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Quick Reading: The Speaker

The following is a Quick Reading originally performed for a client. This is a reading of the Akashic Records that takes me a few hours to perform, and is delivered as text by email. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication, some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, but no changes were made to the original meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about Akashic Records Readings in general, please see: Akashic Records Readings. For more information about Quick Readings specifically, please see: Reading Types at a Glance.

Part I: Contemplation, Connection

As I connect with Alan’s energy from afar, I’m taken to a memory. This memory is of a specific moment, and it takes place on another planet, which I’ll proceed to describe.

I’m watching the sunset in the horizon, over a smooth, flat landscape, stretching from under my own feet, up to as far as the eye can see (not ‘me’ the reader, but as the memory is held by the one who lived it). The ground is flat, but elevates slightly (hills, ridges) closer to the edge of the horizon. The soil is featureless and seems to have a sand-like appearance, forming short, soft waves, perhaps due to wind, as if I’m on a desert (although the temperature and climate feel normal and comfortable). The ground, the sun, and the light all around, all have a soft blue hue to them, as if one was to be standing on Earth seeing everything through a blue filter, or with glasses with blue lenses.

The moment itself holds value on its own, in and of itself. It’s being brought up as an instant that is important almost for the sake of it, so to speak. One is touched by its beauty, it has to it the meaning and symbology of a magical moment. It also carries the feeling of hope for the future, as well as a world/Universe of infinite possibilities, the sensation of “the world is my oyster” as well as the freedom to explore it. This is a “peak moment”, i.e. a moment of pure connection, with one’s spiritual, and with the spiritual-ness of All.

At the same time, I am alone. No one else can be seen around me, both physically and figuratively. This element is in the background during the moment as a whole, and does have to it a little bit of bother, of sadness. I am curious about this element, it makes me to want to ‘dig deeper’, in other words, to explore the memory better and know more about its context. Yet, the memory itself would prefer to stay on a poetic/emotional level for a little bit longer (to not spoil it), to which I oblige.

I am humanoid, but not ‘human’ (at least not as we know human beings on Earth). The skin is blue, like the tint in the air all around, and smooth and translucent, almost having a hue of its own, a little like a polished surface gleaming in the sun. Proportionally the head seems larger relative to the rest of the body, height slightly shorter than of the human on Earth. Otherwise the the intellect, the awareness, is in nature very much that of any person on Earth, give or take; there’s a sense of normalcy, familiarity to it. Consciousness is Consciousness whenever it is, wherever it goes.

Spiritually there are elements throughout the memory that indicate a strong connection and resonance with a, if you will, emotive, or perhaps artistic type of moment/experience, and such ways of seeing reality and life. “True meaning” of things as something that’s perceived to reside in the intrinsic intensity of a given moment – particularly if that moment is spiritually meaningful, beautiful, represents a life lesson, a deep message, etc. The objective analysis is secondary; what matters is to be touched. The meaning/emotion, and how they’re felt. Feeling rather than thinking.

This doesn’t necessarily imply affinity with creativity and artistry; at its core, what it essentially represents is a preference for a way of seeing life and experiencing reality in this poetic, intense manner – or at the very least appreciating and treasuring moments such as these. Notice the explanation itself keeps wanting to stay adrift, wondering, wishing to stay floating in the air, hopping from cloud to cloud. It is an affinity for the moment of respite, solitude, and free-minded contemplation and introspection.

Part II: Duty, Service

Right after the moment of connection, he (you) turns and starts walking the other way, the sun and the setting at his back, heading in a different direction. He’s now “going back to work”, i.e. to his normal life. It’s not shown directly, but towards this direction, just beyond where he was standing, lies an urban center, a settlement, which is where he’s from.

This transition can also be observed under a more subtle perspective: he went to this place to experience a connection within, a spiritual moment if you will; and now, once the moment took place, he’s returning to a more pragmatic, down-to-earth perspective and way of functioning. No time to ‘dilly dally’. There’s now a sense of focused duty, things to do, places to be, and also an established rhythm in doing so. He’s adept at doing this, at shifting between these two types of moments.

