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Coronavirus and the Two Earths

At the moment the world is in a state of turmoil. And it’s safe to say it’s a turmoil that is more or less affecting everyone, virtually speaking, each in their own way. Be it dealing with the disease itself, the stress and uncertainty of a loved one going through it, the anxiety about going outside, going to work, commute, etc., the financial distress from loss of income, family conflicts, or just the generalized state of uncertainty and anxiety. Maybe several of the above.

Out of respect for the distress of the situation, and for the experiences each one has lived or might live in the future, I’ll try to keep the tone of this as straightforward and succinct as possible.

In spiritual/metaphysical circles there used to be a concept often brought up, especially pre-2012, where in the course of the spiritual transformation taking place on Earth, there would end up being a division of the planet in two Earths. Note, I’m unaware of who was the original source of the idea, if you happen to be familiar with this and know it, please this feel free to credit the original source in a comment.

But, the essential premise was something like this: as the Earth ascends and transitions into a new ‘state’, the individuals herein would either be ready (and/or be offered the choice) to proceed to the new Earth i.e. the planet in a new state — which would imply relinquishing/healing their personal karmic components of low vibration — and all those who didn’t, either because they weren’t ready and/or would choose not to, would therefore be remaining in the old cycles of 3D, perhaps staying in a 3D ‘layer’ of Earth, or maybe, eventually, being moved onto a place where the new 3D cycle/experience could continue for them. This was the general concept.

Now, if you’re encountering such a concept for the first time, and you’re imagining how it would happen, you might be tempted to envision scenarios of a rather fantastical nature: a big rapture event; magic portals opening up mid-air; secret committees handing over invitations; or some other memorable thing that only happens in movies. This is natural when speculating about an idea, especially a spiritual/esoteric one which on its own, needless to say, is already something of a ‘otherworldly’ topic. And this speculation was especially strong prior to 2012, when the spiritual community was anticipating if, and what, might happen on that date.

As you know, nothing particularly noteworthy ended up taking place. But in my opinion this didn’t mean the spiritual process was any less valid.

I’m not going to write about a prediction or promise in this text. I’m not a seer, I don’t receive insights into the future, and even if I did I’d try to be careful to state things in a grounded manner. Precisely because imagination can take your mind elsewhere, but in the process it may very well detach your expectations from what the real world is. Not to mention that, metaphysically speaking, the future is hardly ever set in stone.

I also do not wish to imply anything along the lines of “coronavirus is here to bring Light and joy into the world, and fix everything that is wrong and unfair”. This type of thought spoken aloud is extremely disrespectful to real life ordeals lived by another. If you went through or are going through spiritual awakening to some capacity, chances are you’re familiar with the role challenge itself can take in the process of healing — and the size that challenge might actually be. So my perspective is that it’s inappropriate to refer to something that’s highly challenging and impactful in any other way other than in a very guarded and respectful manner.

What I’ll go so far to say in this respect, is that covid, together with all the things happening right now under its umbrella so to speak, in my perspective are part of a broader process of transformation of Earth’s society. Which again is not to say it’s any less difficult, it’s a situation of challenge, sometimes suffering, one each of us will individually have to figure out how to process and handle.

I’m writing this text because I’ve been noticing how some of the things I’m observing in the world, in my perspective, fit the concept I referred to in certain ways: unfolding events are often causing a deep contrast and divide between individuals, which is often quite sharp and accentuated. Again, note this isn’t a reference to some esoteric prediction. This is strictly an observation of what I’m seeing with my own eyes.

If you’re stressed and worried about a virus and pandemic — then your head is in the right place.

It’s a virus. It’s a pandemic. Okay, so it has a low-ish, something-percent fatality rate. It has reduced symptoms, if any, in most cases. But it’s highly contagious, with a long and sneaky incubation, poorly understood, long-term harmful effects largely unknown, no cure and little treatment, and no evidence of creating any meaningful or lasting immunity. And it has the potential to deeply affect your life, and the lives of your relatives and those you know — if not you, someone.

The thing is, the reduced something-percent isn’t negligible. Is 4 out of 100 that small of a number? Does the physical illness itself, or the anxiety from the uncertainty about your death, have that little relevance for you? With this virus, you are, plain and simple, rolling the dice if you’re not taking precautions — you will be even if you are!

So if you’re worried, if you’re stressed, if you’re anxious to some extent, you have every right and reason to be. And your head is in the right place.

