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Akashic Records Reading [Written]: The Retired Privateer

The following is a Akashic Records Reading (Written) originally performed for a client. This is a reading performed over two weeks, and delivered to the client in written, essay-style form. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication, some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, but no changes were made to the original meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about Akashic Records Readings in general, please see: Akashic Records Readings. For more information about Standard Soul Readings specifically, please see: Reading Types at a Glance.

In addition to total reading length varying from reading to reading and client to client, my readings also have tended to grow in size over time, particularly for Written Readings. The further back in time a reading has been performed, the smaller it will tend to be compared to those that were made more recently.

early vintage world atlas in englishI. The Spiritual Context of the Current Moment

1.1 Introduction

As I connect with Peter’s energy from afar, I am first offered a specific image representing the spiritual context of his current moment, and so I’ll proceed by explaining this image in detail. This image will use my Density model, i.e. it will refer to terms such as 5D, 4D, 6D, and so forth. For further reference about this subject please consult the page “Densities Chart” (http://www.heartki.com/densities-chart/) and related topics. I will nevertheless introduce and explain these terms and concepts as required.

Densities are, first and foremost, the levels of awareness by which consciousness in all the Cosmos can be divided into. So as consciousness explores anywhere in reality, goes through experience and lesson, and exists in a certain state at any given moment, one can observe it the Density it currently has, and the attributes it displays. They are akin to a measurement, much like Celsius is for temperature or meters are for distance, for example.

Densities exist in levels of progression. So when for example we say “3D”, we mean the third Density, or the third level of consciousness. “After” that level, there’s then the fourth, or “4D”; then there’s the fifth, 5D, and so forth. They aren’t so much a straight linear path, like a flight of stairs with multiple steps. Instead, a more fitting idea would be to consider Densities as concentric spheres, co-existing together, with each “lower” Density contained in, being a subset of, the next Density. So for example one could see 4D being a subset of, or contained in, a Density that is the broader to it, which is 5D. In turn, 5D itself can also be seen as a subset of a broader Density, 6D – and so on, until we reach Infinity itself, where even the concept of Densities in itself is revealed as an ultimately transient construct and fades away.

But in order to offer a more simple explanation, we do often transmit the idea of Densities as layers or levels that are stacked, each above the next, much like if you were to cut through a mountain and you’d see the various layers of types of rock, each clearly defined and different from one other – even though they are all rock, and all part of the same mountain.

Having introduced this concept, the image I was offered is a representation of the 5D layer, or level, of Consciousness. This layer is represented as a perfectly horizontal space, or “bar”, if you will. And within it, is Peter, in the image represented by a point, or dot, of consciousness.

So a first interpretation of this image is that Peter currently lies and operates in a 5D space of consciousness.

The 5D layer is perfectly delimited by its clear horizontal boundaries. Above it is a large open space which is know to correspond to the 6D level of consciousness; below it is another space, corresponding to the 4D layer. The word “corresponding” is used because neither of these layers are as perfectly defined as the 5th, with clear boundaries or markings. There is no frontier or delimitation of any kind in sight. From the perspective of an observer, it’s as if these spaces are known to be 6D and 4D only from the reference given by the 5D layer, itself well defined.

4D is the level of consciousness of relationships, romance, interpersonal connection, feeling and transmission of emotions, empathy, compassion, sharing, as well as the striving for harmony, for living with others in peace and without conflict. It is, in a broad sense, the consciousness of Love. It also deals with external interaction in general.

5D is the level of consciousness “above” 4D. In certain ways, it deals with quite the opposite: it is about the discovery of the genuine uniqueness of the individual, and its external manifestation in a pragmatic, effective sense.

5D is often at odds with “4D because in 4D there are many rules and customs, including culture-based informal ones, used and obeyed for the sake of being well with others, or at least, not in conflict. 4D is a non-confrontational awareness. Whereas when the spiritual entity graduates into 5D, it now places the expression of the genuine inner self and its deliberations above anything else. So at that point, the 4D rules of “proper conduit” often get in the way of this intention, as they are seen as blocking the true expression of the self. Such rules are seen as externally-oriented, thus in the sense of the inner meaning, are understood as false, and are often rejected or even abhorred.

6D is in turn the level of consciousness of the perception of the bigger picture, of intuitive insight, of understanding. It perceives the external truth as a reflection of the the inner one, and it vows to explore reality as a means to understanding the self. It is again an awareness of empathy and compassion and connection with others, but now it holds true both the Love aspect of 4D, as well as the 5D-born perception of the genuine inner self.

The progression of Densities in general (and in particular this one, i.e. 4D -> 5D -> 6D) works the masculine and feminine aspects of consciousness “at turns”. That is to say, in terms of the balance between masculine and feminine energies, even-numbered Densities tend to be either neutral/balanced, or more feminine-oriented, while odd-numbered Densities tend to be more masculine-oriented, and more intensely so.

Here, “masculine” and “feminine” do not mean man or a woman. These are the two fundamental types of energies in Creation. Matters of Love, empathy, compassion, emotion, support, nurturing, as well as aspects of consciousness that are more subtle, can be classified as aligned with (or “of”) Feminine energy; while matters of assertiveness, action, decision-making, discipline, structure, knowledge, understanding, information, as well as the aspects of consciousness that are more tangible or immediate, these can be seen as more “of” masculine energy.

The fact that in the image presented both 6D and 4D without boundaries, without definition of their own – as opposed to the much clearer definition of 5D – could be interpreted as Peter seeing such aspects of consciousness and reality – meaning, the ones more emotion-based, or in general aligned with more feminine-energy- as devoid of structure, rules, definitions, references, or certainties. These feel boundless – in a bad sense. They offer no safety or reference.

1.2 Pressure Effect

Another aspect about the image is that both the 4D and 6D realms, even though they appear as empty and devoid of substance, seem to be exerting some form of force, or pressure, on the sides of the 5D boundaries.

From the perspective of the point of consciousness inside the 5D layer, the walls seem to be ever growing nearer, closer, tighter. The feeling is one of being in a close space, without room to maneuver, without margin for error, and, due to a force or pressure that is seemingly being exerted by some external force, the walls are closing in.

This image is a representation of Peter’s current moment, and it translates into a number of situations in Peter’s life, which we will address shortly. But first, we’ll point out that, concerning this situation, there is more to this image that what it first appears.

The truth is that the point of consciousness within 5D – again, representing Peter – is quickly expanding and outgrowing the confines of 5D. As consciousness grows and expands, it tends to assume a broader and broader perspective. In the context of the image offered, this would be represented by the point of consciousness growing in size.

Imagine for a moment you’re looking at this image – the 5D “area” with 4D space below and 6D space above – on a television screen, or a computer monitor. Now consider that the point of consciousness inside 5D, representing Peter’s consciousness, is growing, expanding. In the screen, this point is gradually increasing in size, and it is now more of a circle, rather than just a dot.

Now, you start noticing that there’s a bit more to this “consciousness circle” than what first appeared at first glance. The circle thinks itself fully contained within the 5D layer. But in reality, it has a subtle component to it: it’s like an “aura”, a subtle energy that stretches from the centre of the sphere and goes beyond the 5D layer, “touching” both the 4D and 6D spaces. While difficult to see, is more far reaching than what the circle first thought of itself.

