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On the Biological Race to Have Children, Part II: Romantic Contracts

picture of direction signs with nature in backgroundThe following text is part II in a multi-part series. It is a work in progress and may be revised further.

Previous: Part I: The Biological Overlay http://www.heartki.com/biological-race-children-part-biology-overlay/

Closely related with the spiritual intention of having children during a lifetime, and with the experience of love and romantic relationships in general, is the matter of spiritual romantic contracts. This is addressed in this part.

Every human being is born with a spiritual plan in place for his or her lifetime. In reality this plan is continually being reviewed and tweaked even during the lifetime itself — but for the sake of simplicity, let’s at this time state this plan is elaborated before incarnating.

Whenever the plan involves meeting and engaging with other individuals during the lifetime, contracts are created between those involved for that purpose, on a spiritual level, becoming part of the plan. The word “contract” here doesn’t necessarily imply karma or negativity (although sometimes it might); it simply refers to the arrangement made between those involved, to meet at a certain point during their lifetimes, for a specific purpose. Such arrangements could be anything from meaningful yet fleeting 5-minute interactions, to a lifelong friendship, partnership, and/or relationship.

While incarnating you’re seldom aware of your own spiritual plan — and in a sense that’s meant to be. Knowing too much about it could easily compromise your choice-making in the present moment, i.e. your Free Will, which is what lends worth to your personal lessons. But you can always connect with your own plan any point in an intuitive (as opposed to rational/mental) manner: by analyzing how you feel about any situation, person, or element in your life. In other words, through the heart.

Not the “heart” that frets in passion, that obsesses over things and people; but the tranquil, serene intention that points the way, the next step to take, with youthful and sincere curiosity, vibrancy, joy, and meaning.

Trying to understand what your heart really wants is the kind of self-analysis, or Soul searching, you do when you’re questioning things such as:

Does this choice have to do with me? Does it reflect who I am?

Do I feel comfortable in this situation/role/with this person? Is this where I’m supposed to be right now? Is this where I want to be?

What am I passionate about? Do I have a talent? What’s my “sweet spot?”

By trying to connect with where you stand about things in this manner, you’re trying to align yourself with your spiritual path of inner meaning — and also with your lifetime plan, as the two will co-incide with each other.

Your lifetime plan usually represents, is in alignment with, the highest possible path you can describe in terms of your spiritual progress, and of healing and releasing your karmic attributes. As such, speaking about your spiritual lifetime plan would be equivalent to speaking about what’s the path of greatest good to you; what things are of greatest meaning; what’s supposed to happen that will have you connect with that meaning, understand more about yourself, learn the lessons you set out to learn. In other words, proceeding further down the road of your spiritual journey.

However, it’s important to note one’s spiritual plan is not a predetermination of what will happen. As stated in part I, no matter how much careful deliberation and detail went into it, a spiritual plan can only ever be an expression of your spiritual intentions; a guideline of sorts. It is, however, not binding. No matter the plan in place, you will never be forced to comply with it.

There’s a military saying that goes something like this: “a plan never survives the first encounter with the enemy”. While I don’t mean to venture into any sort of military or warlike thematic, the saying does transmit something quite valid even in a metaphysical sense: one thing is what you set out to do before a project or journey (in this case, incarnating into a new lifetime); another quite different is what actually happens once you get thrown into the midst of it. When you have to start living your own life, learning and growing, tacking and overcoming challenges, and making choices.

This means it’s down to the human self, during incarnation, to make his own choices, in a practical manner, as he navigates life. These choices will describe the actual journey that will be unfolding – and this journey may or may not align with the designations of the plan previously in place.
Aligning with your Lifetime Plan

You’re not supposed to worry about following your plan too closely, to a T. You’re not meant to fret about every decision you make, or belief you have, if they are absolutely “right” or “wrong”. This would simply be a different version of following an externalized metric of rights and wrongs.

Aligning yourself with your spiritual plan really boils down to being true to yourself across the various areas of your life. And perhaps more importantly, in those more important decisions and situations in the critical junctions of your life when you have to make them — such as, for example, what professional path to follow, who you wish to be with in a relationship, and so forth.

The rule of thumb goes like this: in life, you can make decisions that are either a) dissociated, disconnected, from your own inner truth; or b) in alignment with that inner truth. This applies to romantic contracts also, but it’s really a more general consideration that applies to any and all types of lessons and experiences on your plan and areas of life, romantic or otherwise.

Perhaps some could see this as a spectrum, a range of degrees of alignment, anywhere from complete alignment to 0% alignment — but that’s now how I see it. To me it’s more simple: there’s alignment with who you are; and then there’s everything else.

If you make choices of type a), you’ll be veering off course of your spiritual nature, and consequently of your spiritual plan. You may be choosing paths that may appear/sound reasonable on paper, but hold less or no meaning to you, in other words, to your heart. And at that point you’ll be out of touch with what really matters to you as a spiritual entity. As a consequence, you won’t advance, or advance is a less optimal manner, towards your most spiritually meaningful aspirations, objectives, experiences, and desired lessons — because you’re now out of touch with them.

If you make choices of type b), if you hold a conscious effort to be mindful about, connect with, and validate, your own inner truth, and then proceed to make practical choices in life that align with that discovery, then you’re aligning with your inner spiritual meaning. Because that’s your intention. Thus you’ll be moving forward, spiritually speaking, down your spiritual path of inner meaning.