When you’re aware of the threat and the risk, and in response you are, for example, willing to use a mask as a basic and essential precaution — for you and for others — then your head is in the right place. The mask specifically is a measure of relatively minor inconvenience, if any, but that brings forth great impact. That is to say, a mask is something of relatively low cost and effort to you, but its effect towards hampering the spread of the virus on a collective scale is comparatively very high. Without the mask and other measures such as personally distancing, the virus spreads quickly and explosively; whereas with those measures in place, the threat of the virus tends to be reduced (if most of the population is using it) with the spread becoming linear, or at least becoming more or less controllable, stable. This means things like wearing a mask and taking precautions are simply a no-brainer. They are, at most, inconveniences, and inconveniences that are ultimately temporary, to cease being used when eventually the virus has a cure and/or dies down.

If you see this as evident, and agrees that a mask is meant to be worn as part of a set of measures of precaution, you’re in the group of people I’ll refer here (to make a connection with the premise of the concept) as being “in/of the new Earth”. So what do I mean by this? If everyone thought this way, in other words being worried and taking proper precautions, and for instance wore a mask judiciously, that would still make it become controlled, and be restricted, 1000% faster and more efficiently — even if the virus wouldn’t be eliminated completely (that would need a cure/vaccine). This is the whole idea of the mask: it’s simultaneously an individual and collective protection. By wearing you’re protecting both yourself and others, and greatly contributing to limit the ability of the virus to spread around. In military lingo you’re denying the enemy area to maneuver i.e. you’re restricting how the virus can multiply.

So the mask is a precaution (as are others), its intention aligning with the safeguard of both the individual and the collective. Notice how it is a measure that arises from care and mindfulness, again simultaneously individual and collective.

If, hypothetically, everyone was aligned in this perspective, and maintaining a matching behavior, what you’d have would be a society working together to tackle the virus, with an united front. Maybe not necessarily in the sense of mobilizing, volunteering or acting out of charity, etc., but essentially behaving in an aligned, coherent manner, following the same principles, being “on the same page” if you will. This is what I refer to as being akin to the “new Earth”: an Earth (in other words, the group of human beings living in the real world) coming together in thought and intention, and thus behaving harmoniously, collectively, as “one”. It’s not particularly esoteric, it’s just imagining if the mindfulness about what the moment dictates is necessary, was something evident to all, hypothetically speaking.

The opposite to this mindfulness, as you might expect, are those walking around others without a mask. Those not willing to go out of their way to be careful. Those who either don’t care and/or choose not to. Those who go to their workplace and/or to their places of leisure, and there stand together in groups in proximity and without attention to distance. Those who are standing right next to others, in queues, in lines, in the supermarket, without mask — or with the mask on their chin. Those who plan parties and gatherings, who go to the beach or swimming pool in mass, without a thought given to a pandemic taking place around them. Without a thought about what might happen, not necessarily to themselves, but to others because of them.

With this thing of “new” and “old” Earth, I’m not talking about some form of religious judgment, or aloof spirituality. It’s simply about integrity and mindfulness.

Those in what I’m referring to as “the new Earth” i.e. with the mindfulness towards others and the current moment we’re going through, are aware of their personal accountability. Meaning: it’s not just about what happens to you (on its own already a matter of serious importance), it’s also what may happen to your mother, to your grandfather — or to someone else’s. You don’t want to suffer yourself, and, you also don’t want someone else to suffer, or die, because of you, because of something you took part in. One thing is for the virus to appear unexpectedly and/or against the odds, despite all precautions taken; another quite different is for it to spread with you knowing (or with uncertainty) that it happened because you didn’t took enough precautions, or as much as you could. That it could have been avoided, but it wasn’t because of you. If you’re responsible, this is the feeling is what you want to avoid. And this concern comes from essential and healthy notion of personal accountability.

The fact that covid would warrant a communal, collective effort, yet isn’t being met with one due to a large portion of the population not adhering to it — sometimes even actively standing against it — causes a heightening of the anxiety in all others.

For if you felt everyone around you felt the same way, was taking the same precautions as you did; if you felt when you go outside you trust everyone’s willingly wearing a mask, conscious of a virus on the loose, and not slacking off in precaution; at that point you would feel that much safer even knowing about the existence of the virus. Your personal accountability is what’s heightening the sensation of distress, because you instinctively know a careful and guarded mindset are what’s needed right now to navigate this reality. Yet you know there are many who don’t, and those are placing everyone else at jeopardy. So you’re even more anxious. But it’s not you who’s at fault, or being overly sensitive about it; it’s on those who don’t care.

Trust and confidence come when you feel that everything that can be done is being done. From governments, agencies, authorities, or individuals. To ensure your safety, and the safety of everyone else. But if there’s some form of slacking, or evading one’s responsibility in some way, then there’s going to be lack of confidence — naturally. Those who do care, who are responsible, are left as if to worry on behalf of all those who don’t and shouldn’t. They are as if forced to carry the burdens of all those who aren’t willing to, in a manner of speaking.