The “appearance”, mid-image, of a more subtle, larger, previously undetected if you will, portion of the self, represents the gradual realisation of previously unknown portions of consciousness of the self. These portions actually reside, align with, belong to, are a part of, the realms beyond 5D.
Peter’s consciousness, represented by the combination of the circle and its larger aura, is growing and expanding.

Now, as the consciousness point and its aura keep expanding, for the screen to be able to keep the whole of the circle in view, the “camera” now begins to zoom out. And as the camera does so, the proportions of the background change. The 4D/5D/6D layers aren’t bounded either to the right of left (consider them, for the purposes of this image, infinite to the sides). The “thickness” of the 5D layer is clearly bounded and defined and remains the same. But because the camera is zooming away from the image, the 5D layer appears to be growing thinner and longer.

The 4D and 6D layers, on the other hand, seem to have no end in sight. The zooming out simply shows proportionally more 4D and 6D area. Unlike 5D, 4D and 6D simply appear larger and larger, while 5D becomes thinner and thinner.

The metaphorical zooming out in this image has a direct correlation with the way consciousness grows and expands in metaphysical terms. As it does so, the perspective of the self tends to shift, grow, expand, and attain points of view that are more far-reaching and broad, perhaps less detail-oriented, or “less close to the ground”, if you will. This is what is represented by the camera zooming out. It is also why it is said consciousness is “higher”.

As the 6D and 4D layers appear to grow in size, they seem to be pushing more and more on the “walls” of 5D, which in turn appear smaller and smaller.

There is a comfort, and an identification, with the 5D layer. So as consciousness expands, there’s a sensation of the walls closing down, space tightening up. It’s as if the dot of consciousness is outgrowing the space it’s living in. Hence, with this process comes a sensation of pressure, of lack of space, perhaps, of time running out.

In a sense, there an aspect to this situation that is deep down a matter of perspective. Perceiving this situation from the 5D perspective results in an experience that will look as if external factors are exerting pressure on me, limiting me, conditioning me. In a general sense, it will look like as if I’m being sabotaged in what I’m trying to do. It will look like nothing I want to do works, or is allowed by the Universe. However the experience of pressure ultimately derives from Peter’s consciousness expanding. It is only because of the current identification with the 5D Density that the effect is perceived, interpreted, and experienced, as a type of pressure.

This is what is happening to Peter in terms of consciousness at this stage of his evolution. He is ready to make a transition to 6D. He has outgrown 5D. He is discovering portions of his own self that are of more subtle realms, in terms of consciousness, than 5D. However, part of him still identifies strongly with 5D, and is extremely reluctant in leaving the identification with this level of consciousness, or mode of operating, if you will.

This is natural, normal, and there is no judgement in this regard. Transitions in awareness can be complex and tricky, precisely because the spiritual entity is dealing with changes and occurrences it might not understand entirely. It is precisely to shed light on this subject why we offer this reading.

This was an introductory explanation of a purely metaphysical process happening at this time to Peter. We hope to have conveyed this intricate image in a comprehensible manner.

1.3 Manifestations of the Pressure Effect

One of the ways the aforementioned effect manifests in Peter’s life, will be by an extreme, acute difficulty in dealing with the variable, with the unexpected. When things don’t go according to Peter’s plan, or how he thinks they should.

Peter’s conception of how things (in life, in a general sense) should happen in order for him to feel they’re okay, describes a relatively “thin” line (much like the 5D layer in the image). In other words it is extremely easy for things in life to happen in a way he doesn’t like them, or that make him feel uncomfortable, or hurt him.

When the multiple nuances, variations, and unpredictability of practical life in physical matter to fall out of this line, i.e. not go according to plan or his wishes, he’ll feel them as wrong, bad, or even menacing. This makes Peter tend to perceive life in a rather pessimistic way, full of elements that might potentially cause him distress, anxiety, discomfort, or even pain.

This information doesn’t apply to any one area of Peter’s life in particular, rather to his life in general, and to all experiences in physical matter, both large and small.

Peter will have an intrinsic tendency to deal with life in a mode of maximum caution, maximum precaution, maximum care, with maximum attention to detail. He’ll exert upon himself an extreme amount of pressure and expectation in order to do things right, in a manner that he perceives as correct, designing in his mind objectives, and the means to achieve them, in the most defined and precise manner.

Peter will tend to live life in complete control of everything. The feeling of having control confers a degree of soothing, it makes him feel safe-ish. However life will seem to more and more “throw” at him situations he can’t control, or of a nature he dislikes – in this regard life will seem to be “pressuring” him. He’ll attempt to resolve things his way, by himself, in a manner that is comfortable to him. But less and less these things will work now. In a way, such way of living based so much in control will seems more and more to be crumbling down, working less and less.

If Peter requires something from someone else, or depends of someone in some way, he’ll tend to be “pushy” in the way he conveys what he wants and how he wants it, in an attempt that things happen in the way he finds ideal. He’ll be exerting the same pressure he exerts on himself, now directed towards someone else. However others will seldom match exactly his intensity, doing the things he wants, or how he wants them. People will be just another element just like the rest of life: unpredictable, unresponsive, never working how he wanted them to.

It’s not the case that his discernment or intentions – or at least the basic guiding principles – behind what Peter wants to do are necessarily incorrect, meant to just be thrown away. However the energy of excessive pressure by which such intentions are put forward don’t allow room for flexibility, adaptation, tolerance, or compassion. In a sense they cause more discomfort and suffering than whatever mishaps or mistakes that could happen.

All of this is a manifestation of the pressure effect described earlier.

In the abstract image, the 4D and 6D realms feel infinite, boundless, without anything to hold on to or any reference to follow. 4D and 6D represent the more subtle aspects of consciousness: tolerance, empathy, flexibility; the capacity to allow time to pass; patience as a virtue. But to Peter these will transmit insecurity, lack of grounding, loss of control.

Peter will find incredibly difficult to detach; to handle things that can’t be solved right this instant, or that require a response of letting go (or at least absence of control). If a problem gets into his mind, it will be very difficult for him to detach from it, to pull away. He’ll find it challenging to handle a situation that demands inaction and passivity, as opposed to a choice or action. In the very least, it will be difficult for him dealing with the uncertainty of what to do, how to deal with something, where does it come from and how can I solve it.

In many a case, many of such situations are generated by Peter’s own mind focusing endlessly in a situation, likely in a eroding or even destructive manner. One option to consider as a solution for such situations is to become aware that the mind is not helping, and then forcing the mind to shut off, as if the problem simply is not there. In addition, when Peter feels in a rut, blocked, halted, he’s advised to detach from the situation (as opposed to keep insisting) and simply go do something else. Taking a walk, grab a coffee, perform other activity, and so on.

4D and 6D also represent interpersonal connection, dealing with another. The perception of life itself as a suspicious and menacing experience will also extend to the realm of connecting with others. Peter will certainly feel much more comfortable dealing with things alone, by himself, in solitude, in the way he wants to, as opposed to working in groups and/or having to share decision-making with anyone else.

It’s possible that the presence of others will disturb him or at least make him uncomfortable. This is for the sole reason that others are seen of sources of even more unexpected things he has to deal with, beyond his control! He’ll feel as if other people, to some degree and in general, are an embodiment of the pressure he feels from life, and that he places upon himself. Others will act as catalysts for his feelings of suffocation and loss of personal space.

