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Do We Reincarnate as Both Genders?

The following was taken from an email follow-up that took place for the reading To Believe in Love. In this reading one of the things that’s mentioned is a female past-life, whereas the client was male, and upon receiving the reading he expressed some surprise at the idea of having been a woman in a past-life. And while this may be a topic that is more or less well-known, maybe for some at least, it was nonetheless very legitimate from the client to be surprised by this. This is fundamentally because the perception that comes with the biological gender can become quite ingrained, making it difficult to perceive reality from the perspective of the other gender – and making it difficult to imagine having been so in another time. So this was my explanation concerning this topic (revised and adapted at points as part of publishing it here).

So how it works is that most humans will alternate between stretches (a number of more or less sequential lifetimes) as one gender, then after a while they transition to the other, initiating a new sequence. To have experience in both genders is important so the spiritual self may explore and understand both sides of the coin – both genders – much like with any other topic or theme that is addressed in the incarnation process. To not do so would create a level of imbalance in the experience, perhaps a more or less severe disconnect between the references of the self and the nature of the ‘other side’. In your dietary needs you’ll protein, but also carbs, fat, vitamins and minerals, and so on; to just eat one of the compounds predominantly would lead to the specific imbalance that comes from missing on the other ones. Incarnating as a gender is the same, to miss on the experience would create (spiritual) imbalance.

This is not to say that the numerical proportion of lives is exactly 50%-50% incarnating as each gender; and, it’s also not to say each spiritual self can’t have a preference for experiencing one of the genders. The only thing that matters is that the need for equilibrium, in the resulting energy of cumulative incarnation efforts of the spiritual self, is met and maintained.

Another factor to consider is that when you’re incarnating as one gender, one may tend to connect and ‘activate’ more to the lines of your own memories and references of past-lives as that gender, as if tuning to the ‘masculine’ radio station as opposed to the ‘feminine’ one. This has a metaphysical counterpart, if nothing else because the person is naturally relating to the past-lives of their own gender rather than the other one. Some practitioners don’t necessarily acknowledge this in their service (nor do they have to), but it does have some effect in my service, I notice: 99% of the time I’m performing readings and I happen to connect deeply with a past-life, the gender of the past-life will almost always be of the same gender as the person.

Finally, when in the process of incarnating one happens in a lifetime to start incarnating as a gender, after having spent a sequence of lifetimes doing so as the other, typically this will now be a period of re-adaptation and readjustment, that may be more or less subtle, and which may span the entire lifetime, maybe a few lifetimes. The process of adjusting to the new gender is not necessarily immediate, because it involves re-adjusting to deeply rooted features of the human biological body, and their metaphysical ramifications with the subtle ones. You may notice women and men, while being ‘the same’ in a sense – all are human beings equal in right and worth – also tend to feel things sharply and fundamentally differently, as far as human beings navigate their reality, and this relates to these biological/esoteric differences. This is why it is often disconcerting for the human being while incarnating, identifying with one gender to contemplate having ever been the other – the same point as before, consciousness would otherwise become ‘hardened’ in identification with one of the genders.

Further, this accounts – at least partially – when sometimes you’ll have individuals who you’d call gender fluid, perhaps in a state of a certain uncertainty or instability with regards of gender identification and/or sexual orientation: chances are they’ll be in the middle of some form of process of transitioning, either to or from a different gender, in terms of their incarnation process, and as a result they’ll find it difficult to feel affinity with the gender of their current physical body. Which doesn’t mean, by the way, they are any less worthy and entitled to love, joy, and happiness, just like anyone else. This also doesn’t mean all situations of gender fluidity are necessarily due to this specifically, or to the same extent; nor that they in any way incorrect, or without integrity, etc. These are simply sets of attributes and characteristics, that with varying degrees of complexity and generally speaking trace back to their own personal spiritual process (please find additional remarks on this topic in the comments below for this article).

This is also why there’s need to have a degree of variety in the spiritual self experiencing both genders: because if only incarnating as one of them, the bias from experiencing just the perspective of that gender would soon become highly ingrained and hardened, making the self’s consciousness too rigid and ‘set in stone’ so to speak, with the effect of severely hampering its attributes of compassion, empathy, and tolerance – created by lack of understanding of another side, in this case the perspective/experience of another gender. As you said, the Soul is genderless – despite any preference/affinity at any given time for a type of experience of another – and so being hardened to one of the sides of the equation, would imply a degree of partial consciousness if not loss, i.e. being ‘stuck’ in a state of lower vibration.

Incarnating as the two genders follows the same general principle for incarnating as different races, cultures, social profiles, access to resources and opportunities, and so on. Essentially you are a spiritual entity who can choose to incarnate into different physical bodies of different genes, and into varying sets of circumstances. While you don’t ‘have’ to incarnate as all of the races per se (like with gender), generally speaking you’ll incarnate as specific races to the extent this involves and potentiates your spiritual advancement, following the general principle of exploring the two sides of a coin – the “coin” being, the lines of spiritual inquiry and challenge you happen to be involved with (and stuck in). This is why it is bogus to discriminate based on genes, skin color, or gender for that matter: because you are ultimately not your genes, and neither is the other; yours and theirs are are simply the circumstances you happen to be in right now. And soon you may very well find yourself as being in the other’s shoes in a very literal sense in a future life, if you didn’t manage to conduct yourself with sufficient compassion and empathy towards ‘the other side’ this time around.

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