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How You Can Know You Are a Starseed

How can you know if you’re a Starseed, and what signs and clues should you be looking for?

The “safest” way to know would be an Akashic Records reading. But there are certainly various hints you may be able to spot in yourself or in others that may lead you to wonder about it. This text is the adaptation of an answer I gave to the question “What is a typical Starseed personality?” on Quora.

First, when it comes to Starseeds, generally speaking, you won’t do great in trying to classify personality traits, or things of a similar nature.

Here on Earth we’re all human beings, with human feelings and human minds. So you can be a Starseed while having just about any psychological trait that is normal for human beings to have.

There are certainly aspects of a more stereotypical nature you could point out. A Starseed often lived in civilizations that were in further stages of development relative to Earth’s and on higher/more subtle Densities. Due to these references Starseeds can have a natural broad-scale understanding of reality and an easier time sustaining lighter/higher thought. As a result, you could say Starseeds can be positive, hopeful, dynamic, progressive and innovative, idealistic, things of that nature.

However, at the end of the day these are still just human personality traits, each a one half of a two-sided coin. When you’re unwell (which can certainly happen to a Starseed, just as with everyone else), you can just as well become the exact the opposite: negative, hopeless, cynic, angry, and so on. So the reality is that you’re not saying much when you try to describe Starseeds in terms of personality. It’s not a great metric, and it can be misleading.

That being said, one particular aspect of a psychological nature that can be a clue is: curiosity. More specifically, if you happen to be curious about the topic of Starseeds.

When you want confirmation you’re a Starseed; if you give the possibility some thought to any meaningful extent; if, rational and guarded discernment aside, part of you regards the possibility of not being from Earth as actually making some sense – these often mean you are related to the topic yourself.

Generally speaking, “nine out of ten” if you will, having an interest in the topic is itself a clue you’re a Starseed, and you’re becoming ready to know more and learn about this aspect of yourself. In spirituality in general, and with this matter in particular, when there’s smoke, there’s (usually) a fire. It would be difficult for a person who’s curious and interested in the topic of Starseeds, and, say, reading an article like this, written on this type of website, and then not have some form of connection to the topic.

Clue #1: Interest about Starseeds can in itself, unironically, be a hint you are one. It’s unlikely for someone who’s not a Starseed to be drawn to and develop an interest in the topic.

Being a Starseed is an aspect of the self that tends to go unnoticed, rather than being blatant.

What you’re looking for is a subtle, underlying sensation you don’t quite belong. That no matter how well adjusted and successful you are, there will always be this feeling you’re not really a part of this here, not with your full heart. And a sensation that the type of reality we have, and what you can see with the eyes, isn’t quite the whole picture of what there is.

The aspect above is of course also subjective and commonplace. You could say that the feeling of not belonging is part of human nature; ultimately no Soul belongs in the physical plane, and all Souls are on an everlasting quest to return Home. Further, feeling different from the rest of the world is natural to spiritual development and sensitivity in general.

That being said, first, you’ll find that spiritual development and sensitivity will often go hand-in-hand with being a Starseed. When you hold a form of spiritual sensitivity – when you say, for instance, I’m an Indigo, an empath, a healer, a shaman, and so on – chances are that along with those things you’re also a Starseed. In other words, you came from the stars, and, as a result of it and associated with it, you’re naturally spiritually attuned.

Second, the fact a Starseed participated in, and came from, other civilizations and realities at later stages of development relative to Earth’s, can and will induce a subtle sensation of always somehow being a ‘misfit’, to some extent or another. That is to say, consciously you’re meant to regard the place you’re in as the only one that exists, when in reality and unconsciously you hold memories and references from elsewhere. So you may feel as a piece that doesn’t quite fit the rest of the puzzle; you have an ever-present quench that little of this reality can satisfy. It’s also a type of feeling that doesn’t depend on whether you’re good or less good, more or less successful, more or less adjusted. Rather, it’s something ever present, even if subtly, tucked away in a corner of the mind.

Of course, moments of challenge and distress may exacerbate any feelings of disconnection you already have. Yet, such moments can sometimes serve the spiritual purpose of leading you on a journey of self-exploration, to discover what’s within you.

A subtle/vague feeling of maladaptation can exist because a Starseed has experienced firsthand “real-life” realities that go beyond the circumstances of life on Earth or its limitations, even if they’re held purely on an unconscious (Akashic) level.

Clue #2: A vague sensation of being out of place, or being “bigger” than what the world allows, that goes beyond human insecurity and may be difficult to lay a finger on.

Further and related to the above, a Starseed can (unconsciously) hold higher overall standards relative to the everyday aspects of life on Earth – even if they don’t necessarily know how to get us from where we stand to those standards, or provide solutions to current, specific problems.

Just because you know how to drive a car, would you be able to replicate or explain its workings to a prehistoric tribe if you went back in time? Probably not, for multiple reasons: you might not understand how cars work despite knowing how to drive them; plus, the tribe wouldn’t comprehend you even if you did. And yet, if you were indeed to go back and live in prehistoric, more than likely you’d greatly miss the functions served by cars, due to having lived in a reality where they were ubiquitous, part of the norm.

Starseeds can experience frustration from the contrast between their inner references, and what’s regarded as normal or even cutting edge on Earth. Even if these references are unconscious and they don’t fully understand where that contrast comes from. As a civilization evolves and becomes more advanced over time, both technologically and spiritually, that advancement gradually results in an expansion of awareness as a whole, which in turn influences the standards upheld of most walks of life in that society, from the personal/social to the macro/collective levels.

