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Akashic Records Reading [Written]: Hermione

The following is a Written Akashic Records Reading originally performed for a client. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, or added to, but no changes were made that would alter the original meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about readings please see: Akashic Records Readings.

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Lucy’s Star

Let us start by make a distinction between “Soul” and “Higher Self”. Soul is your whole energy. The Higher-Self is the part of You that doesn’t incarnate when an incarnation occurs, that “stays behind the veil” when Lucy is incarnated somewhere, in this particular case on Earth. So, in a perhaps overly generic manner, we’d say that the Human-Self and the Higher-Self together form the Soul, being that the Higher-Self stays in the same vibrational state as the original Soul itself.

Lucy is a being of a 6th Density nature. Prior to coming to Earth, Lucy was a Soul whose journey was on a 6th Density level of consciousness. We’ll address Lucy’s Soul, which is her most approximate state prior to being on Earth, with the name “Hermione”. This is not a word that approximate per se with her true name/sound by which she is known, but the energy behind this name – which refers to the character “Hermione” in the Harry Potter books – as well as her “Cosmic” identity, as well as her current Earth name, are all similar in energy. So please do not believe you are really the Harry Potter “Hermione”, but we’ll use this name for reference – spelled “Her-Mai-On-Ee”. (Nuno: “Ee” = Portuguese “i”).

Hermione’s existence as a 6th Density being, or her “Home”, is the star which is known on Earth as “Regulus”, in the Leo constellation. It is not in the near proximity or neighborhood, but it’s indeed this particular star, and we go even further as to say that it’s the star itself and not any planet orbiting it. The star object/celestial body is, in a physical sense, and also certainly in a dimensional sense, not very well known by Earth scientists. We’ll only go so far as to say that on a dimensional or density level, a Star is much more complex, serves similar roles, and houses beings of different densities, much the same as planets, maybe with a few differences we’ll not cover in detail, maybe not beings with the same structure as would be expected by an Earth Human, but nevertheless here lies the notion that a Star is a celestial body which is not merely a furnace or source of light, but it’s also alive, it holds consciousness, and it holds Life and intelligent energy.

(Nuno: according to the Internet the “Regulus” star system seen from Earth has multiple stars, the bigger of them being “bluish” in color. I was slightly confused because they show me only one big star, and with a very bright yellow color. Maybe this reality might be on another “timeline” that of the Earth, or maybe they’re referring just to the main star. I didn’t get a clear answer. I feel I’m just meant to trust what I’m being shown.)

Hermione’s star as an environment is difficult to convey to a Human, as all a human mind can picture is a fiery blaze and a scorching light, which is difficult to look at in the first place. But, if we would convey how this particular environment is seen by 6th Density Beings and higher, we would like to describe it as a reality which is permeated by a kind of an pallet of etheric bright yellows and oranges, maybe similar to fire-yellow, or perhaps how lava looks, as it cools from an incandescent state to a lower temperature and finally to solid rock. (Nuno: I see stripes, and fish-net-like arrays of bright yellow, inter-spaced with stronger yellows and oranges, similar to colors that lava on earth acquires as it cools down).

But besides this light-glow that permeates all of the 6th Density reality, we also would like to refer that such environments contain all matter of, shall we say, structures, colors, and materials, used by “buildings” and “structures”, as the reality is something much more etheric than a human knows of the physical plane, and it’s “generated” or “manifested” by the thought-forms of 6th Density Beings, and higher, that inhabit it. Nevertheless, that entire environment is indeed as if permeated, or glowing, with the yellow-orange light as we described.

Hermione’s star-environment is connected to the organization and management of the planets around It, as usually stars as a structure receive energy from surrounding stars and from the galaxy center, and spread it to the planets through various physical/energetic means. For this reason, at an upper density/dimensional level a star is usually a focal point for the intelligent management of the systems of planets and life upon them, and for the entities or beings that are involved in that management.

Hermione as a Soul

Hermione is a 6th Density Being whose main traits, perhaps using limited but useful human terms, could be described as “lovable”, “curious”, “balanced”, “timely”, “respectful”. Hermione as a Soul was happy in being of service to others, either her Soul Family, or as a teaching/healing service to beings of lower densities. Pure service to others is a feature, a state of being, which is predominant in a 6th Density Nature, being that there is no negativity in 6th Density upwards, only the service provided by a Soul’s true identity and role. In other words, all there is, is your very busy and active, true Soul Self.

Hermione’s service was perhaps not so much of a teaching/learning perspective, but more of a healing perspective – healing here as defined, from a 6th density standpoint, as the processes involved in defining, maintaining and supporting planetary life systems and living beings, both as a collective and individually, which exist mostly from 5th density down – as well as a service that consists as management or organizing or directing of the various processes by which this occurs. You can equate that both the healing and management are activities or attributes that are in sync with each other, they complement and support each other. Furthermore, a Star is an adequate focal point for such activities to take place.