In this planet there’s a civilization/society. This civilization can be seen as being one-half highly technologically (and spiritually) advanced, while the other half, simultaneously, carrying out a way of life that’s very close to, integrated and symbiotic with, Nature, and having a simplicity of processes. There are relatively small settlements, and of a reduced size – we’d refer to them as towns, villages, perhaps even tribes – with large areas of open, empty space between them. Despite this, the society is very highly developed in awareness. To offer an analogy, imagine you’d travel some hundreds of years into Earth’s future.

He belongs to an intermediate ‘layer’ of organizational management, i.e. the decision-making involved in running the town, locally. Think of him as a representative of the common individuals, one among a group of them, who work beneath the top layer – itself also a council, of a few members, perhaps five.

An additional metaphor that can be established here, is to draw the parallel between the transition from the moment of spiritual connection to the more down-to-earth one, with the act of coming forth from the spiritual realms onto the physical plane, on a certain planet, to work for a specific purpose and with any given goal. Further, the work he performs feels of greater scale and importance (“elevated”) than the scale of the ‘work’ (job) we’d consider a regular human being having on Earth to earn a living. He feels he’s working on something useful, meaningful; he feels important, in the sense he’s working for something bigger than himself. He also and therefore feels part of the whole, a belonging to the community, and to something bigger. In this, he’s established, comfortable, and inexorably confident. Not a confidence that brags, boasts to others; not a confidence that comes from and/or depends on external validation; just a quiet, yet strong, confidence, that’s as if “part of the self” and can’t be taken away.

In being established, in this inner confidence, there’s a strong sense of what we’d call a cool factor. He knows how to detach from all tasks and missions for a moment, and achieve a strong degree of true, critical spiritual connection on his own, looking for a moment of solitude, beauty, communion, and respite – from roles, duties, obligations, specifics – and just allow himself to be touched. Seeking inner connection from within a busy, intense, challenging physical reality. Then, there’s a shift into a pragmatic, grounded mode, of focus to a certain kind of job that needs to be done.

There’s a strong contrast between the emotional, ‘lyrical’ if you will, intense-yet-subtle inner experience of a meaningful moment, and the pragmatic mindset of going to work to get things done – there’s also an extreme ease and agility in switching gears, in transitioning from one to the other, without barriers or resistance, as well as an extreme degree of comfort and acuity in being in, dealing with, and navigating, either one. Again, this exudes confidence. The confidence of someone who doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone; someone who’s been there, done that; and merely has a work to do, is happy to do it, and goes about doing it.

Despite the relevancy and importance of his role, he doesn’t see himself, nor is he seen by others, as particularly “special”, or better, as an individual. His confidence isn’t derived, from the outside, at all, in any way. He feels, is, special, important, needed, trusting and confident – irrespectively of external validation by others. In part, this is simply something he knows, that it’s with him and is spiritually familiar to him; in part, this is also something that’s simply a part of, allowed by, the circumstances of the level of awareness of this society and its normal functioning.

There is a clear, strong awareness, held by the collective, that physical existence itself serves to provide experience and learning to what is spiritual in nature. And that any given society and its development/growth serves, facilitates, and accompanies, the spiritual advancement of its members. This perception is commonplace – a self-evident truth that’s known by all. But it is perhaps more especially felt, most is at the forefront of the minds, of the council members and all those who serve the collective in similar capacity, i.e. its management. Such individuals have a strong sense of duty in service, because they tend to feel their work is explicitly meant to assist, manage, contribute to, and run, the overall development and evolution in consciousness of the collective, and in this case, in this specific settlement. Perhaps in the present moment, in the current life, there’s an inner feeling that ‘politics’ (civil service) should be about a) service, and b) the development of consciousness, as their top-tier, broad scope goals.