4D and 6D represent feminine energy in general, and potentially females themselves.

Please note: this reading will throughout address the circumstances of romantic interest by referring to women. However, should your sexuality align in any different way, please feel free to interpret the information accordingly.

In the abstract image, the subtle aura around the point of consciousness was initially not known, not felt. The point of consciousness would only conceive itself as being 5D and nothing else. So Peter tries to deal with life in a completely masculine manner, that is to say, with action and control (as stated previously), and with much less attention to the virtues of tolerance, patience, flexibility, and compassion (including towards himself). In other words, his inner perceptions reject, invalidate, or do not see value of, feminine energy.

This might therefore translate to the connections with external feminine energy, meaning, women. Inadvertently, his energy will automatically dismiss the very nature of women, and of feminine-energy in general. So what happens is that any woman that could potentially come emotionally close to him does not does so, because instinctively she will feel a degree of discomfort around him. She’ll feel rejected, shut down, by his energy. This will happen inadvertently, even if Peter desires intimacy and emotional/romantic experience.

Peter might have come to believe a perception about himself along the lines of: “I am undesired by women, because they find me X and Y” (being X and Y negative things). However, women will tend to back away and not engage, not because this perception is accurate, but because they’ll feel shut down by his energy, even from a distance, even before verbal interaction takes place, but also during it. Women will be as if repelled on an energy level.

In a way, it’s as if Peter is inadvertently constantly broadcasting a signal, one stating he wants and needs to be alone – even if he’d consciously prefer otherwise.

In the abstract image the point of consciousness representing Peter perceives everything else other than the very masculine 5D as a simply a big, immense, nothingness. 4D and 6D are seen as a big void, a big empty, devoid of anything of substance or meaning. Or anything. This means that beyond what Peter conceives as being correct, how things must happen, he’ll feel a big void – an absence of ideas, inspiration, clarity. This is mostly an inner aspect.

Peter will often find himself dealing with the absence of ideas, solutions. He might for example wonder about what gifts or affinities he might have in in a professional sense, or even in a metaphysical one but might find nothing, have no ideas or clues, no matter how much he thinks. He might explore a field of interest, but suddenly realize all paths are leading to a dead end. He might be in a chosen experience of leisure, and suddenly and abruptly he finds no more pleasure or fun in it. His experiences in general may always reach a point where they simply come to an halt, and past that point, nothing else is there. Past this invisible “boundary”, any and all inspiration, ideas, passions, or simply and even casual or mild interests, suddenly fade. You could also interpret this as follows: whenever you step a foot on 6D, immediately you come into contact with what you perceive as “nothing”.

What a 5D entity fears the most, is getting back to the 4D awareness – i.e. relinquishing the hard-fought standards if upholds to itself and his own sense of identity and structure – and thus getting lost again an absence of rules or boundaries. This is perfectly normal. This is why a 5D entity will look at 6D, and confuse it with 4D. So when an entity in 5D is faced with the prospect of exploring 6D, and is being invited to delve into it, what’s the most typical, common reaction to all 5D entities? To put the foot on the break.

It is to perceive 6D as 4D “all over again”, and resist it with all their strength, until it’s impossible doing so. Allowing oneself so much as looking at 6D, the prospect of getting lost in it invokes feelings of loss of identity, loss of protection, loss of reference. So a subconscious, reactive pattern develops, and that is, the impulse to stop. To activate the breaks. When your spirit feels it’s close to letting go, go getting lost, to lose track of control, in any given situation, it unconsciously puts the breaks. Stops itself, afraid of becoming lost. Afraid of going with the flow, but without control.

Whenever you feel an experience – any experience – comes to a halt in a manner that is abrupt and inexplicable, that’s because before that moment, somehow, someway, you engaged your breaks. And so you blocked your inspiration, your ideas, your interest, your energy. When you allow yourself to open to the new, to the exciting, to the unexplored, and in a sense to the unsafe – even if a little bit – you fear it and close down.

As stated, Peter is not misguided. He’s actually very in tune, very connected spiritually. Meaning, he’s in touch with the bare truth of things, and he can often look at something and immediately pinpoint, see in his mind and heart, a clear picture of how that situation should be ideally, and what would be needed for it to improve.
5D is the Density that deals with the energy of Truth – not in an subjective or partial way, but “actual” Truth, i.e. in an objective or spiritual sense. What is.

However – and somewhat paradoxically – this truth empowers and fuels his assertiveness, particularly the excess part of it, the overbearing, the pressure. Truth has power. So what happens is that this pressure, this incredible mount of expectation and energy directed towards doing things the right way, further fueled by spiritual truth, contributes to “contract”, to “compress” situations so much, that they don’t have the room to improve, to breathe, to expand and change. This then contributes to the perception of being surrounded by many wrong things which never ever improve over time! So even if he’s backed by the truth of what he sees, his stance is actively contributing to keeping improvable situations the same, as they are.

So in a sense his knowing and his assertiveness are actually not wrong. It is only the overbearing portion of the energy that is currently in check, the visibility of which being heightened as a transition to 6D is being proposed.

Peter will feel far more comfortable, at this point at least, in correcting already existing things than creating entirely new things from scratch. As he looks at a situation he’ll be able to very clearly and very quickly ascertain what needs to be changed, what things can be added, and what is missing, for a situation to be improved. This is because of his affinity with 5D, as he has spent much time discerning what is false from what is true, and in optimizing such insight. However he’ll find it extremely difficult to create something entirely new.

This is because while 5D, more masculine-oriented, deals with Truth, it is 6D, more feminine-oriented, that is the Density (also) of intuition, creativity – i.e. a Creation, and of allowance. 6D is the Density that creates, that breathes Life into new things. In order to receive completely new information and completely new ideas in a more abstract manner (meaning, something that is very detached from whatever is in existence already, as opposed to dealing with something that already exists and is already known) one needs a sufficient degree of opening and allowance for that input to come through, and be acknowledge. There needs to be a degree of absence of presence, absence of thinking, if you will. Removing oneself temporarily, meaning one’s own values and the things that are already known, the working of the mind, as well as the emotional charge of expectation and result, in order to make space, in a manner of speaking, for the new. In other words, the ability to detach. This detachment is an attribute of, and is most easily conferred by, 6D consciousness. Whereas 5D consciousness alone can often become too intense and rigid to permit such allowance.

This is another side of the pattern of finding a ‘void’ in situations. Whenever Peter searches for answers that to him are entirely new, and/or that his mind doesn’t know yet, he’ll find it very difficult. He’ll find only void. Again, because 6D has no meaning, it transmits to him only nothingness, absence of things.

1.4 The Soul’s Desire

What Peter’s Soul truly wants at this point, is to progress to 6D. In other words, to develop and explore the attributes that have been mentioned thus far. The ability to detach; to be released from an intense amount of self-imposed pressure that is more counterproductive than productive. To be open to a mode of operating, as well as a kind of spiritual connection that are more fluid, more flowing, more natural, and more relaxed as well.

Also, to to be open to the new and exciting. To allow oneself the ability to let go. Not back into an old world of 4D-level awareness; but into a new mode of action, that is more balanced, more joyful, more stress-free, and less concerned about every absolute detail. A mode of operating where one is now able to find joy in he small things, open to the experience of awe.