If Hermione’s adopted role as a Soul would be translated directly into an earth-human perspective, we would say she was like a doctor/genetic scientist/physical engineer (as physics, technology and life itself are intertwined in from a “God” point of view), but not only that, she would also be in charge, or part of, the several administrative layers by which such work or such management occurs. She would be like the grand-doctor, or a senior-doctor, that often presides, or at least manages, what you would call an “order of the doctors”, or the set of activities, behaviors, rules and actions, that are carried out by the
“doctors hierarchy”.

But, we want to stress that this work is not just “healing” in the sense you would perceive an earth doctor would, or even a shaman, or a Reiki practitioner. It would be more akin to a physics engineer, an energetic/magnetic expert or manager. To your standpoint, it has much more of a technical, precise, engineering/problem-solving, scientific feel to it, much more than a doctor “auscultating” a patient and prescribing pills, if you would. We want to make this point very clear, as it is the reason Lucy has underwent her current Earth-based studies and professional options.

Many times during the healings you know on Earth as “Reiki”, or “Meditation”, or “Reading”, or any other healing at all, a human, be it the one who is the healer or the one who is the patient, will “see” or “perceive” healings, processes being made, things that happen to him, that are carried out by his “Higher-Self”, maybe a Deity such as “Jesus”, or maybe by an “Archangel”, or somehow by a group of “Angels”. For someone who is relatively familiar with such concepts, you’ll find this is fairly commonplace, yes? But, apart from the entities that present themselves to humans upon such work, you would imagine,
at least sometimes, that such healing/energetic work would be structured in some way, correct? There would be a hierarchy, a team or teams, an organization of sorts that handles these things.

A Human Being is a complex and multi-dimensional /multi-density being. It has multiple subtle bodies, multiple and complex layers, and it’s connected to the Earth by energetic means (such as magnetism). And then the Earth in turn is connected to the Sun also by similar energetic means. So you would imagine that healings, recalibrations, balancing, and in fact, any positive energetic work and maintenance that is possible to do upon a Human, would be, at least sometimes or in some way, carried out in an orderly, structured fashion by a dedicated knowledgeable team of experts in doing so. Do you agree? Then, such teams and such activities in turn must be monitored, arranged, organized in some way, and indeed it is so.

This is to say that Hermione performed her role in these kinds of hierarchies, which perform “healing”, or best said, physical reality balancing and maintenance, upon the physical reality of the so called “Regulus” solar system. You have much the same on Earth and your Solar System right now. This is also why we conveyed the name “Hermione”, referring to the Harry Potter character, because we would like to convey not so much a doctoring/nursing energy, but a much more astute, meticulous, knowledgeable of the nature of all things, as such was the case of the character “Hermione” in the Harry Potter saga. Much like this character, so was Lucy’s Soul, a knowledgeable, mission-focused, sure-of-all-things kind of energy, and as such, a much well respected and revered figure for all her work and expertise. Imagine an all grown-up and matured Hermione in the Harry Potter Universe, possibly “Head of such-and-such Department of Magic”, if not the Head of everything, at some point or another. Such was Hermione.

Hermione’s Issue

So Lucy is here now, and Hermione was there back then. So what happened? Why did she come to Earth?

On a side note, we are referring to Hermione as a “she”, although at a Soul level, or on a 6th Density level, one can’t really attribute a Soul a gender. Any Soul has multiple both masculine and feminine energies, and many different aspects of itself, so it’s not accurate, in a sense, to regard any Soul as a “she” or as a “he”, especially in human terms, whose reality there is all around a separation in male and female beings. But we are addressing Hermione as a “she”, first and foremost because it’s best suited to relate to Lucy in her present state/incarnation as a woman, and second because her Soul “Hermione” has a
predominant feminine or female or caring energy of sorts, which in human terminology would anyway be best described as a “she” rather than a “he”. Let’s say that Lucy relates best to the feminine qualities of her Soul, and that if “Hermione” as a Soul suddenly manifested itself on Earth in its most approximate form, most humans would describe it as a “she” Angel, or Spirit. So for these reasons, we’ll continue to refer to Lucy/Hermione as a “she”.