Part III: The Speaker

I’m taken to the same setting of the last reading. It’s the same space, the same hue tint. I’m now shown the settlement he went to, where he lived.

The settlement is located between two, long, rolling hills, forming an elongated valley or groove between them, which opens up as it descends, ending in a wider opening. The shape is like of a large riverbed, but without water. I’m seeing the settlement/town from an airborne perspective, as if filmed by drone. The valley between the hills is somewhat deep, but still smooth, without any sharp inclines. Some of the constructions and houses are built on the hills and on the sides, but most of the settlement is mainly located in the valley, in-between the hills, forming a main central column or ‘road’ running through the valley, and ending at the larger opening further down.

On this opening I see a large built structure, circular in shape. From afar the shape is flat, wide, and (contrasting with the otherwise blue-ish setting) in tonalities of brown. It appears to have parallel lines running through it, perhaps from how it’s constructed, but it could just be an impression. From afar and to my eyes it resembles a round table that would be built with wood planks. But what can be seen from far and from an aerial view is likely simple, compared to seeing something from up close and on the ground level. This is a sizeable construction of much larger scale than a table.

This circular object or construction is a central point for the settlement. It’s a gathering hub. A place where many of things of importance in the town take place, when they require the presence of most of the inhabitants. The settlement isn’t too big and populated (compared to what you’d have a city on modern day Earth) so it is possible for gatherings to take place with most if not all of the inhabitants being present. People gather here, standing on the flat surface, with the designated speaker or presenter standing roughly in the center of the surface.

This location is used whenever important decisions are to be made by the main ruling council, and require a consensus from, or inquiring the inhabitants. There’s a mix of pure democracy (everyone votes) with a representative one (representatives are chosen. The council is able to make decisions on their own, namely the more ‘functional’ or mundane ones, but for the most important and/or significant issues, and/or with impact for the inhabitants, they may summon a ‘hearing’ at the location for the inhabitants to be present, and express themselves, or vote. So this location serves as a ‘town hall’ of a sort.

The location isn’t only about politics or major governance decisions. At this location there are also other, similar gatherings which are culture-oriented in nature. In other words, some gatherings are not meant to govern, but to entertain, educate, and sometimes provide novelty or news. In such gatherings – again, of a cultural or ‘entertainment’ nature – there is a strong focus on teaching as a purpose, as the goal, in terms of altruistic service. The speaker could, for example tell a story – like one would around a campfire on Earth, when everyone’s gathered listening, i.e. the moment is suited for it.

The point of these gatherings wouldn’t be about preaching, presenting an argument, or manipulating others with an agenda, but rather, picking a matter to work and expand consciousness, and then leading the audience through a journey, using a story for example, towards that end. Chosen topics could address certain lessons, address certain specific challenges the settlement was facing as a group – or they could simply serve to entertain, unwind, motivate, reduce boredom, etc, depending on what was needed. As so the council is generally organizing this: they’re tasked with picking the points interest of the audience, specifically those that may be in need of work in terms of awareness (i.e. those that warrant spiritual progress) and then choosing events, speakers, and stories, that would spark insights and transformative work in the audience addressing those themes, from the events.

There is a strong cultural aspect surrounding this. The events aren’t ‘pushed’ by the organizers, these are expected and demanded by the audience as well. They are just as much about learning, as they are about entertainment. The audience is expecting a delivery, for events to mean something, to inspire, to induce fun and enjoyment, and/or to carry some form of message. Gatherings are a ‘big deal’, and the audience is used to expect something to take from them. This is a society and culture strongly aligned with speaking, and with meaning of both mind and heart.

The chosen speaker, providing the central point of the gathering, may or may not belong to the council. Alan (as the individual in the memory) is often in the role of someone tasked with addressing the audience in such gatherings as well. In fact, he is quite adept of doing so. Extremely adept in fact. He’s quite familiar with taking the attention of the audience, empathize with them, and telling the story in a way that carries the message across. It’s on his skin. He is adept at taking the audience on a journey, and have them live the experience, and take it with them. This is an integral and enjoyable part of his job, one that he is very fond of. The job wouldn’t be the same without this part. In fact, in the past he had been picked for the council, in part due to the increased visibility his knack for grabbing attention and telling a good story had lend him.

