are the hope and anima that you feel “by default”. If you ever experience the situation of your Spirit Guides being exchanged (people can get their Spiritual Team altered for the purposes of their life path), they will step back for a moment, for a while. Not abandon you, but step back. And when they do, you will understand. The lights go out. And you will miss something you didn’t even know it was there.

When you ever come to miss Love, you realize there is no greater space, no greater lack. When you have no love, you are no more. Because you are made of that Love. At your core, that is what you are made of.

Love is not a word or a gesture. Gestures come from Love, or don’t. Gestures carry love, or they carry other things. The true Love you have in your life, keep it. When it’s true Love, the kind of Love where you can fall and not hurt, no greater gift can you have, ever.

But do not keep bad Love. Do not keep love words but lack of Love. If it’s bad it may be love, but it’s not Love. You are better than that. You deserve better. You are not deserving only when, if, you get responsible. When you meet the criteria of someone. When you succeed, when people listen, when you are someone. Without love you are no-one.

Not when, or if. That is not love, but something else. Love is either there, or it’s not. Love is complete and unconditional. It is what you are made of, what you came here for, what you deserve. Now.

Your highest task is to find Love, even if for yourself. But these are only words. Love just is.

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