Those who aren’t taking precaution, those who don’t care, or don’t care enough, are at the moment simply lacking this baseline personal accountability the others have. These are “in the old Earth”, that is to say, operating in a mindset and perspective that is more of the 3D Earth. The Earth where one doesn’t care about the next. The Earth where we care only about the ego and nothing else.

For all effects and purposes, regardless of why it is so, these aren’t thinking on behalf of others. Their thinking is simply restricted to themselves (and even then in a very limited manner). They’re rolling the dice more than they have to with their health, as a consequence jeopardizing not just their safety but also the safety of everyone else. And this is not to mention those who aren’t just oblivious/insensitive out of ignorance or inexperience, but actively invested in supporting and sustaining the absence of accountability, even fighting for it.

Look. I know what it is to not be aware. To consider one’s above caution, above the necessity for caring, and not being willing to put in the effort. When you hold that type of belief, for as long as you do, you’re unwilling to bulge from it. And you’re possibly even going to fight what threatens it, because that’s where you feel safe and well. I know that. I’ve been there. We’re all human.

But this is where my thought of understanding and compassion ends. Because those who are misaligned with the baseline notions of mindfulness are actively jeopardizing the safety of all of the others. And are delaying, and working against, dealing with a virus that bears serious physical, mental and emotional health, as well as economic/financial consequences.

The sharp, contrasting distinction between “new Earth”/”old Earth” is present not just in the pandemic itself, but in the many other issues on the table being handled right now as well, such as those of systemic racism, economic inequality, social justice, and so on. In each of these matters you’ll also see some who are living in alignment with an Earth that is inclusive, tolerant, and would seek to function together despite differences. And then, you’ll have those who are either oblivious to this, or sometimes are even invested in staying the same – if not outright rooting for things to get worse, to actually go backwards.

Everywhere you look you’re going to be seeing this sharp divide: on one hand a side that generally is caring and being mindful, not just with themselves individually and/or with their own, but also with the whole, with others in general and how society functions; on the other a side that, well, doesn’t, isn’t willing to, and/or is actively, purposefully, acting with harmful intentions. That’s the side that’s making that opposite choice.

You’ll often see low vibration and negativity in such extent that it sometimes crossed deep into the realms of the vile, grotesque, and absurd. And you’ll ask, “how it is possible for this to still exist today?” That’s the old Earth. It’s always been there.

This is not to say such a choice takes place in a single moment or in one determining event. I’m simply observing the current process of collective growth. In my mind it’s equally valid if you already hold mindfulness towards others, or, if you didn’t but somewhere along the way you changed your mind, regardless of how you got there. Situations of challenge can often be opportunities for personal growth, where you may be given the chance to believe and choose differently.In the midst of a pandemic, one of the underlying matters Earth is going through right now is processing the concept of Freedom. What Freedom is and what it’s supposed to mean. What is the difference between oppression and choice? Am I being taken my personal freedoms if I have to wear a mask, if I have to stay at home? In my mind this also has to do with the topic of new/old Earth as I discuss here.

Metaphysically, Freedom isn’t absence of accountability; rather, Freedom (Free Will) is precisely the presence of accountability: meaning, you’re free do do as you wish, but Free Will implies bearing the consequences of your choices. Additionally, the ‘reach’ of your Free Will stops when/if it impairs the Free Will of another, past which it can become a form of negativity and separation.

It’s always possible to skew these words and interpret them as one would see fit and/or to serve an agenda. But this isn’t about rules written on paper or on a website: it’s about mindfulness and integrity. Do I have to explain in minute detail the difference between oppression and mindfulness? Your right to make choices doesn’t allow you to risk passing a virus onto another carelessly, much like it doesn’t allow you to drink before driving, or drive on the opposite lane of the road. Your Free Will doesn’t allow you to endanger others recklessly.

If your choice during a pandemic is one of dismissing/ignoring due and proper safety precautions, thinking strictly in terms of yourself, and bypassing things for collective safety that are temporary and an inconvenience at most, you’re actively threatening the safety of others, sabotaging the effort of the rest in culling the virus efficiently, and undermining everyone else’s ability to feel safe, or as safe as they could feel under the circumstances.

Those who are dismissive of the risk are ‘throwing’ that risk onto the laps of all others, and choosing to partake in a mindset that belongs to an old Earth. An Earth that doesn’t mind, doesn’t protect, and doesn’t care.

Please. Wear a mask.

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