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Faith vs Protection: Coronavirus Edition

The subject matter I’m writing about is one I don’t often find mentioned too frequently by spiritual sources, teachers, etc., at least as far as I’m aware. And it’s one that in my personal case it took a while to understand and integrate, to some extent that’s still an ongoing process. But until I find reasons to perceive otherwise, I’ll consider this to be a somewhat complex, perhaps advanced topic as far as spirituality goes. By no means I intend to convey I know the absolute truth about this, or that I’m capable of holding unbreakable faith/absence of fear 100% of the time. This text means solely I feel I’m at a solid plateau regarding this matter, enough to feel safe in transmitting what I know.

In this text I’ll refer to a number of key concepts such as ‘trust’, ‘faith’, ‘love’, or ‘Light’, for example, without necessarily spending too much time carefully defining them. That’s going to be needed, otherwise I’d have to write twenty new articles if I wanted to cover all of this. But as you read this text, you might ask what’s ‘trust’,’faith’, or ‘love’? I’ve written about a few of these before; so if you want to have an idea of what these concepts refer to, particularly under a spiritual/metaphysical umbrella, and you find this text alone insufficient in that regard, I’ll invite you to seek other articles on this website, or even other sources if you want, for additional clarification. Right, moving on.

The insight discussed here relates to the duality between faith and protection.

This is when you ask/ponder on something like this: if I trust fully in Spirit, does that mean I don’t need to keep any protection or safeguards of my own? Or, should I instead take care to protect myself, taking matters into my own hands? And are these two mutually exclusive? Meaning, does holding complete faith in Spirit imply I don’t have to protect myself, or that protecting myself represents a show of lack of faith thus making me vulnerable? This type of questioning may arise as one who’s spiritually minded, holding the 1-0-1s in their bag of metaphysical knowledge, is faced with a real-life prospect of difficulty, suffering, uncertainty, etc., of some description. As you might have guessed by the title, this question pertains also, and may arise with, your own personal handling of the coronavirus pandemic. So you could ask something like this: would complete faith in Spirit allow me to walk down the street not wearing a mask, not keeping a safe distance, etc?

So, the baseline premise works like this: faith and Love, metaphysically, work like a shield, essentially by keeping your vibration high and in alignment with the Light. This is why, for example, when you’re in love – or in any other jubilant state in the human experience – you’ll feel as if no harm could ever possibly come to you. That’s because in that very moment you’re tapping to the, if you will, Celestial brand of Love, and along with it, the metaphysical truth that Love itself protects you and shields you from harm. By contrast, it is the vibration of fear, and then fear-based actions that act like an opening or breach of that same shield, making it frail or non-active, thus creating to some extent a window of opportunity (most often, precisely for the experience that is feared). It is the awareness of this that might lead one to question whether there’s need for the diligent act of taking measures to protect oneself, or if the Light protects to such the extent one doesn’t need any guarding.

Love, Light, and Trust Protect

And this is absolutely true: metaphysically speaking, no harm can come to you if you’re in a state of pure love and pure trust. Because that state of love and trust are in alignment with the infinite benevolence of Source. So if you’re tuned to that state, you’re safe. It’s as simple as that.

But: are you always in a state of pure love and pure trust?

There are two caveats to this matter, both related to how the human experience works in practice.

The first are the natural fluctuations, doubts, uncertainties of the human self during his/her lifetime. It’s safe to say most of us aren’t going to always feel fully trusting and optimistic, be in high spirits constantly, completely devoid of any and all fear, all of the time – so as to have that perfect “shield” always up. Your mileage may vary on this. Some individuals will naturally be more positive and optimistic, while others will struggle more. Some will have a more steely sense of trust, while others will be more nervous. I’ll also add spiritual progress to the mix: let’s say you’ve attained full enlightenment, and can safely state your faith is unbreakable. If that is the case, I won’t be the one to dismiss it and say it isn’t so. But otherwise and generally speaking, most of us aren’t going to be in “peak vibration” all of the time, with this including the spiritually awakened and the ones on a spiritual path.

Change is a constant of life, and during life you will sometimes be tested. Human existence is made of flow and change, and as such it can be unpredictable at times, some of those times being challenging and tumultuous. On one occasion you’re in a high, on the next you’re all the way back down. This is normal: for as long as you’re incarnated as human, and in a realm of Free Will, your choices, your discernment, and your decisions, will perpetually continue to matter. This means at one point or another you may be led to check and revise the things you took for granted, safe, and certain. All of this to say that the natural variations and fluctuations in the energy/vibration of the human being, may have some effect in how in practical terms you’re safe and protected in your personal experience: being a little bit more insecure, less trusting, with a little bit more fear, may also lead to fluctuations of how much you’re protected.

