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Healing Past-Lives

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Past-lives are not actually in the past. There’s a metaphysical notion that time doesn’t really exist, and everything is actually happening in the now. As far as you’re concerned, this translates — among other things — to the fact that the people you were in other lifetimes may be active in your own energy right now, within you, especially if they aren’t healed.

A past-live that is not healed is living within you, restless. It’s mingled with your own energy (because ultimately it’s also you, a part of you). So it works almost as if an actual person, with its own “independent” moods, cravings, desires, fears, and reactions to external circumstances in your life.

The textbook example for this are phobias — such as the fear of drowning, or of enclosed spaces, for example. Acute fears, maybe seemingly illogical, that may or may not have been awakened by an event in this life. But phobias are just the most glaring examples. Relationship failings and patterns, professional issues, emotionally charged reactions, and fears in general. All of these commonly stem from past-lives that are still “active”.

You may have hot buttons, that is, sensitive topics that when pushed leave you “out of yourself”. Guess who manifests when you’re out of yourself? When the wound is pressed it’s the past-life persona that comes forth and has a fit, if you will. And you’re overwhelmed by this violent reaction of fear, panic, anger, or other strong emotion, that you hardly can contain.

Now, since your moods, choices, actions, energy, and states of being, manifest in the reality all around you (usually know as “Law of Attraction”), you may be living events, emotions, and circumstances, in your life, that don’t necessarily relate to who you are today. Events that aren’t really yours, that have nothing to do with your current life, and thus that you really have no business living.

The past-life is stuck in its own time loop, in its own unsolved memory. As a result, you are stuck in the same cyclical patterns, repeating them over and over without progression.

You aren’t starting from a clean slate with this life.

While being you also, at the same time a past-life is not you. It’s an aspect of your Soul, a spiritual cousin, that is related to you, but comes from another time, another awareness, other set of circumstances. You bear no responsibility over its actions — other than, as the current Soul carrier, to heal it and bring closure to it, if your consciousness and choice allows you.

That’s your only responsibility over your past-lives.

Very often the subject of past-lives is not just about curiosity. It’s something that urgently begs for healing and closure, for the sake of your own well-being. For you to finally move forward and prosper.

A past-life that is healed, on the other hand, has found its closure, and thus has no need to re-experience any further challenging situations. It has no desire to delve in the past, to re-experience everything over and over. It’s at peace. It comes from, it’s in a state of, Light, instead of feeding off your own emotional body and vital energies. And can offer you valuable insight and guidance when you need to. It’s are a part of you, but one that is balanced and in tune with your true nature.

Needless to say, a person who is actively dismissive of this concept, such as a cynical skeptic would be, is unwillingly condemning himself to living trapped within the emotional patterns of its own past-lives, without realizing it – but worse still, he’s influencing and deterring others for realizing this and seeking their own healing.

Such a person is not only keeping himself imprisoned, but keeping others imprisoned as well. You’re entitled to your own views; but please refrain from imposing your beliefs on others, because you may be contributing to the problem rather than to the solution.

The basis for the healing of past-life aspects always revolves around forwarding them to the Light, where they can receive healing. This may be performed by someone with the skill to do so, or by yourself if you’re capable of it.

Everyone is capable of intuitive insight. Some individuals do have gifts and skills that allow them to do specific things more easily than others. Basic intuitive skills are like a radio, or a black-and-white TV; a spiritual gift is seeing in colors, in HD. A gift is often the result of many lifetimes of training, and affinity at Soul level.

Usually there’s a conversation directly with the aspect, either by the healer himself, or indirectly through the aspect’s spiritual team and family. Often the energies take on the form of deities, that the aspect holds as the religious figures of its time, so he can see and interact with them. Other times, the aspects’s mother, father, or other loved ones come to “take them home” to the Light — upon which the aspect may comply. Again, this is a textbook example of the basic premise. Each case is entirely different.

However there’s often a common issue with this healing in holistic therapy.

The free will of your aspects remains valid. This means that they often are forwarded to the Light, but if they aren’t completely at peace, if they haven’t met final closure, they can often on their own accord bounce back and return back down here, without being completely healed. Thus the pattern continues. Your aspects can be just as stubborn, rebellious, and headstrong as you. Even more so when they have no money to be earned, no physical body to contend with, no jobs to seek, or children to tend to. They are for all purposes entirely free, and they certainly use that.

There are only two ways a past-live aspect, under this circumstances, becomes completely healed. One is simply persistence: heal the past-life whenever it manifests, whenever it reveals itself, and send it the Light when you can. No amount of Light is ever wasted. Over time, with the accumulation of cleansing and spending time within the Light, ultimately the aspect with realize its own lesson and attain its closure.

The other way is to make sure the aspect gets his final closure when you perform the healing. This is, as far as my ability allows, what I do with my readings of the Akashic records. The goal is always to “dig” thoroughly in the emotional reality of an aspect’s life, insofar as Spirit can provide the necessary clarification that will bring adequate closure, so that the aspect is left with little to no need to come back.

There’s a process about this. The aspect always needs to undergo a certain amount of healing and learning on the Light realms. To the actual individual being healed, this translates in the passing of a certain amount of time, between the moment the past-life is forwarded to the Light, and when the aspect is considered fully healed and in balance. At the time the reading/healing is performed, what is fundamental is for the aspect to be put at ease, to enough degree, that he/she is willing to remain in the Light realms on its own accord, until he’s completely healed and integrated in your spiritual self through Light.

This is not a passing of judgement towards other holistic practices and practitioners. This is an observation from my experience. Each healer’s own responsibility is to perform to the best of their ability and staying in integrity. More than this no one is accountable for. With this text I mean solely to bring clarity into such matters and assist those who need this information.

There is never any guarantee under any amount of healing and information, that an aspect doesn’t decide to come back before being fully healed, in an inappropriate way. Or, that’s actuallypossible for complete healing to occur at any given point in time. Ultimately the definite healing will come about as a combination of both perspectives: persistence, and being thorough. All one can do is his own best; the rest is left in the hands of the Universe.

When past-lives have any discernible interference over your moods and current life, they are meant to be healed. That is their main relevance.

Otherwise, there is absolutely no need to delve in the past.

I perform readings of the Akashic records for a living, in person or across the web, knowing only your name. For more info on readings see here. For examples of full readings please see here and here.

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