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Akashic Records Reading [Written]: Roul

The following is a Akashic Records Reading (Written) originally performed for a client. This is a reading performed over two weeks and delivered to the client in written, essay form. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication, some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, or added to, but no changes were made that would impact the original, intended meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about Akashic Records Readings in general, please see: Akashic Records Readings. For more information about Written Readings specifically, please see: Reading Types at a Glance.

close up of flowers which are purple in colour, with morning dewPart I. Soul Context

1.1 Introduction to Densities

The following is a brief overview of the concept of the metaphysical Densities. This is not meant as a strict, “scientifically accurate” account. This explanation is meant solely to offer context and support for the remainder of the reading.

Consciousness evolves by projecting into matter, or matter-like environments, going through experiences and lessons in those environments. As it does so, it gradually rises and expands in awareness. This progression is represented by the concept of Densities.

A Density represents a level of consciousness. For example, 4D is the consciousness of love, empathy, compassion, and harmony. We’ll offer a more elaborate description further ahead in the reading.

Physical reality is layered in superimposed, co-existing planes, with direct correspondence with the different Densities. You could *loosely* use the term Dimensions. So we’ll have the 4th Density, the 5th, the 6th, and so forth, each of those layers being characterized by its corresponding level of consciousness.

Imagine that in a room you have molecules of two or more different substances, say, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Carbon Dioxide. They all exist in the same “air” in the room. Much the same way – to provide a visual example – in any given point in our three-dimensional space there are (or there can be) multiple, concurring, layers of reality, corresponding to the different Densities. If you were to physically shift from our current 3D Density into the 5th or 6th, you wouldn’t “go”, or move, anywhere – you would “phase out”, shift, changing you “vibration”.

Densities are encapsulated within each other, like the layers of an onion. We could say 5D is contained within, or is a subset of, 6D; 4D is contained within 5D, and so on. The lower the Density, the more dense, static, rigid its physical reality is; the higher the Density, the more subtle, less dense the physical reality is, and the higher its frequency – until it can hardly be called “physical”. The same can be said about consciousness: when you’re in a good mood, or you integrate information that brings clarity to an idea, you become lighter; when you are in a bad mood, or stuck in a difficult situation, you’re heavier – or more dense.

Consciousness is All There Is. Consciousness can exist in varying states of density, hence the name Densities.

Nevertheless, despite the correspondence in physical or dimensional terms, Densities are descriptions of consciousness first and foremost. So for example, Earth is currently in the 3rd Density in physical terms, but it is possible for a human being on Earth, in his life and by the beliefs, perspectives, choices, and actions, to operate at a level of consciousness that is 4D, or 5D, etc.

Physical matter always obeys, follows, the predominant level of awareness of the entities currently inhabiting it. So Earth is in physical 3D because that is the overall average of the level of consciousness of the human beings living in it, as well as of the karmic attributes and lessons being processed by them, both individually and collectively. The moment the average level of consciousness of the collective would rise into 4D, physical matter wound necessarily follow and shift, transition, into the 4D in physical terms. Physical matter must always match the level of consciousness on the planet.

1.2 A Different Reality

Kevin’s Soul is from a very different line of time, or “timeline”, than ours, if not even, from a different Universe. My mind cannot even begin to conceive the elements and details from this reality. I can roughly explain this reality in terms of Densities, but I will refrain from providing much more details beyond the abstract, simply because my mind is unable to conceive them.

In its original Universe/reality, the Soul that is today known as Kevin existed within a civilization. Over eons of time, the individuals in this civilization, initially in a solid physical planet – or equivalent construct – evolved together and gradually transitioned from the equivalent of our 3D, into the 4th, and so on, until they eventually reached the 6th level of consciousness. They did so as a collective, united in their goals, perspectives, and traits, like many planetary collectives evolve and graduate the same way.

By the time any individual entity, or a collective of entities, reaches the 6th level of consciousness, they are much less focused on the restraints of physical matter, and much more about energy, pure thought, pure consciousness. 6D entities and collectives still exist and be described/perceived in terms of shape, form, location, size; but they’re no longer bound by strict physical and physiological regulations of physical bodies in a physical environment.

Reality is mostly pure subtle energy. The metaphysical veil between the reality that is being explored, and pure Source/Infinity, is thin, and can be accessed, crossed, connected, with relative ease.

There is no such thing as spending focus of energy on a “job”, “work”, or any form of activity, that does not relate or align with the inner Soul’s seeking and learning. The concerns of individuals, and of the collective, now revolve around the essence of the Soul and the nature of reality, learning and teaching, being in touch with their essence, and fulfilling their own intrinsic lessons and nature. These are the primary traits of 6D consciousness in general.

There is one specific perception, by Kevin’s Soul in particular, that defined his graduation to 6D, when it happened.

It would, however, be inaccurate to refer to the one who went through these experiences, in those circumstances, as “Kevin”. Kevin is the human being for whom this reading is being performed, and who’ll be reading this words. But the experiences we’re describing, while connected to Kevin’s Soul, were not experienced by the one who’s Kevin today. As such, we’ll select a different name to refer to the entity/being/consciousness, while still remaining in the “vicinity” of Kevin and his name, for familiarity.

We’ll refer to him/her/it as Roul. This is not the entity’s original name, nor is its name particularly important. What matters is we connect the experience gathered by his Soul across space and time, who who he is and feels today.

1.3 The Experience

When Roul – and Roul’s collective – accessed 6D consciousness, he was able to grasp the whole of reality, and all of Existence. He saw all reality as comprised on patterns and fractals, which were endless, continuous, infinite, cyclical, eternal. He saw how reality was ruled by the same geometric shapes, and that all matter and energy were manifestations of these fundamental rules.

He also saw that there were, literally, no endings and no beginnings, to anything. He saw himself as being one and all at the same time. Where one Soul ended, another began, in a continuum, without any boundaries or definitions, at all. Perhaps it wouldn’t be too inaccurate to say that Roul saw all of reality with the eyes of God.

But this experience was not a positive one.

The transition in consciousness that happened was from an individual, circumscribed, delimited, focus of attention – like that of a human being – into a focus which was entirely boundless, limitless, non-local. Roul, or his consciousness/perception, was completely overwhelmed.