I am shown an image of Peter as a being on a completely different planet. The image is short, symbolic, and in a way a little ‘cartooney’, but still to be taken in a quite literal sense at the same time. I see a man coming inside an underground cave through an entrance from a rock tunnel, with a torch in hand. His physical traits appear largely human-like. Skin is gray-ish in tone, but remaining features are otherwise human. He’s being shown to me dressed like an Indiana Jones figure, complete with dusty brown clothes and a dusty fedora, perhaps a metaphorical element for me to understand what he does, he’s an explorer. As he enters the cave he’s struck by an image he had never seen, and is unlikely to ever see in the future. Inside the cave right in front of him are a number of crystals emerging from the rock in a tight formation. Each of these crystals are more or less transparent and roughly resemble quartz, but with two distinct features. Each is huge and bulky, approximately the height of a leg if not more. The next feature is that they emit a soft blue light – not glow or reflection, but light. They have some kind of luminescence that allows them to emit light on their own, like a light bulb turned on, illuminating the cave and his surroundings with a soft light, of average intensity, even with the torch out of the room. This memory has stuck into his spiritual self as a textbook example of being awestruck by new thing, being in awe, during a task of exploration.

Peter craves the experience of awe like nothing else. Peter craves being amazed at new things. Being open and seeking the discovery of the new, and being marveled, impacted, by something surprising.

The ability to be truly surprised, is a possibility that is only made available by a spontaneous and open mindset.

As Peter craves this experience of awe, know that is the very desire corresponds to the core desire of your Soul to allow 6D consciousness. To be surprise-able, one needs to be open to the unexpected and to the unknown. And in order to do so, it will be necessary to be open to evolve past the strictness of 5D awareness.

‘Moving’ into 6D might sound like a single step, an overnight shift. But this it actually not so.

The 5D entity needs to be acquainted with the 6D gradually. It needs to be introduced to it, acclimatized to it, explore it in a manner that is gradual – rather than sudden, scary, or imposed by something external. Furthermore, it is not something that can easily be willed to happen and it just happens. It takes practice, doing. And time. It is, therefore, a process.

Peter is ready to begin this process. He has already realized he needs a degree of openness for new information, and for new elements in his life, and that he’s to trust Spirit will bring to him the most appropriate elements into his life, for the progress in his journey. It was this principle of trust, “show me what’s best for me”, that allowed for this reading to happen and unfold.

The next step, is a specific path that needs to be in place. This path will enable Peter to actually carry out a more practical and long-term exploration of 6D, both inner and outer.

He’ll achieve this, precisely by the connection with his Soul Mate.

1.5 Soul Mate

Meeting and engaging with his Soul Mate is the potential offered by this reading by which Peter will have the opportunity to work through his own exploration of 6D.

As such, we’ll proceed by offering information regarding the person.

Peter’s Soul Mate will be complementary to him and match his personal lessons a moment precisely. This match is due to her being in a complementary metaphysical situation to Peter: she’ll have a very developed and strong connection to 6D/4D, yet a rather underdeveloped 5D. This might manifest in her life in a number of ways.

She might, for example, have a very strong idealistic inner nature, but then have an intense difficulty in translating those visions in her personal life, being subjugated by the common rules of regular human life on Earth (5D is the necessary structure for the 6D to translate into the 4D, and 3D as well). She might hold a known yet untapped spiritual gift, not being able to use it to earn her sustenance or help others in a practical way. She might have a strong sensitivity and spiritual tuning, but be unable to protect herself from the harsh reality of physical matter.

She might simply lack the discipline and structure to effectively hold personal boundaries and feel her own space safe and secured. The absence of 5D means the feminine aspects of 4D and 6D are predominant, but lacking an element of inner structure and discipline to “hold things in place”, if you will.

As the two of you meet, you’ll have the opportunity, in time, to share with each other your strong points in terms of consciousness. You’ll be able to convey to her a strong sense of discipline and courage that will allow her to better connect the inner self with the external world. In turn, she let you into her world and in the process, she’ll show you what the 6th level of awareness is about.

There won’t be a meeting where you’ll discuss terms of such exchange. Mutual teaching will happen naturally as you deal with each other in ‘ordinary’, so to speak, everyday life.

The feminine aspects of love and compassion will be strong in her, and as such she’ll allow you the experience of being fully willing and desiring to remain with you to establish a potentially enduring relationship (as opposed to the experience of a relationship with a person with a frail or weak connection). You’ll become acquainted with the passive (in a positive sense, i.e. subtle yet persistent) attributes of love and nurturing, that will be present in her and in the relationship. She’ll have a more casual outlook about life. While at first this might be felt by you as frightening, it will eventually rub off to you, allowing you to ultimately experience things in life in a more casual manner.

Ultimately, you’ll come to realise that there’s much more for 6D to offer than simply “emptiness” and absence of meaning.

This is the primary venue by which you’ll carry out your exploration of 6D.

However, a word of caution: the relationship will need work.

A relationship between the two will not, at least initially, be a ‘sea of roses’, meaning, it will not be a perfect idealised situation where everything goes smoothly with no challenges at all. There will actually be plenty of rough edges to smooth out, challenges to work through.

The reason for this is because the two of you will be very likely to press on each other’s buttons.

From your perspective, she’ll be all emotion/spirit and no discipline, which means she’ll lack the sensitivity and structure to actively avoid invading your space or respect your boundaries (this is one of her challenges). Therefore, she’ll be quite likely to, at first, bombard you with input and energy and stimuli that you’re likely to interpret as “unexpected”, out of your control, or otherwise not ideal, not accurate, not precise. You’ll very easily feel overwhelmed, and consequently, under the “pressure effect”.

From her perspective, you’ll be overly pushy, strict, and at points emotionally unreachable, as you’ll be all structure and virtually zero feminine-energy. She’ll try to communicate with you but not be able to (another of her challenges), and you’ll feel suffocated and attempt to either impose your will or shut down, as a reaction, a form of defence.

In the sharing that was described previously (her learning 5D, you learning 6D), there will need to happen a lot of healing as well. In this process you’ll prune the 5D aspects of yourself that are in excess, and she’ll have to develop a little bit of 5D in herself as a way to ground herself. At times, in the most extreme of situations, you might want to be alone so badly that your tendency might just be to walk out the door.


This is an uniquely sacred relationship designed for the deepest spiritual progression of each other. So it is imperative – as far as possible – that you keep this in mind, and hold on to the person with all of your strength. If you were take just one thing from this reading, then let it be this.

There’s one further aspect energy-wise that is working against rather than towards, for the two of you to meet. And that is, that you hold within you the perspective that the experience of fun/release/freedom/awe can only ever be attained, in its most perfect state, alone (5D). Let’s address this in the next section.

II. The Retired Privateer

2.1 Maritime Exploration

In terms of personal freedom, fulfilment, and enjoyment, the height of Peter’s experience incarnation-wise was during the period of maritime exploration and expansion, when the American continent was first discovered and after that. This was when several European countries held and maintained a number of overseas territories and colonies, and there was an overall boom in terms of worldwide overseas travel and trade.

During those days, and across multiple lifetimes, Peter first began by being a maritime explorer, often in the role of a leader, i.e. with a ship at his command. In such circumstances he’d be tasked with sailing across the Atlantic ocean from Europe to America, either to discover new land, map it, colonise it, and/or help transport goods and people across. From the European powers engaged in these activities at the time, the most affinity he had was with England.