Upon Hermione’s Soul a feeling/consciousness/desire existed within her, which was purely spiritual in nature. You must understand that at a 6th density level there are no jobs, no careers, no money, no sleeping or eating, there is only, and exclusively, the manifestation of one’s role, one’s identity, in the form of service to others, being that such role may be carried out in association with other entities/souls. There are no organizations, in the sense of conceived enterprises, companies, businesses. What exists are the associations of souls of a common purpose, shall we say, or a common interest, or a common objective or dealing, knowing that each soul has a very concrete part it’s playing, being that it’s precisely the part it should be doing, and from these associations naturally rises a kind of hierarchy of sorts, in which the most experienced entities/souls, the souls of higher densities of consciousness, the most knowledgeable, or management-natured, these souls are naturally placed, maybe selected or elected, if you will, and are recognized by all, to be in the upper roles in such hierarchy. So this is to say – and reinforce – that there are no “company
interests” or “money issues” or “conflicts” at this level of awareness, the only thing there is, is the work to be done and the manifestation of one’s essence and purpose by that work.

So in this sense, Hermione’s Issue wasn’t regarding anything external per se, or in other words, external problems or circumstances, neither it was what you would call “peer pressure”. Instead it was about who she was at her core, and what she was doing. It was about her Spiritual Self, a Soul thing, if you will. So in order to best express it, allow us to dwell on it for a moment.

Hermione was a Soul whose work and function was clearly based on her expertise, on what you’d call “knowledge”, on her practice and experience in the ways physics and energetics work in the Universe, and in her Solar System, or Solar Logos. In a way, in human terms, you could say she was valued, or she valued herself, in how well she would perform these functions, for this is truly the single most relevant manifestation of being in 6th Density, being You and doing what You Do, and it is common to relate to the way you perform, to what you can do, to what you can teach to others, how good is your service to others.

This is not an ego based concept, nor is it a test/performance/evaluation-driven concept. It does not comprehend any form of reward or punishment system, and neither are there any form of expectation or goals whatsoever, set either by Self or by others. It is solely a concept of evolutionary status, measurement, or awareness if you will, observed from Self to Self, in a context where there is no outside judgement or criticism made by others. So in this sense, Hermione valued herSelf by the quality of service she was able to perform as the sort of Angelic healer/physicist/engineer we explained before, being that her knowledge – a word we are repeating not by chance – or expertise have a central role in this concept.

Yet, Hermione realized in time that she was getting stagnated in her own evolutionary status. As the dealt with, and “serviced” the other life forms in the solar system, which were mainly 5th Density Live/Incarnational forms at the time we are describing, she realized that no matter how much practical knowledge and insight and practice she had in assisting and maintaining these Life forms and planetary energetic systems, she felt that she was falling behind in terms of practical – how shall we put this? – living wisdom,  the kind you can only gain by incarnating yourself as a life form and then going through a given set of questions and challenges you have to find out by yourself, with a given separation from the state of “Godhood”.

This would be similar to describing a human on Earth who would know a lot about, say, football/soccer, about the tactics and the players and the flow of a game and the history of the sport itself, having lots of knowledge about it – a “scholar” of football of sorts – yet never had played professionally himself, therefore missing many crucial insights and expertise that can only be learned by playing the game yourself. We gave the example of football, as it’s a subject Nuno is familiar with, but we could have used any other example on just about any other field.

Hermione dealt up close with all matters concerning life, form/matter, energetic and magnetic balance of systems and constructs, and the existence of incarnations and incarnated beings, yet she felt she was falling behind in terms of practical knowledge/wisdom of the “having been there and doing it yourself” kind. Do you follow?

As time went by, Hermione found that most of her knowledge, being “technical” in nature, was falling in the theory field and getting further away from a practice point of view. We could say in human terms that she was getting “outdated”, although she really wasn’t. But she did feel she was missing “hard-gained”, “gone-by-myself” type of knowledge.

On a side note, you’ll find that “names” of entities that end or have the sound “On” (like Metatron, Saldalphon, and so forth) tend to relate more to the magnetic/scientific/structural side of reality – if you can conceive Souls and Angels deal in
such matters. But you actually must, for reality itself, the Universe has a high degree of intelligent design. Nothing is accident, nothing is random, everything is Love, and everything is rigidly scientific! (Spirit LoL)

We are not going into the specifics at the moment on the evolutionary path of Hermione prior to this existence, or Soul status, if you will, that we are describing right now. We will say she did her regular evolution from 3D to 6D, somewhere, be it in this System or the next, in this Universe or the next. But we will say that, in your terms, Hermione has had her current form and mission, if you can call it that, for quite some time now. She has had previous incarnations, or projections into form, but mostly as tests regarding created systems, and arranged incarnation cycles on planets, but not for the primary purpose of
going through complete incarnation cycles and lesson learning herself. This is primarily why she felt she was getting outdated.

For in a way, when Souls incarnate into form/matter, the lessons they learn, there’s nothing quite like it in the Universe. Many Souls/Angels transition between existences of pure service (Angelic), to existences of a more incarnational nature, precisely because of this reason.