There was no time or space. The fundamental laws of reality were completely abstract, without any form or substance. There was no beginning or end to anything. There was only an endless, infinite multitude of shapes, colours. There was also no special meaning to existence, at least that he could see.

Having spend eons of time searching for the mysteries of the Universe, within that civilization, Roul, as well as his collective, were spiritually eager to finally unveil the Truth of it all. This became their acknowledged, ultimate goal – a sure sign of ascension into 6D consciousness, which strips down all transient details and necessities, and cares only about what is.

But the reality of what is, as Roul finally perceived it, had no meaning behind it all. There were no answers. There were no definitions. There wasn’t even sentience. There was no superior being to guide the path – which was something that that was questioned, and to a point expected, by Roul’s civilization as a whole. They were expecting a big clarification, an unveiling of the mysteries by a higher power. They were passionate and driven by it. But now, all they could find was confusion. A cacophony of colours, shapes, movement, infinite and endless. All boundaries and rules dissolved. All became nothing, nothing became all.

It was the greatest of letdowns. Reality was infinite, yet at the same time devoid of any “real” substance. This not only didn’t satisfy Roul, it scared him. In a spiritual level, he instantly questioned everything.

Is THIS the ultimate Truth? Is there no meaning to it all? What is the purpose of anything then? If I am everyone else, then what is the point? What is the meaning? Am I alone?

Is the Truth Infinite and completely devoid of meaning? Is anything useful?

These weren’t words, sentences. They were pure thoughts, pure consciousness, taking place at the highest abstract, spiritual level you can conceive. And they reverberated and echoed in the infinite void.

But no one would answer. There was no one else there.

1.4 Questioning

Roul had been seeking and searching for answers, but what he perceived not only did not satisfy him, but overwhelmed and saturated him. All the passion for seeking the great mysteries of life, and the wonderment of finding those answers, disappeared instantly. In their place, now was a great daze, shock, confusion.

If the information in this reading feels a little abstract, metaphysical, “up there in the clouds”, as well as complex and even, perhaps, a little mind-bending, this is because the energy of the reading directly reflects Kevin’s energy, and the nature of this experience, which has as if “scarred” Kevin’s Soul.

This “shock”, which happened in terms of consciousness, remains within Kevin on a spiritual level. This is the fundamental doubt, issue, “emptiness”, on a spiritual level, Kevin carries within him, as a spiritual being. It is his deepest spiritual question, and the fundamental issue this reading addresses.

The experience made Kevin/Roul fundamentally question the very nature of the metaphysical.

Is, ultimately, spiritual real and matter an illusion, or the other way around? Is reality conscious and intelligent, or is it all just a mechanical, insensitive construct? Is Infinity ultimately caring and benevolent, or just a neutral mechanism?

Is meaning in the simple things, or in the infinite void? Or is there no meaning at all? And what is the use of the metaphysical, if devoid of meaning? Is matter the “highest” or the “lowest” realm of existence?

What is ultimately real?

After perceiving the 6D level of reality, and being overwhelmed by it, Roul withdrew into the mode of awareness that was most comfortable and “real” to him, which was the individual, singular mode of consciousness – much like what he’s experiencing as a human being today – with limits, boundaries, me as opposed to others, internal opposed to external, beginnings and ends, things he can touch, etc.

Fundamentally, all things usually asked in a metaphysical/spiritual sense, about the mysteries of life and of the Universe, remained unknown, unanswered – now, even after perceiving them directly.

As you might imagine, this shook Roul deeply, profoundly. It made him question everything. It was a “total” questioning, down to the roots of his Soul – whatever that was. He became as if a whole, big question. All of his beliefs, perceptions, desires, passions, and focus of attention, were completely and utterly shaken and turned upside down, forever. The ceiling became floor, the floor the ceiling.

1.5 The Gap

As a result of this experience by Kevin’s Soul, there was now in his perceptions a big gap between (1) what is real, can be seen, touched, tested, proved, and understood clearly, and (2) what is purely spiritual, metaphysical, abstract, “high up there” in the spiritual reality. It’s also a gap of drive and motivation; a gap of direction; a gap of fundamental meaning.

Kevin can’t quite make the connection between what is “true” and real, and what is metaphysical and spiritual. He is (on a spiritual level!) questioning the veracity, relevancy, usefulness of spiritual things, even though it is known they are actually there and exist.

This is why most spiritual information in general does not seem to bring him answers. He went back to matter for more answers, to re-question all assumptions – but spiritual answers given at the human level tend to sound a little backwards, generic, stale, ‘meh’.

Most spiritual information is designed to waken humans up and have them realize that Spirit is real. But that Spirit is real Kevin already “knows”. What he doesn’t know is: what’s the point of it? Kevin desires to figure out the truth of existence. As far as he’s spiritually concerned, ultimately there’s much more left for him to seek. He’s trying to make sense of the enormity of Infinity.

If not, what is the usefulness of something I cannot understand or relate to? How can I seek and live by something that may not be true? Roul spent eons of time seeking and questioning, in his reality and Universe; it’s as if attaining a higher level of perception made him question even more.

Kevin will tend to invest in the kind of thought that is “philosophical”, in the sense that he is trying to make sense, understand, figure out, the nature of reality, and of the metaphysical, from within his own mind. But the philosophical exercise in thought doesn’t really offer true, definite answers either. It simply tends to wonder around in circles, never reaching any satisfying answers. Yet, while not really reaching any real answers – the spiritual is beyond the mental – the exercise is in a way soothing, relaxing, because it gives Kevin the sense of finding answers, making sense of things. It pulls him away from the Soul’s shock and confusion of once having directly perceived the higher realms.

The attempt to make sense of things on the mental level – which we referred to as “philosophical” – paradoxically tends to bring Kevin farther away from actual Truth, since it functions strictly on a mental level and doesn’t find any real answers, thus preserving the original Soul’s shock and keeping him in a state of not really knowing.

There’s in Kevin a fundamental duality regarding spirituality. On one hand he is familiar with the ultimately spiritual nature of reality, knowing in a deep level that such idea is true and valid – he’s “been there, done that”. But on the other hand, he’s not willing to accept it as higher.