The experience of navigating waters over such long lengths and in such risky circumstances, conveyed a sense of dread, danger, unease. At that time not many people had crossed those waters or travelled so far overseas. There were many risks. If anything unexpected or nefarious was to happen, such as a storm, or even disease for example, it wouldn’t take much for such an event to quickly develop severe consequence, if not life ending. Plus, if anything of the like were to happen during such voyage, no one was around to provide assistance.

A portion of Peter’s sensitivity to potentially unforeseen and dangerous things in life, comes from this time and age, when he would voluntarily expose himself to such voyages. In these circumstances, there was this feeling of being severely exposed to bad luck, to anything that could happen. In no small part, it would be related in some way or another with the fear of death itself. While out in the sea, there was this feeling of being truly on their own.

But at the same time, when the safety of destination was finally reached, there was a sort of a “rush”, i.e. a large release of the heightened fears and anxieties accumulated and sustained during the voyage. Peter grew to seek this rush: by the time he reached the end of a journey, he would already be thinking about the next.

Over time he associated navigating the open sea, and being truly on his own, not just with great danger, but also with the feeling of freedom, and excitement.

His spiritual memories about “fun” began to be associated with the pattern of first going through a period of intense scarcity or blockage, most of the time to the point they were life threatening – in this case the bulk of the travel in high seas – then followed by a final moment of release – arriving safely at the destination, and possibly exploring new land. Sometimes, the release was about establishing a breakthrough.

Early Maritime voyages were fraught with situations where, before ships could consistently sail past a certain point, and trade lanes established, there would be this specifically dangerous area or feature, for example a perilous portion of the sea, a certain cape, certain currents, weather, and so on, that no one could travel past, because it would be very difficult to go through. And it was only when the first ship had managed to conquer that challenge, that the knowledge of how to do it would spread, and others would then be able to follow consistently. Here also, there’s the pattern of intense difficulty followed by a breakthrough.

2.2 Trials of Piracy

After some time had passed, maritime travel grew increasingly more common. The development of technologies made it safer, more reliable, less perilous and hazardous – at least compared to the days of the early explorers and pioneers. There were gradually less variables, less uncertainty, and less challenges in need of a breakthrough. It was starting to be less about if the ship got to the harbour or not, and more how much time it would take (although truth be told, throughout this period the act of sailing remained a dangerous experience for a significant amount of time).

Along with the reliability of maritime sailing, came the formalisation, the bureaucracy. Instead of independent daredevil explorers chasing basically dreams and hunches, financed by a crown, but not so much expected to guarantee results with certainty – and who that might or might not make back from God knows where – now the situation was beginning to be different. Now this ship belongs to this kingdom; this trade lane is controlled by this empire; this activity is regulated by this colonial power. There was less room for true, daredevil-style exploration.

At this point, Peter felt the incarnation opportunities for the original experience of “fun” or “rush” associated with maritime travel, as he knew them, were decreasing. The ‘rush’ part was fading. He felt even the seas were getting a little bit regulated, a little bit crowded. States had too much saying over what happened in terms of naval activity. So around that time he transitioned into something that would provide him with a similar experience: being a corsair.

In principle, piracy was something completely unregulated from any laws or rules from a crown, or from religion even. One would be on his own in the sea, free to do as he pleased. However, the early lives and experiences he had aboard pirate vessels weren’t really of his liking. He felt pirates a little bit too chaotic and violent. Piracy, was, after all, not so much a rebellious or daring adventure, as much as, basically, a life of pure violence and negativity.

Pirates, were literally outlaws at the sea. Not only were they without support from any nation, but they’d be hunted down by basically all military in existence, whom they had to run from on sight. Very rarely did pirates follow any real code of honor, or had any sort of morality or high ground behind their actions – because they didn’t have to. More often than not (either by choice or necessity) they’d incur to extremes of negative behaviour. They’d attack civilian trading vessels and have no qualms about killing or torturing the crew – even without necessity. They’d treat prisoners poorly, to say the least, without regard for diplomacy or consequence. And in times of scarcity or dispute, sometimes situations developed aboard a pirate vessel where members of the crew would turn on each other with barbaric action.

At the time – even on a spiritual level i.e. beyond incarnation – Peter’s moral compass had a strong religious influence, particularly from the church. Under the umbrella of that perspective, Peter felt piracy had too much violence, too much inflicted pain and killing. He felt all of this violence was gratuitous and not justified in any way. He felt that in such environment there was far too much opportunity for negativity to appear and develop. For these reasons, for the purposes of choosing an experience to incarnate, Peter realised piracy was not really something he wanted to do.

Please note: none of the information in this reading is to be construed as a justification of violence or negative intent of any kind. This information is being given from an objective point of view and interpretation of what happened.

2.3 Privateering

But as he came to this conclusion, he realised a new kind of experience was emerging, one which was like piracy, but not exactly the same. This was privateering.

A privateer was a vessel secretly sanctioned by a crown or government to covertly engage in acts of war, often at its discretion, against vessels of a rival nation, usually trading ones. The privateer would be free to attack vessels in order to plunder them and steal their cargo, provided they were of the specific nation targeted by their contracting country (usually its home country) – or at least, they weren’t of their nation’s nationality. Privateers were for all effects and purposes corsairs under contract, and were sometimes not easy to control. They’d sometimes target some other nation’s vessels if they saw gain in it. But in a general sense these things were more or less expected of them.

The privateer was financed and supported by its home country and serviced by its harbours, although if it ever got defeated and captured by a rival, the contracting nation could officially deny any connection to it, or, for example, claim the vessel was theirs but the crew had been acting rogue and against orders. The activity of privateering offered some leeway to the contracting crown in terms of diplomatic options. What the contracting crown would hope to achieve with this, was to disrupt a rival empire’s trading exploits, and hopefully steal some cargo and valuables, with minimal funding and without necessarily having to openly declare war on the rival nation.

So while a privateer was essentially a vessel that was conducting war against the ships of a specific nationality, at the same time it was essentially a pirate ship with the freedom to do and act how it wanted, and, justified in doing so by being contracted and sanctioned by its home nation.

Here lies what for Peter the deciding factor: he got the freedom to do what he wanted, essentially as a pirate, and, an authorization given by his home country that justified his actions, politically and to a degree religiously also – since at this time the church would more or less support the direction of the state ins such matters.

This kind of sanctioning made Peter feel morally supported in his actions. No longer did he feel guilty for acting like a pirate – at least not right away. It released him from a burden. He was regulated by a country, but at the same time not so much. He had the freedom, once again, to do how he wanted, when he wanted, the way he wanted, on the high seas. He could be honourable on one occasion, ruthless on the next. He could show mercy on one occasion, and be implacable on another. He could choose not to fight, or whom to fight, under his timing and choice. He was again in the high seas, on his own, and on his terms. But most importantly, he had found in the hunt for trading vessels a replacement for the rush he had experienced before as an explorer. The risky and uncertain part was attacking an unknown foreign vessel; the defeat and surrendering of the vessel was the success, the final release; and the plunder, the loot, the type of cargo that happened to be transported by the vessel, was the element that was new and unexpected.