In fact, Hermione, or Lucy, began to notice that, in many ways, the Souled Beings that incarnated and that she tended to, were getting in certain ways wiser than herself! Maybe they didn’t quite reach her level her awareness, and they certainly didn’t know as much as her, but they were learning many really new things and gaining new wisdoms by incarnating themselves in matter. About Love, about themselves, about existence itself. For that is how incarnation works. And a part of her missed that, envied that – if you can use a human term – she felt she was missing things.

The Core Lesson

Now, this is what Hermione felt. She felt she was missing on things, and she was getting outdated.

But we will interrupt “her” reasoning right here, and clearly state the following. She felt the way she did because she identified too closely, in a 6th Density perspective, with the value of her knowledge, the value of her service. She forgot, or wasn’t as aware as she could have been, that Souls do not have value.

All Souls have exactly the same “value”, the same capacity to Love, and to be Loved, and all Souls are exactly equally deserving, in the eyes of “God” (as in “All That Is”, the Infinite Creator). The one thing that separates Souls, besides their essence, or specialty, or kind of service, is their level/degree of awareness. This is what means “6th”, or “5th”, or “2nd” Density, it equates with evolutionary levels, with awareness levels. That is all.

So this is the tricky bit. We would ask you, if you’d pay attention to a single thing in this reading, let it be this. We are jumping ahead of ourselves, with a purpose.

If you followed what we just said, you could then say that, by desiring to experience incarnation herself and “update herself” (which was Hermione’s brewing desire at this moment), she would not learn more knowledge, instead, eventually, she would learn, or become aware, that her value wasn’t in her knowledge, but it was intrinsic to her very nature. So the spiritual desire/question automatically designed the solution to itself the moment it was formulated. This is how all lessons actually work in the Cosmos. Do you get it?

Therefore, if she would incarnate to “update herself”, based on the desire that “she didn’t know enough”, she would inevitably learn that “value is not in my knowledge, but it’s mine all along”. Paradoxically, by gaining awareness of this, she would then fulfill her desire to update herself and raise her awareness, thereby further evolve as a Soul.

This is the core Soul issue of Lucy/Hermione. Learning that Love/Value/Worthiness is not based on what she does, has, looks, or is, but in herself, in her existence itself.

Love is a given.

Having finished stating such an important matter, we’d like to close this subject by stating that, at such a high Density or awareness level, all of these points were in some form or another known by the Soul. At the same time Hermione identified closely with service and knowledge, she also was aware that in order to further evolve, it needed to distance itself a bit more from this closeness, and learn/integrate/feel the wisdom that value is a given. For knowing and being are two different things.

There were several evolutionary paths available to her to accomplish this. It wasn’t mandatory, shall we say, to go into incarnational service in order to learn it. But it was indeed what Hermione chose, because it was what she was focused on.

Coming to Earth

So going back were we left Hermione, she did decide to undergo an complete incarnational cycle as a way to re-update herself about the experience, and about the most up-to-date understandings about God’s true nature, Love, and Spirit.

The templates or ideas for incarnation cycles, planets, environments, physical bodies, and the wisdom/insight gained, evolve as they are designed and created, much like automobiles, computers, and every technology on Earth evolves. All of creation stems from an idea, or ideas, and as these ideas are formulated, designed, and put into place, more ideas then come forth as the experience is carried out. Therefore, like new automobiles are designed on Earth, all incarnational systems, and the kind of wisdom that can be learned from them, also evolve.

Like for most incarnation planets, a galactic “call”, a “trumpet” of sorts, sounded through the Cosmos, asking for volunteer souls to participate in the incarnation cycle of the latest, most advanced planet in existence at the moment. This particular planet was special. There were many planets that had become involved in the integration of lessons of “good” and “bad”, in the “masculine” and “feminine”, and all of these lessons were to be mixed and integrated in this one planet, called Earth.

There had been multiple cycles of incarnation, which we’ll refer as “3D” or 3rd Density, on Earth. Please refer to Nuno’s model about what “3D” is, as we won’t go in detail here about it. There were cycles going on, and Souls already incarnating there.

Earth was a kind of melting pot of different Souls with very different backgrounds and stories and individual lessons to learn, from many other planets. It was a unique but very difficult experience. Having such an uneven consciousness on the human beings of the planet made it difficult for them all, or even for just a few of them, to raise their awareness and get “graduated”, because there was much turmoil and challenge. As soon as one human started to break apart from the group and getting “brighter”, or in other words, getting more wise, manifesting more of his Soul, it had a tendency to be immediately attacked by all the others, which made it difficult for a given human or group of humans to graduate from the incarnation cycle.