On one hand he knows reality has a spiritual basis behind it; on the other, he questions that basis. In an inner sense, he keeps the philosophical, and perhaps even, a skeptic posture, regarding the purely spiritual, abstract, metaphysical. “If I can’t make sense of it, then it doesn’t matter”. “I must make sense of it first, before applying or relying on anything”.

1.6 The Soul’s Desire

Kevin fundamentally questions the nature of reality itself. He feels there’s no truly solid base to spiritual things. He’ll feel more comfortable delving into the philosophical perspective upon metaphysics, rather than jumping into the purely spiritual without any certainty or validity to hold on to. He stands back in the safety of what he can mentally make sense of, rather than leaping into that big void again, one he cannot understand. He requires the beliefs and perspectives on a more mental level to feel a degree if safety and solidity, as at least those can more easily be tested and verified in the world, and by others.

This too represents a “gap” between life in matter-based, “real” things, and the purely abstract and spiritual. Kevin may find it both natural and difficult, to progress into purely abstract/spiritual themes and activities, because, first, doing so carries the experience of being shocked and overwhelmed, perhaps on multiple levels; second, he struggles to find practical application in them, because he finds none.

Kevin might feel conflicted by things in matter. One side of him finds safety in the solidity of physical matter, and also in mental beliefs and considerations; but another side of him will feel drained, because he’s tired from spending more and more time in matter, which has its limitations. It’s like watching a rerun on T.V., or doing something repeatedly – energy, patience, enthusiasm, the energy and desire to go through it all, eventually worn off. He might feel ungrounded and “sparse”, without energy for things, and for himself. He might be careless, clumsy. Physical things around him might degrade and break apart.

Kevin questions, thus does not acknowledge, any “palpable”, functional, meaningful worth to spiritual things. As a consequence, he doesn’t see any such worth as it pertains his unique spiritual essence, nature, interests. He doesn’t conceive intrinsic worth to himself, the same way he doesn’t conceive intrinsic worth to spiritual/metaphysical/unseen things in general.

His mind does not acknowledge any further routes of action, any further progression. Kevin has gone through a degree of receiving instruction, healing, training and learning, in a spiritual sense, but the next steps remain unclear to him. This is the reason why he is stalled. Kevin questions “what am I supposed to be doing now”, because in many ways his mind does not see any further paths, options, possibilities. It’s not that he sees them and deny them; it’s much more a case of not seeing them at all, much like human beings don’t see ultraviolet light with their biological eyes (even though it’s there).

Again there’s the “gap”: in this case, between the early stage of the spiritual initiation and learning (the readings, the information, the instruction) and actually progressing forward, exploring and applying it in a purposeful sense. But how could a purposeful path be conceived, if the purpose itself is questioned? Yet, Kevin’s highest Soul desire is precisely to bridge this gap. It is to make the connection between what is matter and what is spirit, what is theory and what is practice, what is certain and what is uncertain.

Derived from his Soul experiences, his consequent lesson is about bridging this gap, and how to do so. The same energy which he had perceived in 6D with his own “eyes”, now keeps knocking at his door. It is the energy that goes through him, causing twitches and spasms. It feels overwhelming, overpowering, out of his control. Its nature is from the 6th Density, and it is active because Kevin knows it, and he desires to establish a connection with it – one which is secure and he can trust and rely upon. Kevin desires to bridge the gap more than he wishes to remain safe and secure. That’s his challenge and goal. What was known cannot become unknown. And so the energy will keep knocking at the door.

1.7 Being Stalled

The reason why it seems things are halted in your life, is because you struggle to make the next step, and in turn, that’s because you can’t conceive any next steps.

We will refer to this further ahead. Still, Making next steps would involve you starting to use your energy, starting to put it to practice, beginning the process of exploring its uses and practical effects – in whatever way you’d deem to explore it, creatively, for healing, for teaching, and so forth.

But the thought of using your energy, and what you’ve learned, in a practical, tangible way, is blocked precisely because you do not conceive any such activities to any any practical or meaningful application, let alone earning your sustenance based on them.

You got caught up with the necessity of figuring things out as a precondition for choosing or acting. You are “on hold”, so to speak, until you can make sense of things – and then you can move, act. This is what you believe.

But this is why things in your life are stalled. You are facing the “gap”, without knowing how to cross it, or conceiving you are to do so.

Part II. Explanation

2.1 Densities in this Universe

To proceed, we’ll expand on the description of Densities as our Universe is divided into, both in terms of traits of consciousness, as well as the “physicality” of the realms.

1D is the ‘consciousness’ of simple existence. If your consciousness were to be at the 1D level, your point of focus would be the electron, the proton, the molecule, and the energies between them. In physical terms 1D corresponds to physical matter, its states – solid, liquid, gas, etc – the archetypical elements – air, water, soil, fire – and the chemical substances matter is composed of – Oxygen, Hydrogen, etc.

2D is the level of ‘animated’ consciousness. It composes everything we call Life – vegetable and animal – starting at the single-cell level. Whenever you have two entities that need to engage and interact with the environment, and with each other (to eat, to procreate), they are in the 2nd level of consciousness.

3D is the consciousness where human beings are now. It is the Density of free-will: making choices and decisions regarding a dualistic beliefs that are held within. Animals may learn, like, and dislike things; but they do not hold inner concepts with which they classify reality. They may perceive things as “good” or “bad”, but not as wrong or right. This dualistic judgement of value – something is either entirely bad/wrong/incorrect, or entirely good/right/correct – is a 3D trait. It may be simplistic, but constitutes the basis for making choices, because a choice determines what you think is appropriate, or not, for yourself. At the 3D level, the entity has the ability to create a conceptualization of the world around it, and make decisions based upon this conceptualization.

At the 3D level, entities/people are not perceived as being ultimately connected in a spiritual sense, Therefore, this often gives rise the the perception of “every man for himself”, which in turn, is a catalyst for the possibility of choices which are profoundly negative and cause much separation and pain.

4D is the consciousness of Love and empathy. On a spiritual level graduation from 3D – both in an individual and in a collective sense – occurs when it is acquired within the necessity to not cause harm on others. On some level it was realized all are connected – that is how the sensitivity towards another is any relevant in the first place. 4D is the Density level of Love, compassion, and harmony. Emotions and experiences, as well as living with others in a non-conflicting way, are valued above things, goals, and objectives.