Despite the relevancy of this element in the local culture, he is not seen as a “celebrity” – at least as he would have been seen on modern-day Earth. There is no cult of personality, no idolatry (placing the person before the message/work/service itself). While acknowledged as someone skilled, he’s someone tasked with serving, and he’s simply expected to know “his thing”. And he’s just happy to serve. Those who gather and listen, are expecting from him a delivery of a journey, an experience, often with a strong spiritual, wisdom-based message.

For someone in the current day of Earth, it’s fairly poignant to observe in this scenario how a strong CULTURAL (“high art”) aspect is tied to an ENTERTAINMENT aspect. They are entertained by culture. One may observe the two as quite often being apart on the Earth today. I don’t mean to sound eclectic or presumptuous, this is merely the observation I’m making. On Earth, there’s “refined art”, which is quite often elevated, possibly leading to inspiration and high thought, yet often also unrelatable, unreachable, and/or disconnected from the majority; and then there’s ‘pop’ culture, more mainstream, appealing to the masses, but more straightforward, ‘easier’, more intense and loud perhaps, but not necessarily carrying meaningful message or transformative effect. Society on Earth is also quite adept at placing a strong idolatry factor on the artist or noteworthy figure, placing the externally perceived personality of the person in front, ahead, of the message/service themselves.

In contrast, in the memory, the two aspects – culture and entertainment – work in tandem, and with the more negative/clutter seemingly out of the way for the most part. It’s a message with transformative/insightful effect carried out by those in service, asked by those being served. Also, and again, as mentioned in the last reading, a complete absence of the fanning of the ego by the energy/attention of others: Alan, or rather the messenger of the memory who today is Alan, is purely interested in the SERVICE – and confident intrinsically – while the audience is interested mainly in being served, rather than placing admiration upon the idol.

In coming from this information, I have the strong sense this reading – i.e. the process comprised by the two Quick Readings – had a very specific and clear message it wanted to transmit (and, in this statement, notice how the spiritual essence, the one of the memory, is infused in the information). The reading points to a number of characteristics of the spiritual self. Or, at least characteristics that were at one point known, were experienced firsthand, and can be accessed in your Akashic Records – which are nonetheless part of the nature of the spiritual self: the spiritual self wishes nothing but to experience its true nature in physical matter, and here, it managed to do so. I’ll briefly enumerate the characteristics highlighted in the reading (there could be others, which you are free to detect and analyze):

#1. Extreme intrinsic/spiritual confidence, i.e. “self-esteem”, not reliant on feeding the ego or external validation to exist, rather simply from a sate of knowing, and a state of commitment/engagement with joyful service; together with this sensation, the aspect of being part of something bigger, feeling I’m making a difference with what I’m doing;

#2. Extreme ease in performing the ‘context shift’ between a state of inner focus/connection (contemplation, zen, meditation, inspiration, personal moments etc.) and a state of dutifully serving others – or simply in engaging with the external world. This aspect denotes an extreme degree of spiritual balance and progression, as this context shifting is usually difficult for any entity in the physical to perform;

#3. Extreme ease of taking the attention of others, and lead them through a story, usually via storytelling. Achieving the same effect and doing so with the same level of efficiency, on the present moment, would likely not be as easy, given the strong attributes of ego, idolatry, and heterogeneity of awareness on Earth, to name just a few factors. But within Alan there should be core tenets of connecting with what’s interesting (art+culture) and its eventual core message, and being able to relay it to others, in an engaged and involving manner. Creativity and comfort in navigating such type of arena. On Earth the roles/professions that would most resemble such affinities, hypothetically speaking (and to complement this idea) would be: writer, novelist, chronicler, film critic/reviewer, journalist, etc.