This was the very reason why there had been calls for more evolved Souls to incarnate on Earth, as their higher vibration would raise the planet’s overall energetic value, thus helping the process of graduation (in theory, at least). Still, this was exactly what made Earth so interesting; it was a cutting edge planet, of sorts, with the very latest experience in incarnational cycles, and with a unique blend of environments, nature, biology, plants, animals, and Souls.

Perfect. The cutting edge, most updated experience. This is just what I need – Hermione thought.

And so Hermione came to Earth.

On Earth

At this point we could elaborate on Hermione’s first experiences on Earth, how was her particular story upon her arrival. However, we would much rather make a succinct summary of how Hermione’s Soul traits and issues manifested in her overall incarnational cycle, and how they affected her experience as a whole.

Upon incarnating on Earth, Hermione, or her Human Self, could generally be described as someone who wouldn’t be an especially brave, “ballsy”, or a “making-things-happen” kind of being. Rather, she would be type of person much more of an inquisitive type, maybe intellectual, quirky, maybe more or less witty or happy, or more or less cold-ish-librarian-type, but certainly revolving around forms of knowledge.

Her first manifestations of a physical human body, especially if female, would be relatively short and petite, shall we say, including for today’s standards (Nuno: I visualize a small girl, or woman, thin, with a petite body, nevertheless with lots of dark-ish air, comparing to the rest of her body. Maybe related to the character Hermione of the movies]).
Hermione did not come alone. A human being while in incarnation is permanently, at all times, from birth to deincarnation, surrounded by support family and spiritual guides – even if the human is unaware of it, or even if the human actually believes that it isn’t.

So in that sense, no Soul ever came to Earth “alone”, or is “alone” at any given moment. But we wish to point out that a close member of her Cosmic 6th Density Spiritual family, in fact the closest, came with her to Earth also in an incarnating capacity. This member would equate in human terms to a “brother”, or even a “twin”. Sometimes members of the same Soul group would appear as very different from each other, yet complementary. They would be like water and fire, sun and moon, hot and cold, powerful and wise. Yet, Hermione’s brother is much more similar to a “twin”, in the sense that it would appear more like a male version of herself, with similar characteristics and even physical features. We again point out that Souls are neither “male” nor “female”, we are using human gender terms for Lucy better relate to this information.

However, in the process of incarnating and during her first times on Earth, Hermione gradually lost her sense of her “twin”, that is to say, she knew him and didn’t ever lost contact with him, but the notion of the role, his relation to her, gradually faded away. This is natural by-product of becoming trapped in Earth’s incarnational and karmic cycle, because one’s consciousness eventually lowers enough so that the previous awareness of all things, for the time being, is lost.

Hermione and her human manifestations didn’t truly lost contact with this being, as she had many lifetimes of contact with it, along with the rest of her karmic family on Earth. They have been romantic partners sometimes, but also in a parent/child capacity, as friends, and also as authority figures to one another. Regardless of what she might think by becoming aware of this, she doesn’t yet know him in this current life. We will mention this no further, other than to point out that the reunion with this person may come about sometime in this life, as it did in many others, and it may be involved with a state of higher awareness or a process of self-development in an individual, internal, perhaps “spiritual” way, in the sense that Lucy would be more able to better manifest more of her true spiritual self in this life.

I Came To Work

While it is generally true that higher density beings do have to have some form of courage to come to Earth’s incarnational cycle – as they always risk getting lost in the workings of karma and dense behaviors – Hermione came to Earth not exactly as a passionate option, from a pure desire to be involved, or in a pure need to help Earth’s souls, but rather by its own perceived need to update herself.

She consciously opted to put herself through the experience in order to gain experience and evolve as a Soul from it. It was stemmed from necessity, it was regarded by self as the highest service to her own Soul, rather than an act of pure “Love and Passion” to others. It could be described in human terms as a “cold” option. She literally came as work!

While this may sound like a selfish act, we would like to stress that the highest form of Love, or in other words, positive orientation, is being true to one’s own Soul. Service is the act of making available to others the highest form of manifestation of self. Or in other words, your greatest positive action possible is being true to yourself, because by doing so, you will naturally become, and do, and make available to others, the result of your unique God-given talents.

Nevertheless, Hermione may at times display a degree of distance from life and from others, a generic absence of passion or desire, a kind of separation or non-involvement, if you will, because she didn’t really commit 100% of herself to coming to Earth. It wasn’t a “passion” decision. Or let us explain in another way. The part of her that is here is the part that came on work, out of necessity.

Therefore, while Lucy’s Soul/Higher Self is made out of pure Love, Lucy may not express It fully, be it in a generic or faint way, or in certain specific circumstances. Nuno doesn’t know much about Lucy, so we are having difficulty in conveying to him the exact forms in which this particular feature manifests on Lucy’s life. It is also related to another aspect we’ll describe shortly.