4D realms are still physical just as in 3D, but the spiritual, metaphysical, ‘esoteric’, ‘subtle’, energy side of reality no longer is doubted or questioned, rather it is accepted as true and valid, and as an intrinsic part of existence, regardless if it’s perfectly understood or not.

5D is the consciousness of uniqueness and individuality. Graduation from 4D to 5D happens when the individual realizes that being kind to others must not compromise his identity and integrity. In 4D the individual was always kind no matter the cost to oneself, and this would often incur in a penalty if others did not hold the best of intentions; but in 5D the individual has decided to protect, defend, safeguard himself, above the principle of existing at peace with others. This is made not as a way to offensively project his desires towards others, but with the intention of preserving his own truth and essence. As such, 5D is the consciousness of uniqueness, individuality, and self-expression. In physical terms, a 5D realm is equal parts solid matter and subtle energy. Physical bodies become malleable, and entities can more easily transverse, and mold, time and space through thought and energy.

In 5D the focus becomes less on the relationship and interactions with others, and exploring the senses and the external reality, and more about the inner connection to Intelligent infinity, and one’s own intrinsic nature and Essence. 5D is the “last” realm where physical matter exists. It marks the “boundary” between the realms of solid matter, or “outer realms”, and those of pure subtle energy, or “inner realms”, which are used by Souls for the exploration of consciousness.

6D is the consciousness of overarching insight. It is the awareness that perceives all sides to a any circumstances or question, beyond dualistic beliefs and perspectives. Graduation from 5D occurs when the entity decides to confront what remains of negativity and separation within. As it does so, it is recognized that all external, manifested negativity/separation is a ultimately reflection of inner negativity/separation.

A being in 6D no longer needs to draws unto itself and its own reality any negative, opposing, or adversarial circumstances, since these are all integrated within, and as such bear no need to manifest outside for the purposes of its lessons.

A 6D realm/place still exists in terms of shapes and forms. Entities may hold what could be considered a “body”, and be based in and around a planetary/celestial bodies. But they are ultimately “made of” Light, and are unbounded from solid physical matter (unless they choose so otherwise). At 6D entities are simultaneously individuals and part of whatever larger consciousness they belong to /are inserted in, as there are no definite boundaries between the external/others and the internal/me. Entities are often part of – and see themselves as – larger collectives, whose consciousness evolved through the course of eons of time. 6D entities are solely focused on their spiritual tasks and focus of interest. Their challenge is often to discern between what is outer and collective, and what is mine/inner, for it is only the inner which is, ultimately, true. At 6D level there is no negative polarity, but there are different, multiple gradations of Light, which is what at that level can be considered to be the choice for what is “appropriate”, or “inappropriate”, for the self.

7D is pure consciousness, without and beyond, any and all shapes, forms, or boundaries. At 7D level there is a connection with the Infinite Void from where all Densities, concepts, distortions, and perceptions, stem from. While “above” what exists is “pure” Infinity and infinite consciousness, in 7D one can still think in terms of “me” – it’s where the concepts of “one” or “me” can even exist.

Graduation into 7D happens when/if the 6D entity/consciousness detaches from the necessity to evolve, learn, and teach, and from every seeking and obligation it can conceive of. At 7D level, all just is. If a 6D entity is aware, and is able, to detach from the missions, seeking, and obligations it has chose to itself, then it bears the ability to smoothly transition at will between 6D (focus on mission) and 7D (detaching and just be). However, for as long as a 6th Density entity holds to tasks and objectives with attachment, as a necessity, it is bound to the concept of “going somewhere”, and thus, to the 6th level of awareness.

Finally, there is the pure Infinite Void, Source, All That Exists, all and none, and within which all concepts, perceptions, and Densities – including the concept of Densities – can be considered as inserted in, part of, ultimately transient distortions temporarily manufactured within It.

2.2 Roul’s Universe

In Roul’s Universe, however, reality itself was not divided into 7 Densities, the way we described for this Universe.

In Roul’s Universe, where his Soul chose to perform his graduation journey – the experience of which Kevin has a deep connection to – reality is divided into just two, more simple, realms: the realm of physical matter; and the realm of Energy or Light.

The “extension”, or progression, Souls would go through, in that Universe, would be around the same as in this one. It’s just that in this Universe the progression through the Densities is more gradual, incremental, smooth (if one can call it that) in comparison with Roul’s Universe.

Picture the following: you have two wooden poles coming vertically off the ground, roughly with the same height. You now take a piece of chalk and in the first pole you draw 6 horizontal markings, roughly the same distance apart, along the its height. So you’ve divided that pole into 7 sections, from top to bottom. On the other pole, with the same chalk, you draw a single marking in the exact middle, thus dividing it in just two major sections, or halves. Both poles are roughly the same length, just divided differently.

On Roul’s Universe, the “physical matter” realm would be equivalent, in our Universe, to the whole Densities ranging from 1D to 4D; and the “energy/Light” realm would be equivalent to the 6th, 7th, also with access with True Infinity. Also, and importantly, there was no equivalent to the 5th Density. In the metaphor we described above, imagine that the sole marking in the pole divided in two was much thicker than the markings in the other one, taking a considerable portion of length of the pole. The pole with a single marking corresponds to the Density progression in Roul’s Universe.

In this Universe the Densities can still, broadly but definitely, be divided into two main groups: the matter/outer realms, and the Light/inner realms. The boundary between the two is more or less manifested as the 5th Density. You could say the 5th Density, in itself, is a transition from matter to Light and vice-versa. In Roul’s Universe, however, no such transition exists. You could say that in that Universe there’s a quite abrupt transition – or gap – between the matter realms, and the Light ones.

So what happened was that Roul’s civilization evolved and progressed in consciousness for an extremely long time, across what would be the equivalent of our 3rd and 4th Densities. Throughout this “Density”, consciousness was always localized, as single individuals, with a focus that consisted mostly on the mental level, characteristic of the realms of matter and their biological traits.