On a personal/social level, these could be matters such as topics of thought and conversation; nuances in personal interaction; personal boundaries and integrity; where the accountability of one person ends and the other’s begins. On a macro/collective level, matters such as how human/sentient life and life as a whole are perceived and valued; how well individuals treach each other and their planet; minimum upheld effective living standards and personal rights; and how well economic, healthcare, financial and social support systems serve the collective. Any and all of the points above have to them a certain, unspoken level of standards to them, which are intrinsically tied to the average level of awareness and stage of development of the society as a whole. And a Starseed may find it difficult to accept some of the standards that are held currently on Earth, compared to the unconscious references they have.

For a Starseed, there can be a subtle level of stress and frustration as what’s considered normal and common on Earth will often, somehow, still register as subpar and insufficient. This feeling comes from the standards held here as a norm possibly not meeting the standards known from elsewhere. Additionally, this can be coupled with an additional frustration due to not always being able to explain how they feel, or how the ideals they uphold could be implemented in a practical manner.

Clue #3: Dissatisfaction with our reality’s standards without necessarily being able to justify it, or explain how your ideals work. Possible connotation of being idealistic and dreamy.

Starseeds can of course have gifts and abilities of a “special” or esoteric nature. This is in part due to their Akashic memories also being references of higher spiritual awareness. Thus, it’s indeed true that if you are a Starseed, chances are there’s going to be something out of the ordinary about you, or you develop it at some point. These are the situations where you lay the hands and heal, when you see lights and auras, when you have dreams that match what happens later, and so on.

However, this is another matter that can be somewhat misleading. First, because gifts aren’t necessarily flashy. The skill and inspiration to play an instrument or paint a canvas, to reach out and deal with young children, or even having a highly creative and fantasy-inclined mind, can be just as spiritual and have to them certain sutble, “magical” components that will easily go unnoticed. Such elements can be hints of a mind who’s been in and saw other places beyond Earth, yet they may not be regarded as “otherworldly” by regular human understanding.

Second, you can very easily miss (or dismiss) having any type of gift before even coming to the point of considering being a Starseed – or anything else of a spiritual/otherwordly nature, for that matter. In other words, even if you’re a Starseed that doesn’t mean you have (or have realized) a gift about you. It’s for these reasons you shouldn’t look for a special ability as a way to confirm being a Starseed. A Starseed is about subtle, spiritual aspects that reside in the way of being, and in how reality is felt and perceived, rather than in the tools and traits you may use to navigate said reality.

Having said so, being a Starseed is nevertheless a fertile ground to have and/or discover affinities that feel uncommon, wonderful, if not even “magical”. When it comes to spiritual gifts, sometimes the challenge is opening up and not reject the gift as it presents itself; other times, it may be a case of simply tweaking what you’re looking for, and redefining what you regard as “magical”.

Clue #4: Possible gifts of a spiritual or wondrous nature – or hightened frustration from not having any, the feelings of “I don’t any any skill”, “I don’t see anything”, etc.

Finally, and also closely related to the above, each stage of development of a society in the Cosmos, and especially the transitions between one Density and the next, offer a decisive broadening of scope relative to the previous. This means other realities permit many of the things that can only be imagined on Earth. Not only that, but in those realities one’s focus is allowed to go beyond petty disputes, drama, and the scrambles of survival, onto more noble, stimulating, and Soul-enriching pursuits.

The fictional Star Trek setting introduced by Gene Rodenberry in the sixties, particularly in terms of background lore and tonality, was a striking and vivid portrayal of what a post-scarcity society feels like, what it generally believes in, and how it operates.

Advanced societies tend to liberate the individual from menial necessities allowing the long-term pursuit of matters of the spirit and personal meaning. By contrast, being on the 3D of Earth can induce in the Starseed the perception life in 3D is uninteresting, dull, and devoid of meaning and excitement, even as others around them may find their own opportunities to “have a good time”. This perception is deeply spiritual: situations of true enrichment to the spirit are often lacking on Earth. As a response, a Starseed’s mind, when allowed, will often have a tendency to veer off into the distance, far beyond what the Earth’s real-life possibilities admit, to fill that void.

Go no further than a situation where multiple civilizations and sentient races interact peacefully and casually, such as in a space station, or a multicultural city on a planet, for example. Imagine the diversity, the variety in experience, and the possibilities, such a setting permits to the one participating in it. And you may begin to understand where, for example, some of the wonder for sci-fi and fantasy – which we regard only as movies and “fiction” – comes from.

Multicultural and fantastical settings, elves and dragons, magic and sorcery, and space operas are all tapping into a sense of wonder and fantasy that’s largely unavailable to tangibly experience in the reality of Earth. Through such works of fiction you’re exploring your own very real, but subconscious memories of how it felt like to live elsewhere.

A Starseed may not just find a sense of marvel in some of such topics, but may even feel compelled to “live in” them, recreating, enacting, imagining. Or perhaps they’ll feel compelled to create new fully-fledged worlds and settings, becoming authors themselves. Very real memories are trying to find their way to the conscious self and express themselves, while trying to recreate the type of world that would otherwise be desired. This need is also influenced, of course, by the ever-present desire and need to go back Home.

How many developments in society were influenced by the imagination of authors and ideas on paper? How many science-fiction concepts found their way onto the real-life scientific realm? The need to explore and “live in” these ideas is a way Starseeds have to enrich their Earth’s experience, broadening perspectives and awareness around them, often paving the way for society gradually making real what it currently can only dream about.

The idea behind being a Starseed all along was to enrich the planet with references brought from elsewhere. A Starseed will always have in them to do so, by trying to activate their own sense of awe in their hearts.

Clue #5: Wildly creative and sometimes fantasy-oriented mind, whose cravings and needs the resources available in the world can’t fully satisfy.

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