The Frustration Dilemma

We would like to point out that incarnated Souls, when given the chance, will gravitate towards professions and circumstances that are related to their nature, their essence, their original state. For very simple linear examples, consider that a “teacher” Soul would tend to adopt teacher/lecturer/writer/poet/priest kinds of roles, a “healer” Soul would tend to adopt doctor/nurse/shaman/practitioner kinds of roles, and so on.

So in the case of Hermione, in her incarnations she would always tend to go for the scientist / doctor / engineer / architect /mathematician / mystical / priest roles… wait, there’s a problem right there! These “jobs” are not compatible with each other, are they? With the exception perhaps of the ancient Lemuria and Atlantis, where the highest spiritual priests were also the holders of the highest forms of science, humanity has separated spirituality from science, from politics, from religions, from Love.

Hermione’s Soul knows at a deep level that all of these are connected. But with time she found out that on Earth she had to be a doctor, or an engineer, or a scientist, or a ruler/politic, or a priest, or a mystic, or a woman! But almost never all of these at the same time – at least out in the open anyway.

She would have many lifetimes experiencing being an engineer, or a scientist, or a ruler, or a manager of sorts, or any of the fields described, but hardly ever feeling truly accomplished or validated. In fact, she probably experienced the opposite, that is, much resistance, invalidation, and unsuccessful failures, as she attempted to bring her intuitive knowing into a particular field, which would not be accepted by any other humans at the time. Also, on many lives she experienced the impossibility of altogether being in such roles for one reason or another, for example being a slave, poor, belonging to a race, to a minority, to a certain family, or simply, as we’ve said, for being a woman.

Because the different fields of knowledge are separated, humans on Earth have missed that all things are truly integrated. They classify something right while the other is wrong. They’re unaware that technology doesn’t have to consist of sets of moving mechanical/metallic parts, or electric circuitry. The brain is an example of “Spirit technology”, as a computer that was carefully developed through genetics and organics. The ancients built pyramids all over the world, because the natural form of the pyramid is a “sacred” geometry that harnesses the geodesic and magnetic forces of the planet in a natural manner, with multiple positive effects. Such effects could be used to raise the energy of an individual’s body with rejuvenating effects, or even serve as spiritual temples, aiding in raising one’s awareness. These is but one simple example to illustrate how science, spirituality, and healing could be achieved by a specific form and location of the building itself. The technology of Atlantis was almost all based in the properties of crystals, even power/light generation and remote communication, without any electricity going through any copper circuits, or any radio waves going through the air.

For these reasons, Hermione has a strong connection to the civilization of Atlantis, which was focused on knowledge and technology that was integrated with spirituality, and also Egypt, which retained Atlantis’s similar view of Spiritual and Scientific knowledge being held by high priests – even if this knowledge was mostly reserved for the privileged and for the elite. She was for example involved in the priesthood hierarchies and healing processes of the time, with were very esoteric or energy driven, Atlantean-related, in some ways much more advanced that of today’s, and also in all of the ritualistic process of embalming deceased ones, and the spiritual/mystical beliefs and knowledge behind all such activities.

So one of the underlying issues of Hermione’s Spirit is the frustration for finding that everything is separated into different airtight fields of expertise, many times with contention between them, such as religion vs science, and so on. This would manifest
in her present life in the feeling that her current field of work, namely regarding the general theme of science, engineering, structures and technology, is hollow, or devoid of spiritual/energetic meaning or consistence. Also, she may feel she can never completely be herself at a professional level, as she has a history of having to choose one thing and give up the others.

This may also manifest as a deep, kind of “absence of love”, or feelings, or empathy for others, or for anything in general, because this would be a form of dealing with the low level of essence energy she has available for each particular area of interest, and also a direct karmic consequence of repeated frustration. It is as if, in each life, only a very small part of herself could truly be manifested, because it was as if her soul was divided among the different separate fields. She would frequently and consistently feel distraught, and her inner spiritual dreams and essence shattered, every time she had to make a choice of
a field of expertise over another, for example when deciding her career path as a student – or couldn’t even choose them altogether, for example, lives where she was a woman and was simply not allowed or accepted at certain professions, or had to face immense resistance and not being taken as seriously as men, by men, in the fields mentioned. So it was common and recurrent, one way or another, this theme of frustration regarding the inability to completely manifest her inner knowledge and true essence.

This however, is aligned with the need for her Soul to explore the dissociation with specific roles/expertise, and with the importance one gains (or doesn’t gain) from them. This would challenge her “spiritual belief” that importance derives from service/knowledge, or any other feature of self. Healing will occur gradually as she accepts her sensation of emptiness, and resolves about finding ways to progress through life, by finding and integrating her fields of interest in a living/occupation/belief system she finds satisfying and in sync with her inner truth.