And all the while they were exploring, evolving, because they spent – in comparison with this Universe – eons of time apart from the Light and from Source, they grew extremely passionate and inquisitive about the true nature of reality, and its mysteries. This is why they were so driven about it. In fact, it was what, in their Universe, they were meant to achieve: to graduate from the realm of matter (where the metaphysical veil between the physical and spiritual is very thick) into the realms of Light.

But when they did actually graduate, their transition was extremely abrupt. From a situation of physical matter, and an individualized focus of consciousness, they went straight to a focus which was non-local, non-individual, fully open and unbounded! In truth, their transition would be equivalent from graduating from 4D into 7D !

2.3 Infinity

Even though “technically” Roul had graduated into what would be equivalent to our 6th Density, this realm also had access to the highest-level consciousness, which was non-local, non-individual. It’s as if it bypassed all individuality whatsoever, all metaphysical veils between Spirit and matter, and granted consciousness the ability to immediately perceive the highest, least distorted, awareness possible. This Density comprised the Light realms, hence was equivalent to our 6th, but also included the 7th, because it connected to Infinity.

Because this collective had spent so much time “boxed in”, with much “pent up” desire for knowledge and clarification, as they graduated, like the effect of a slingshot, the momentum “threw” them into the highest possible level of consciousness. Because finding the highest possible answers was all they wanted. When we previously said Roul had seen reality “through the eyes of God”, we meant it.

As he ascended, Roul saw itself as God, literally: he perceived reality through the non-individualized focal point of Infinity Itself.

This was also the experience of everyone else in the collective. Because at the highest level all was one and one was all. They were one and the same. It was simultaneously a “shared” experience, and the One’s experience.

This is why there was no-one to answer him/Him. There was literally no one else to answer. He was all, and all was one.

2.4 Looking for the Answers

This next point is crucial for this reading.

Since Roul came from a civilization which had spent an immense amount of time in a mental level, considering mental perspectives and beliefs as solutions to life’s mysteries – much like his civilization/collective – as he ascended into the Light realms and saw himself as Intelligent Infinity, he brought with him a momentum, a habit, a distortion, of perceiving reality through the mind.

So when he/they had access to Intelligent Infinity, he/they attempted to see the answers to the mysteries. But all he/they could see were patterns, fractals, the endless, infinite movement of shapes and colours. They only saw reality in terms of forms – but no particular meaning in any of that.

Have you ever heard that, when a person is meditating, and he/she sees generic colours with the eyes closed, this means that he/she is not in touch with his/her own emotions? The reason for this, is that the person is trying to see things, when instead, he/she should be in awareness of his/her inner self instead. Even when someone is in touch with his/her emotions, the person might still visualize things in a meditative state. Information from the higher realms may manifest via “visual input”, or imagery. But the person is not trying to look outward; simply, he/she stays in touch with what is.

Seeing is an activity that looks towards the external. Understanding, in a mental, reasoning, logical sense, is so as well. But knowing comes from within. It’s not an action. It’s direct. It’s already there. There’s no distance between reality and its observation.

Attempting to see/understand is an act from the mind, which may block the perception of what is. It is an attempt rather than a knowing. Indeed, it comes from a place of not knowing, therefore manifesting not knowing for the self. It places a distance – and doubt, uncertainty – between perception and what is.

The ability to turn inward, and focus on one’s “inner state”, only comes with 5D consciousness. In 3D and 4D, the focus is always, mostly, on others, on the external. Goals, questions, answers, and objectives, are all perceived as external. The entity does not have the capacity to realize, focus, turn inward, directly.

The entity can’t self-analyse – everything is because of others, or originated from the outside.

This may be logically understood, handled with reason, to a point; but when emotions tighten up, when situations become charged, when negativity and difficulty appear, the 3D/4D entity can’t self-analyse to a meaningful degree. It can’t own the manifestation of its own reality.

It is only with 5D that comes the capacity for the entity to conceive reality as a reflection of the inner self. And to focus on this inner self, or inner state, primarily, as opposed to whatever it sees.

Without any transition through 5D consciousness, Roul and his collective never knew, nor conceived, what it is to shift from the external into the internal. 5D consciousness and perception is something that is completely new to him. That was his path. He knows Spirit, he “saw” the Light, but he tried to understand It, see it, rather than knowing itself as It.

2.5 The Greatest Dilemma

When you rose to the highest-level point of consciousness, you connected with the very question God asks ItSelf: what is the purpose? What is the point? What is the meaning? Who am I ?

Your dilemma is the greatest dilemma there is. It is to answer the question: Who am I? Why? How? How come? What for?

This is the reason for all the people, all the individuals, all entities, in all of Existence. It’s the reason why God has ventured forth, by projecting ItSelf an infinity of Souls and individuals, to best understand Its own nature.

Many are relatively unconscious of this dilemma. But when they stop chasing after their cars, their boats, their next piece of jewellery, their next objective, their next improvement, eventually they will return to, be faced with – and maybe overwhelmed by – that exact same question. Who am I? And so their “real” journey will truly begin. And all achievements and objectives no longer will be a purpose in themselves, merely means to an end, stones in the pavement.

But you’ve already come face to face with the question itself, and as a result, you’re already “accustomed” to it, “into” it. You’re an insider, so to speak.

Your situation is a peculiar, unique, curious one.

It could be said you are an “emissary”, a “representative”, of your civilization and its shared experience, who’s here on Earth at this point, to make sense, to bring clarity, to your fundamental question, by exploring it carefully, in detail.

Since the 6th Density being can be considered the resulting, “end” form of the evolutionary process and refinement for Souls, one could say you projected back into your past to re-experience, re-enforce – or perhaps better said, learn anew – the 5th Density aspect of your own consciousness.

You are in a direct connection – or/and you carry the memory of the connection – with Source Itself. You already came in contact with it. You already know it. Simultaneously, you are meant to grow and graduate into 5D for the first time in your Soul’s journey. That is the paradox.

The “gap”, is in fact the 5D aspect of your own consciousness, which is missing, and which you are to train, explore, and practice, in life. This is what you are doing at this point.

2.6 Questions and Answers

God discovered that all questions lead to answers which consist of coming to the realization of something that was there all along. He discovered that for every question, there’s right next to it, so to speak, an answer ready to be discovered. The question and the answer are one and the same, two sides of the same thing. Therefore whenever there’s a question, the answer necessarily already exists: it just needs to be realized.

