Heart Ki

Guidance Sessions Online

This is a 1-on-1 hour-long online session with me, where I’ll be available to assist you in your journey of self-discovery, offer clarity regarding issues and topics, as well as expanding your awareness regarding the spiritual and metaphysical. Skype or Zoom can be used. You can use this session for one-off guidance, or for periodic coaching. This session can also be used as a follow-up to an Akashic Records reading to offer clarification, answer questions, and help you connect the reading’s information further. If you’ve received a previous Akashic Record Reading from me at any point, its information will provide a context that can greatly benefit the guidance offered.

This session is not an Akashic Records Reading. I don’t perform Akashic Readings in the person’s presence, online or otherwise. This session is for clarity, teaching, and coaching offered intuitively. I’ll still be working with my spiritual guidance team, just not accessing the Akashic Records. If you’re interested in an Akashic Records Reading, please see: Akashic Records Readings.

This session isn’t about exerting control, forcing an outcome, or performing ‘magic tricks’: it’s an opportunity to expand your awareness. Understanding oneself from a spiritual perspective helps us navigate life more clearly and make more informed choices, while bringing a degree of peace and acceptance about life events. This can often be a catalyst for situations to unblock, heal, and evolve. It may also bring you new ideas and inspiration regarding choices and courses of action for the future.

The button below will redirect you to a secure Paypal connection where you can perform the payment for your session. You don’t need a Paypal account to perform your payment online, just a valid credit card or similar method. Waiting list: sessions can generally be scheduled within one to three weeks from the moment of purchase.

Upon payment I will email you at your PayPal email address for the scheduling of the Skype/Zoom session.

Venue: Skype or Zoom
Duration: ~60mins
Value: 60€ + PayPal fees
  • The same Terms of Use of Akashic Records Readings apply.
  • Please follow these Guidelines for the video call.
  • Feel free to reach me at mail@heartki.com for any questions.