Derived from the identification with her role/knowledge at a Soul level, a human version of Hermione would translate these values in forms of what you would call “attention to performance”, or “value from performance”, in the sense she would easily feel like a failure if her “performance” when doing something isn’t good enough – especially if it regards her Soul’s fields of interest described before. There is a great tendency to indulge in processes of criticism of the self, and cause a great deal of pressure upon itself. “Did I do it too much? Too much? Too few? Was it appropriate? What did I do wrong?”

While we wish to point out that, indeed, there are circumstances and options a human takes which are more appropriate than others in relation to its own life and essence – perhaps what you might classify as “right” or “wrong” – in this particular case this harsh judgement of herself is derived from an exaggerated sense of self-value, or lack of self value, and an exaggerated notion of self-value through quality of performance. And we tell you, that at a spiritual level, all is equally appropriate. Spirit, or any spiritual being, doesn’t judge, at all. So in that sense, there is truly no “right” or “wrong” things a human can do – although there certainly is positive and negative behavior.

But in a spiritual sense, all is learning, all is accepted, there is only the option in the moment, there is only the path, that it’s being walked by in the now moment by the Soul. There are only options an entity takes, and the outcome ultimately is always, eventually, good. This is in fact the natural state of 6th Density, a plane of consciousness where Souls have realized they don’t need to bring any kind of negativity into their existence.

This is a notion which is somewhat of a staple, a standard in contemporary spirituality movements, but the truth is that the state of “God”, or “Spirit” is permeated by pure Love, and there is total absence of evaluation, judgement, or expectation, at all. Spirit is made of Love and there is complete absence of judgement. This is perhaps something that is better understood by tapping or feeling, maybe through meditation, though conscious memory, or even an epiphany, rather than by comprehending it, but it is so nonetheless.

By focusing on knowledge and service and the value of it, Souls frequently forget this ultimate truth, either incarnated or not. And from this stems the tendency to become too identified with performance and “right” or “wrong” actions and choices. We tell you, then, that there is truly no right or wrong.

This would lead to experiences in past lives in which Hermione is either a heavily judgmental boss/authority, or is heavily judged or condemned by a similar outside figure. As it is outside, is in the inside. The core emotion associated with such situation would be “guilt”, and would be accompanied by personal traits, features, or maybe options in life, that are deserving of guilt, according to own self-beliefs. Healing perceived criticism from the outside revolves around ceasing with self and others condemnation, and as a more advanced concept, considering a more spiritual acceptance that all is well and perfect exactly as it is – her Soul knows this very well.


Also derivative from her belonging to planetary/system/logos “administrating systems”, a translation of these values or perceptions would translate into a 3D/4D human as the notion for an ego-based desire of self-importance, or the seeking for recognition, validation, and relevance.

However, this importance has a core spiritual truthfulness, as it’s recognized and remembered by her spiritual self as “her own”, “due by right”. This is both her memory of simply being a Spiritual being, a Soul, and also from her belonging and having a pivotal, relevant role within a spiritual hierarchy. Relevance, therefore, plays a very core role in Hermione’s Soul. This, however, was the notion that she wanted to explore further as a Soul, and this relevance was what she was willing to “give up” in order to further evolve, and by coming to Earth. It was her conscious intention.

This would, essentially, lead to experiences in past lives, as well as this one, of frustration for not obtaining this validation/acceptance/importance from others, which are directly involved in her Soul’s efforts to dissociate herself from the identification with role and importance.

This does not mean, however, that Lucy is not due importance. Much the opposite. But for Lucy to achieve the natural sense of importance her spiritual “cells” remember, she first must relinquish all ego-driven desire from it, as well as heal her accumulated past-lives and current-life frustration from not having it. Then, as these efforts are made, her true, Soul-level importance will shine almost effortlessly, without having to do anything for it, much like a lamp that is simply turned on and it just radiates light.


Related with the aspects described before, also potential issues arise regarding competition with others (as a measurement of relevance and performance), as well as a tendency to focus negatively – namely in rebellious or angry terms – on a gender group, most likely men, as they are karmically seen as the ones unfairly “calling the shots”, suppressing the roles of women as we’ve mentioned before, and also preventing or not complying with one’s own gain of importance, relevance, or acceptance, be it professionally or even romantically.

Men are the figures who both evaluate/criticize, and are the potential sources of acceptance/relevance/love, for they have been the primary components of the system, the ones who determine what is and what’s not, the ones who historically decide. This also includes romantic terms, in the sense that men decide if they love or not, and the self’s physical aspects as a female, either positive or negative, work as sources and attributes of self-value – or lack thereof. Healing this aspect revolves recognizing that self-criticism and self-identification with performance/value/physical form is derived primarily from within, and in turn makes such situations manifest in Lucy’s life.