Since God would not reach outside of ItSelf – there is no thing outside Infinity – God ventured inward, passionately and vigorously, to answer the very questions he places to ItSelf, in hopes of finding the answers to them. He knew not all of the answers, but He knew the questions; and He knew they are there somewhere, within Him, waiting to be realized. And thus your inner drive to make sense of reality: it is God’s drive to understand ItSelf.

This desire is, in truth, the desire to discover yourself, and realize the answers that are already there – about yourself. Your true nature as a spiritual entity is already there, with you – you just are meant to realize it. By realizing yourself, you are also realizing the whole of Existence. They are one and the same. Every entity in existence is a question God placed – and simultaneously, in itself, the answer.

As for a “meaning of all existence”, I am unsure if any entity in Existence has come across a definite, final, ultimate answer. I will not claim to know everything, certainly, nor speak on behalf all entities in Infinity. But I am tempted to say that is the case. So, in the very least you may take some consolation, and perhaps relief, in the fact that you are not exactly alone in your question.

What we can do, however, is to perhaps point in the right direction. We cannot ever replace your realization of your own meaning, but we may begin to address the most basic question: who are you?

You’re the one who ardently desires to understand, make sense.

You’re the one who questions and aspires to reach a state of meaning, where you’ll finally be able to rest.

You’re the one who likes to understand, and grows restless when that’s not the case.

You’re the one who chose to manifest in the Universe where things were “simpler”, straightforward, with less Densities, steps, stages. Ironically, because of that, you ended up experiencing such an abrupt transition in graduation, that left you in a state of daze, shock, confusion, and with even more questions.

Perhaps the slower the steps, the quickest the journey.

Part III. Practical Guidelines

3.1 Reluctant to Move Forward

You’ve been caught up in the fact that you aren’t able to understand reality, and the things that happen to you, and your energy, fully. As a result, you don’t feel confident, and trusting, to rely on such experiences, and on your own perception, in your actions and choices.

You carry the habit from your original Universe of accumulating energies, desires, for a very long time, without deciding to actually move forward with them. You are reluctant to move forward. This is essentially why you are stalled.

In part, this is a “scientific-minded” perspective, and it relates with the ‘skeptic’ part of yourself. It believes any experiences must be perfectly and reliably tested and understood, and accepted, by most, in order to gain any true validity. This is also a reflection of your long graduation through 4D in your original Universe. In 4D, there is safety in what the group believes, what the masses believe.

In your 4D, there wasn’t much deviance between personal beliefs and collective ones. So you learned to rely on the support of the beliefs and opinions of others. This was, in fact, and in a sense, the force that drove that civilization in its exploration of consciousness. The unity, peace, and harmonious balance the civilization achieved, was what enabled it to focus and explore on the mysteries of the Universe – as opposed to generate and waste energy and time with disputes, conflicts, and tension within the collective.

But, as we stated earlier, the group-think of 4D was never balanced with the awareness of the uniqueness of the individual, which is mostly grown and matured in 5D. As such, you’ve been too dependent, in your inner perception, of the notion that things must be proved and attested by the external first, before they can be used, relied upon, to any meaningful and useful degree.

This is the main misconception. Science and the scientific method on Earth – and by “science” you can also interpret the perspective that things must be “proved” or “believed” by most to be considered valid – won’t catch up with the individual perception of the spiritual nature of reality.

Before science begins proving Spirit, scientists must first begin to open their minds to such possibility, which is not always the case. By the time science begin to take these considerations seriously enough to begin delving in them – or take those who do so seriously – many individuals would have long learned, trained, graduated, and connected to Source within, and used their skills to teach and inform others on a spiritual level.

That is not to say that science isn’t valid or that it doesn’t find answers. Our only point is this: if you’re going to wait (1) for science and the acceptance from others, and/or (2) for you to figure out everything with your mind, as conditions for you to actually move forward individually and spiritually, then you might as well go find yourself a comfortable spot. It might take a while.

It is consciousness and energy that must first move, and take themselves seriously. That’s what then opens the doors for a greater degree of acceptance. First trust, then understand – not the other way around. And even then, like the questions placed at the highest levels, no final, definite answers will ever be found – only plateaus of reasonably satisfactory understanding. There will always be things left to prove, left to explore, left to answer.

3.2 Rise

You are to rise, come out of the shelf, individually. That is the leap, the crossing of the gap. That’s what’s missing.

You must first accept, find a degree of peace, in the fact that you don’t know everything. That does not mean you are unreliable, or that you are not trustworthy, in whatever you believe or want to do. That simply means your scientific/philosophical mind has not completely wrapped itself around the mechanical functioning of Spirit. But that doesn’t mean Spirit is not there.

That doesn’t mean you are incorrect. But you are accumulating, holding back, the energy, and yourself, because you don’t understand it completely. Do not allow the idea that you haven’t understand things yet, to block your action and your decisions.

What the Spirit asks, is for the human to trust first, and find the strength to move forward without a safety net to fall back to, without external validation, other than what he feels inside. For that is the leap. It’s the trust in the inner first, anything else second.

The greatest point of tension, and unknowing, in your energy, is precisely the doubt. Why has my progress stalled? What to do next? What am I supposed to be doing?

This involves not just “spiritual growth” in itself, but it also involves the professional or sustenance aspect, what to do in life in general. To connect with your own self, and discover what to do next, is precisely your challenge at this point. This is why it’s such a pressing subject.

I could not connect with a step-by-step list for your progress, i.e. “you must do step 1, then step 2, then step 3”. I looked for such kind of answer, because I assume, you’d like such answer as well. But you must first acknowledge your own self before Spirit can acknowledge you. This message repeats throughout this reading, because it’s the core message. Your lesson is precisely to turn inward, acknowledge your own essence, and then act and move forwards based on that inner self. I feel I could not access/provide any information that would interfere with such responsibility.

However, I can tell you what I did see.

3.3 Energy Management

Regarding your energy, I see that what shakes and causes spasm-like movements is your own 6D energy, that goes through you. This energy is simultaneously what you do, and who you are. You have access to it, because of your Soul history: you have the 6th Density gateway opened, so to speak. You could also say that the energy comes from your Higher Self, being the “Higher Self” the version of yourself at the 6th Density level of consciousness.