What’s meaningful and valid to you may not always be perfectly clear and obvious right away. And that’s fine. Sometimes an intrinsic part of the lesson, and a necessary step, is threading that very path of discovery: stumbling upon the very question you wanted to explore all along. That may be part of the plan.

Simply asking the questions is already part of staying aligned.

Could Happen, May Happen, Will Happen

Within a spiritual plan there are varying degrees of ‘inevitability’ to events and contracts devised in it — as well as various levels of, shall we say, importance to them.

For example, some potentials are more transitional, i.e. a preparation for something else to come afterwards, rather than something meant to endure for a long time. Others are more or less optional, interchangeable, prepared in case you go down route B instead of route A.

Some are devised in a broad, general manner, without going into too much detail. Perhaps it’s known what type of lesson, experience, and energy you’ll get out of the situation, but there’s still some leeway about how exactly the situation itself can unfold. Finally, a few potentials are quite important, usually placed at junction points of critical relevance, where you’ll be making the more important and far-reaching decisions during your life.

There are definitely — or there can be — certain specific events and situations planned in such a manner that they are next to certain to happen. In other words, it’s possible to plan things so that they happen “for sure”, “no matter what”.

Planning things in such a way is dependent on your own spiritual advancement: that’s what ultimately determines if things can be planned that way or not. You need to be capable of bringing and sustaining the same ‘determination’ and clarity you had on the spiritual level as you made the plan, onto and during the lifetime, to whichever degree is necessary that it makes viable and probable that, during the incarnation and given the right circumstances, you as a human will follow that specific path — or you allow himself to be guided to it. Such planning typically also relies on the diligent work of your spiritual guidance team, whom be providing you with close direction towards that end as the lifetime unfolds.

Still, provided these conditions are met, certain elements and contracts can be planned with a level of virtual certainty. A textbook example of such an element is your spiritual awakening process: what will trigger it; what experiences and difficulties led you to it; and what steps will follow. Your spiritual awakening is an extremely important and critical occasion, not just for that one lifetime but for your overall journey as a spiritual being. So it usually qualifies as a momentous occasion that is planned in such a manner.

Having said this, as stated before spiritual contracts technically speaking are never an absolute prediction of what will happen. If they were, they wouldn’t account for your Free Will. As stated, any and all planned contracts, of any type, always depend on you reaching them through your own practical actions and choices. Even the situation that so strongly and blatantly presented itself to you as “it was just meant to be”, still required you to be ready for it when its time came.

Choosing from the Heart

Concerning potentials and contracts of a romantic nature specifically, as with anything else in life, it is possible to make choices in a certain way that leads to the conditions for contracts not being met.

Let’s offer an example to illustrate. Let’s say one of the pre-arranged romantic contracts for your lifetime required you to move abroad, to a new country. And you would meet that person in that country.

This isn’t meant to imply you always need to move abroad to find love. This is merely an hypothetical scenario offered as an example, that nonetheless can hold properties one could find in some “real-life” plans.

Such a scenario could be in place for a number of reasons. Moving to the specific new country could represent your willingness to seek meaningful experience to you, therefore the idea of it representing your desire to seek greater personal alignment for yourself. Also, the other person’s spiritual intentions/priorities for that lifetime — family, professional, etc — could involve the necessity to remain in their country of origin. Spiritual contracts tend to conciliate multiple layers of meaning together, for all parties involved.

In this scenario, the option to move abroad would be presented to you at a specific stage of life as a “choice from the heart”. Typically you’d be making a choice not because of love explicitly, but perhaps within a personal or professional context. To you, it would be more about how and where you wanted your life to be headed, but not (consciously) knowing that moving abroad would lead you to meet a new romantic contract. There would be no such carrot at the end of the stick, because you were meant to make the decision out of your own heart (inside), not because of something that was being promised (external).

You would have, in some form or another, an idea or dream about moving abroad. Perhaps to travel, to work, or just to explore new things; and there would be a moment where you, for some reason or other, were considering the choice more seriously. One of the options would be about staying, and it would be more logical. It would sound something like this: “If I stay it will be safer”; “This is where I’m already established”; “I will earn more money here”. Whereas the other option would be more sensitive-based, such as: “I’d really like to travel abroad”; “I’d really like to try out living in that country”. These would be the kinds of thoughts going through your mind at time.

In this situation, and with the plan in place as described, if you made the choice to move abroad, you would be choosing the scenario that was aligned with your heart. And as a result (more a consequence than a reward), you would then be on track to meet the romantic partner planned within that scenario. Not because you had actively aimed for romantic love consciously; but because, since you made the choice based upon your heart (alignment), you activated the scenario where a romantic situation of alignment was present.

If, on the other hand, you decided not to move to this other country as the opportunity was being presented to you, then that contract quite simply wouldn’t be able to be fulfilled. Because, in this example, following your heart was a precondition for you to activate that potential.

The mind doesn’t know “the future” — the potentials available in your plan. And it isn’t meant to.

But the heart is aware. The heart is able to feel (as opposed to consciously know) the potentials in your lifetime plan. This is why it always pays to listen to your heart. Especially when making the more important, potentially life-altering decisions.

Part III: Cultural Worth http://www.heartki.com/on-the-biological-race-to-have-children-part-iii-cultural-worth/

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