Peter, as far as he realised, had found the very thin line that perfectly encapsulated the exact experience he wanted to have. And now he was navigating it to the fullest. Along with the times off early maritime exploration, this period of privateering was truly the pinnacle of his experience of freedom, excitement, and “fun” – perhaps one could say, of his entire incarnation cycle on Earth.

2.4 Realisation

Please note, again, that the progression of experience and awareness we are describing is not related to any one life in particular, but spans a period of multiple lifetimes, had by the spiritual being currently known as Peter. At that time, Peter had around three lifetimes of being a privateer where he was successful at it. Everything went smoothly for him. Everything flowed then.

However, throughout this time, and perhaps contrary to what he was fully consciously aware, he was not completely free from all accountability or guilt.

Even if there was often the pretext of war between nations – or any other justification – in the corner of Peter’s mind (or perhaps we could say that he was considering this on a spiritual level) there was a spark of doubt.

Am I really free to conduct violence, inflict pain and misery, even if I’m being justified in my intentions? Even if I’m authorised and asked to do so by a crown, by a church? What justifies it? Does anything justify it?

Does the authorisation of the authorities I support, really make it okay?

As time passed and experiences accumulated, this spark of doubt grew within Peter. Along the way there was a moment on a spiritual level where this spark had grown large enough that it had to be faced. And as it was faced, the truth inside it was: No. It was not okay.

As this point his spirit realised that just because a human-level organisation had declared something okay, and even desirable, that didn’t necessarily made it okay in terms of Truth – in an objective sense, truth of the spiritual level. Spiritually, it had been realised that the violence incurred was still uncalled for, was still unjustified, no matter if someone had wanted and sanctioned it, or even payed for it. If it was wrong, incorrect, it simply remained being wrong, incorrect, inappropriate.

As such, it could not be done any longer.

On the human level, Peter (the human being whose spirit is not incarnating as Peter) did not make a “full” realisation of this shift in belief. He would think about it. He would consider it, in the midst of his thoughts. But there wasn’t an immediate “eureka” moment. Instead, it was something that remained, in human terms, very subtle, very soft. They were just thoughts.

In part, this didn’t cause an instant change in behaviour because Peter had no substitute for the experience of fun and freedom, he had experienced navigating as a privateer – and he didn’t want to let go of that. That was what drove him in the first place. His though process would halt in the absence of viable alternatives. I would stop this, but… He was still attached to the experience. It wouldn’t be easy for him to let go that easy.

2.5 Carrying out of the Shift

However, something did change. It was inevitable. Because at this point the spiritual level had made a realisation that rendered the current course of action untrue, inappropriate, for the self.

What began happening was, that from this point forward any and all activities related to privateering, once successful, flowing, running smoothly, now suddenly began going awry. Things began not working. Now as he would engage in the general activities of privateering, such as seeking out trade vessels and chasing them for the purposes of engaging and plundering them, something always seemed to go wrong.

The chase would be interrupted by a storm; by a malfunction; or by the sudden appearance of a military ship patrolling the seas, for example. A captured vessel would contain little to no valuables, or it would put up so much fight that it was no longer worth the effort. Sometimes a lot of bureaucracy, or a lengthy and expensive repair, would keep the ship trapped in port, making it miss the perfect timing to sail (because of the weather, or the known route of a targeted ship).

On the human level, Peter ( or more specifically, the human being who the spiritual being today known as Peter once was) had more or less realised his own inner perspectives about privateering had changed. But, again, this wasn’t enough for him to choose a different venue on its own. Because he had no substitute for the experience of freedom and fulfilment. So, Peter just kept going, pushing, insisting with the intent on privateering – ignoring all the signs of the Universe that things weren’t going as smoothly as before.

Until there was a moment when he was killed, suddenly and unceremoniously, in a boarding attempt just like any other. It was a vessel whose crew was more able and better equipped than anticipated. Trade vessels had learned to sail better armed, and sometimes had with a contingent of security or military aboard, particularly when carrying valuable loads.

This particularly untimely and unexpected death sealed the deal. As a spirit right after passing, because he was already aware that he no longer believed in the significance behind the experience, the circumstances of this death worked as a “scare” for him. And this made him, finally, make the decision to not engage in privateering again.

2.6 A Transition on Multiple Levels

Because this shift in consciousness was from a perspective that accepted negative intent as sometimes allowed or justifiable, into one where negative intent is never justifiable no matter what, this meant that this moment was, in fact, Peter’s transition from 3D to 4D, on Earth.

But that isn’t all.

While technically a transition from Earth’s 3D into 4D had happened, in truth there was another transition taking place, in parallel, for Peter. On the 3D/4D level, the shift in consciousness was about the allowance for negativity directed towards others. Attaining this awareness causes the transition from 3D to 4D. But Peter is originally a 5D entity. And in the context of his 5D self, this transition was mirrored by a transition on that level as well.

Before, he placed the experience of individuality and unique purpose as a priority above anything else. This is a 5D belief. In a pure 5D interpretation, the manifestation of the inner sense of self was taken as an absolute priority, unconditionally. But with the transition, this changed. Now he still placed the manifestation of his individuality above anything else… but not if it engaged in negative action towards others.

Taking into account the safeguarding of the Free Will of others regardless of my own, is a 4D and a 6D perspective.

So in this sense, Peter not only transitioned from 3D to 4D by Earth’s standards, but he also transitioned from 5D to 6D. In other words, the transition was both from 3D to 4D, and from 5D to 6D. At the same time, in parallel, odd Density to even Density. Peter was originally a 5D spiritual entity, so the 3D > 4D transition was in fact also a 5D > 6D transition.

Engaging in privateering is not really a 5D action, but more of a 3D one, as it took place in a 3D environment, and involved 3D elements, such as incurring in negative action for the purposes of achieving external goals. But you may observe that the 3D human engaging in such 3D activity, in this specific situation, was in some way a reflection, a trickling down, of the core aspiration of the 5D entity in pursuing freedom and expression of the self.

The shift in beliefs might seem similar in both 3D and 5D. That’s because it was the same transition on multiple levels. The difference is that, for the 3D entity, the priority is to seek freedom and meaning, but seeing things more or less considered externally: my next voyage; my next excitement; my next discovery; my next trip (pun, intentional). If the church allows my actions, if the government allows my actions, if I have freedom from tyrannical forces, and so on.

At the 5D level, the core matter remains very much the same: seeking freedom, and pursuing a mode of life that is essential to the self. The main difference from 3D, is that the nature of the core self is a concept that is very much real, and internal rather than external. In that sense, the existence of the inner self is much better known, and much more defined at the 5D level, rather than in the 3D one. As a consequence, the 5D entity can go into extremes to safeguard it, even if the last resort is to incur in negativity. Such options made, even drastic ones, are often regarded by the self as a form of self-defence.

This is why, in truth, Peter is and was so adamant in pursuing a mode of life that has meaning to him. That’s why he is, to this day, extremely reluctant to just “leaving” 5D behind: because it involves his sense of self.

2.7 Once a Rebel…

The truth was that, for Peter, the gateway for 6D was now open for his spiritual self. The transition having been made “effective”, so to speak, by the experience of his sudden and “cheap” death. Peter would never again engage in war or violent activity, at least not by his own choice. Life itself had become valuable, rather of cheap.