This energy however, also and precisely because of your Soul history, comes in bursts, and the experience of it is overwhelming, overpowering. It comes in force and shakes your physical body, seemingly beyond your control or will. This mirrors the experience you had when you graduated into your original 6th Density: something drastic, abrupt, and overwhelming, that you couldn’t make sense of. Yet it is your energy. It is how you experienced 6D. It is also the you at the 6th Density level.

I would point out that, more important than being uncontrollable, is that it’s active, it’s strong, and it’s yours. Your challenge is not to shut down or force the energy, but to learn how to manage it.

Perhaps you feel it as the kundalini rising through your energy centres; what I see is the energy coming down from the top chakras, directly from the 6th Density, into your body. But because you do not possess the 5th Density vibrational energy trained within and, in a solid state, the energy rushes down and through your body uncontrollably, shaking and vibrating the “foundations of the building”, so to speak. Also, even if to a degree you allow the experience of it – a good principle – the high degree of mind-based activity, which attempts to control, figure out, take hold, contributes for the instability.

5D energy is a masculine-based energy. This doesn’t mean it is “a man”, rather that it’s an energy related to assertiveness, willpower, structure, and solidity, as opposed to 4D or 6D, which are more feminine-based energies, related to tolerance, nurturing, love, and compassion. All of this is equivalent to say, that you do not know how to manage energy within your consciousness, and as such, this reflects on the physical level. You lack the structure of 5D, you only know 4D and 6D; therefore you shake and tremble as the energy goes through.

You are also prone to experience situations in your everyday life where you feel overwhelmed, overcharged, saturated. Perhaps not in “esoteric”, “mystical” events – but it’s still part of your energy.

You are meant to learn how to manage your own energy, not necessarily/just with spiritual techniques and tools, but also commanding it with your thought, voice, and will: “now I want to rest”; “now the energy must be restrained”; “now the energy is active again”; “now I want more energy”; “now I want less energy”; “reduce intensity”; “allow intensity”. You can also experiment with your rest/activity periods. You can also apply any of the techniques and training in metaphysical/spiritual fields: visualization, meditation, crystals, and so on. You should try and test what works for you. We, your spiritual team, are here to guide you and assist you in that process, and you can call on us at any moment, including now, to manage your energy. Do not expect your experiments to have that much visible effects immediately – they might, they might not – but do not be disheartened if those attempts don’t have a highly visible effect. Perhaps at the beginning you may not feel much difference; but provided continual training, testing by trial-and-error, and time, you may.

This learning is precisely part of 5D awareness – the awareness of willpower and personal assertiveness – and of the process of connecting with your own self moment by moment.

3.4 Sparks

Your 6D energy intends to come in and be a part of your life. 6D energy is a total, Unity-based energy, that is to say, it wishes to focus solely on your spiritual essence, throughout your life, and for you to be a full-time vehicle for your own self. As such, you feel pressed to live life in a way that fulfils, aligns with your essence, and discard all else that does not.

In order to be a conduit for such energy, you are to transpose the gap between your 3D/4D human self, and the 6D “Higher” self – with 5D energy. It’s 5D that bridges the gap. The 5D energy/consciousness will serve as the connection between the two sides, the structure that will support the passage of energy in a way that is controlled and sustainable.

This is the same to say, that your lesson consists of exploring the ability to connect and act based on your inner self. That is 5D awareness. The more you do so, and the more you are able to relate, connect, know, and manage your own energy, the more will the passage of energy transition from something that is foreign and overwhelming, into something manageable, constructive, productive.

If you connect the dots, this relates directly with your broad, overview progression as a Soul. You are here on Earth to make sense of 6D energy = your 6D energy = your own self.

As for the energy itself, I see a very dark electrical blue. My “colour coding” is very personal and can focus more on meaning rather than on “visuals”. When I see such blue, I see healing and physical balance, knowledge, information, and clarity, and also, intensity and power.

At one point during the period this reading was taking place, I experienced what you could call a ‘mishap’ with a hair dryer. The device was turned on, connected to the current, and suddenly it short circuited while I held it. As I dropped it, electrical blue-ish sparks were flying through the air, making loud bangs and cracking sounds. I’m writing this because this occurrence was not meaningless. When I perform a reading I’m establishing a bridge between my own energy and the energy of the person being read. This served as a reminder that your energy is powerful, at times overwhelming, and not to be underestimated.

Apart from managing the energy, you are explore what it is and what it does. I feel you went to a number of workshops, teachings, to learn spiritual and energy techniques; but you are not particularly familiar with your energy, in a practical sense. You’ve been searching things in the spiritual fields that you can do; but instead, you must use what you learned as a basic framework, a stepping stone, a springboard, to help you understand what you are meant to do.

When you go through driving instruction, you learn about the traffic rules and laws, and you learn how to operate a car. But you don’t actually learn how to drive – if you get what we mean. There is limited value in the formative effort itself. You only learn the actual driving when you’re thrown in a vehicle of your own, by yourself, on the road. That is when the true learning commences. The driving lessons, the exams, were just the preparation. Now you’ll use them as the basis for the actual driving. Much the same way, you are to explore what your energy does, coming from, but not being limited or restricted by, what you’ve learned so far.

3.5 Exploration

If you place your hands on someone else and command the energy to flow, what does the person feel? Is it a short term effect, or something that changed/happened/was noticed, later? Is it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, effect? Place your hands on yourself. What do you feel?

When you are in a quiet moment by yourself, and you try to feel (not “see”) your own inner self, what do you feel? Emotions? Feelings? Information? Smells? Scents? Sound? Words? Sensations? Memories? Thoughts? Intentions? Attitudes? Moods? How do you feel things?

It is possible for you to see images, i.e. information via visual input – but do not “attempt” to sense, see, or feel anything. It is either there, or it isn’t.

There’s a chance you might be anxious, reluctant, or generally uneasy, about the prospect of committing to connecting “above” – while at the same time, paradoxically, feeling natural about it, being at ease with it. If there’s fear or anxiety about this, it will the memory of your experience of graduating. You might fear the silence. But in the silence you find your self.