#4. Finally, and related to the previous, there could be an aspect of marrying ‘pop’ culture with ‘high’ art: recognizing/identifying/developing ‘high thought’ and transformative effect elements within the more mainstream, mass-appealing culture, and vice-versa. The interest of bringing the two together, showing how pop-culture can be and/or have elements of high art, etc.

Part IV: Questions

[In reality this reading represents two Quick Readings performed for the same client in succession, that were condensed into one for this publication. In between the first and the second reading the client placed questions based on the information received in the first, which were addressed directly in the second (this is not always the case in readings), and are presented below.]

I. Is this planet/place where my spirit is from originally? Or was it just somewhere along the journey? I wonder where my spirit comes from.

The answer to this question is partially dependent on what’s able to be understood. The following is what I can tell. Your Soul cannot be considered to have originated from this specific planet. It would be more accurate to state your Soul originated from Source/Creation. The origination of all Souls is represented by some form of ‘origin story’, spiritual in nature, however this story was not accessed in this reading.

You have participated in this incarnation cycle of progression on this planet in the memory, much like you have also been participating now on Earth. periodically participating in cycles in physical matter throughout Creation is an established reality ‘known’ by the spiritual self. Long-term perspective on this cycle, or other cycles in a broad sense, is withheld, with the exception of, in this cycle there was also a 3D stage, and progressing beyond it, in which you participated.

It just so happens this specific moment and this specific planet were SPECIAL. Here you managed to experience an almost flawless experience of Unity (both internally as well as externally) as well as a sense of intrinsic, unshakeable confidence while dutifully performing spiritual service, in a joyful manner. These contrasted greatly with the 3D/separation phases on the same planet, which made the experience all the more enjoyable, i.e. “collecting the fruits of one’s labor” so to speak. The experience was enjoyed thoroughly, sparking the spiritual desire to ‘repeat’, have more of i, whenever possible.

II. Is there a way to harness or tap into the these spiritual characteristics from past lives into my current life?

Yes there is: I’m tempted to say this is one of the things readings are meant to do.

An Akashic Records Reading (at least how I do them, what I do them for) brings characteristics from your own Akashic Records (not external, but internal, yours), for your conscious evaluation. Proceeding to incorporate them will usually involve some, if not all, and a combination to some extent, of the following aspects: i) choice, ii) Akashic/energetic, and iii) experiential.

i) is what you say when you read/listen to the information and say ‘yes, I like this’, and you perhaps ask ‘how can I retrieve this, be this way’, etc. Part i), which “did” in asking the question – to yourself and to me – is choosing traits you like, enjoy, prefer. This is the pure and simple choice, which all you have to do is to make it. It is instant. And it directs the remaining aspects.

ii) is the energy work the reading itself may be doing as it’s being performed, which takes place without you necessarily being aware of it. By accessing energy and, whenever done, resolving loose ends spiritually, there is a level of transformative work being performed in your energy. This work may also create ‘templates’ for point iii), next;

iii) is work you may need to do in the real, daily life, accompanying the reading itself, to shift and transform your personal energy, so it matches the new values/vibratory qualities being adopted. This is an extension on i), this time by your actions/behavior. In other words, it’s about embodying the energy (as opposed to simply staying on a theoretical/spoken level). Sometimes the work being done in i) and ii) is sufficient, and you’ll “instantly”, so to speak, find yourself transformed overnight, without needing to do anything. That’s the “ideal” scenario. Other times, in order to embody the energy, you have to follow through with practical action, via situations in real life, which are specifically directed by your own guidance team for that purpose. Such situations, showcasing the templates of the reading (ex: confidence, service, etc.) will both serve to show you the energy in a practical sense, teach you how to change from A to B (the energy is already within you, it’s yours), and/or cleanse karmic/dense attributes that prevent the purest state of that energy of coming through. It will held whenever you can realize the situation is metaphysical in nature, directed by your guides, meant to showcase the spiritual principle as applied to physical life, to the “real world”.