He began incarnating in the new world and what is now the U.S.A, mostly as an administrator and bureaucrat. He already had affinity with the activity of management (of people, of resources). So he transitioned from managing goods and people on a ship, to managing goods and people on land. He saw the emerging society of the new world as far less developed and refined than that of Europe’s, and while he didn’t relive the pure sensation of freedom and autonomy as he did when he was a privateer, he did find a some appeal in the idea of developing an economy and society from the ground up. The colonies were also developing their own systems, their own identity, and eventually, in due course, trek the path of independence from their parent countries. So in a sense he’d be working kind of within the system, without gratuitous violence, but at the same time developing a new system from scratch, far away from the pre-existing and rigid structures of the old one. Once a rebel, always a rebel.

Furthermore, when an entity performs a transition from 3D to 4D, a common aspect to such transitions is that the entity becomes sensitive to the suffering of others (to the point of not be willing anymore to inflict violence upon others, no matter the cost). Intrinsically, the entity is sensitive to the unseen spiritual connection between all. This typically takes place as a profound spiritual experience, or a deepening of the spiritual connection within, in some way. Peter at the time held the cultural/religious bias related to the church, so for him, as he performed the transition, he felt it as having had a true, direct connection to God Himself.

In the past he had looked for the external institution of the church for guidance. But now as he connected with God directly, he saw how the intuition of the church truly sometimes served its own biased interests and agenda, and those of the state, in the name of God, often incurring in killing and dismissal of life itself. So for Peter this spiritual transition also involved a religious component, in the form of a rejection of the church, or rejection of the human-based politics, agendas, and manoeuvring behind the actions and stances of the church.

At the current moment this reading is being made, there aren’t any longer any significant karmic attributes pending from negative actions performed during the time Peter was a pirate or privateer. The bulk of said karmic attributes were experienced in the period right after the transition had been made – as it is typical for the entity who undergoes a significant transition to then be “put to the test” by the residue of his actions carried over from the period right until the transition happened.

Even when Peter was a corsair, he was never a particularly vicious or violent one – at least taking into consideration the potential for sheer violence of men living such life at the time. His interest was never inflicting pain on others. He would rarely if ever engage in episodes of violence for the sake of it. For him, what moved him was seeking a mode of life with the perception of complete freedom, being subject to his own directives, and having his judgement second to no one (as far as possible, of course). For these reasons and in this context, the retribution of violent karmic leftover derived from this period was, in general, relatively mild. His true willingness and openness to change, a surrendering to the evidence of truth, in a way, expedited and eased the process.

In a karmic sense, what happened most in subsequent lives, namely and mostly as a bureaucrat or administrator, was the experience of others resisting or rebelling against his wishes, betraying him, or, being blocked or sabotaged by others in his intentions. It was, in a sense, a reflection of his past self in the form of rebellious or unruly subordinates or antagonists, working against his wishes – as well as, much to his displeasure, being sabotaged in achieving the objectives he thought being the best and most adequate. This is the reason he found freedom in being alone and in a position of decision-making in the first place: to not be disturbed in his way of doing things by the opposing or disruptive intention of others.

There was, however, one residue, leftover from the life of corsair. This is not so much about one single specific past life, but an aspect of the self from the sequence overall sequence of lifetimes, one that’s felt as missing, unfulfilled.

Peter never again found a substitute to the experience of freedom, as well as fulfilment, and discovery, that he experienced as a maritime explorer and sailor.

In the present time, part of him wishes to move forward, to experience and explore 6D – as its gateways are now open. But another part of him misses the sensation of sheer thrill and enjoyment of the lone corsair, completely free to do as he wished, and no one to justify to, and that he never experienced again. One could say this part of him wishes to move backwards.

III. A Love Treaty

3.1 The Conceptualisation of Relationships

Much like what happened at the time of his privateering, an invitation for him to spiritually progress forward is being handed out, still. For the most part, what had happened until this point was a processing of karmic residue, as well as an understanding of how to be rebel to human-level rules that do not align with spiritual truth, but without incurring in violent action. So at this point that this information is being transmitted, the invitation has grown more intense, more direct. In a sense, you could say that now, at this point, not much else is left other than the invitation.

This invitation tells him that the old ways are numbered. That what he did in the past as enjoyment, for fun, and as a source of freedom, will now not work anymore. At least, not to the degree that it is not aligned with the shift his Soul desires and seeks. One of the ways this invitation manifests is, precisely, a desire for a the meeting and establishing a relationship with Peter’s Soul Mate.

The same “division” applies here: one part of him really longs for this relationship. This is his spiritual self wanting to progress to 6D, as it is aware that it is this relationship one of the primary venues by which that the 6D will be explored. This is, in fact, the reason Peter inquired about his Soul Mate for this reading.

Another part of him, however, is very reluctant to leaving the 5D, and would rather remain alone. This is the part that wishes to go back and turn to the old ways.

The 3D level of Peter’s awareness is still defining “fun”, “meaning”, and “self-expression”, as a lone maverick-like experience – and only that. An experience of exploration and successive discovery of new things, while at the same time, and ultimately, remaining free and independent.

This part of him might conceive the romantic realm as a series of opportunities for excitement and the discovery of the new – repeatedly. Meaning, the goal would not so much be the establishing a meaningful bond, and settle, but first and foremost to experience the ‘rush’ of coupling with someone new – the ‘discovery’, or ‘breakthrough’ – but only developing temporary or transient bonds, as this would allow relationships to not last, and the cycle to repeat. This same part also conceives experience as something lonely.

Finally, on the 5D level, there is, again, a very deep resistance in becoming emotionally involved with another. There is a dread about losing the identity of the self, and/or losing autonomy in terms of decision-making. For this reason there’s on an emotional level a deep a resistance in becoming involved in a romantic sense.

There’s nothing wrong per se with transient relationships or the desire to experience them. We merely point out that this specific aspiration and conceptualisation, to the degree that is held, works against the manifestation of the Soul Mate.

Each person constantly attracts that which is being held within. So the part of Peter that wishes to remain alone, for the purposes of manifesting his reality, is working against the manifestation of his Soul Mate into his life. By holding, on the internal level, the concept of the ideal life as one where he’s alone, he’s co-creating a reality where he remains alone, and where, consequently, his Soul Mate has no place to be in.

3.2 Love

We’ve been mentioning for a long time in this reading that Peter is undergoing a transition from 5D into 6D. We’ve gone to great lengths to explain this transition and explore it in detail.

So, what about 6D? What is meant to be explored there? What is it Peter’s meant to discover?


Love is not (not only, not just, not necessarily) that fuzzy feeling you get when meeting someone for the first time; or when you feel you’re walking on clouds on the first few weeks of a relationship. Or, when you feel someone new and different is into you.

Love is the energy of nurturing, of embrace, of being there. Love is what soothes, releases you from tight constraints, and from the fear of failure. Love is what lets you know that everything will be alright. Love is knowing everything alright. When Love’s in the room, no problems subsist.

Love is oxygen. It expands, instead of contracting. It soothes and brings relief to the closed, thin, deflated energy of 5D, releasing it from excess strictness and breathing new life into it.

Love is an extremely powerful energy, and meeting and acknowledging such energy is the gift from your Soul Mate. As this reading discusses the exploration of 6D, please know that this means ‘exploring’, meeting, working out, the opportunity to be released from self-imposed ties of restraint, solitude, and pressure, through the energy of Love.