Is there something that you want to be doing creatively? Have you considered writing a blog? Have you considered writing a book? Have you considered writing stories? Have you considered painting, drawing, sculpting?

Is there something that you’ve seen others do, and thought about doing yourself, but for some reason or another you haven’t? Perhaps you should consider trying it now.

How do you function best? Is it doing things – anything – for short periods with many intervals, or doing one large continual block of activity? Do things come out perfectly the first time you do them, or do they take several iterations until they get just right?

This is the exploration you are to be doing about your own self. Not just in a metaphysical/holistic sense, but about your own energy as a person and a spiritual entity. To discover what is already there. To connect with your intrinsic nature. It’s knowledge by experimentation, which may or may not be understood with the mind, but is not dependent on being so.

To strive to understand is not incorrect or “bad”; you will always want to. It is in your nature. It is what you’re driven to do. Simply, do not allow yourself to halt and become stagnated if you don’t completely understand or control something.

The energy is there and has its own nature, regardless of how well it is understood. Part of the spiritual process is to accept that one doesn’t know or control everything, yet strives to achieve the best possible outcome within the reasonable confinement of its own responsibilities.

The ultimate objective of spiritual Truth is not to figure everything out, but simply to know yourself, and how to handle yourself. That is mastery of the heart, self-mastery, rather than acuity of the mind.

3.6 Sustenance

Another aspect is the monetary one. For when one contemplates doing anything at all on Earth, anything at all, money is the immediate consideration that arises. It is unavoidable.

Unless you decide to go live alone in a cave or similar – which is technically possible, it would be a choice – you need money of your own: to eat, breathe, live, to exist in modern-day society, and make sovereign and independent personal choices. If you consider 6D energy asks you to live your life by your energy, therefore, consciously or unconsciously, the issue/question/doubt about money and sustenance are present in your spiritual intent.

To live by 6D energy – your own spiritual Essence – while on Earth, at this moment, implies you earn money by the activity you do.

We do not intent to imply you “must” earn money through a “spiritual activity”. We are addressing and bringing awareness to topic, as well as the issue of sustenance in general, because it’s something that’s clearly on your spiritual table, and causing some tension. You’re searching for ways to align with your essence, moving your life towards an experience of Unity, and this includes the context of earning money. That’s the 6th Density energy knocking at your door.

Perhaps you’ve been undertaking courses, training, and certifications in ‘established’ and ‘recognizable’ spiritual fields, with the conscious/subconscious intent of eventually turning them into a profitable – or at least, trustworthy, reliable, sustenance-providing – activities of your own.

Yet, looking for ‘established’ spiritual practices to secure a trustworthy activity is a 4D perspective. This habit comes from searching the safety of the agreement of others in your original collective.

When you place your hands on someone, what passes through is your energy, and that of your spiritual team. It’s Kevin’s energy. Your trademark is your own self. Hence, as we’ve already said, the next step in this regard is not to remain attached to systems, structures, and modes of operating you’ve learned from others, but to take them as simply as a step into exploring your own energy. Using what you’ve learned as a stepping stone, but not in any way that is restrictive, limiting, or bounding.

It’s possible your father figure held beliefs which dismissed artistic, creative, or otherwise essence-based activities as non-deserving of earning money, encouraging you to seek out more reliable, visible, and “productive” lines of work.

However, if your energy asks you, let’s say, to draw and paint – an illustrative example, pardon the pun – but the beliefs you inherited from your father perceive such activities as unworthy, unproductive, silly, or unreliable for the purposes of earning money, they you will simply block out your own energy/essence because of those beliefs. At that point, you might as well spend your professional life in an office space, and give up on the idea of spirituality altogether.

The beliefs from the father figure were a reflection of your reluctance to rely on Spirit and spiritual reality; your adherence to them, a reflection of the habit of requiring the approval of the external 4D collective. The problem is that any such beliefs will unconsciously block out from your own conceptualization any new ideas and venues for you to explore. You will miss opportunities and possibilities, keeping adrift and clueless about what to do next. These beliefs directly oppose what your energy asks you to do.

The progression towards 5D is to acknowledge and discard these beliefs when/if they don’t serve you. When it comes to know what to do next, your best option is always what you want to do, rather than what you should/must.

The lack of self-knowledge about your own energy is what truly makes you insecure, and at a loss. How would you be confident about earning money with passion-based, and/or explicitly spiritual work, providing with others with something that is productive and useful, if you don’t know or trust yourself?

This is part of the blockage and being stalled.

This blockage, or “gap”, will also be visible in terms of earning sustenance from your essence. In an inner sense, you will find inconceivable, for all the reasons mentioned, to be eligible of earning rightful sustenance for things that are unique to you, but may not necessarily gather external consensus, validation, approval. You might initially find it difficult to generate money that way – or at least, hold such perception. Nevertheless perception is everything, since it’s what creates your reality.

Hence the vital importance of exploring, understanding, and knowing your own energy, as opposed to waiting until you can figure things out.

The possibility of earning sustenance from your essence is, in any way, shape or form, entirely your choice. It is not an obligation. It is, also, a consideration, an exploration, to be made at your own pace and time. Still, let us be clear that whatever your decision/aim are, Spirit will be there to support them.

You must first and foremost explore your own energy, its effects and how it functions. Knowing yourself is what will confer you the safety and trustworthiness you actually seek within, and will allow to open your awareness for the possibilities and choices you might be missing. The trust you base any activity on, does not come from what others taught you, but of your domain over yourself and your own skills, gifts, and abilities – much like the experience of driving in the road.

The exploration of the self is, nevertheless, not about earning sustenance, or achieving understanding of an external reality. It is, ultimately, an issue that is internal. It begins and ends within the self.

By this reading you are granting yourself permission to proceed with the exploration of your true nature, regardless of purpose, meaning, or understanding, and take your own intrinsic nature seriously, whenever you need to. This will also involve enjoying things in life – living – experiencing what you want to experience, do what you want to do, in the order, timing, and way you deem appropriate. This will allow you to turn the page in the book that is your life – or better said, to write down the chapters that, you feel, might be missing.

This concludes the reading. We hope it may be prove useful and purposeful in your path.