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Hold Tight

If Earth was to go through changes and shifts, not all about the process was going to be clean and easy. Sometimes only acute situations are able to dislodge energy that was stuck and hardened for a long time. It is so on an individual level, and it is so on the collective one as well.

Some parts are going to get loud and scary, and they may come close and become personal. For some, the experience will be dramatic, of anxiety and difficulty. And there will be some who will have chosen on the spiritual to leave the world riding this wave.

It’s also important to also take a step back and put things in perspective, and while doing so looking at the writing between the lines – if at all possible. If nothing else, to detach from the turmoil, even if for a moment.

Mind you: “taking a step back” is a luxury. If hardship knocks on your door, when it’s with you – if you’re the one going to the hospital, or a family member of yours, or if you’re at home facing being laid off and/or without reserves to support yourself, if you’re dealing with the uncertainty – then what “stepping back” is there? There’s no “silver lining” that can possibly matter then. What’s going to matter is the situation at hand, and nothing else. So, any suggestion at analyzing broad perspectives, needs to be tempered with mindfulness and caution, because not everyone will be afforded the opportunity to do so. But.

So, with that being said. This is an event, in some respects of an unprecedented scale, impacting the world as a whole, happening everywhere and at the same time. It is not looking at borders, skin color, money in the wallet, culture, affiliation, or creed. It’s not political. It doesn’t care if you’re left of right, tall or short, big or small. It’s the same world facing the same challenge, if you’ve noticed.

For many it is going to shake their foundations to the core, for the first time putting into question what they thought they knew, and the things in their reality they took for granted. As some of the constructs of society are taken to their limits, it may be more apparent how they’re not all-powerful and immutable, rather they are designed by us and and we’re all responsible for them. It can also become more apparent how fragile life is, how valuable and unique it is, if this realization wasn’t there before. And how it should be important to value and protect every life regardless of the side of the fence one stands on.

There are other silver linings as well. In employment and education individuals may have the chance to update and modernize, leveraging technology to open up possibilities in terms of working and learning from distance. That is not to say changes will necessarily be sharp and radical, but that this may lead to the realization and experimentation of new possibilities, tools, and ways of doing things. Personal space and boundaries become more of a factor, as notions of respecting each other’s space are heightened. This is relevant as energetic dynamics play an important factor in the quality of the level of awareness on the planet. People are not made to live tightly clustered together, at least not in a permanent basis. Awareness will gradually be shifting towards living comparatively farther apart, while maintaining the same levels of comfort and amenities.

There is a strong focus on hygiene. You might not think of hygiene as particularly relevant spiritually-wise. But hygiene are standards, and standards are awareness. There comes a point when spitting on the ground, or not washing hands after going to the bathroom, just doesn’t cut it anymore.

I don’t consider these things – namely these more positive ones – to necessarily be coming in to stay, and to change the world we know completely. At the same time, it’s fair to say “the world will never be the same”. This is neither the civilization-ending event, nor the shift of the ages that will ‘save’ the planet. Again, perspective.

I think the ordeal will eventually pass, and once it does, many things will go back to ‘business as usual’, at least to some extent. The human being can adapt to almost anything. So you can witness the heroic and the compassionate in times of dire need (hope for humanity) and you will also see the old routines and rifts coming back again when things settle (same old). Still, if nothing else, we’ll have experienced many references we can take and use going forward. The improvements in pollution, how Nature reacts. How we can unite if we set our minds to achieve common purpose. Children actually having their parents home (and the pets!). The memory of a planet’s population subject to a life-altering event all at once, the shared experience, for good and for bad.

Depending on what happens in your region and country, you might find yourself confined to home. First of all, don’t be a moron and think it somehow doesn’t apply to you: stay the f* inside. Now, if and when it does apply to you, and it likely will, try to make the most of the situation. If you have to study or work from home, at least you won’t have to spend the time and energy in the commute, so you’ll have more spare time. You’ll be able to use that time for things you wouldn’t have the chance to otherwise, such as playing games, reading a book, learning new things, maybe spending time with friends and loved ones, if that’s a possibility. Focus on making the most of it. If nothing else, for the sake of your own sanity.

If you can’t stay at home, and that’s because what you do is critical for society to keep functioning, then thank you for the work you do.

Do your best to not stay in fear. Temper anxiety with information and stay updated, but disconnect from the feed when you need to. Stay indoors, keep yourself safe and keep others safe, and act with common sense. For the spiritual ‘part’, ask your spiritual guides for you and your loved ones to be safeguarded from harm, and recuperate safely and rapidly otherwise.

This too shall pass (but other, new things may then come). Hope for the best and hold tight.

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