From the 5D perspective, the answer might not have been immediate. 5D is an extremely masculine-energy-oriented level of awareness, and it leaves little room for the passive, inactive, yet embracing and all-encompassing, energy of Love.

A 5D entity might dream about Love; might conceptualise what it feels like to give or receive Love; it might even think it knows about Love. But 5D entities often fall in a situation of ‘vacuum of Love’ in a practical sense, because they can go into extremes to safeguard their inner identity – even if that means engaging in unloving behaviour, or sometimes not feeling things at all. This often makes the entity forget about Love, lose reference of it.

3.3 Choice

Healing has been offered throughout this reading, both as energy work in the Akashic Records, as well as simply the awareness provided by the information. Still, regarding this specific matter in particular, the truth is that progress made in this level it ultimately up to Peter’s choice.

Do you wish for a future with your Soul Mate, where you’ll have the opportunity for self-discovery and spiritual progress; or do you wish for a future where you remain on your own?

Are you open to discover something new? Or do you wish to relive the experiences of the past?

Do you want to go backwards; or do you wish to proceed forward?

This is, essentially, the choice offered by this reading.

You are not meant to share this question with others, or communicate an answer – to the reading, to the guides, to the author, or to anyone else. You are simply meant to take in the question, let it sit in within you. Let it simmer. In the confines of your being.

Keep the question to yourself. Close to your heart. Then, when the time comes, you just let your heart make its decision.

Furthermore, you’re also not meant to overnight change your whole demeanour, your desires, your concepts of fun or freedom, for your Soul Mate to manifest. Please remember, the appearance of the Soul Mate is only a beginning of a path, the walking of which will gradually contribute to you leaving the old memories of an old world.

You’re allowed to feel things, and you’re not expected to be 100% healed of any patterns, desires, or tendencies, that would in principle be in opposition with a relationship with the Soul Mate, for example, preferring to be alone. In fact, it is the other way around: the relationship with the Soul Mate is meant to help, serve as a catalyst, for the deep healing and balancing of such patterns. So there’s no need to fret if there’s a part of you that still clings to the past, to what you know. All it takes, is that you hold the choice, should that be the case, despite still bearing these things to some degree. This is why the choice is important.

Also, this transition doesn’t imply the loss of lessons, know-how, and connection from Truth, learned in 5D. 6D is not a void full of Infinite nothing, or devoid of sense. You can bring along your sense of identity, your sense of structure, your way of seeing the world (losing track of these things is what 5D consciousness fears as it observes 6D). You are only meant to heal and release the excess of rigidity and stress caused by overbearing 5D perspectives that are not bathed by the energy of Love. And in that process, become more open, gradually, to an awareness and way of existence that allows the energy Love – not only outwards but also directed from the self to the self.

Finally, a word of caution regarding the idea of the Soul Mate as conveyed by this reading.

This reading has gone to great lengths to introduce your Soul Mate, and in explaining the critical role of the Soul Mate in your spiritual progress. However, please be wary of allowing your mind to latch on the idea of the Soul Mate and obsessing about it. These would be thoughts like: when will my Soul Mate appear? I was told she would come, where is she? X time has passed, I wonder if anything’s wrong?Am I healed? Do I still want to be alone?

If you allow your mind to latch on, obsess over words and ideas, and not detach from them, then your Soul Mate might not appear, or you may be delaying her appearance.

Why? Because the obsessing itself is part of the scenario where you leave little space for the new, for the unexpected. The scenario where you want to control everything, and where things can only happen how you think they should, and when. The scenario where things stay the same. This is the same scenario that you want to heal, to grow out of.

You’ll need to take some degree of control over your mind, and your need for control, and not let these things be overbearing, or as much overbearing, and open up room in your reality for the new. Consider this your homework, your dues. By practising not being overbearing, excessive, with your intent, you’ll be paving the way, if you will, for your Soul Mate to appear, opening up the space in your reality.

It will be less relevant if you manage to achieve this perfectly, in other words, have your mind completely under wraps, without any impulse for tension or control whatsoever. Because again, you’re not meant to be 100% healed for your Soul Mate to appear – you only need to hold the correct intention, choice, and then act according to that choice with all of your being.

This of course will only apply if your Soul Mate has not yet manifested in your life, or until she does. If she has already appeared in your life, feel free to disregard it.

3.3 A Long Time Ago

A long time ago two purely spiritual entities met. They are twins, brother and sister, husband and wife, lovers and friends. They exist beyond time, space, and concepts – or shall we say, just above them, observing them from above.

One of them is sitting above of what appears a planet. Where he/she/it is sitting on, is of little importance. Consider it’s on a cloud, or on the top of some celestial mountain. This being does not have a physical body or physical concerns. He’s purely spiritual, immaterial, existing in a state detached from matter and any concerns about it. Perhaps you could say this being is a Soul. He’s looking vaguely over the distance, contemplative. This spiritual being is Peter.

Below him is a planet, still not fully formed or defined, fully enveloped in a shroud of what appears to be a gray or brown-ish haze of clouds, slowly swirling around themselves, as if the planet has just been formed there and it’s still in the process of cooling down. Beyond it, in the horizon, lies its parent star. And while we’re looking at this image from what essentially is space, there is also a celestial or spiritual component superimposed to it. The light of the star is coming into view as if we’re looking at a sunset on Earth, with its rays of light slowly lighting up the scene.

Behind the being now arrives the other, who sits besides it/him/her, in a similar contemplative stance. They do not exchange words, their eyes do not meet. This is not a “bad” thing, but something deeply meaningful. It’s as if they don’t need to acknowledge each other’s existence: each knows the other is always there. The other being is Peter’s Soul Mate.

Both are twins, part of the same. If you were to ascend in realms towards Infinity, at some point you’d see them as the same beingness, the same source. This is why Peter asked if his Soul was incarnating somewhere. Because in a sense, this other part of him, indeed, is.

From these two spiritual beings, the one with a more direct correspondence to the one known as Peter could be referred as, in the context of this reading, ‘Allumi-eh’. The other, ‘Allumi-ah’. (Please note: this reading does not present these terms as the ‘official’ names for these Souls. They are simply meant to convey and complement this message through their general sounding, meaning, and energy).

Sitting besides each other, the two hold hands. This is their greeting, their unspoken acknowledgement.

( The holding of the hands will be key. )

Staring in contemplation into the vastness of space, and the vastness of All Creation, Allumi-ah speaks to Allumi-eh. Not with sound, with words. But with thought. With awareness. With consciousness.

So much vastness to explore.

Her consciousness highlights the whole of the background, as if alluding to the sheer vastness of Creation. Of the Universe. All the potentials. All the things to see and do.

I am eager to explore it all.

Allumi-ah doesn’t need to add “let’s go together”. It is implied. Her wanting to go do something somewhere, implies her twin also. Both are always together.

Allumi-eh adds. We can begin with this one.

Allumi-eh “points” downwards, to the planet just below them (which is not Earth).

I hear it has lots of beautiful landscapes. Lots of nice things to see. I hear it’s beautiful.

And so the two Souls ventured forth into the planet, for the very first time.

They were content into the knowledge that they’d always have each other.

Even if they were to momentarily get lost, lose track of their paths, the other one would always be around, close by.

The presence of the other would reflect back to each one their true, higher nature. Each would bring the best of the other. Each would remind the other of what they were doing there. So that they would never get lost.