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Densities are planes of existence defined by the predominant level of awareness in each one. They relate to vibratory, physical states of matter. Acceptable approximate synonyms of densities would be dimensions, or states of beingness.

Simultaneously, Densities classify human consciousness and behavior. The human being is capable of expressing most levels of consciousness in the Cosmos – even if a limited, reduced form, here on Earth. While in higher planes of existence awareness is in an increasingly ‘expanded’ state, awareness itself has the same core essential qualities, so to speak, regardless of the reality it is manifested in. As below, so is above.

Densities are present in many of the world’s ancient esoteric and spiritual teachings, and are also known as realms, planes, dimensions, sephiroths, and so forth. The concept of 7 ‘densities’ is primarily influenced by The Law of One. I guess you could say I’m aligned to this particular model. I anchor my mediunic sensitivity around these concepts, and I frequently refer to them in my readings.

In contemporary spirituality the concept of densities and dimensions is commonplace. The 7-density model is but one of many. I give it a go at drawing parallels between different models in the Chart page. While a particular view/model will always be subjective, I believe that there is only one Truth. Nevertheless, this is the conceptualization most aligned with my own views.

Densities or Dimensions?

This is a question most often asked: what’s the difference between densities and dimensions? I focus mostly on ‘Densities’ and not ‘Dimensions’. Let me explain why.

Densities as a concept refer exclusively to an awareness state. You might say a being is living in a 5D state in a given planet, but when you refer to the term “5D”, you’re saying “this is a reality where the predominant level of awareness is 5D”. Densities focus on awareness. On the other hand, “Dimensions” as a concept not only relate to states of matter, but also notions from the fields of physics and science, like space, time, etc.

I’m not overly interested in scrutinizing facts and details, other than to, for example, contextualize a given experience of a Soul at some point.  What I do, is look at a certain behavior, human or not, and say: this is 5D. It might be about someone I randomly see on the street, or a life as a 5D alien I see on a reading I’m doing for someone. Awareness exists regardless of the time, space, or circumstances. It’s a property of Spirit. In fact, as we’ll see further ahead, Awareness is All that exists.

So by mostly referring to Densities as my main idea, and not as Dimensions, what I’m actually saying is, “I don’t really care when or how this happened, what matters is that this was felt this way“. I’m not interested in arguing with scientists about how many dimensions there are. To me, it’s all about awareness. For the Soul it’s not so much about memorizing the details of what happens, but the experience as it’s felt. This is why I’m all about Densities.

7 Densities

Reality is divided into main 7 densities. Humanity exists currently in the third density, which contains the first – existence (minerals and elements) – second – life, animation and emotion (plants and animals) – and the third: free will, creativity, mind and ego.

As humanity evolves in its consciousness, Earth itself is currently transitioning up in the “chart”.

Energy and Matter

The word “density” is frequently used in the field of spirituality to refer to negative or “heavy” energy, e.g. “this room is full of density”, “this person has a very dense energy”.

This stems from the basic notion that all matter, everything that exists, is energy/light vibrating at a given frequency. The higher the frequency, the faster the rate of vibration, and the “lighter” or more subtle is the resulting matter; the lower the frequency, the slower the rate of vibration, and the “heavier” or denser the matter. Physical matter in the solid state correspond to the lowest possible level of vibration. The liquid and gaseous states, for example water and air, are more subtle, or lighter, than the solid state. And after these, there are progressively “lighter” states of energy vibration.

All Is Awareness

Man’s consciousness can also be higher or lower, lighter or denser. It’s difficult to define consciousness, or awareness, because it doesn’t correlate to a physical attribute. It’s a property of Beingness. In a loose definition, awareness is the set of perceptions, beliefs, impressions, and knowledge a being has of itself and of reality, which in turn dictates its experience and behavior.

Human consciousness is composed by thoughts, beliefs, emotions, intuition, perception. These elements are themselves also energy/light with a given vibratory frequency. A thought or emotion can be good or bad, can be of any point in the positive/negative spectrum, and can have higher or lower vibration. This is because consciousness is made of the same substance than matter – only more subtle. This is why thoughts may “condense” and manifest in the physical.

Consciousness, energy, matter, are all the same thing. These words are synonyms. All are energy with different rates of vibration. All represent different states of beingness.

Rocks, minerals and elements are not conscious per se, as we commonly define it, but they represent an awareness state corresponding to simple, basic existence. Inanimate objects also have subtle levels of energy. Everything has. Animals in turn have a type of awareness that allows them to navigate and survive in their environment, even if they’re not capable of extensively modifying their surrounding or evolved creative thought.

All Reality is Divided into Awareness Levels

The Cosmos, Universe, Multiverse, All There Is, however you want to call it, is locally divided into planes, layers, dimensions, each one with a corresponding vibratory rate of energy, and a different primary state of awareness. These layers or levels are called Densities. They are not so much as “levels”, each one on top of the other in a staircase fashion, they’re actually more like concentric spheres, each one within the other, like the layers of the onion, permeating each other and occupying the same space at all times.

Awareness levels, higher and lower energies, don’t imply location or physical height. Raising my awareness doesn’t mean starting to levitate 10cm in the air. It means I increase my vibration, and I get lighter. This is the reason I primarily use the word Density, because it refers strictly to Consciousness, and States of Being, whereas “Dimension” or “Plane” may imply notions such as location, space, or time. God is not up there, far away in the clouds – it’s inside.

The Purpose of The Universe is to Support Life

In each layer dwell beings that correspond the density’s primary awareness level. It is designed so a given density and the beings therein (1) are composed of, have access to, are in contact with, and possibly even have control over, the densities and beings below it; but (2) have lesser accessibility, restricted access, fewer contact – if any at all – with the densities and beings above. As I once read somewhere, a given layer of the onion “sees” all the ones below it because it contains them all, but is contained by, and can’t quite “reach”, the one immediately above.

All Beings in existence, not just Human Beings and animals, but all entities, angels, aliens, spirits, objects, energies, etc, every creature and form of existence in the cosmos have/belong to a primary awareness level, and exist in the corresponding vibratory state or density (*). Each density in turn has a physicality and physical environment characteristics that correspond to the matching consciousness levels of the beings that live in it. In lower levels the matter/consciousness is denser, and on higher ones the matter/consciousness is more subtle or “ethereal”.

(*) Souled beings actually exist in multiple planes at the same time, but that’s off the point.

The physical reality always has to match the consciousness level of the beings in lesson in it – in Earth’s case, the Humans – because the external is like the internal, physical reality mirrors consciousness. If awareness changes, or increases, physical reality must follow. If higher consciousness on Earth reaches a critical mass, physical reality also has to follow. This is exactly the same reason why each human attracts and manifests its external reality according to its internal awareness. Because all is consciousness. Such is the purpose of the Universe: to support life, and to provide environment for experience and learning.

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