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Glory to Her Heroes

I always try, for the most part, to write about topics in a manner that is more timeless rather than time-centered. However, on this occasion, I felt I needed to write about this topic, for obvious reasons. Also, at this time I happen to be without a great deal of brainpower available to review and curate the text. So I hope it comes out okay.

Ukraine had chosen as a people to write their own fate as a democratic nation. You know by now I’m by no means an apologist of the systems of the western world; I find them to be deeply flawed, if not malignant, on a fundamental level. Still, on that system you do have some semblance of personal freedom to choose, think, and speak. Even if the importance of those things is very relative at times. But they are, nevertheless, important. You are personally free to think, say, and seek what’s true and right for yourself.

Ukraine was then invaded by a stronger power, on a legitimacy that is flimsy at best – never mind that, it’s nonexistent – with the overall purpose of stripping away its own sovereignty as an independent state, on the basis of might. And what did they do? Their president could have been evacuated, he could have fled. But he chose to stay and fight. And so his people, for the most part, did. They chose to stand and fight for their right to exist, how they want to exist.

In spirituality there’s a fundamental tenet (one of them) that each and every practitioner and therapist knows, or should. And that is, that no matter how much you try, no matter what you want and where you stand, as a healer/teacher you can’t force someone to heal or learn if they’re not ready, or if they choose otherwise. In other words, no matter how much you try, you can’t heal anything – or provide a degree of healing – if the person is not choosing it themselves. This is a truth that can lead to quite a few painful and sad circumstances. Even so, you can only ever heal someone who has chosen to heal themselves. You can only ever protect someone who asked to be protected. You can only receive the Light, if you’ve asked for, and chosen, that Light.

Ukraine, as a country, on a collective level, by and large made that choice. Ukraine stood and fight. It said, ‘Glory to Ukraine’, meaning, we exist as sovereign Ukraine, or we don’t. And it proved, as a nation, by that choice, and by the resistance that it put up, and is putting up still, that it was worthy of democracy, of freedom, of choosing its own path. Ukraine is not perfect. The Western world is not perfect. NATO, the UN, these aren’t perfect. But at least they are a representation, of an attempt, of a free world. Of a world where the individual is entitled to choose. And Ukraine made the choice of being free, and of being a part of that world.

I never expected, couldn’t believe my eyes, and can’t quite believe as I’m saying it, but this is a battle between Light and Dark, in a quite literal sense. One side wants freedom, and is fighting for it, while the other aims at denying it, with no true legitimacy other than that they can do so. Other than, at best, a perceived unfairness against foreign interests towards a 19th-century idea of an empire, upheld mostly by its elites.

Let me make an analogy. A couple who’ve been together for some time separates, she wanted to release herself from his authoritarian and limiting ways that pervaded the relationship, which he refused to let go of. Then a while after she leaves him, he comes to her and says, “you don’t have the right to choose for yourself, you’re mine – whether you like it or not”. But, she doesn’t comply! She declines. She refuses to submit again. Not an option for her, she’s grown out of it. But, he’s unable to let this go. He’s unable to cope with his own ego feeling abandoned, powerless, and weak. So he starts to resort to violence against her. He punches, beats, kicks. He tries to submit by force. Because that’s what he can do. Yet, she continues to fight back. And she calls out for help.

It escalates. The more she tries to defend herself, the harder he hits her. Hits that are meant to cause her pain. Meant to break her, maim her, beat her back into submission, as if to restore what he once had – he can’t, but in his mind he sure can try.

Her screams and cries for help drawn the attention of others. But the more he gets called out by them, the more vicious he gets. He’s out in the open now, and he’s in the wrong, but he’s getting away with it. So there’s nothing to stop for, because there’s nothing else to hide. He’s backed up into a corner, with nowhere to go, violence his only source of power left. The more he’s cornered the more he’ll use it. But she’s with him in that corner. That means, before he goes down he’s going to take her with him. If he can’t have her, no one can.

In our day and age this type of situation would probably be called out right away, with his behavior being, justifiably, referred to things such as “toxic”, “oppressive”, and “violent” [using male and female figures in a stereotypical manner, of course the roles/genders could be reversed]. Most people would probably say she has all the right to speak out; that she needed to ask for help; that assistance was promptly available to help her; and that she had every right, she was entitled, to receive assistance. Most would agree that she needed to be kept safe, and justice be restored, through legal means if need be. Granted, the violence and oppression in the relationship would have already been completely wrong even while she was still in the relationship, and not having tried to leave it just yet. But then it becomes all the more unfair and glaring the moment she speaks out and leaves the relationship – and that decision is being fought by someone stronger than her. In other words, she made a choice, which was to no longer be oppressed. And those around her who can acknowledge she’s under attack, would probably agree how “might shouldn’t be allowed to make right” in that situation.

It’s just that the person doing the fighting, in this case, has nukes. And the rest of the world is more or less witnessing a spineless assault, but in the process of trying to understand if and how to deal with it; how to intervene, how to restrain the aggressor, without triggering something that could be catastrophic.

Regardless, make no mistake: the aggressor is in the wrong. No matter the justification. It’s WAR. Inflicting suffering on human beings for the sake of an agenda. It’s what evil looks like.

And she deserves every single bit of Light, prayer, assistance, humanitarian aid, and protection, we can all hopefully spare, and decide to put forth.

The aggressor is invested in the assault, so they won’t stop. They’ll only ever stop, if and when they’re made to stop. Somehow. I don’t know what the answer is; I don’t know how to act without triggering a world war. What I do know is that the one thing you can’t do is as you witness an assault as it’s taking place, is reacting with indifference.

This may or may not be clear, but the world is evolving. The world’s Light, albeit slowly, is ever increasing. And due to that Light, the collective, gradually, and in the parts of the world where these considerations can take hold in the mind – wants more and more to be at peace. Whatever the problems, grievances, and potentials for correction and improvement, there may be.

Planet Earth wants, needs, to be at peace.

That’s why it feels so jarring to witness, in the 21st century, a country invading another by force. Particularly in the parts of the world that were involved in the World Wars and other conflicts of the 20th century, and today idealize upholding freedom and sovereignty at state and personal levels.

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