There is a strong sense of harsh judgement directed to men, that is, human males. There is a duality of simultaneous anger/submission, in which Lucy is both angered at men, but nevertheless submitted to their values and dispensation of “power” and judgement, in all forms, or in other words, “playing their game” – as acceptance, relevance, love, and all forms of positive evaluation are felt like a boon, like a breeze, like a balsam. For Lucy, there is nothing quite like it. But this represents Lucy’s internal compliance with evaluation and evaluation from others, which makes her be susceptible to the values of others rather than her own. This, in turn, makes her feel even more angry about the situation and about herself, as being judged by others is something she both loves and hates. There is great frustration for not being truly free of others expectations, expectation, and dispensation of acceptance and importance.

And we tell you, dear one, that this is just a manifestation of your willingness to be subjected to forms of judgement within yourself. Because the moment you decide you have to be yourself no matter the cost, the moment you decide you have to live by your own judgement – and we mean in all areas in life – then your true life, your true companions, and your true relevance, will come about, like if by magic.

The Fall

There is a specific moment, of a karmic nature, where men were first “marked” by Hermione as the source of badness. We will not delve into details at this moment, in this reading, but we will summarize the energetic core of what happened. This is about the civilization of Atlantis, whose peak that is best remembered my humans is about from 20.000 to 10.000 years ago in your past.

Atlantis “fell”, or “decayed”, or “disappeared”, in energetic/karmic terms, because humans gradually focused too much on knowledge, on technology, on the outside, on a more “masculine” approach to reality, and gradually lost their inner spiritual connection. So, their consciousness gradually, as a group, focused more and more on the outside: on the physical, on technology, on word, on opinion, and on power over others and over the outside. In some ways Atlantis was more evolved than today, in other ways it was similar to today’s consciousness patters, and in many ways also, it was far, far underdeveloped. Picture it as a child-civilization, where people’s spirits are still young, naive, and bound to explore things to the extreme. For it was how it was.

Hermione began to focus and blame men on this period, because she was a woman, or had female manifestations in Atlantis, and men became gradually more focused on the body, on sexuality, on matter, on the mental, and on power over things. Prior to this, it was common for females and women be in positions of priesthood and power. In fact, at times both genders were equal in terms of priesthood, if not even more of a feminine based society. But as you can see, it gradually shifted the other way. But as the focus of things began shifting, men, and the masculine side of things, began shifting and taking prominence.

Thus, Hermione was less and less valued for who she was, and for the knowledge and skills she possessed, and more and more as a woman, a sexual female, something men had power over. This began slowly frustrating her, because it was illogical that others would think or regard less of her, merely by being in a female manifestation. It wasn’t logical she was getting trouble and resistance and invalidation from others just by being female. Yet, in an effort to compensate, Hermione (in her human forms) began compensating for this by “playing the game”, as she found out she could still maintain some form of power, relevance, or importance, and be able to still manifest herself, if she just played along.

So the more she played the game, the more she compensate, the more she would drop her vibration and be vulnerable to the lowering of consciousness of Atlantis. In turn, the consciousness of Atlantean society, in fact, was dropping. So, the more consciousness fell, she too fell, because she valued her importance above all else. She refused to let go her importance, so she just kept playing this game. It got to a point of states of great aggravation and anger, for having to submit more and more to men and the matter-based values of others, just to “get by” in terms of being who she was.

Unfortunately, it was precisely the unwillingness to let go of external relevance that made Hermione be dragged along with all the others. Had she let go, her consciousness would have remained high, and she wouldn’t have been “dragged” along by the fall of Atlantis.

Just as it was in the individual/personal level, so too was at a collective level. Consciousness dropped so low that Atlantis as a civilization eventually brought upon itself its termination. We will not cover here how, but the energetic reason was that the spiritual awareness of humans was very low, very identified with matter and the external. Vibration, consciousness and beliefs are what attract situations, both on an individual level and on a collective one.

Towards the end, men more and more stopped listening to her, and only invalidated her no matter what she did or what she said. So when things “fell”, both as a society and in her own individual life, guess who did Hermione blame? Men. Not only men, but also the “masculine” approach to life that was perceived as the “root of all evil”, and the cause for the fall of Atlantis in the first place.

But Hermione just wasn’t aware that she was participating also, she was an integral part of it, by her beliefs about value derived from performance, knowledge, and judgement given by others.

And so with this final remark we leave you, in the Joy and Grace of the Divine Infinite Creator, and in the arms of your Collective Family. We are always with you, right there, by your side, as you are reading this, and before, and later, and forever.

We love you very much, and bid you farewell.