Attention, this doesn’t mean you’re going to see the Universe constantly throwing curve balls at you every time you’re in a bad mood. The point of this information is not for you to life in fear, obsessively monitoring your ‘vibration’, or suppressing yourself when you happen to feel angry, cranky, etc. Life isn’t about that. Life does have a little bit of a leeway, one that allows you to deal with your feelings and emotions, without having to constantly worry with an Universe immediately responding to every little thing you feel and do. There are layers and gradations to how your reality is affected by your choices and trust. Your deeper sense of trust and confidence in Spirit, in the Universe, in Life itself, and so on (which to a large extent are spiritual and run deep) play an important role in guiding the ultimate outcome of things in your life, even if at a particular junction the road momentarily takes a sharp turn. In other words, even if you’re at one point sidetracked in an undesirable experience, you’re still going to be okay in the end, if deep down you truly believe it to be so.

Reality is fundamentally self-directed by your choices, and always will be. This is a core message I’ve always given.

The second caveat is karma. Which, as we’ll see, it’s fundamentally a byproduct of the above.

What I mean by “karma” are those situations that are, for all effects and purposes, bound to happen “no matter what”. These can for example relate to experiences and processing that needs to happen for your chosen life path and goals. In which case they’ll be part of fulfilling your greatest good in the long term, but in the short term and without a bird’s eye view of your whole path, they may appear and be felt as unpleasant, difficult, trying, and undesirable. These may be experiences that are there to enrich and toughen you, preparing you for future trials; but in the now moment they’re going to seem difficult, unpleasant, and cause you to think you’ve done something wrong.

Alternatively, karma can also relate to your choices made in the past (in this life, or especially in previous ones) that result in consequences to be experienced by the self that are result of those choices. These are the more ‘traditional’ and old-school mechanisms I’d call karma. Karma is a form of metaphysical accountability and relates with how Free Will works: consequences of choices must be lived through by the self, even if across multiple lifetimes. These two aspects I’ve mentioned are often intertwined: your life’s purpose and goals usually and invariably will involve some degree of healing of your karma, and healing is implicative of painful situations, memories, and energies rooted in the past, even if not consciously understood as such in the now moment.

Karma is not a form of punishment at the hands of a higher authority, but, and ultimately, a mechanism of healing. Still, that doesn’t mean karma is something to be trifled with; and it is definitely something that can open a window of vulnerability for suffering, even despite a, shall we call it, healthy degree of spiritual trust. And, therefore, can obviously open up exceptions to the way Light would otherwise desire to protect you.

Generally speaking, it’s okay dealing with emotions and doubts of the moment – because you need to do so as a human being. It is more the long-term, harbored, fed and grown emotions and states of mind, particularly the negative ones, that can have the greatest impact in shaping your experience negatively speaking. It is when one harbors strongly-felt peeves, regrets, anger, trauma, pain, and so on, holding on to them without actively wanting to release them, that life may reflect them back to you, as experience, in order to facilitate the process of letting go. That is, after all, what karma ultimately is: stored energy and emotion that needs to be processed and released.

So far I’ve summarized in a few (complicated yet short) sentences how one’s experience is shaped by one’s inner state, and how karma may be involved in this equation. This matter pertains, for instance, to what’s usually referred to the ‘Law of Attraction’, and also, to when you ask something like this: am I safe, can/should I trust? The way these things work isn’t a simple matter by any means, and I’m not expecting to get all of the points across perfectly. But that isn’t the main point of this text. So, I hope to have at least explained these things succinctly enough so far, in order to be able to move forward.

Matters of Choice

If you’ve noticed, both of the aspects mentioned above trace back to one main point: choice.

It is your choice (Free Will) playing a critical role in how your experience is shaped, and particularly, how safe the Universe keeps you in that experience – being that, in the case of past-life karma, you can consider it decisions from the past that can affect or interfere with your decision-making in the now moment. So the broader rule-set can be abbreviated and formulated as follows: for as long as you’re in a reality of Free Will i.e. where your choice matters, it is an inner intention for safety, and then practical actions that are in agreement with that choice, that allow the Universe, give It free reign, to shield and protect you, according to that intention.

The following is a real life situation I once came across, which ended up becoming one of those that sticks in your mind forever, maybe becoming an anecdote you sometimes re-tell others on occasion. In this case, for me it became an illustrative example of this point I’m making. The esoteric “parts” weren’t received by me, but by someone who to me is beyond reproach with such things.

There was this person, a young adult male, who liked to drive hard and dangerously down the highway, and did so habitually. He owned an aged car, one that was fairly lightweight and flimsy, thus offering little physical protection, yet, also one of those cars that manages to be light enough to also be fast and agile, even despite its age and flimsiness. So he had this car, which he used to drive at fast speeds – and not always safely. And apparently this habit was becoming a problem, because one day his spirit guides, through someone who could channel them, reached out to him using a tone of ultimatum: you have to change car right away, a buy a new one, one that’s safer and more reliable. Because, otherwise, you’re heading towards a tragic path. And, eventually, he did so.

From their side of the veil, the person’s spirit guides would have calculated he was bound to suffer a bad accident, if he had persisted on the same path with regards to driving habits. In the person’s cyclical behavior, the car itself was an integral part of it – this is normal, because items and objects have energies of their own, and sometimes may actively influence our behavior even in the small details. In other words, a predisposition towards a risky driving behavior may be potentiated by a vehicle that invites it (and may have been chosen because of it to begin with). His guides needed his habit to be interrupted willingly, at least enough so that the disastrous potential could be averted. And an integral part of this would be purchasing and driving a different car, safer and of sturdier build, an one which could possibly evoke a different type of driving.

To me, this represented an example of how your guides may not be able to protect you from the consequences of the choices you’re making (no matter how much they’d want to).

Your guides are willing and able to protect you and keep you safe, to the extent your intentions and choices allow it. But if what you choose or act happens to be in disharmony or misalignment with that intended protection, then you’re choosing the opposite. And your guides they may not be able to protect you irrespective of your choice – because they can’t infringe on your Free Will. If you choose something that doesn’t protecting you, they can’t go against the choice you make. In turn, the reason for this, is because planet Earth, and whatever happens here, is not about them, but rather about you. You are the one in lesson; you are the one whose choices and actions matter and reflect back unto you. It is your intentions, choices, words, and tangible actions, that guide your reality at all times; and this must always be observed unquestionably. So if you have a sustained behavior that reflects lack of safety, that might be rash, risky, perilous, you may be opening a door for the manifestation of what matches it.

The factors that relate to your personal choices and can directly or indirectly influence the overall quality of your reality, could to some extent be referred to as the imponderables: in the sense you can’t, and shouldn’t, keep track and micromanage them all. This is why it is a good guideline to default to a grounded, protected stance of your own, together with your faith and trust in Spirit. In other words, you should trust in Spirit, but you also do your part to stay safe, within reason, at the same time. That means sustaining a behavior, and making personal choices, that are generally in alignment, with your essence first and foremost (i.e. with the Light), and with what you wish to feel trust about.

Coronavirus and Trust in Spirit

The major catalyst for writing this article is of course the Coronavirus [at the time of this writing it’s February 2021, the second year of the pandemic] even if this subject matter would still be valid and warrant being put into writing regardless.

If you think “I trust Spirit to be safe therefore I won’t wear a mask” or,”I won’t take a vaccine”, you’re missing the point.

Spiritually and metaphysically you protect yourself first by choosing to be protected, by holding the intention and asking aloud if need be; and then, acting in alignment with that choice of protection. Granted, on first glance this might sound like you then have to not wear mask, or not get vaccinated, to somehow ‘prove’ your trust. But, in truth, it’s the other way around: the actions that protect you are the ones where you’re choosing the available tools and mechanisms currently at your disposal in the Earth’s reality to deal with the virus.

If Spirit ever wants you to have an existence like they do i.e. free from a physical body and detached from the circumstances of a physical life, then you’ll die and leave the body behind. Otherwise, and until that moment comes, you’re suck here living a physical life, in a physical plane, bound to navigate a world using with the tools available at your disposal in that world. You can still do your ‘spiritual’ things, they are also part of the tools available to you: asking; preying; trusting; hoping; carrying on with your spiritual work; holding a positive and bright mindset; performing and receiving spiritual service when you deem necessary; and being confident about these things. And you can still experience moments of otherworldly magic. And that’s because Spirit is real, and is part of the world as well!

But spiritually is not about being ungrounded, dreaming with a fantasy land without connection to the real world. Spirituality is bettering ourselves constantly, and being able to make better and better choices as human beings, for as long as we’re here, with the time we have available. Try do the best you can, and have fun if you’re able. And Spirit can save and extract you out of harm’s way – but not to a fairly tale, imaginary la-la land; Spirit can protect and keep you safe – but not in a way that takes away your accountability. And in this physical life, one may still need to use those tools and mechanisms we’ve developed as human beings, with some of those being spiritual, and others very much mainstream, normal, “not-spiritual”. These continue to serve a purpose.

I can’t vouch for pharmaceutical companies, the same way I can’t vouch for Governments always being in integrity or telling the truth. You know that wouldn’t be a realistic proposition to believe in. What I can say is that the world at large has been under siege by a virus against its will – a war, as many would call it, with a “front line”, and with injuries, and casualties – and many have been living under intense pressure for a long time now. To believe anything otherwise would be an profound disrespect for their suffering. And the various vaccines that are coming forth, largely speaking, are the world’s (first) major response to that siege. Furthermore, it is my perspective that the unique circumstances under which they were developed, at record speeds yet under an immense amount of scrutiny, would make it fairly difficult to execute concerted efforts to tamper with them malevolently. I actually feel much Light in making them at points – particularly in the innovation and adaptation aspects, such as the new technologies in some of them.

Science is also a manifestation of Spirit, it is another way by which answers and tools and ideas arrive to us. Spirit is by no means against Science, they are ultimately part of the same spectrum. It is my perspective that the vaccines are part of the world’s broader answer to tackle the virus, and therefore very much a tool of Spirit also. This is the trust I’m choosing to place in vaccines. And to me they are the optimal route to take, in the sense they are the choice what keeps you and others safe, utilizing the tools at our disposal. For the person in the anecdote, the answer was buying a new, safer car; for us today, it is taking the necessary precautions that aim at our mutual protection. And these are the masks, distancing, washing hands, a cautious mindset. And now, the vaccines.

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